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Our Mission

The mission of the Scotland Project is to become a knowledge hub for Scotland genealogical research. We can achieve this by working on profiles of all those born in what we know today as Scotland, to increase the number of Scottish profiles on WikiTree, and ensure they meet the highest standards possible.

Please review the Profile Standards before you begin working on profiles.

Membership Information

If you are new to WikiTree and have not become a full member, you will need to upgrade to Wiki Genealogist Level and sign our Honor Code to receive your wiki genealogist badge, which is a necessity for editing profiles.

To join the Scotland Project, you must be a member in good standing with WikiTree. New members are invited to join our specially-designed Tartan Trail which focuses on researching and documenting our Scottish ancestors. They are required to complete an initial self-learning level, after which they are paired up with Trail Guides who lead them through the second level. Completion of this stage is required for every new member of the project. Because this is a considerable time commitment by our generous volunteer Trail Guides, we ask that members stay in regular contact with them throughout their time on the Trail.

When a prospective Project member is ready to commit some time to taking the Trail, they will sign up to join. They will need to be currently in a position to work on their Trail assignments, and will be added to the Trail list and contacted when we are ready for them to begin. There will be periods when we have a high level of applications, and a waiting list will be managed. If a member is not currently available to make this time commitment, or is participating in another orphan trail, they should join at a later stage when they have time to dedicate to the Tartan Trail.

After completion of the Tartan Trail Level 2, members will be awarded their Scotland Project Badge. They will then be asked to join a team, work with their Team Leader(s) and respond to periodic Project Check-ins. We recognise that people lead busy lives and are grateful for any and all contributions made towards the project's goals.

If you'd like to change the team(s) you are on, please contact the Membership Team
If you need help with something, there are Project members who can help: Scotland Help Page


The Scotland Project is organised into teams in order to help with collaboration and communication across the project. Each team has its specific tasks and to-do lists:

  • Geographical Teams: There is a team for each of the historic counties of Scotland. If your ancestors come from a particular area, or you have interest in a particular county, then one of these teams might be the right ones for you.
  • Profile Improvements Teams: We also have teams for each area of profile improvement, from Sourcerers to Data Doctors to the Categories Team. These are often in conjunction with the functional associated projects. These teams are great for people wanting to do one aspect of work across the whole of Scotland.
  • Managed Profiles Team: This team is for people who are interested in carrying out specialist work on some of our "Flagship Profiles" for Scotland. Members of this team must have the pre-1700 badge and preferably their pre-1500 badge to join this team.
  • Topical Teams: These teams cover everything from Ulster Scots to Scottish authors. If you have an interest in a particular topic in Scotland then one of these teams could be the one for you.
  • Scottish Clans: This team works on Clan histories and their people. If you have an interest in a particular Clan in Scotland, this team is where you'll find it.
  • Twisted Thistles: This team participates in all WikiTree marathon challenges, and membership is by registration for each individual event.

We are always open to new suggestions. If you don't see a team to cover your area of interest let us know. We can always create one for you! The wonderful thing about the team structure is that it can grow as we grow as a project and cater to everyone!

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