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Marlyn Lewis.

Some LNABs and IDs might have changed since the tables were compiled.

see Barwell-44 and Molesworth-137 (Australian immigrants)

Reviewed trails

  1. = Gateway
$ = Surety Baron
&c = or listed sibling
( .. .. .. ) = section listed elsewhere in the tables
... = for continuation see preceding trail (of first trail of group)
From Trail To
Abell-9 Abell-9# Cotton-12 Cotton-14 Cotton-13 Mainwaring-51 Sutton-24 ( Berkeley-4 etc see Abney ) Quincy-226
Abney-101 Abney-101# Abney-98 Abney-99 Abney-104 Wolseley-5 Stanley-881 Sutton-85 Berkeley-4 ( Berkeley-6 etc see Fisher ) Quincy-226
Alsop-24 E
Alsop-25 G
Alsop-371 T
Alsop-24# &c Gilbert-876 Clere-45 Clere-46 Tyrell-114 Willoughby-681 Willoughby-168 Willoughby-60 FitzAlan-603 FitzAlan-602 FitzAlan-173 either ( FitzAlan-29 etc see Poles ) or Plantagenet-48 Chaworth-7 Beauchamp-101 FitzJohn-77 Bigod-17 Bigod-1$ Bigod-2$ Bigod-1 Bigod-2 Quincy-226 De_Vere-309
Asfordby-2 Asfordby-2# Asfordby-3 Newcombe-87 Skipwith-69 Skipwith-70 ( Skipwith-71 etc see SkipwithA ) Quincy-226 De_Vere-309
Batte-33 H
Batte-58 T
Batte-22 W
Batte-33# &c Mallory-215 Mallory-245 Mallory-80 Mallory-77 Mallory-76 Constable-40 FitzHugh-409 Willoughby-57 ( Strange-477 etc see SkipwithA ) Quincy-226 De_Vere-309
Mallory-116 R
Mallory-398 T
Mallory-116# &c Mallory-118 ( Mallory-245 etc ... )
Bernard-103 R Bernard-103# Bernard-93 Bernard-56 Bernard-53 Bernard-57 Scrope-92 Scrope-28 Neville-177 Neville-53 either ( Percy-15 etc see Peyton2 ) or Neville-58 Neville-59 Clavering-14 either ( Zouche-173 etc see NelsonJ&M ) or Clavering-15 Clavering-12 Clavering-13$ Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226 Bigod-1 Bigod-2 Clavering-13
Bernard-131 W Bernard-131# Bernard-54 ( Bernard-56 etc ... )
Beville-27 Beville-27# Beville-28 Saunders-2126 Carew-174 Carew-11 Carew-61 Carew-70 Fiennes-56 ( Fiennes-128 etc see Lunsford ) Clare-651 Say-76
Bickley-37 Bickley-37# Winch-54 Winch-184 Burgoyne-76 Burgoyne-64 Wroth-17 Wroth-4 Wroth-11 Wroth-7 Lewknor-33 Lewknor-25 Lewknor-5 Lewknor-26 Lewknor-29 Lewknor-7 Lewknor-76 Keynes-21 Keynes-20 Huntingfield-16 Huntingfield-11$ Huntingfield-11
Calvert-24 L Calvert-24# Mynne-9 Wroth-2 ( Wroth-4 etc ... )
Lovelace-8 A
Lovelace-279 T
Lovelace-8# &c Lovelace-9 Aucher-8 Wroth-42 ( Wroth-4 etc ... )
Bolles-5 Bolles-5# Bolles-4 Goodrick-20 Goodricke-18 Dymoke-21 Dymoke-22 Welles-516 Welles-62 Welles-186 Welles-120 Ros-38 ( Ros-25 etc see Reade ) Albini-39 Ros-162
Booth-1645 Booth-1645# Booth-2352 Booth-1040 Booth-328 Booth-3609 Booth-2779 Booth-254 Booth-424 Montfort-243 Montfort-153 Montfort-156 Montfort-240 Clinton-225 Clinton-224 Clinton-218 Odingsells-7 FitzWalter-13 FitzRobert-116 FitzWalter-101$ FitzWalter-101
Brent-190 Geo
Brent-317 R
Brent-190# &c Brent-30 Brent-5 Huggerford-2 Heneage-61 Cope-128 Wodhull-50 ( Wodhull-49 etc see Elkington ) Malet-18
Brent-31 Giles Brent-31# ( Brent-5 etc ... )
Bulkeley-204 E
Bulkeley-174 M
Bulkeley-4 P
Bulkeley-204# &c Bulkeley-12 Grosvenor-3 Charlton-24 Charlton-25 Charlton-26 Knightley-41 Charlton-28 Charlton-29 Charlton-30 Zouche-1 Zouche-2 Zouche-3 Quincy-145 Quincy-101 Quincy-226$ Quincy-226
Ingoldsby-13 Ingoldsby-13# Bulkeley-203 ( Bulkeley-12 etc ... )
St John-3 St John-3# Bulkeley-8 ( Bulkeley-12 etc ... )
Welby-8 Welby-8# Bulkley-71 ( Bulkeley-12 etc ... )
Burrough-39 Burrough-39# Burroughs-640 Higham-55 Waldegrave-87 ( Waldegrave-3 etc see Kempes ) Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226 Albini-39 Ros-162
Chauncey-8 Chauncey-8# Chauncey-16 Chauncey-81 Chauncey-82 Chauncey-83 Chauncey-84 Chauncey-85 Bigod-299 Bigod-66 Bigod-65 Bigod-28 ( etc ) Bigod-1 Bigod-2
Clarke-3494 Clarke-3494# Clerke-21 Clerke-22 Clerke-24 Ferrers-4 Ferrers-5 Ferrers-57 Ferrers-311 Ferrers-52 Ferrers-27 Ferrers-41 Ferrers-162 Ferrers-37 ( Quincy-68 etc ) Quincy-226
Claypoole-34 E
Claypoole-5 J
Claypoole-29 N
Claypoole-34# &c Claypoole-6 Wingfield-107 Wingfield-108 Wingfield-109 Wingfield-21 Wingfield-29 Wingfield-30 Hastings-87 Hastings-275 Hastings-1211 either Despenser-13 ( Beauchamp-101 etc see Alsops ) or Hastings-1246 Hastings-1273 Hastings-1272 Bigod-40 ( etc ) Bigod-1 Bigod-2
Corbin-100 Corbin-100# Corbin-158 Faunt-2 Faunt-1 Faunt-33 Clervaux-1 Conyers-321 either Conyers-284 Aton-23 Percy-45 ( Clifford-59 etc see Peyton2 ) or Pert-5 Scrope-166 Scrope-237 Ros-83 Ros-146 ( etc ) Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226 Bigod-1 Bigod-2 Ros-162
Coytemore-1 E
Coytemore-4 T
Coytemore-1# &c Coytemore-2 Williams-3500 Griffith-302 either Stradling-33 ( Stradling-30 etc see Poles ) or Griffith-24 Troutbeck-1 Stanley-51 either ( Stanley-421 etc see Mainwarings ) or Goushill-5 FitzAlan-633 either ( FitzAlan-197 etc see Poles ) or Bohun-15 Badlesmere-5 ( Clare-638 etc see Kempes ) Bigod-1 Bigod-2 Quincy-226 De_Vere-309
Covert-114 Covert-114# Covert-261 Covert-264 Hendley-73 Ashburnham-29 Dudley-2174 Sutton-942 ( Berkeley-4 etc see Abney ) Quincy-226
Culpepper-74 T
Culpeper-91 J
Culpepper-74# &c Culpeper-43 Culpepper-71 Barrett-194 Barrett-524 Barrett-663 Poyntz-66 Poyntz-144 ( Poyntz-145 etc see Wyche ) Malet-18
Derehaugh-1 Derehaugh-1# Wright-8241 Spring-135 Waldegrave-2 ( Wentworth-47 etc see Kempes ) Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226 Albini-39 Ros-162
Digges-14 Digges-14# Digges-18 St Leger-6 either ( Neville-10 etc see St Leger ) or St Leger-9 St Leger-4 Haute-30 Tyrrell-527 Marney-7 Sergeaux-2 FitzAlan-584 FitzAlan-585 ( FitzAlan-29 etc see Poles ) Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226 Bigod-1 Bigod-2 Clavering-13 De_Vere-309
Elkington-8 Elkington-8# Elkington-9 Woodhull-95 Wodhull-52 Wodhull-53 Wodhull-54 Wodhull-49 Wodhull-20 Wodhull-21 Wodhull-22 Wodhull-45 Wodhull-44 Wahull-5 Wahull-4 Wahull-2 Vivonne-9 ( Malet-15 etc ) Malet-18
Farrar-393 Farrar-393# Kelke-9 Kelke-10 Kelke-11 De la See-5 Wentworth-1105 Wentworth-52 ( Despenser-26 etc see Kempes ) Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226 Albini-39 Ros-162
Fisher-6749 Fisher-6749# Dering-2 Dering-4 Brent-21 Berkeley-534 either Neville-646 ( Neville-12 etc see St Leger ) or Berkeley-335 Berkeley-370 Berkeley-449 Berkeley-6 Berkeley-483 Berkeley-42 Ferrers-378 ( Quincy-68 etc ) Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226 Bigod-1 Bigod-2 Clavering-13
Goddard-177 Goddard-177# Goddard-164 Goddard-173 Gifford-337 Gifford-341 Paulet-12 Paulet-13 either Ros-29 Roos-742 Roos-741 Roos-743 Ros-160 ( etc ) or Paulet-14 Poynings-23 Welles-222 ( Welles-120 etc ) This trail reviewed but not badged Albini-39 Ros-162
Hamby-3 Hamby-3# Hamby-131 Hamby-183 Booth-2088 Booth-2089 Ayscough-20 Talboys-60 Talboys-61 Tailboys-34 Tailboys-33 Boroughdon-1 Umfraville-25 Kyme-38 Bigod-70 Bigod-314 ( etc ) Bigod-1 Bigod-2
Harleston-16 J
Harleston-17 E
Harleston-16# &c Harleston-15 Harleston-14 Harleston-13 Harleston-19 Tey-6 Tey-8 Knyvett-63 Knyvett-64 Knyvett-62 Basset-155 Basset-81 Huntingfield-5 Huntingfield-8 Huntingfield-9 Huntingfield-10 ( etc ) This trail reviewed but not badged Huntingfield-11
Harris-880 Harris-880# Collamore-9 Collamore-34 Hext-5 Poyntz-8 Poyntz-9 Poyntz-10 Poyntz-15 Poyntz-16 Poyntz-17 Poyntz-18 Poyntz-19 Poyntz-20 Malet-14 Malet-18$ Malet-18
Howell-151 Howell-151# Hawten-1 Croker-39 Croker-40 Dormer-69 Collingridge-1 Collingridge-29 FitzAlan-148 FitzAlan-195 ( FitzAlan-29 etc see Poles ) Quincy-226 De_Vere-309
Iremonger-40 M
Ironmonger-2 W
Ironmonger-45 C
Iremonger-24 F
Iremonger-40# &c Corderoy-8 Cordray-3 Cordray-5 Seymour-235 Seymour-43 Seymour-81 Seymour-113 Seymour-200 Beauchamp-145 either Beauchamp-142 ( Beauchamp-61 etc see Wyatts ) or St John-356 Courtenay-79 Courtenay-12 De_Vere-334 either ( De_Vere-308 etc see SkipwithA ) or ( Quincy-82 etc see SkipwithA ) Malet-18 Quincy-226 De_Vere-309
Cordray-34 Cordray-34# ( Cordray-3 etc ... )
Isham-12 Isham-12# Isham-13 Borlase-1 Lytton-5 Lytton-6 Booth-124 Hopton-11 ( Wentworth-56 etc see Peyton )
Jennings-359 Jennings-359# Barkham-14 Berney-32 Berney-44 Berney-41 Berney-16 Wentworth-21 Wentworth-172 ( Wentworth-48 etc see Kempes ) Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226 Albini-39 Ros-162
Beckwith-384 Beckwith-384# Jennings-1603 ( Barkham-14 etc ... )
Kempe-66 R
