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Welcome to the Quebecois WikiProject!


The Quebecois project covers the French settlers who settled in Quebec in the 17th century.

Group members take primary responsibility for a specific Quebec person or family, and work on merging duplicates, cleaning up profiles, adding sources, and removing incorrect information.

Profiles managed by this project are listed at Category:Quebecois Project.

Communicating with the project:

  • Google+ Community - For discussions of interest to Quebec genealogists, particularly members of this project but also non-WikiTreers who do Quebec research.
  • quebecois tag on G2G - For discussions involving the broader WikiTree community, as well as any discussions that will not interest non-WikiTreers.


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The current Leader is Guy Constantineau.

If you would like to be involved in the Quebecois project, please do the following:

  1. Add quebecois to your list of followed tags. That way you'll see all of our discussions in your G2G Feed.
  2. Answer our G2G post to let Guy know you'd like to join and he can get you a badge.
  3. Add your name to the list below, along with a note about what you're currently working on for this project.
  4. If you use Google+, join our community there.

For a full list of participants, see the badge report.

Our Progress

Beside your name below, please keep track of what you're currently working on for this project. This is both for your own reference, and to aid collaboration among the project participants. If you are going to be temporarily inactive in the project (eg: on vacation), please note that here. Thanks!

  • Jerry Baraboo- It is a pleasure being on this team. I am correcting Quebecois circa and category identification on profiles. Some of my Quebecois family surnames I am currently working on are Barbeau, Barbot, Baribeau, Baribault and Menard. I am profiling French-Canadian ancestry of Door County, Wisconsin. I have been adding and sourcing the term "Quebec, Canada, Nouvelle France to profiles before 1763 in the Quebec, St-Lawrence Valley area. Baraboo-1 15:27, 7 December 2016 (EST)
  • Celeste Lamoureux - Working on the Lamoureux, Mongeon, Moyen and St. Germain lines.
  • Biily Matney - working on Caillot/Calliott/Lachanse/Messager profiles
  • Sunny Clark - Immigrants from Europe to Nouvelle-France; connecting notable cousins to one another; Noelville denizens (Sudbury area, Ontario, Canada); collecting ancestral stories.
  • Brian Ross Ashley - Desrosiers dit Lafreniere ancestors, and descendants of Antoine Desrosiers - would particularly like to resolve his origins and those of his spouse Anne.
  • Greg Bard - I work on the following surnames: Bard, Charette, Belisle, Seguin, Gagnon, Roi dit Desjardins, Lavoie, Lebel, Truchon dit Leveille, Pepin dit LaForce, et al.
  • Denis Bourbonnais - Brunet dit Bourbonnais, Dignard/Guignard, St-Denis, Huppé, Fortin, Cormier
  • Claudia Bourdon - I am working on my husband's Bourdon line, which descends from Jacque Bourdon, who was in Montreal, Quebec, in 1666.
  • Deborah Collier - I am completing work on sources for the Generation 1 ancestor of the Réaume lineage - René Réaume. I have located and am writing the biography for the youngest Filles du Roi to marry (at the age of 13) in Quebec in 1665 - Marie Chevreau. I am attempting to find some reliable sources for the Pitre family (Jean-Baptiste, Joseph, Marie and Elisabeth Pitre Vandandaique) that have no sources.
  • Dawn Ellis - so far...Fuseau dit Roch, Tellier, Ferland, Gervaise, Serre dit St-Jean, Beaugrand, Thibodeau
  • Guy Constantineau - All Constantineau family and descendants, working on One Place Study for Neuville, Portneuf, Québec,
  • Claude Emond - Emond on my side, actually Edmunds from Irish descent and Fournier on my wife's side.
  • Chris Hampson - I initially got my badge because I was working on some Quebecois incidental to my own family, but I broke through a brick wall and discovered that a g-g-grandfather was really an Ethier (he had only been known as a Hickey). So now I'm connecting him to the existing profiles.
  • John Hebert - Presently cleaning up and adding sources and images to 818 profiles in my ancestry that qualify for Quebecois Project. Some family names, Hebert, Patenaude, Morin, Faucher, Charron, Joliet, Aubuchon, Baillargeon, Belanger, Benoit, Bouchard, Boucher.....
  • R. G. Heroux - working on hundreds *sigh* of 17th century families; need to connect all children to their parents. Need additional lifetime to complete.
  • Gordon Johnson - Currently sourcing the lineage of my mother's GF Alfred Laramee though the Février dit Laramee's and dit Lacroix to Charles Gauthier and Christophe Février. Trying to keep focused!
  • Yves Jolly - Jolly grandfather immigrated from France, but Therrien, Tremblay, Renauld/Renaud, Bedard and Farlardeau surnames from Charlevoix and the Quebec city region have all been here since the 17th century, and those are my focus.
  • James LaLone - Listing of all my direct F-C ancestor's surnames on my profile as well as some I collect all male lines in certain families, especially the TREMBLAY family (database of almost 42,000 names).
  • Claude Lambert - Given that ancestors from France who immigrated to Canada, including my parents' direct ancestors, now have some 1.5 million descendants in Canada alone, Percherons may be especially field of interest to pursue.
  • Douglas Laundry - Presently cleaning up and adding sources and images to profiles Landry/Laundry in my ancestry that qualify for Quebecois Project.
  • Stephen Lapointe - Lapointe, Audet dit Lapointe, Sasseville, Jean, Tremblay, Lalonde, Rapin
  • Mike Lavigne - Paternal line, Lajeunesse, Lavigne, Luneau, Morin, Nadeau, Rivard, Sauvegeau, Theroux and Tetreault.
  • Lianne Lavoie - Currently working on verifying and sourcing the lines recently connected to my tree, including Lavoie, Michaud, Ouellet, Miville, Paradis, and Boucher profiles.
