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Welcome to the Slavic Roots Project!

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The Slavic Roots Project is a "Top Level" project that encompasses sub-projects for profiles of those with Polish, Russian, Czech, Ukrainian, Slovak, and other Slavic ancestry. It serves a central directory of all that is going on in the sub-projects.


How to Join

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  • Top Level Project: Global
  • Project Leaders:


If you want to designate that your have Slavic ancestry, you can place this sticker on profiles, including your own if you wish. If you have other Slavic Ancestry like Russian, Czech, Polish, Galician and so on, they have their own stickers you may want to place.

This template can be on any profile of a person with Slavic ancestors. This sticker will automatically place profiles in the [[Category:Slavic Roots]] To put this sticker on a profile, simply copy and paste the following below the Biography headline:

{{Slavic Roots Sticker}}

This displays the following:

... ... ... has Slavic Roots.

Here are profiles and pages using the sticker.

The link for the Slavic Roots Sticker is here: Template:Slavic_Roots_Sticker

Project Goals

  1. Add related profiles, checking for existing profiles to avoid duplication. If any duplicate profiles exist, request merges, starting with the oldest generation.
  2. If profiles were loaded by GEDCOM, use WikiTree Styles and Standards to clean up residue and broken links.
  3. Search out original rather than derivative documentation and add sources.
  4. Add template to the profiles along with any relevant categories.
  5. Contact one of the project Leaders to request PPP status for those profiles that meet the criteria for project protection. This will protect them from an incorrect merge.
  6. Profiles of family members are correct and documented.
  7. Profiles are linked to the greater WikiTree. Try to find the connection.
  8. Work on sources for unsourced profiles
  9. Work with the Global Cemeteries Project to ensure cemeteries in these countries/areas are photographed and records added to WikiTree.

To-Do List

  1. Identify profiles and tag them with appropriate categories
  2. Spread the word to others with Slavic heritage or interest in the area
  3. Identify people who can help with documents or direct research
  4. Establish project pages for other categories under the Slavic umbrella

Current Sub-Projects

Croatian Roots Project

Czech Roots Project

Polish Roots Project

Romanian Roots Project

  • Romanian Roots Project Page This project is presently under our umbrella but that may change. Romanians are not categorized among the Slavic peoples, but there is Slavic cultural influence and there may be some genetic influence as some Slavic populations were assimilated.

Russian Roots Project

Contact: Project Leader SJ Baty
Project Coordinator: vacant (if interested, please contact: SJ Baty)

Slovak Roots Project

Contact: project coordinator Judy Lesso or leader, Maggie N.

Ukrainian Roots Project

WikiTree Resources

Remember a lot of questions can be answered by referring to the help pages link at the top right on all pages.

Related Projects

External Resources

Slavic Languages

Immigration Records

Language Orthographies

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Present-Day countries with Slavic Roots

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