Kemp-215 Edw
Kempe-66# &c Harris-1320 Waldegrave-18 Waldegrave-94 Waldegrave-3 Wentworth-47 Wentworth-48 Despenser-26 Tiptoft-1 Tiptoft-8 either ( Tiptoft-10 etc see Peyton ) or Mgt Badlesmere-24 Clare-638 Clare-639 either ( Lacy-213 etc see Reade ) or Clare-58 Clare-673$ Clare-651$ Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226 Albini-39 Ros-162
Kempe-157 Edm jr Kempe-157# Kempe-156 ( Harris-1320 etc ... )
Littleton-208 Littleton-208# Littleton-57 Thornes-6 Thornes-5 Thornes-4 Thornes-3 Corbet-635 Hopton-1 Lucy-20 Lucy-19 Mowbray-101 Mowbray-4 either Plantagenet-128 ( Chaworth-7 etc see Alsops ) or ( Mowbray-42 Mowbray-54 see also Wests ) either ( Mowbray-39 etc see Wests ) or Clare-341 ( etc ) Mowbray-151 Bigod-1 Bigod-2 Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226
Lowell-227 Lowell-227# Percival-32 Yorke-41 Luttrell-21 Luttrell-22 Luttrell-23 Luttrell-25 Luttrell-26 Courtenay-87 Courtenay-25 Courtenay-26 ( Courtenay-12 etc see Iremongers ) Quincy-226 De_Vere-309
Lunsford-610 Lunsford-610# Traweek-94 Lunsford-494 Lunsford-495 Fiennes-105 Fiennes-16 Fiennes-20 Fiennes-128 Fiennes-11 Saye-10 Say-80 Say-79 Say-78 Say-77 either Say-76$ or Clare-627 ( etc ) Clare-651 Say-76
Mainwaring-374 M Mainwaring-374# Torbock-1 Torbock-2 Torbock-3 Stanley-4109 John Stanley-1000 either ( Goushill-5 etc see Coytemores ) or Stanley-421 Stanley-496 Lathom-2 Lathom-35 Ferrers-141 Ferrers-142 Ferrers-225 Quincy-68 ( Quincy-101 etc ) Bigod-1 Bigod-2 Quincy-226 De_Vere-309
Manwaring-299 O Manwaring-299# Mainwaring-361 ( Torbock-1 etc ... )
Marbury-2 A
Marbury-22 K
Marbury-2# &c Dryden-32 Cope-51 Raleigh-9 Chamberlain-197 Chamberlain-494 Chamberlain-2084 Lovaine-4 De_Vere-4 either De_Vere-388 De Vere-323 ( De_Vere-307 etc see SkipwithA ) or Maud Badlesmere-22 ( Clare-638 etc see Kempes ) Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226 De_Vere-309
Nelson-5788# &c Temple-227 Lee-964 Browne-201 Browne-202 Browne-203 Browne-204 Neville-180 Neville-181 Neville-163 ( Neville-53 Neville-58 Neville-59 Clavering-14 see also Bernards ) either ( Clavering-15 etc see Bernards ) or Zouche-173 ( Quincy-145 etc ) Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226 Bigod-1 Bigod-2 Clavering-13
Alston-247 of SC Alston-247# Alston-84 Temple-62 ( Lee-964 etc ... )
Norwood-817 C
Norwood-800 H
Norwood-817# &c Norwood-613 Ligon-73 Lygon-8 Lygon-6 Beauchamp-194 Beauchamp-195 Beauchamp-196 Beauchamp-197 Beauchamp-198 Beauchamp-199 Toeni-51 Bohun-33 Bohun-6 Bohun-7$ Bohun-7
Owsley-29 Owsley-29# Poyntz-48 Poyntz-38 Poyntz-111 Poyntz-113 Poyntz-151 Poyntz-13 Poyntz-14 ( Poyntz-15 etc see Harris ) Malet-18
Peyton-434 Peyton-434# Peyton-115 Peyton-116 Peyton-119 Peyton-509 Peyton-508 Clere-43 Hopton-13 Wentworth-56 ( Despenser-26 Tiptoft-1 Tiptoft-8 see also Kempes ) either ( Badlesmere-24 etc see Kempes ) or Tiptoft-10 Ros-26 Ros-53 either Ros-59 Ros-150 Ros-162$ or Albini-37 Albini-38 Albini-39$ Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226 Albini-39 Ros-162
Peyton-434 ( Peyton-434# ) Yelverton-70 Yelverton-72 Yelverton-114 Drury-116 Sothill-4 Sothill-5 Plumpton-6 Clifford-279 Dacre-93 Neville-142 ( Neville-53 see also Bernards ) either ( Neville-58 etc see Bernards ) or Percy-15 Clifford-59 either Clare-284 ( Clare-639 etc see Kempes ) or Clifford-242 Vipont-13 FitzJohn-109 ( Bigod-17 etc ) Bigod-1 Bigod-2 Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226 Clavering-13
Peyton-434 ( Peyton-434# etc to Clifford-279 see above ) Clifford-239 Clifford-255 Clifford-235 Clifford-243 Clifford-1545 either ( Clare-284 etc ) or ( Clifford-242 etc ) Bigod-1 Bigod-2 Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226
Pole-68 E
Pole-58 W
Pole-68# &c Poole-118 Popham-26 Stradling-64 Stradling-29 Stradling-30 Stradling-31 Beaufort-6 FitzAlan-626 either ( Bohun-15 etc see Coytemores ) or FitzAlan-197 either ( Plantagenet-48 etc see Alsops ) or FitzAlan-29 ( Warenne-97 etc see SkipwithA ) Bigod-1 Bigod-2 Quincy-226 De_Vere-309
Popham-149 Popham-149# Popham-148 ( Stradling-64 etc ... )
Randolph-112 H Randolph-112# Lane-347 Vincent-118 Tanfield-2 Tanfield-4 Tanfield-3 Tanfield-5 Brooke-68 ( Brooke-41 etc see Wyatts ) Malet-18
Randolph-94 W Randolph-94# Randolph-13 ( Lane-347 etc ... )
Reade-10 Reade-10# Windebank-2 Dymoke-8 Tailbois-7 Tailboys-41 Tailboys-39 Bonville-28 Grey-370 Ros-30 either Ros-12 Ros-25 badged March 2016 ( Ros-53 etc see Peyton ) or Stafford-34 Audley-130 Clare-613 Clare-98 either ( Clare-58 etc see Kempes ) or Lacy-213 either Lacy-284$ or Quincy-238 Quincy-233 ( etc ) Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226 Albini-39 Ros-162
Rodney-57 W Rodney-57# Rodney-61 Rodney-62 Seymour-1306 Seymour-120 Seymour-229 Seymour-79 Seymour-44 ( Seymour-81 etc see Iremongers ) This trail reviewed but not badged Malet-18 Quincy-226 De_Vere-309
Rodney-121 J Rodney-121# ( Rodney-62 etc ... )
Rose-6077 Rose-6077# Grant-3722 Grant-6214 Grant-6217 Grant-6216 Grant-834 Stewart-1625 Stewart-1685 Stewart-1604 Stewart-1555 either ( Stewart-4030 etc see Spotswood ) or Beaufort-20 Holland-30 FitzAlan-147 either ( FitzAlan-29 etc see Poles ) or ( Plantagenet-48 etc see Alsops ) Clare-673 Clare-651 Quincy-226 De_Vere-309 Bigod-1 Bigod-2
St Leger-13 St Leger-13# St Leger-5 St Leger-22 either St Leger-9 etc see Digges or Neville-10 Neville-8 Neville-12 Neville-56 ( Neville-53 etc see Bernards ) Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226 Bigod-1 Bigod-2 Clavering-13
Skepper-1 Skepper-1# Skepper-3 Legard-3 Hildyard-1 De_La_See-1 ( Wentworth-1105 etc see Farrar ) Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226 Albini-39 Ros-162
Skipwith-11 A Skipwith-11# Skipwith-12 either Skipwith-91 Skipwith-92 ( Skipwith-85 etc ) or Portington-24 Skipwith-93 Skipwith-85 Skipwith-71 Skipwith-6 Skipwith-10 Willoughby-849 Strange-477 FitzAlan-619 Warenne-97 De_Vere-289 De_Vere-307 either De_Vere-308 De_Vere-309$ or Quincy-82 ( etc ) Quincy-226 De_Vere-309
Spotswood-2 Spotswood-2# Spotswood-34 Morrison-821 Maule-2 Maule-5 Arbuthnot-971 Stewart-7750 ( Stewart-1555 ) either ( Beaufort-20 etc see Rose ) or Stewart-4030 MacDougall-301 Isaac-10 Bruce-270 Bruce-129 Bruce-3176 Clare-18 ( Clare-673$ etc see Kempes ) Clare-673 Clare-651 Quincy-226 De_Vere-309 Bigod-1 Bigod-2
Torrey-91# &c Haviland-48 Guise-8 Gyse-2 Guise-102 Grey-260 Grey-754 Percy-31 Neville-49 ( Neville-53 etc see Bernards ) This trail reviewed but not badged Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226 Bigod-1 Bigod-2 Clavering-13
Waldegrave-103 Waldegrave-103# Waldegrave-120 Waldegrave-121 Walgrave-4 ( Wentworth-47 etc see Kempes ) Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226 Albini-39 Ros-162
West-424 J
West-418 T
West-420 F
West-1807 N
West-5619 E
West-424# &c West-3 West-246 West-427 West-244 West-6590 West-430 Warre-21 Mowbray-41 either ( Plantagenet-128 see Littleton ) or Mowbray-42 Mowbray-54 either ( Clare-341 etc see Littleton ) or Mowbray-39 Mowbray-84 Mowbray-151$ Bigod-1 Bigod-2 Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226 Mowbray-151
Humphrey-70 A (MA) Humphrey-70# Pelham-4 West-240 ( West-3 etc ... )
Pelham-27 Pelham-27# West-1803 ( West-3 etc ... )
Wyatt-366 F
Wyatt-188 H
Wyatt-366# &c Wyatt-251 Wyatt-244 Brooke-26 Brooke-75 Brooke-40 Brooke-41 Braybrooke-2 Pole-102 Cobham-18 Cobham-19 Beauchamp-151 Beauchamp-61 Vivonne-1 Vivonne-2 Malet-15 ( Malet-18$ see Harris ) Malet-18
Wyche-34 Wyche-34# Wyche-20 Saltonstall-33 Poyntz-109 Poyntz-149 Poyntz-148 Poyntz-150 Poyntz-147 Poyntz-146 Poyntz-145 ( Poyntz-18 etc see Harris ) Malet-18
Yate-17 Yate-17# Yate-43 Yate-29 Tichborne-10 Tichborne-6 White-17012 White-750 Hungerford-9 either Hungerford-5 Peverell-2 Courtenay-14 Courtenay-13 Courtenay-6 ( Courtenay-12 etc see Ironmongers ) or Botreaux-2 Beaumont-10 ( Beaumont-20 etc see Marshall ) This trail reviewed but not badged Quincy-226 De_Vere-309

By person

This table shows the Sureties that each Trailperson is descended from (by reviewed trails).

It does not attempt to show all the Gateways that descend from each Trailperson (which will often be dozens).

Sort on the Name column to get a checklist for the Magna Carta category. (There will be minor differences in the alphabetical ordering between this table and the category listings)

