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This archive was created on 24 April 2013.

If this wasn't the very first note here, I would be more brief, and looking more at limited specifics.... Thanks for starting this group! I know there is confusion in one of my early lines here, and I'm sure that there are many others in the same position. Or will find themselves there.

Re Wiki-Mechanics, I have added to the pages for several of my newly added/merged people, in Rockwoods and related names, and to my own profile. Hope this is correct?

In the earliest-here Richard Rockwood, b abt 1598 in England, and the Lovell/Bicknell second wife, there are problems that are repeated everywhere. Many have been hashed out elsewhere, with documentation, and I will see what I can bring in to the discussion.

I'll drop a note to the person who has an proposed upline for this Richard...

Would love to get some discussions going on these early people. Or other early families. Who else has people post-Mayflower but early? a great many people came not long after. And there are things to talk out.


Hi Linda. Thanks for getting the discussion started! Honestly, we're still a little wishy-washy on the Project Talk pages. More of the community is centered around G2G, and that's also where we're developing new features. For example, if you tag a question with PGM, project members who are following the PGM tag will see it in their Wiki Genealogy Feeds, including a daily e-mail. So, you might want to try asking individual questions over there, if you haven't already. Whitten-1 18:58, 19 March 2013 (EDT)

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