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?? Welcome to the Roll of Honor Project??


Focus and Purpose

With all projects; there is a specific focus and purpose.

Our focus is on military participants. Our purpose is two-fold.

1. We want to provide a space where someone that may only know that Great Grandpa won the highest military award/medal in their country, will be able to find out more about Great Grandpa. We want those families that have suffered with knowing their loved one was a POW or MIA to be proud to see them honored and be able to locate cousins discovered by visiting the profiles represented.

2. We want to honor those military members that paid the ultimate cost or who earned the ultimate respect of their country or another.

When you participate in this project you embrace the military member. You need to respect their sacrifice - regardless of the country served. It takes a special kind of person to serve on this project: One that can look past their biases and focus on the service a military member provided.

We need help in identifying those military members that earned the highest honor their country had to offer.

We need participants from other countries. We need additional resources identified to assist with our search... and most of all we need passion and compassion with a touch of love.

If you want to concentrate on a specific country/war or area - that is fantastic - just let me know or enter it below when you send your request for membership to me.

Terri Rick, Project Coordinator

How To Join

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  2. Check out the main project page for all guidelines related to the project.
  3. Add your name to the list below, along with a note about what you're working on in this project right now.

Roll of Honor Military Profile Showcase

Please visit: Space:Military_Showcase_Profiles to learn about our Roll of Honor Military Showcase project! Each month's theme is announced here. Around the first of each month you can start posting your nominations here also. Read all of the details on this space page!!

Please visit: Roll of Honor Military Showcase Profiles to see which ancestors have been voted to be showcased on our Top Roll of Honor Page.

Our Progress

Beside your name below, please keep track of what you're currently working on for this project. This is both for your own reference, and to aid collaboration amongst the project participants. If you are going to be temporarily inactive in the project (eg. on vacation), please note that here. Thanks!