For Descendants categories, sort on the Name first, then on the Surety. To change the Surety, sort on the Name again, then the new Surety.

Trail ID Name A BH BR Bo CG CR FR FW H Lc Ln Ma Mo Q R S V
Abell Abell-9# Abell, Robert _____________Q___
Abell Cotton-12 Cotton, Frances _____________Q___
Abell Cotton-14 Cotton, Richard _____________Q___
Abell Cotton-13 Cotton, George _____________Q___
Abell Mainwaring-51 Mainwaring, Cecily _____________Q___
Abell Sutton-24 Sutton, Jane _____________Q___
Abney Abney-101# Abney, Dannett _____________Q___
Abney Abney-98 Abney, George _____________Q___
Abney Abney-99 Abney, Paul _____________Q___
Abney Abney-104 Abney, Edmund _____________Q___
Abney Wolseley-5 Wolseley, Ellen _____________Q___
Abney Stanley-881 Stanley, Anne _____________Q___
Abney Sutton-85 Sutton, John _____________Q___
Abney Berkeley-4 Berkeley, Elizabeth _____________Q___
AlsopE Alsop-24# Alsop, Elizabeth _BHBR__________Q__V
AlsopG Alsop-25# Alsop, George_BHBR__________Q__V
AlsopT Alsop-371# Alsop, Timothy _BHBR__________Q__V
Alsops Gilbert-876 Gilbert, Temperance _BHBR__________Q__V
Alsops Clere-45 Clere, Anne _BHBR__________Q__V
Alsops Clere-46 Clere, Edward _BHBR__________Q__V
Alsops Tyrell-114 Tyrell, Anne _BHBR__________Q__V
Alsops Willoughby-681 Willoughby, Margaret _BHBR__________Q__V
Alsops Willoughby-168 Willoughby, Christopher _BHBR__________Q__V
Alsops Willoughby-60 Willoughby, Robert _BHBR__________Q__V
Alsops FitzAlan-603 FitzAlan, Jane _BHBR__________Q__V
Alsops FitzAlan-602 FitzAlan, Richard _BHBR__________Q__V
Alsops FitzAlan-173 FitzAlan, John _BHBR__________Q__V
Alsops Plantagenet-48 Plantagenet, Eleanor _BHBR______________
Alsops Chaworth-7 Chaworth, Maud _BHBR______________
Alsops Beauchamp-101 Beauchamp, Isabel _BHBR______________
Alsops FitzJohn-77 FitzJohn, Maud _BHBR______________
Alsops Bigod-17 Bigod, Isabel _BHBR______________
Alsops Bigod-1$ Bigod, Hugh __BR______________
Alsops Bigod-2$ Bigod, Roger _________________
Asfordby Asfordby-2# Asfordby, William _____________Q__V
Asfordby Asfordby-3 Asfordby, John _____________Q__V
Asfordby Newcombe-87 Newcombe, Eleanor _____________Q__V
Asfordby Skipwith-69 Skipwith, Mary _____________Q__V
Asfordby Skipwith-70 Skipwith, John _____________Q__V
Mallory R Mallory-116# Mallory, Roger _____________Q__V
Mallory T Mallory-398# Mallory, Thomas _____________Q__V
Mallory R&T Mallory-118 Mallory, Thomas _____________Q__V
Batte H Batte-33# Batte, Henry _____________Q__V
Batte T Batte-58# Batte, Thomas _____________Q__V
Batte W Batte-22# Batte, William _____________Q__V
Mallory M Mallory-215 Mallory, Martha _____________Q__V
Mallorys Mallory-245 Mallory, Thomas _____________Q__V
Mallorys Mallory-80 Mallory, William _____________Q__V
Mallorys Mallory-77 Mallory, William _____________Q__V
Mallorys Mallory-76 Mallory, John _____________Q__V
Mallorys Constable-40 Constable, Joan _____________Q__V
Mallorys FitzHugh-409 FitzHugh, Lora _____________Q__V
Mallorys Willoughby-57 Willoughby, Margery _____________Q__V
Bernard W Bernard-131# Bernard, William _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Bernard W Bernard-54 Bernard, Francis _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Bernard R Bernard-103# Bernard, Richard _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Bernards Bernard-93 Bernard, Richard _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Bernards Bernard-56 Bernard, Francis _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Bernards Bernard-53 Bernard, John _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Bernards Bernard-57 Bernard, John _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Bernards Scrope-92 Scrope, Margaret _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Bernards Scrope-28 Scrope, Henry _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Bernards Neville-177 Neville, Margaret _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Bernards Neville-53 Neville, Ralph _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Bernards Neville-58 Neville, John ______FR______Q___
Bernards Neville-59 Neville, Ralph ______FR______Q___
Bernards Clavering-14 Clavering, Euphame ______FR______Q___
Bernards Clavering-15 Clavering, Robert ______FR__________
Bernards Clavering-12 Clavering, Roger ______FR__________
Bernards Clavering-13$ Clavering, John _________________
Beville Beville-27# Beville, Essex _____CR_________S_
Beville Beville-28 Beville, John _____CR_________S_
Beville Saunders-2126 Saunders, Mary _____CR_________S_
Beville Carew-174 Carew, Isabel _____CR_________S_
Beville Carew-11 Carew, Nicholas _____CR_________S_
Beville Carew-61 Carew, Richard _____CR_________S_
Beville Carew-70 Carew, James _____CR_________S_
Beville Fiennes-56 Fiennes, Margaret _____CR_________S_
Lovelace T Lovelace-279# Lovelace, Thomas ________H________
Lovelace A Lovelace-8# Lovelace, Anne ________H________
Lovelace-8 Lovelace-9 Lovelace, WIlliam ________H________
Lovelace-8 Aucher-8 Aucher, Elizabeth ________H________
Lovelace-8 Wroth-42 Wroth, Mabel ________H________
Calvert L Calvert-24# Calvert, Leonard ________H________
Calvert L Mynne-9 Mynne, Anne ________H________
Calvert L Wroth-2 Wroth, Elizabeth ________H________
Bickley J Bickley-37# Bickley, Joseph ________H________
Bickley J Winch-54 Winch, Mary ________H________
Bickley J Winch-184 Winch, Humphrey ________H________
Bickley J Burgoyne-76 Burgoyne, Judith ________H________
Bickley J Burgoyne-64 Burgoyne, Roger ________H________
Bickley J Wroth-17 Wroth, Judith ________H________
Bickley Wroth-4 Wroth, Thomas ________H________
Bickley Wroth-11 Wroth, Robert ________H________
Bickley Wroth-7 Wroth, John ________H________
Bickley Lewknor-33 Lewknor, Elizabeth ________H________
Bickley Lewknor-25 Lewknor, Roger ________H________
Bickley Lewknor-5 Lewknor, Thomas ________H________
Bickley Lewknor-26 Lewknor, Roger ________H________
Bickley Lewknor-29 Lewknor, Thomas ________H________
Bickley Lewknor-7 Lewknor, Roger ________H________
Bickley Lewknor-76 Lewknor, Thomas ________H________
Bickley Keynes-21 Keynes, Joan ________H________
Bickley Keynes-20 Keynes, Richard ________H________
Bickley Huntingfield-16 Huntingfield, Sarah ________H________
Bickley Huntingfield-11$ Huntingfield, William _________________
Bolles Bolles-5# Bolles, Joseph A_____________R__
Bolles Bolles-4 Bolles, Thomas A_____________R__
Bolles Goodrick-20 Goodrick, Mary A_____________R__
Bolles Goodricke-18 Goodricke, Lionel A_____________R__
Bolles Dymoke-21 Dymoke, Anne A_____________R__
Bolles Dymoke-22 Dymoke, Lionel A_____________R__
Bolles Welles-516 Welles, Margaret A_____________R__
Bolles Welles-62 Welles, Lionel A_____________R__
Bolles Welles-186 Welles, Eudes A_____________R__
Bolles Welles-120 Welles, John A_____________R__
Bolles Ros-38 Ros, Maud A_____________R__
Booth Booth-1645# Booth, Thomas _______FW_________
Booth Booth-2352 Booth, St John _______FW_________
Booth Booth-1040 Booth, John _______FW_________
Booth Booth-328 Booth, George _______FW_________
Booth Booth-3609 Booth, William _______FW_________
Booth Booth-2779 Booth, George _______FW_________
Booth Booth-254 Booth, George _______FW_________
Booth Booth-424 Booth, William _______FW_________
Booth Montfort-243 Montfort, Katherine _______FW_________
Booth Montfort-153 Montfort, Robert _______FW_________
Booth Montfort-156 Montfort, Baldwin _______FW_________
Booth Montfort-240 Montfort, William _______FW_________
Booth Clinton-225 Clinton, Margaret _______FW_________
Booth Clinton-224 Clinton, John _______FW_________
Booth Clinton-218 Clinton, John _______FW_________
Booth Odingsells-7 Odingsells, Ida _______FW_________
Booth FitzWalter-13 FitzWalter, Ela _______FW_________
Booth FitzRobert-116 FitzRobert, Walter _______FW_________
Booth FitzWalter-101$ FitzWalter, Robert _________________
Brent Giles Brent-31# Brent, Giles ___________Ma_____
Brent R Brent-317# Brent, Robert ___________Ma_____
Brent Geo Brent-190# Brent, George ___________Ma_____
Brent G&R Brent-30 Brent, George (sr)___________Ma_____
Brents Brent-5 Brent, Richard ___________Ma_____
Brents Huggerford-2 Huggerford, Mary ___________Ma_____
Brents Heneage-61 Heneage, Katherine ___________Ma_____
Brents Cope-128 Cope, Anne ___________Ma_____