  • Bill Martin - I have grandsons whose father is French-Canadian. I've traced thousands of their grandparents, and decided adding them here would be a worthwhile project.
  • Michelle Robillard - Descendants of Claude Robillard - I would like to clean up/add biographies & sources. Any help would be appreciated as I haven't much time to do so.
  • Daniel Ryder -
  • Louise St-Amour - Christin dit St-Amour, Chaput, Provost, Fournier dit Préfontaine and many more
  • Joseph St. Denis -
  • Marie Svedahl - My maternal grandmother was French-Canadian so I have a wide selection of families. These are some: Belisle, Guimond, Hazeur, Leriger-Laplante, Robidoux.
  • Gaston Tardif - While still working on building my family tree - now 98% more than 1000 profiles completed to 10 generations, I am working on completing at least a basic biography for each one, refering and linking to the church records whenever I can find them. Pretty difficult task, considering the state of the old church archives. One profile at the time.... As it is said in French: <Patience et longueur de temps font plus que force et que rage>.
  • Karen Tobo - I'm about 1/16 French-American through Emily Burdalow (baptised Amelie Victoire Bordeleau) of Vincennes, Indiana, and will work on my Baillargeon, Bonneau, Bordeleau, Cardinal, Caron, Chartier, Girardeau, Lacoste dit Languedoc, Perron, Poitevin dit Arpin, Tougas dit Laviolette, and Vallée ancestors as able
  • AL Wellman - tracing French-Canadien ancestry of Pepin County, Wisconsin, through the migration from Quebec via Vermont and New York.
  • Jess White-Phillip -Brunet dit L'Etang/L'Estang and families they married. I'll also be trying to identify and bridge Acadian-Quebecois familial connections (Pre and Post Derangement). Also interested in Percheron emigrants and Filles-de-Roi.
  • Jim Wiborg - Adding to the Riopelle line. Still new to Wikitree, so I'll add more as I progress.
  • Linda Wisking - Louis Martineau is considered a Pioneer of the province of Quebec. I am in the process of entering the family tree and details, plus the sources, for this family. I am concentrating on making this ancestors line as complete here as possible. I am also noting various other Pioneers that are confirmed as such either by the PRDH or Fichier Origine, and noting for the females whether they are Fille de Roi or Filles a marier.
  • Carroll Woods -
  • Cynthia Wright. Tracing Noel Langlois 1606, as well as the Hudons/ Beaulieu, and I am actively searching for reliable information on the Comeau.
  • Nadine Giasson St-Amand Working on ancestry tree from the Kamouraska and around: Cloutier, Thibault, Caron, etc.
  • Michele Krogh-Platt1223, working on my maternal and paternal lines, Lemieux, Poirier, Viau, to name a few. They lived in Ottawa, Ontario, so I've been working on tracing them back to early Quebec. Looking for duplicates and adding children.
  • Annette Garner-I am still in the process of adding a Roy line which extends back to Nicolas LeRoy who immigrated to Quebec from France
  • Susan Sheldon Dion-310 currently working on family connections before 1700 Dion, LaForest, Guyon, Cote.
  • Sue Walker- Jean Pierre Brousseau descendants, my Pierre Miville & Catherine Baillon lineage, and Robert Lizot desendants
  • Jim Tareco - working on the Lauzon, Lauzan, Lauzau lines.
  • Sarah Heiney - Planning a One Place Study for Saint-Raymond, Portneuf, as well as research on other ancestors
  • Mary Ann Brandt Jensen- currently working on adding the Crevier line to Wiki-tree with intent to then move to the Choquette line, descendants of Nicolas Choquet & Anne Julien, particularly the link to my husband's family through Paschal Choquette & Patience Prudence Benoit and their descendants. Intend to move on to the Benoit line after that. At present, I've mostly added French members of the Crevier line before they came to Canada.
  • Summer Binkley Orman - working on the Demonbreun line of Jacqués Timothé Boucher, Sieur de Montbrun, also known as Timothy Demonbreun, first citizen of Nashville, Tennessee, USA. I'm also beginning an exploration on the Chadoin line of my ancestry (have not added to WikiTree yet).
  • Michael Ross - I work mainly, but not solely, on the families of the St. Joseph-de-Maskinongé parish, and on the following families especially (both in and outside this parish): Ross, Lemire, Archambault, Nault/Nau/Naud, Tétreault/Tétreau/Tatrow, Dupuis, Vallière, and Vanasse (Vanasse-dit-Bastien).
  • Hélène Daigneault Je travaille sur les lignées Daigneault/Daniau-dit-Laprise/Daniau, Lachance/Pépin-dit-Lachance/Pépin, Désilets/Desrosiers-dit-des-Ilets/Deronzier, et Lacasse/Cassé/Case, les comparant avec les donnés dans Geni, de mon profil ou d'autres. J'aime bien corriger les accents, fautes d'orthographe, et les lieux-dits. J'aime spécifier les endroits de naissance, mariage et décès selon les dates historiques, par exemple: Nouvelle France avant 1763, Bas-Canada/Haut-Canada après 1763 suite à la bataille des Plaines d'Abraham, et province de Québec - Canada après 1867, donc de la Confédération à nos jours (le Canada qu'on connaît aujourd'hui). Je m'intéresse aussi à tous les liens, possibles ou réels, entre ma famille et les nations autochnotes, et ma famille et le clan Fraser d'Ecosse.
  • Darrell Parker -
  • Jacinthe Boudreau - Working on my paternal line, Boudreau and my maternal line, Lacombe. Also looking into Daignault, Trahan and Leblanc lines to further my tree as far back as possible. My Boudreau line is complete all the way to Michel Boudrot. I'm just waiting for my GEDCOM file to be approved and uploaded in order to confirm what's already there.
  • Paul Chisarik - I'm working primarily on my maternal grandmother's line which goes back to Cloutier, Dupont, Guyon, Jarousseau, Leblond, LeClerc, Lereau and Robin (among many others) and eventually ended up immigrating to Connecticut in the 1800's.