  • Terry Wright - Vision is to link all Military into this section through various individual wars/battles throughout the world - one at a time. This will make it easier to locate military members that will assist with genealogy.
    • Currently working on locating Military recipients of top honors - concentrating on US Civil War at the moment. Working to find service records and any information for my Australian Military ancestors that are on the Wikitree Roll of Honor
  • Alison Andrus - adding profiles and templates for World War I soldiers from North Dakota, USA who were killed in action with an emphasis on Wells County.
  • Lisa R - Primarily interested in POWs.
  • Paula Ruehling - American Revolutionary and Civil War Veterans of Upstate SC and Western NC, Battles of Kings Mountain and Cowpens, the 5th SC Volunteers, Co. C, NC 55th Infantry Regiment, Co. D, Elmira and Point Lookout POW Camps.
  • Bob Keniston - KIA and WIA in the American Revolution and Civil War.
  • Bill Sekel - Presently working on profiles of WWII MOH recipients. Eventually I would like to connect them to AJ and the GFR Project and hope to hit the trifecta and link them to the 1776 Project.
  • Mary Richardson Project Coordinator - Roll of Honor Showcase, finding sourced profiles for the categories, WIA, MIA, POW, KIA - or the Medal any may have received. Recommending the Roll of Honor if the PM is willing.
  • Susan Tye Working on KIA of WWII by State. Working on Minnesota, and Idaho right now. Trying to link each individual to cemetery location, parents, working military groupings, and honors. For a peek -- Boie-30 then to Minnesota Military Honor List of Dead and Missing. Almost completed the Navy KIA of Minnesota through B.
  • David Wilson Currently preparing to add profiles from War of 1812.
  • Marshall Satterwhite Preparing to award recognition to Satterwhite and related family members with recorded military service. Including one Medal of Honor recipient: Brigadier General Ernest Albert Garlington, US Army, awarded the Medal of Honor for action at the Battle of Wounded Knee and one survivor of the Bataan Death March, Philippines, Lt. Col. David Scott Satterwhite, US Army WWII, Prisoner-Of-War, 7 May 1942- 9 Oct 1945. Plus 3 who served French & Indian War; 15 - War of 1812; 141- CSA, 4- Union; 401 WWI & WWII, numerous Korean and Vietnam War vets.
  • Joseph Arledge Interested in POW Camp Douglas. My third great grand uncle John Franklin Arledge, Pvt, 35 Miss Inf, Co E, was captured at Resaca, Georgia, Oct 14, 1864, sent to Camp Douglas Oct 26, 1864. It was known as the northern prison camp with the highest mortality rate of all Union Civil War prisons.
  • Bonnie Saunders Currently investigating family members' participation in the War of 1812, as well as in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.
  • Katherine Vinson Beard My uncle, Fred M Houston, Jr, was captured and died in a Japanese POW Camp in the Phillipines during World War II.
  • Gerald Jones As a USAF veteran I am interested in finding deserving Airman who distinguished themselves in WW I, WW II, Korea, and Vietnam Wars.
  • Natalie Navy vet, AF spouse. My great uncle, Clyde W Durbin was a POW during WWII and he recently passed away at age 97. Interested in adding his fellow POW's to the roll of honor and have begun.
  • Claudia Bourdon I want to recognize all of my family members who have served. My Uncle Archie was KIA in WWII.
  • Darlene Scott Kerr The Vietnam War POWs, MIAs, KIAs have been and will remain as my major focus. My husband was both POW and MIA and I am fortunate and grateful to have very close contacts with their community and historian.
  • RL McAdoo Working on ancestors in North American wars in the colonial time period through to the so called 'civil' one.
  • Jennifer Gage Working on profiles of family and ancestors involved in all wars, gathering all sources, with the most recent of my grandfather who nearly died in the Korean War and who was awarded the Purple Heart.
  • Philip Gale Working on profiles of family members and unsourced profiles.
  • Justin Davis Adding profiles and templates for World War II soldiers from West Virginia, USA who were Killed in Action, Died of Wounds, Missing in Action, Died Non-Battle with an emphasis on Tucker County. Adding profiles and templates for Those who fell During The Spanish-American War/Philippine-American War time Period.
  • Sarah Jowett I am encountering a number of veterans while entering my father's work on our family tree, and I'd like to acknowledge them through this project.
  • Melissa Jamison Working on loading and sources my veterans. Hoping to recognize them properly through this project
  • Gillian Wagenaar My main focus is researching Canadian soldiers of the First World War, beginning with those local to my home community of Grey County, Ontario, Canada.
  • Sheryl Moore In conjunction with the fold3 free Civil War records through April 15, I am entering all my ancestors who fought in that war, finding brothers of the same family on both Union and Confederate sides. With that, I am finding some were POW and KIA and I want to honor them.
  • Dave Seccull Among the individuals on my family tree are several veterans and a number of KIA. I'd like to record the latter here before they slip away into the fog of history.
  • Steve McKay Currently working on three Moss brothers who came from England and later enlisted in the Union Army during the American Civil War. All three were prisoners of war and two died in prison camps. Frederick Moss was my great grandfather.
  • Thom Anderson I am a bit passive at the moment . . . simply adding relatives that have earned the distinction as I find them.
  • Doug McCallum I have been coming across a few in my family but since I'm also working on New Brunswick, I'll focus on that area. I've gotten a bit more ambitious and started working on all WWI soldiers from New Brunswick, Canada. See New Brunswick WWI Soldiers for my project.
  • Judy Shroyer I'm very new, adding profiles on all surnames I follow and surnames connected to them. I also adopt profiles with no managers and was researching the Military Times Hall of Valor before the website closed due to the government shut down and will continue someday. I have added several military individuals but just began studying all that's involved in getting them into projects. I won't be able to do much in Jan. or Feb. because of other obligations so would appreciate help in getting one person in the Medal of Honor project. He is Rear Admiral Richard Antrim (Antrim-116), so it would be appreciated if Terry Wright or Terri Rick would assign someone to put the profile in order. I wrote a biography but didn't know more about what is involved. Thank You!
  • Beverly Benfer My current goal is to add profiles for the men from Pennsylvania who were featured in the Life magazine cover story of 27 June 1969, "The Faces of the American Dead in Vietnam: One Week's Toll." I am trying to add as much as I can find about each man - as well as their parents and grandparents if I can find them so they aren't hanging out there alone.
  • SJ Baty Organizing medal/awards/decorations on space pages for easy use on Wikitree profiles.

Recognition Stickers

This template adds your Roll of Honor Profiles to the correct category i.e.:

Wounded in Action, United States Army, Korean War
Prisoners of War, World War I
Killed in Action, World War II

Wikitree Roll of Honor Stickers


Requested Subprojects

Please add anything you would like to see as a subproject. We can discuss ideas on our google group and then post them on g2g.

  1. USA - Designating and/or Recognizing immediate family members (and/or Next of Kin) of KIA soldiers as Gold Star Families.
  2. Airman - Recognize deserving US Airman who fought the airwars of WW I, WW II, Korea, and Vietnam.

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