Brents Wodhull-50 Wodhull, Mary ___________Ma_____
Ingoldsby Ingoldsby-13# Ingoldsby, Olive _____________Q___
Ingoldsby Bulkeley-203 Bulkeley, Dorcas _____________Q___
St John St John-3# St John, Elizabeth _____________Q___
St John Bulkeley-8 Bulkeley, Sarah _____________Q___
Welby Welby-8# Welby, Olive _____________Q___
Welby Bulkley-71 Bulkley, Frances _____________Q___
Bulkeley E Bulkeley-204# Bulkeley, Elizabeth _____________Q___
Bulkeley M Bulkeley-174# Bulkeley, Martha _____________Q___
Bulkeley P Bulkeley-4# Bulkeley, Peter _____________Q___
Bulkeleys Bulkeley-12 Bulkeley, Edward _____________Q___
Bulkeleys Grosvenor-3 Grosvenor, Elizabeth _____________Q___
Bulkeleys Charlton-24 Charlton, Anne _____________Q___
Bulkeleys Charlton-25 Charlton, Richard _____________Q___
Bulkeleys Charlton-26 Charlton, Robert _____________Q___
Bulkeleys Knightley-41 Knightley, Thomas _____________Q___
Bulkeleys Charlton-28 Charlton, Anne _____________Q___
Bulkeleys Charlton-29 Charlton, Thomas _____________Q___
Bulkeleys Charlton-30 Charlton, Alan _____________Q___
Bulkeleys Zouche-1 Zouche, Ellen _____________Q___
Bulkeleys Zouche-2 Zouche, Alan _____________Q___
Bulkeleys Zouche-3 Zouche, Roger _____________Q___
Bulkeleys Quincy-145 Quincy, Ellen _____________Q___
Bulkeleys Quincy-101 Quincy, Roger _____________Q___
Bulkeleys Quincy-226$ Quincy, Saher _________________
Burrough Burrough-39# Burrough, Nathaniel A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Burrough Burroughs-640 Burroughs, George A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Burrough Higham-55 Higham, Bridget A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Burrough Waldegrave-87 Waldegrave, Phyllis A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Chauncey Chauncey-8# Chauncey, Charles _BHBR______________
Chauncey Chauncey-16 Chauncey, George _BHBR______________
Chauncey Chauncey-81 Chauncey, Henry _BHBR______________
Chauncey Chauncey-82 Chauncey, John _BHBR______________
Chauncey Chauncey-83 Chauncey, John _BHBR______________
Chauncey Chauncey-84 Chauncey, john _BHBR______________
Chauncey Chauncey-85 Chauncey, John _BHBR______________
Chauncey Bigod-299 Bigod, Joan _BHBR______________
Chauncey Bigod-66 Bigod, Roger _BHBR______________
Chauncey Bigod-65 Bigod, John _BHBR______________
Chauncey Bigod-28 Bigod, Ralph _BHBR______________
Clarke Clarke-3494# Clarke, Jeremy _____________Q___
Clarke Clerke-21 Clerke, William _____________Q___
Clarke Clerke-22 Clerke, James _____________Q___
Clarke Clerke-24 Clerke, George _____________Q___
Clarke Ferrers-4 Ferrers, Elizabeth _____________Q___
Clarke Ferrers-5 Ferrers, Henry _____________Q___
Clarke Ferrers-57 Ferrers, Thomas _____________Q___
Clarke Ferrers-311 Ferrers, William _____________Q___
Clarke Ferrers-52 Ferrers, Henry _____________Q___
Clarke Ferrers-27 Ferrers, William _____________Q___
Clarke Ferrers-41 Ferrers, Henry _____________Q___
Clarke Ferrers-162 Ferrers, William _____________Q___
Clarke Ferrers-37 Ferrers, William _____________Q___
Claypoole E Claypoole-34# Claypoole, Edward _BHBR______________
Claypoole J Claypoole-5# Claypoole, James _BHBR______________
Claypoole N Claypoole-29# Claypoole, Norton _BHBR______________
Claypoole Claypoole-6 Claypoole, John _BHBR______________
Claypoole Wingfield-107 Wingfield, Dorothy _BHBR______________
Claypoole Wingfield-108 Wingfield, Robert _BHBR______________
Claypoole Wingfield-109 Wingfield, Robert _BHBR______________
Claypoole Wingfield-21 Wingfield, Henry _BHBR______________
Claypoole Wingfield-29 Wingfield, Robert _BHBR______________
Claypoole Wingfield-30 Wingfield, Robert _BHBR______________
Claypoole Hastings-87 Hastings, Margaret _BHBR______________
Claypoole Hastings-275 Hastings, Hugh _BHBR______________
Claypoole Hastings-1211 Hastings, Hugh _BHBR______________
Claypoole Despenser-13 Despenser, Isabel _BHBR______________
Claypoole Hastings-1246 Hastings, John __BR______________
Claypoole Hastings-1273 Hastings, Henry __BR______________
Claypoole Hastings-1272 Hastings, Henry __BR______________
Claypoole Bigod-40 Bigod, Margaret __BR______________
Corbin Corbin-100# Corbin, Henry _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___QR__
Corbin Corbin-158 Corbin, Thomas _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___QR__
Corbin Faunt-2 Faunt, Alice _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___QR__
Corbin Faunt-1 Faunt, William _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___QR__
Corbin Faunt-33 Faunt, William _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___QR__
Corbin Clervaux-1 Clervaux, Alice _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___QR__
Corbin Conyers-321 Conyers, Isabel _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___QR__
Corbin Conyers-284 Conyers, Robert _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q___
Corbin Aton-23 Aton, Elizabeth _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q___
Corbin Percy-45 Percy, Isabel _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q___
Corbin Pert-5 Pert, Isabel ______________R__
Corbin Scrope-166 Scrope, Joan ______________R__
Corbin Scrope-237 Scrope, Stephen ______________R__
Corbin Ros-83 Ros, Yvette ______________R__
Corbin Ros-146 Ros, William ______________R__
Covert Covert-114# Covert, Elizabeth _____________Q___
Covert Covert-261 Covert, Anne _____________Q___
Covert Covert-264 Covert, John _____________Q___
Covert Hendley-73 Hendley, Anne _____________Q___
Covert Ashburnham-29 Ashburnham, Ellen _____________Q___
Covert Dudley-2174 Dudley, Elizabeth _____________Q___
Covert Sutton-942 Sutton, Dudley _____________Q___
CoytemoreT Coytemore-4# Coytemore, Thomas _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Coytemore E Coytemore-1# Coytemore, Elizabeth _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Coytemores Coytemore-2 Coytemore, Rowland _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Coytemores Williams-3500 Williams, Jane _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Coytemores Griffith-302 Griffith, Dorothy _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Coytemores Stradling-33 Stradling, Jane _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Coytemores Griffith-24 Griffith, William _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Coytemores Troutbeck-1 Troutbeck, Joan _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Coytemores Stanley-51 Stanley, Margaret _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Coytemores Goushill-5 Goushill, Joan _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Coytemores FitzAlan-633 FitzAlan, Elizabeth _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Coytemores Bohun-15 Bohun, Elizabeth ____CGCR___Lc___Q___
Coytemores Badlesmere-5 Badlesmere, Elizabeth ____CGCR___Lc___Q___
Culpeper J Culpeper-91# Culpeper, John ___________Ma_____
Culpepper T Culpepper-74# Culpepper, Thomas ___________Ma_____
Culpeppers Culpeper-43 Culpeper, John, ___________Ma_____
Culpeppers Culpepper-71 Culpepper, John ___________Ma_____
Culpeppers Barrett-194 Barrett, Cicely ___________Ma_____
Culpeppers Barrett-524 Barrett, John ___________Ma_____
Culpeppers Barrett-663 Barrett, Robert ___________Ma_____
Culpeppers Poyntz-66 Poyntz, Maud ___________Ma_____
Culpeppers Poyntz-144 Poyntz, Edward ___________Ma_____
Derehaugh Derehaugh-1# Derehaugh, Anne A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Derehaugh Wright-8241 Wright, Mary A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Derehaugh Spring-135 Spring, Frances A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Derehaugh Waldegrave-2 Waldegrave, Dorothy A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Digges Digges-14# Digges, Edward _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q__V
Digges Digges-18 Digges, Dudley _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q__V
Digges St Leger-6 St Leger, Anne _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q__V
Digges St Leger-9 St Leger, Warham _____________Q__V
Digges St Leger-4 St Leger, Anthony _____________Q__V
Digges Haute-30 Haute, Elizabeth _____________Q__V
Digges Tyrrell-527 Tyrrell, Elizabeth _____________Q__V
Digges Marney-7 Marney, Anne _____________Q__V
