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Welcome to the Slovak Roots Project!

The Slovak Roots Project is for WikiTreers interested in improving the profiles of Slovak people and their descendants.

Leader: Maggie N Coordinator: Judy Lesso

Slovak Roots is a subproject of Slavic Roots.


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Project Mission

The mission of the Slovak Roots Project is to develop profiles on WikiTree for those who lived in Slovakia or have Slovak ancestry; to facilitate collaboration among our members with Slovak interests; to create a regional project that will help WikiTree attract members from other countries; to highlight the diversity of the Slovak culture and people.


Post your name, linked to your profile, with what you're working on below, or your family names and geographic areas of interest (please put in alphabetical order according to your WikiTree profile name).

  • Roger Brousseau - My mother's family is from the eastern part of Slovakia, in the southern Spiš region, with the cities: Kojšov, Gelnica, Žakarovce and Jaklovce as the main cities. I have traced my family back to the early 1700's to a point where there are no additional church records. I can assist others who have family from this region as well.
  • Kelly K - My father’s line is from small villages near Bardejov (Zborov and Kľušov), and I’m working on entering their profiles. I eventually hope to enter more extended family and surnames from those towns as well.
  • Nan Lambert - entering profiles for the surnames of my husband's grandparents - Starjak, from Male Zaluzice; and Majernik and Csicsák, from Rebrin.
  • Judy Lesso - I am currently entering profiles for my surnames, Lesso and Krahulec. I am interested in my ancestral towns of Šarišské Michaľany and what was formerly Blažov.
  • Barbara Mrenna - Maternal line: Stoffa/Stofan alias Marczinski/ Vejak from Saros megye: (Sztebnik, Cervenica, Kecer-Peklin); Hancsak /Hruska- shepherd ( Gonc,Abauj-torna megye to Kecer-Peklin); Varsanyik alias Laczo/Hrinda (Sliepkovce, Zemplin) Paternal line: Takac/Funcsik from Abauj-torna (Slanske Nove Mesto); Funcik from Secovce (Zemplin). Trnava-Bratislava area: Mrenna/Mrena/Palatka/Javrek. I have reviewed hundreds of Slovak records from various sections of Slovakia and feel quite competent in helping other people should they need assistance.
  • Maggie N - I have been working on my Stermenszky One Name Study for over 30 years. It is a Slovak ancestry that spreads out though Hungary and Slovakia. I am very familiar with records in Dunajská Streda, Hubice, Štvrtok na Ostrove, Veľká Paka and especially in Sekule and Moravský Svätý Ján - all within the Bratislava and Trnava regions. I also am extremely familiar with the records of Silická Jablonica; Silická Brezová; Silica; Hrušov; Krásnohorská Dlhá Lúka; Krásnohorské Podhradie and Rožňava. My Slovakian heritage comes mostly from the Košice Region. I suspect I also have some Ruthnian heritage from middle-eastern Slovakia as well.
  • Lisa Javorka - My focus is on the Žilina Region. I am entering profiles for my grandmother's line in the Dolný Kubín and Orava area as well as my grandfather's line in Ružomberok. I have been adding subcategories for the villages in this area. I am using the Slovak church records on Familysearch as my primary source. is also very helpful for identifying the name variations for villages at certain periods and for surname variations.
  • J Palotay - All of my ancestors are from the Carpathian Basin, in an approximately-equal mix of Magyar, German, and Slovak. Primarily-Slovak clumps: Szarvas, Békés county, Hungary (surnames Trnyik, Litauszky, Szlovák, Pricz); Nagyrét and vicinity, Zólyom county (surnames Bobor, Majer, Zolnyánszky, Bohus); and Alsó-Pribély and vicinity, Hont county (surnames Paulovkin, Paulou). I also have ancestors from Eperjes and Kis-Szeben in Sáros county (surnames Styavniczky/Selmeczy, Hegedűs), but I don't believe they considered themselves to be Slovaks.
  • Anne Svihra - My father's from Slovakia, with recent ancestors mainly from Banská Bystrica region. I'm especially interested in the Majer neighbourhood of Banská Bystrica, Tisovec, and Hnúšťa-Likier. I've been working on the categorization of the regions, districts, and towns/municipalities in Slovakia and hope to get started on cemeteries shortly. I'm always happy to help others!

Project Goals

  1. Add Slovakian-related profiles, checking for existing profiles to avoid duplication. If any duplicate profiles exist, request merges, starting with the oldest generation.
  2. If profiles were loaded by GEDCOM, use WikiTree Styles and Standards to clean up residue and broken links.
  3. Search out and add sources.
  4. Write comprehensive, well-sourced biographies.
  5. Contact Maggie N to request PPP status for those profiles that meet the criteria for project protection. This will protect them from an incorrect merge.
  6. Make sure profiles of all family members are correct and documented.
  7. Profiles need to be linked to the Big WikiTree. Try to find the connection.
  8. Check your own watchlist to find any Slovakian profiles that needs connection
  9. Place regional categories if available from Regional Slovakia Click on Districts to break down to town or village. If yours is not there, contact Maggie N or Steven Harris or Judy Lesso.
  10. Work on sources for Slovakia, Unsourced Profiles
  11. If you see a well-known Slovak profile that could be a notable, contact Maggie N, or Judy Lesso

Sources for Slovak Roots

Slovakian Records Online

Slovakia Church Records Primer

If working with Pre-1700 profiles, please read this important message, Slovak Roots Pre-1700 Sources

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