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Rangers are a special group of members who patrol WikiTree and guide lost visitors.


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Rangers serve and protect the community in a vital way simply by being on duty and staying alert. They are watching for metaphorical "forest fires" started by:

  1. Vandals intentionally causing damage.
  2. New members accidentally doing harm.
  3. Unexpected technical problems.

Whether accidental or intentional, fires need to be put out before they get out of control. Therefore we need a Ranger on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To facilitate coordination, the Ranger Corps is divided into seven teams, one for each day of the week. For fun, the teams have adopted mascots.

Click the badge to see the Rangers who wear it.

rangers_sunday.gif rangers_monday.gif rangers_tuesday.gif rangers_wednesday.gif rangers_thursday.gif rangers_friday.gif rangers_saturday.gif

Join Us!

Do you meet these requirements?

  • An active and friendly WikiTree presence, including:
    1. at least three months of experience on WikiTree,
    2. a minimum of 1,000 contributions, and
    3. membership in one or more other projects.
  • Ability to commit to a minimum of one one-hour shift per week.
  • Do not currently have a Referral badge and have not had one or been the subject of an active Mentor Intervention Request or Formal Mediation within the last three months.

If so, please consider joining us. We need your help protecting the tree that we all work so hard to grow.

To join, respond to this G2G post and we'll get you started.

Instructions for Rangers

The work of a Ranger isn't complicated. It's quite easy. While on duty they monitor the new volunteer feed and special activity feeds.

When you join the Ranger Corps we will send you the links and current instructions. Although these instructions aren't super-secret, we don't publish them because we don't want to make it any easier for vandals by publicizing what we're currently watching.

Ranger Leaders, see Docs:Ranger Leaders.

Contact a Ranger

Rangers are usually behind the scenes. If you have a question or need help it's generally better to ask in G2G or contact a Mentor. If you have a problem with what another member is doing, start at Problems with Members.

If you notice spam or vandalism and it needs urgent attention, please e-mail right away.

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