Digges Sergeaux-2 Sergeaux, Elizabeth _____________Q__V
Digges FitzAlan-584 FitzAlan, Philippa _____________Q__V
Digges FitzAlan-585 FitzAlan, Edmund _____________Q__V
Elkington Elkington-8# Elkington, George ___________Ma_____
Elkington Elkington-9 Elkington, Joseph ___________Ma_____
Elkington Woodhull-95 Woodhull, Alice ___________Ma_____
Elkington Wodhull-52 Wodhull, Thomas ___________Ma_____
Elkington Wodhull-53 Wodhull, Fulk ___________Ma_____
Elkington Wodhull-54 Wodhull, Lawrence ___________Ma_____
Elkington Wodhull-49 Wodhull, Fulk ___________Ma_____
Elkington Wodhull-20 Wodhull, John ___________Ma_____
Elkington Wodhull-21 Wodhull, Thomas ___________Ma_____
Elkington Wodhull-22 Wodhull, Thomas ___________Ma_____
Elkington Wodhull-45 Wodhull, Nicholas ___________Ma_____
Elkington Wodhull-44 Wodhull, Thomas ___________Ma_____
Elkington Wahull-5 Wahull, John ___________Ma_____
Elkington Wahull-4 Wahull, Thomas ___________Ma_____
Elkington Wahull-2 Wahull, John ___________Ma_____
Elkington Vivonne-9 Vivonne, Hawise ___________Ma_____
Farrar Farrar-393# Farrar, William A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Farrar Kelke-9 Kelke, Cecily A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Farrar Kelke-10 Kelke, Wiliam A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Farrar Kelke-11 Kelke, Christopher A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Farrar De_la_See-5 De la See, Elizabeth A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Farrar Wentworth-1105 Wentworth, Elizabeth A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Farrar Wentworth-52 Wentworth, Philip A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Fisher Fisher-6749# Fisher, John _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Fisher Dering-2 Dering, Bennett _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Fisher Dering-4 Dering, Richard _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Fisher Brent-21 Brent, Margaret _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Fisher Berkeley-534 Berkeley, Anne _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Fisher Neville-646 Neville, Elizabeth _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Fisher Berkeley-335 Berkeley, Thomas _____________Q___
Fisher Berkeley-370 Berkeley, Edward _____________Q___
Fisher Berkeley-449 Berkeley, Maurice _____________Q___
Fisher Berkeley-6 Berkeley, John _____________Q___
Fisher Berkeley-483 Berkeley, Thomas _____________Q___
Fisher Berkeley-42 Berkeley, Maurice _____________Q___
Fisher Ferrers-378 Ferrers, Joan _____________Q___
Goddard Goddard-177# Goddard, William A_____________R__
Goddard Goddard-164 Goddard, Edward A_____________R__
Goddard Goddard-173 Goddard, Richard A_____________R__
Goddard Gifford-337 Gifford, Anne A_____________R__
Goddard Gifford-341 Gifford, John A_____________R__
Goddard Paulet-12 Paulet, Eleanor A_____________R__
Goddard Paulet-13 Paulet, John A_____________R__
Goddard Ros-29 Ros, Eleanor ______________R__
Goddard Roos-742 Roos, Robert ______________R__
Goddard Roos-741 Roos, James ______________R__
Goddard Roos-743 Roos, James ______________R__
Goddard Ros-160 Ros, Robert ______________R__
Goddard Paulet-14 Paulet, John A_____________R__
Goddard Poynings-23 Poynings, Constance A_____________R__
Goddard Welles-222 Welles, Eleanor A_____________R__
Hamby Hamby-3# Hamby, Katherine _BHBR______________
Hamby Hamby-131 Hamby, Robert _BHBR______________
Hamby Hamby-183 Hamby, William _BHBR______________
Hamby Booth-2088 Booth, Elizabeth _BHBR______________
Hamby Booth-2089 Booth, John _BHBR______________
Hamby Ayscough-20 Ayscough, Elizabeth _BHBR______________
Hamby Talboys-60 Talboys, Margaret _BHBR______________
Hamby Tailboys-40 Tailboys, John _BHBR______________
Hamby Tailboys-34 Tailboys, John _BHBR______________
Hamby Tailboys-33 Tailboys, Walter _BHBR______________
Hamby Boroughdon-1 Boroughdon, Eleanor _BHBR______________
Hamby Umfraville-25 Umfraville, Elizabeth _BHBR______________
Hamby Kyme-38 Kyme, Lucy _BHBR______________
Hamby Bigod-70 Bigod, Joan _BHBR______________
Hamby Bigod-314 Bigod, Hugh _BHBR______________
Harleston E Harleston-17# Harleston, Elizabeth ________H________
Harleston J Harleston-16# Harleston, John ________H________
Harlestons Harleston-15 Harleston, John ________H________
Harlestons Harleston-14 Harleston, John ________H________
Harlestons Harleston-13 Harleston, Thomas ________H________
Harlestons Harleston-19 Harleston, John ________H________
Harlestons Tey-6 Tey, Margaret ________H________
Harlestons Tey-8 Tey, William ________H________
Harlestons Knyvett-63 Knyvett, Elizabeth ________H________
Harlestons Knyvett-64 Knyvett, Thomas ________H________
Harlestons Knyvett-62 Knyvett, Robert ________H________
Harlestons Basset-155 Basset, Eleanor ________H________
Harlestons Basset-81 Basset, Ralph ________H________
Harlestons Huntingfield-5 Huntingfield, Joan ________H________
Harlestons Huntingfield-8 Huntingfield, Roger ________H________
Harlestons Huntingfield-9 Huntingfield, William ________H________
Harlestons Huntingfield-10 Huntingfield, Roger ________H________
Harris Harris-880# Harris, Agnes ___________Ma_____
Harris Collamore-9 Collamore, Elizabeth ___________Ma_____
Harris Collamore-34 Collamore, Henry ___________Ma_____
Harris Hext-5 Hext, Margery ___________Ma_____
Harris Poyntz-8 Poyntz, Wilmot ___________Ma_____
Harris Poyntz-9 Poyntz, William ___________Ma_____
Harris Poyntz-10 Poyntz, Humphrey ___________Ma_____
Harris Poyntz-15 Poyntz, Nicholas ___________Ma_____
Harris Poyntz-16 Poyntz, Robert ___________Ma_____
Harris Poyntz-17 Poyntz, John ___________Ma_____
Harris Poyntz-18 Poyntz, Nicholas ___________Ma_____
Harris Poyntz-19 Poyntz, Hugh ___________Ma_____
Harris Poyntz-20 Poyntz, Nicholas ___________Ma_____
Harris Malet-14 Malet, Helewise ___________Ma_____
Harris Malet-15$ Malet, William _________________
Howell Howell-151# Howell, Edward _____________Q__V
Howell Hawten-1 Hawten, Margaret _____________Q__V
Howell Croker-39 Croker, Margery _____________Q__V
Howell Croker-40 Croker, John, _____________Q__V
Howell Dormer-69 Dormer, Alice _____________Q__V
Howell Collingridge-1 Collingridge, Alice _____________Q__V
Howell Collingridge-29 Collingridge, William _____________Q__V
Howell FitzAlan-148 FitzAlan, Alice _____________Q__V
Howell FitzAlan-195 FitzAlan, Ralph _____________Q__V
Iremonger M Iremonger-40# Iremonger, Martha ___________Ma_Q__V
Ironmonger W Ironmonger-2# Ironmonger, William ___________Ma_Q__V
Ironmonger C Ironmonger-45# Ironmonger, Corderoy ___________Ma_Q__V
Iremonger F Iremonger-24# Iremonger, Francis ___________Ma_Q__V
Cordray B Corderoy-8 Corderoy. Bridget ___________Ma_Q__V
Iremongers Cordray-3 Cordray, William ___________Ma_Q__V
Iremongers Cordray-5 Cordray, Thomas ___________Ma_Q__V
Iremongers Seymour-235 Seymour, Joan ___________Ma_Q__V
Iremongers Seymour-43 Seymour, Roger ___________Ma_Q__V
Iremongers Seymour-81 Seymour, John ___________Ma_Q__V
Iremongers Seymour-113 Seymour, Roger ___________Ma_Q__V
Iremongers Seymour-200 Seymour, William ___________Ma_Q__V
Iremongers Beauchamp-145 Beauchamp, Cecily ___________Ma_Q__V
Iremongers Beauchamp-142 Beauchamp, John ___________Ma_____
Iremongers St John-356 St John, Margaret _____________Q__V
Iremongers Courtenay-79 Courtenay, Isabel _____________Q__V
Iremongers Courtenay-12 Courtenay, Hugh _____________Q__V
Iremongers De_Vere-334 De Vere, Isabel _____________Q__V
Cordray A Cordray-34# Cordray, Anne ___________Ma_Q__V
