Project: Saskatchewan Cemeteries/Progress

This page is part of Project:Saskatchewan Cemeteries. This is where we can keep track of which cemeteries have been completely photographed, transcribed, and turned into WikiTree profiles.

Please add the cemeteries you're working on to the list below, and sign and date the entry by adding ~~~~ on the end. Be sure to check here before starting a new cemetery to avoid duplication of effort.

Note: You do not have to finish one step for the whole cemetery before moving on to the next! You can certainly create profiles as you transcribe the images, and if you're doing a bigger cemetery in multiple visits you can transcribe and create profiles for the section you've done without waiting until you've photographed the whole cemetery. These steps are just to give us an idea of how far along the work on a cemetery is.



The following cemeteries have someone starting work on them, but photography is not yet complete.


The following cemeteries have been completely photographed, but transcribing and creating WikiTree profiles has not been completed:


The following cemeteries have been completely photographed and transcribed, but creating WikiTree profiles has not been completed.


The following cemeteries are finished, meaning profiles have been created for everyone in the cemetery, and images of the tombstones are included on all the profiles. You can still contribute by adding more information to the profiles and connecting them to the tree!

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