General project goals coming soon...

To Do List

This table is for specific items that need to be completed, not for general goals like "merge all New France duplicates". If you don't feel comfortable editing a wiki table but want to add a to-do item to the list, please list it below the table and Guy will integrate it into the table.

To volunteer to work on an item, find where it says Volunteer Needed right beneath the task you want to work on. Replace Volunteer Needed with your name and WikiTree ID (be careful not to remove the | at the start of the line).

Task Volunteers Related Category Notes G2G link to Discussion
Mathurin Thibodeau's duplicates need to be merged none Note This has been corrected. none

Quebecois Genealogical Resources

Genealogical Sources

  • 3. Fichier Origine, by Fédération québécoise des sociétés de généalogie
  • 8. Migration, by Jocelyne and Bernard Nicol Quillivic and their collaborators'
    • Migration website (free)
    • Contains copies and transcriptions of many original source documents for Filles du Roi, Filles à marier, and Régiment Carignan-Salière


1. Canadian Museum of History
2. Relations des Jésuites - le père Paul Lejeune
3. Dictionary of Canadian Biography

Parishes of Quebec

Quebec Parishes List Sorted by Name
Map of Quebec's Catholic Parishes up to 1912

17th Century Parishes of Quebec

  • 1 Quebec, 1621
  • 2 Trois-Rivières, 1635
  • 3 Sillery, 1636
  • 4 Montrèal, 1642
  • 5 Ste-Anne de Beaupré, 1657
  • 6 Chàteau-Richer, 1661
  • 7 Ste Famille, Ile d'Orléans, 1666
  • 8 Boucherville, 1668
  • 9 L'Ange Gardien, 1669
  • 10 Laprairie, 1670
  • 11 Sorel, 1670
  • 12 Beauport, 1673
  • 13 Pointe-aux-Trembles, Montrèal, 1674
  • 14 Lorette, 1676
  • 15 Lachine, 1676
  • 16 Lévis, 1679
  • 17 St. Thomas, 1679
  • 18 Cap St Ignace, 1679
  • 19 Islet, 1679
  • 20 St Pierre, Ile d'Orléans, 1679
  • 21 St Laurent, Ile d'Orléans, 1679
  • 22 St François, Ile d'Orléans, 1679
  • 23 Charlesbourg, 1679
  • 24 Pointe-aux-Trembles, Quebec 1679
  • 25 Cap Sante, 1679
  • 26 Champlain, 1679
  • 27 Repentigny, 1679
  • 28 St Jean, Ile d'Orléans, 1679
  • 29 Grondines, 1680
  • 30 Contrecoeur, 1680
  • 31 Baie St Paul, 1681
  • 32 St Ours, 1681
  • 33 Batiscan, 1682
  • 34 Lachenaye, 1683
  • 35 Rivière Ouelle, 1685
  • 36 St Joachim, 1687
  • 37 Cap de le Madeleine, 1687
  • 38 Rivière des Prairie, 1688
  • 39 St Augustin, 1691
  • 40 Beaumont, 1692
  • 41 Lotbinière, 1692
  • 42 St Michel de la Durantaye, 1693
  • 43 Ste Anne de la Pèrade, 1693
  • 44 Varennes, 1693
  • 45 St Nicolas, 1694
  • 46 Notre Dame de Foye, 1699

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