Isham Isham-12# Isham, Henry A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Isham Isham-13 Isham, William A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Isham Borlase-1 Borlase, Anne A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Isham Lytton-5 Lytton, Anne A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Isham Lytton-6 Lytton, Robert A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Isham Booth-124 Booth, Audrey A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Isham Hopton-11 Hopton, Margaret A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Beckwith Beckwith-384# Beckwith, Marmaduke A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Beckwith Jennings-1603 Jennings, Elizabeth A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Jennings E Jennings-359# Jennings, Edmund A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Jennings Barkham-14 Barkham, Margaret A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Jennings Berney-32 Berney, Frances A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Jennings Berney-44 Berney, Thomas A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Jennings Berney-41 Berney, Henry A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Jennings Berney-16 Berney, John A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Jennings Wentworth-21 Wentworth, Margaret A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Jennings Wentworth-172 Wentworth, Roger A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Kempe Edm Kempe-157# Kempe, Edmund A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Kempe Edm Kempe-156 Kempe, Edmund A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Kempe Edw Kemp-215# Kemp, Edward A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Kempe R Kempe-66# Kempe, Richard A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Kempes Harris-1320 Harris, Dorothy A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Kempes Waldegrave-18 Waldegrave, Dorothy A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Kempes Waldegrave-94 Waldegrave, William A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Kempes Waldegrave-3 Waldegrave, George A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Kempes Wentworth-47 Wentworth, Margery A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Kempes Wentworth-48 Wentworth, Henry A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Kempes Despenser-26 Despenser, Margery A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Kempes Tiptoft-1 Tiptoft, Elizabeth A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Kempes Tiptoft-8 Tiptoft, Robert A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Kempes Badlesmere-24 Badlesmere, Margaret ____CGCR___Lc___Q___
Kempes Clare-638 Clare, Margaret ____CGCR___Lc___Q___
Kempes Clare-639 Clare, Thomas ____CGCR___Lc___Q___
Kempes Clare-58 Clare, Richard ____CGCR___________
Kempes Clare-673$ Clare, Gilbert _____CR___________
Kempes Clare-651$ Clare, Richard _________________
Littleton Littleton-208# Littleton, Nathaniel _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
Littleton Littleton-57 Littleton, Edward _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
Littleton Thornes-6 Thornes, Alice _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
Littleton Thornes-5 Thornes, Richard _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
Littleton Thornes-4 Thornes, John _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
Littleton Thornes-3 Thornes, Roger _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
Littleton Corbet-635 Corbet, Mary _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
Littleton Hopton-1 Hopton, Elizabeth _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
Littleton Lucy-20 Lucy, Eleanor _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
Littleton Lucy-19 Lucy, Walter _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
Littleton Mowbray-101 Mowbray, Margaret _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
Littleton Mowbray-4 Mowbray, John _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
Littleton Plantagenet-128 Plantagenet, Joan _BHBR______________
Littleton Clare-341 Clare, Rose ____CGCR___Lc___Q___
Lowell Lowell-227# Lowell, Percival _____________Q__V
Lowell Percival-32 Percival, Christian _____________Q__V
Lowell Yorke-41 Yorke, Elizabeth _____________Q__V
Lowell Luttrell-21 Luttrell, Eleanor _____________Q__V
Lowell Luttrell-22 Luttrell, Hugh _____________Q__V
Lowell Luttrell-23 Luttrell, James _____________Q__V
Lowell Luttrell-25 Luttrell, John _____________Q__V
Lowell Luttrell-26 Luttrell, Hugh _____________Q__V
Lowell Courtenay-87 Courtenay, Elizabeth _____________Q__V
Lowell Courtenay-25 Courtenay, Hugh _____________Q__V
Lowell Courtenay-26 Courtenay, Hugh _____________Q__V
Lunsford Lunsford-610# Lunsford, Thomas _____CR_________S_
Lunsford Traweek-94 Traweek(!), Thomas _____CR_________S_
Lunsford Lunsford-494 Lunsford, John _____CR_________S_
Lunsford Lunsford-495 Lunsford, John _____CR_________S_
Lunsford Fiennes-105 Fiennes, Margaret _____CR_________S_
Lunsford Fiennes-16 Fiennes, Thomas _____CR_________S_
Lunsford Fiennes-20 Fiennes, Richard _____CR_________S_
Lunsford Fiennes-128 Fiennes, Roger _____CR_________S_
Lunsford Fiennes-11 Fiennes, William _____CR_________S_
Lunsford Saye-10 Saye, Joan _____CR_________S_
Lunsford Say-80 Say, Geoffrey _____CR_________S_
Lunsford Say-79 Say, Geoffrey, _____CR_________S_
Lunsford Say-78 Say, William _____CR_________S_
Lunsford Say-77 Say, William _____CR_________S_
Lunsford Say-76$ Say, Geoffrey _________________
Lunsford Clare-627 Clare, Hawise _____CR___________
ManwaringO Manwaring-299# Manwaring, Oliver _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
ManwaringO Mainwaring-361 Mainwaring, Oliver _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
MainwaringM Mainwaring-374# Mainwaring, Mary _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Mainwarings Torbock-1 Torbock, Margaret _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Mainwarings Torbock-2 Torbock, William _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Mainwarings Torbock-3 Torbock, Thomas _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Mainwarings Stanley-4109 Stanley, Margery _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Mainwarings Stanley-1000 Stanley, John _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Mainwarings Stanley-421 Stanley, Thomas _____________Q___
Mainwarings Stanley-496 Stanley, John _____________Q___
Mainwarings Lathom-2 Lathom, Isabel _____________Q___
Mainwarings Lathom-35 Lathom, Thomas _____________Q___
Mainwarings Ferrers-141 Ferrers, Eleanor _____________Q___
Mainwarings Ferrers-142 Ferrers, John _____________Q___
Mainwarings Ferrers-225 Ferrers, Robert _____________Q___
Mainwarings Quincy-68 Quincy, Margaret _____________Q___
Marbury A Marbury-2# Marbury, Anne ____CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Marbury K Marbury-22# Marbury, Katherine ____CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Marburys Dryden-32 Dryden, Bridget ____CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Marburys Cope-51 Cope, Elizabeth ____CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Marburys Raleigh-9 Raleigh, Bridget ____CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Marburys Chamberlain-197 Chamberlain, Anne ____CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Marburys Chamberlain-494 Chamberlain. Richard ____CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Marburys Chamberlain-2084 Chamberlain, Richard ____CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Marburys Lovaine-4 Lovaine, Margaret ____CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Marburys De_Vere-4 De Vere, Margaret ____CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Marburys De_Vere-388 De Vere, John _____________Q__V
Marburys De_Vere-323 De Vere, Alphonse _____________Q__V
Marburys Badlesmere-22 Badlesmere, Maud ____CGCR___Lc___Q___
Nelson J Nelson-5788# Nelson, John _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Nelson M Nelson-7430# Nelson, Margaret _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Nelson J&M Temple-227 Temple, Mary _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Nelsons Lee-964 Lee, Dorothy _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Nelsons Browne-201 Browne, Dorothy _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Nelsons Browne-202 Browne, Anthony _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Nelsons Browne-203 Browne, Anthony _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Nelsons Browne-204 Browne, Anthony _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Nelsons Neville-180 Neville, Lucy _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Nelsons Neville-181 Neville, John _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Nelsons Neville-163 Neville, Richard _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Nelsons Zouche-173 Zouche, Margery _____________Q___
