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The Scotland Project is a Sub-Project of the United Kingdom Project

Scotland Project

Thank you for joining the project. Our major aim is to add profiles of our Scottish ancestors to the world family tree.


To join the project

Join us in the Scotland Project!
  1. Add the line [[Category:Scotland Project]] to the text area of your profile page. This will add you to the list of participants on the Category Page .

How do I help?

The project covers all aspects associated with the country we now know as Scotland from the earliest times until today. The scope is vast and there is room for improvement in all periods and areas.

So where do I start? The best place to start is with your own ancestors. Run over the profiles of your own, and connected, profiles and see if you can improve them. Look to:

  • Add dates if they are not there. If the dates are estimated please add the {{Estimated Date}} Research Note Box.
  • Add sources if they are not on the profile. Else add {{Unsourced|Scotland}}.
  • Check the LNAB. If it is not there see if you can find it. If you know it then please send a message to the PM, with a source, and they can change it. If you get no response, please message one of the Project Leads.
  • Use in-line citations where there are facts that are essential for family research, birth, marriages and children are key.
  • Build a bio that provides, as a minimum, enough information to ensure the profile does not get incorrectly merged.
  • Add Categories where you can. These are a useful tool that collates profiles into like groups thus helping "cousins" find profiles. The first is often a Scottish Clan category. {{Scottish Clans template}}. If you follow the directions you can assign the profile to one of the Clans research groups.

What does a good profile look like? We have many in the project but one of our more colourful characters might be Sir Andrew Leslie, 3rd of Balquhain.

Another area where help is always in demand is in the Maintenance Categories. These are profiles that are in need of work where the profiles are missing items or require conflict resolution.

Where can I find resources to help me? We have created a Resource category and a supporting Resource page to bring together some material that will help if you are looking for sources of help. In these page you can find further areas of study and suitable sources to help.


Free Space Sub Projects

Would you like to be the Sponsor or are you "happy to help" with a County


Would you like to be more actively involved with the Scotland Project ? If so we are inviting project members to sponsor (or co-sponsor ) each of the Scottish Counties. Sponsoring will involve managing the County category and being point of contact for your County. You might also want to create a free space sub project for your County.

To see if your County of interest has a sponsor and/or members happy to help - please click on Scottish Counties The sponsor's name etc is shown near the top of the page.

Alternatively, please see the list as a clickable, sortable table.

If you are interested please contact Maria Maxwell

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