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This page is part of the Puerto Rico Cemeteries Project, and was created in an effort to keep track of our progress in the over 2,700 cemeteries located in our state. Please add the cemeteries that you have completed or are working on to the table below in alphabetical order, along with other pertinent data, and include your best estimates of the percentages of completion for photography and transcriptions. Be sure to check this table before starting a new cemetery to avoid duplications of effort.

Note: You do not have to finish a whole cemetery before moving on to the next! You can certainly create profiles as you transcribe the images, and if you're doing a bigger cemetery in multiple visits, you can transcribe and create profiles for the sections you've done without waiting until you've photographed the whole cemetery.

Table of Cemeteries

Sortable table
Cemetery Name City County Started By Start Date Survey (% complete) Transcription (% complete) Photo (click for larger)
Histórico Cementerio UrbanoLisa R. Franklin27 Sep 20170%0%
Image:Histórico Cementerio Urbano.jpg
Histórico Cementerio Urbano
Space:?? Cemetery 0% 90%
Image:?? Cemetery

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