Alston Alston-247# Alston, John _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Alston Alston-84 Alston, William _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Alston Temple-62 Temple, Dorothy _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Norwood C Norwood-817# Norwood, Charles ___Bo_____________
Norwood H Norwood-800# Norwood, Henry ___Bo_____________
Norwoods Norwood-613 Norwood, Henry ___Bo_____________
Norwoods Ligon-73 Ligon, Elizabeth ___Bo_____________
Norwoods Lygon-8 Lygon, William ___Bo_____________
Norwoods Lygon-6 Lygon, Richard ___Bo_____________
Norwoods Beauchamp-194 Beauchamp, Anne ___Bo_____________
Norwoods Beauchamp-195 Beauchamp, Richard ___Bo_____________
Norwoods Beauchamp-196 Beauchamp, John ___Bo_____________
Norwoods Beauchamp-197 Beauchamp, William ___Bo_____________
Norwoods Beauchamp-198 Beauchamp, John ___Bo_____________
Norwoods Beauchamp-199 Beauchamp, Giles ___Bo_____________
Norwoods Toeni-51 Toeni, Alice ___Bo_____________
Norwoods Bohun-33 Bohun, Alice ___Bo_____________
Norwoods Bohun-6 Bohun, Humphrey ___Bo_____________
Norwoods Bohun-7$ Bohun, Henry _________________
Owsley Owsley-29# Owsley, Thomas ___________Ma_____
Owsley Poyntz-48 Poyntz, Dorothy ___________Ma_____
Owsley Poyntz-38 Poyntz, Newdigate ___________Ma_____
Owsley Poyntz-111 Poyntz, John ___________Ma_____
Owsley Poyntz-113 Poyntz, William ___________Ma_____
Owsley Poyntz-151 Poyntz, John ___________Ma_____
Owsley Poyntz-13 Poyntz, Robert ___________Ma_____
Owsley Poyntz-14 Poyntz, John ___________Ma_____
Peyton Peyton-434# Peyton, Robert ABHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___QR__
Peyton Peyton-115 Peyton, Thomas A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Peyton Peyton-116 Peyton, Edward A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Peyton Peyton-119 Peyton, John A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Peyton Peyton-509 Peyton, Robert A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Peyton Peyton-508 Peyton, Robert A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Peyton Clere-43 Clere, Elizabeth A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Peyton Hopton-13 Hopton, Agnes A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Peyton Wentworth-56 Wentworth, Margaret A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Peyton Tiptoft-10 Tiptoft, John A_____________R__
Peyton Ros-26 Ros, Agnes A_____________R__
Peyton Ros-53 Ros, William A_____________R__
Peyton Ros-59 Ros, Robert ______________R__
Peyton Ros-150 Ros, William ______________R__
Peyton Ros-162$ Ros, Robert _________________
Peyton Albini-37 Albini, Isabel A________________
Peyton Albini-38 Albini, William A________________
Peyton Albini-39$ Albini, William _________________
Peyton 2 Yelverton-70 Yelverton, Elizabeth _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Peyton 2 Yelverton-72 Yelverton, William _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Peyton 2 Yelverton-114 Yelverton, William _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Peyton 2 Drury-116 Drury, Bridget _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Peyton 2 Sothill-4 Sothill, Elizabeth _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Peyton 2 Sothill-5 Sothill, Henry _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Peyton 2 Plumpton-6 Plumpton, Elizabeth _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Peyton 2 Clifford-279 Clifford, Elizabeth _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Peyton 2 Dacre-93 Dacre, Joan _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Peyton 2 Neville-142 Neville, Philippe _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Peyton 2 Percy-15 Percy, Maud _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q___
Peyton 2 Clifford-59 Clifford, Idoine _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q___
Peyton 2 Clare-284 Clare, Maud ____CGCR___Lc___Q___
Peyton 2 Clifford-242 Clifford, Robert _BHBR______________
Peyton 2 Vipont-13 Vipont, Isabel _BHBR______________
Peyton 2 FitzJohn-109 FitzJohn, Isabel _BHBR______________
Peyton 3 Clifford-239 Clifford, Thomas _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q___
Peyton 3 Clifford-255 Clifford, John _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q___
Peyton 3 Clifford-235 Clifford, Thomas _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q___
Peyton 3 Clifford-243 Clifford, Roger _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q___
Peyton 3 Clifford-1545 Clifford, Robert _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q___
Popham Popham-149# Popham, George _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Popham Popham-148 Popham, Edward _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Pole E Pole-68# Pole, Elizabeth _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Pole W Pole-58# Pole, William _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Pole E&W Poole-118 Poole, William _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Pole E&W Popham-26 Popham, Katherine _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Poles Stradling-64 Stradling, Jane _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Poles Stradling-29 Stradling, Edward _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Poles Stradling-30 Stradling, Thomas _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Poles Stradling-31 Stradling, Henry _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Poles Beaufort-6 Beaufort, Joan _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Poles FitzAlan-626 FitzAlan, Alice _BHBR_CGCR___Lc___Q__V
Poles FitzAlan-197 FitzAlan, Richard _BHBR__________Q__V
Poles FitzAlan-29 FitzAlan, Richard _____________Q__V
Randolph W Randolph-94# Randolph, William ___________Ma_____
Randolph W Randolph-13 Randolph, Richard ___________Ma_____
Randolph H Randolph-112# Randolph, Henry ___________Ma_____
Randolphs Lane-347 Lane, Dorothy ___________Ma_____
Randolphs Vincent-118 Vincent, Elizabeth ___________Ma_____
Randolphs Tanfield-2 Tanfield, Anne ___________Ma_____
Randolphs Tanfield-4 Tanfield, Francis ___________Ma_____
Randolphs Tanfield-3 Tanfield, William ___________Ma_____
Randolphs Tanfield-5 Tanfield, Robert ___________Ma_____
Randolphs Brooke-68 Brooke, Elizabeth ___________Ma_____
Reade Reade-10# Reade, George A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Reade Windebank-2 Windebank, Mildred A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Reade Dymoke-8 Dymoke, Frances A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Reade Tailbois-7 Tailboys, Anne A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Reade Tailboys-41 Tailboys, George A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Reade Tailboys-39 Tailboys, Robert A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Reade Bonville-28 Bonville, Elizabeth A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Reade Grey-370 Grey, Margaret A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Reade Ros-30 Ros, Margaret A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Reade Ros-12 Ros, Thomas A_____________R__
Reade Ros-25 Ros, William A_____________R__
Reade Stafford-34 Stafford, Beatrice ____CGCR___Lc___Q___
Reade Audley-130 Audley, Margaret ____CGCR___Lc___Q___
Reade Clare-613 Clare, Margaret ____CGCR___Lc___Q___
Reade Clare-98 Clare, Gilbert ____CGCR___Lc___Q___
Reade Lacy-213 Lacy, Maud _________Lc___Q___
Reade Lacy-284$ Lacy, John _________________
Reade Quincy-238 Quincy, Margaret _____________Q___
Reade Quincy-233 Quincy, Robert _____________Q___
Rodney W Rodney-57# Rodney, William ___________Ma_Q__V
Rodney W Rodney-61 Rodney, William ___________Ma_Q__V
Rodney J Rodney-121# Rodney, John ___________Ma_Q__V
Rodneys Rodney-62 Rodney, William ___________Ma_Q__V
Rodneys Seymour-1306 Seymour, Jane ___________Ma_Q__V
Rodneys Seymour-120 Seymour, Henry ___________Ma_Q__V
Rodneys Seymour-229 Seymour, John ___________Ma_Q__V
Rodneys Seymour-79 Seymour, John ___________Ma_Q__V
Rodneys Seymour-44 Seymour, John ___________Ma_Q__V
Rose Rose-6077# Rose, Robert _BHBR_CGCR_______Q__V
Rose Grant-3722 Grant, Margaret _BHBR_CGCR_______Q__V
Rose Grant-6214 Grant, Patrick _BHBR__________Q__V
Rose Grant-6217 Grant, John _BHBR__________Q__V
Rose Grant-6216 Grant, Patrick _BHBR_CGCR_______Q__V
Rose Grant-834 Grant, Grissel _BHBR_CGCR_______Q__V
Rose Stewart-1625 Stewart, Margaret _BHBR_CGCR_______Q__V
Rose Stewart-1685 Stewart, John _BHBR_CGCR_______Q__V
Rose Stewart-1604 Stewart, John _BHBR_CGCR_______Q__V
Rose Stewart-1555 Stewart, John _BHBR_CGCR_______Q__V
Rose Beaufort-20 Beaufort, Joan _BHBR__________Q__V
Rose Holland-30 Holland, Margaret _BHBR__________Q__V
Rose FitzAlan-147 FitzAlan, Alice _BHBR__________Q__V
St Leger St Leger-13# St Leger, Katherine _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
St Leger St Leger-5 St Leger, Warham _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
St Leger St Leger-22 St Leger, Anthony _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
St Leger Neville-10 Neville, Ursula _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
St Leger Neville-8 Neville, George _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
St Leger Neville-12 Neville, George _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
St Leger Neville-56 Neville, Edward _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Skepper Skepper-1# Skepper, William A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Skepper Skepper-3 Skepper, Edward A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Skepper Legard-3 Legard, Joan A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Skepper Hildyard-1 Hildyard, Isabel A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Skepper De_La_See-1 De la See, Jane A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Skipwith A Skipwith-11# Skipwith, Anne _____________Q__V
Skipwith A Skipwith-12 Skipwith, Willoughby _____________Q__V
Skipwith A Skipwith-91 Skipwith, William _____________Q__V
Skipwith A Skipwith-92 Skipwith, Richard _____________Q__V
Skipwith A Portington-24 Portington, Anne _____________Q__V
Skipwith A Skipwith-93 Skipwith, Elizabeth _____________Q__V
Skipwith A Skipwith-85 Skipwith, William _____________Q__V
Skipwith A Skipwith-71 Skipwith, William _____________Q__V
Skipwith A Skipwith-6 Skipwith, John _____________Q__V
Skipwith A Skipwith-10 Skipwith, William _____________Q__V
Skipwith A Willoughby-849 Willoughby, Margaret _____________Q__V
Skipwith A Strange-477 Strange, Lucy _____________Q__V
Skipwith A FitzAlan-619 FitzAlan, Aline _____________Q__V
Skipwith A Warenne-97 Warenne, Alice _____________Q__V
Skipwith A De_Vere-289 De Vere, Joan _____________Q__V
Skipwith A De_Vere-307 De Vere, Robert _____________Q__V
Skipwith A De_Vere-308 De Vere, Hugh ________________V
Skipwith A De_Vere-309$ De Vere, Robert _________________
Skipwith A Quincy-82 Quincy, Hawise _____________Q___
Spotswood Spotswood-2# Spotswood, Alexander _BHBR_CGCR_______Q__V
Spotswood Spotswood-34 Spotswood, Robert _BHBR_CGCR_______Q__V
Spotswood Morrison-821 Morrison, Bethia _BHBR_CGCR_______Q__V
Spotswood Maule-2 Maule, Helenor _BHBR_CGCR_______Q__V
Spotswood Maule-5 Maule, William _BHBR_CGCR_______Q__V
Spotswood Arbuthnot-971 Arbuthnot, Isabel _BHBR_CGCR_______Q__V
Spotswood Stewart-7750 Stewart, Jean _BHBR_CGCR_______Q__V
Spotswood Stewart-4030 Stewart, James ____CGCR___________
Spotswood MacDougall-301 MacDougall, Isabel ____CGCR___________
Spotswood Isaac-10 Isaac, Joan ____CGCR___________
Spotswood Bruce-270 Bruce, Maud ____CGCR___________
Spotswood Bruce-129 Bruce, Robert ____CGCR___________
Spotswood Bruce-3176 Bruce, Robert ____CGCR___________
Spotswood Clare-18 Clare, Isabel ____CGCR___________
Torrey W Torrey-91# Torrey, William _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Torrey S Torrey-93# Torrey, Samuel _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Torreys Haviland-48 Haviland, Jane _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Torreys Guise-8 Guise, Elizabeth _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Torreys Gyse-2 Gyse, John _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Torreys Guise-102 Guise, William _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Torreys Grey-260 Grey, Tacy _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Torreys Grey-754 Grey, Anne _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Torreys Percy-31 Percy, Katherine _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Torreys Neville-49 Neville, Eleanor _BHBR_CGCRFR__Lc___Q___
Waldegrave Waldegrave-103# Waldegrave, Jemima A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Waldegrave Waldegrave-120 Waldegrave, Thomas A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Waldegrave Waldegrave-121 Waldegrave, Thomas A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Waldegrave Walgrave-4 Walgrave, Anthony A___CGCR___Lc___QR__
Humphrey A, MA Humphrey-70# Humphrey, Anne (MA) _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
Humphrey A, MA Pelham-4 Pelham, Elizabeth _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
Humphrey A, MA West-240 West, Elizabeth _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
Pelham Pelham-27# Pelham, Herbert _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
Pelham West-1803 West, Penelope _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
West E West-5619# West, Elizabeth _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
West F West-420# West, Francis _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
West N West-1807# West, Nathaniel _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
West T West-418# West, Thomas _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
West J West-424# West, John _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
Wests West-3 West, Thomas _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
Wests West-246 West, William _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
Wests West-427 West, George _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
Wests West-244 West, Thomas _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
Wests West-6590 West, Richard _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
Wests West-430 West, Reginald _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
Wests Warre-21 Warre, Joan _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
Wests Mowbray-41 Mowbray, Eleanor _BHBR_CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
Wests Mowbray-42 Mowbray, John ____CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
Wests Mowbray-54 Mowbray, John ____CGCR___Lc__MoQ___
Wests Mowbray-39 Mowbray, Roger ____________Mo____
Wests Mowbray-84 Mowbray, Roger ____________Mo____
Wests Mowbray-151$ Mowbray, William _________________
Wyatt H Wyatt-188# Wyatt, Hawte ___________Ma_____
Wyatt F Wyatt-366# Wyatt, Francis ___________Ma_____
Wyatts Wyatt-251 Wyatt, George ___________Ma_____
Wyatts Wyatt-244 Wyatt, Thomas ___________Ma_____
Wyatts Brooke-26 Brooke, Elizabeth ___________Ma_____
Wyatts Brooke-75 Brooke, Thomas ___________Ma_____
Wyatts Brooke-40 Brooke, John ___________Ma_____
Wyatts Brooke-41 Brooke, Edward ___________Ma_____
Wyatts Braybrooke-2 Braybrooke, Joan ___________Ma_____
Wyatts Pole-102 Pole, Joan ___________Ma_____
Wyatts Cobham-18 Cobham, Joan ___________Ma_____
Wyatts Cobham-19 Cobham, John ___________Ma_____
Wyatts Beauchamp-151 Beauchamp, Joan ___________Ma_____
Wyatts Beauchamp-61 Beauchamp, John ___________Ma_____
Wyatts Vivonne-1 Vivonne, Cecily ___________Ma_____
Wyatts Vivonne-2 Vivonne, William ___________Ma_____
Wyatts Malet-15 Malet, Mabel ___________Ma_____
Wyche Wyche-34# Wyche, Henry ___________Ma_____
Wyche Wyche-20 Wyche, Henry ___________Ma_____
Wyche Saltonstall-33 Saltonstall, Elizabeth ___________Ma_____
Wyche Poyntz-109 Poyntz, Susanna ___________Ma_____
Wyche Poyntz-149 Poyntz, Thomas ___________Ma_____
Wyche Poyntz-148 Poyntz, William ___________Ma_____
Wyche Poyntz-150 Poyntz, John ___________Ma_____
Wyche Poyntz-147 Poyntz, John ___________Ma_____
Wyche Poyntz-146 Poyntz, Pontious ___________Ma_____
Wyche Poyntz-145 Poyntz, Nicholas ___________Ma_____
Yate Yate-17# Yate, George _____________Q__V
Yate Yate-43 Yate, John _____________Q__V
Yate Yate-29 Yate, Thomas _____________Q__V
Yate Tichborne-10 Tichborne, Jane _____________Q__V
Yate Tichborne-6 Tichborne, Nicholas _____________Q__V
Yate White-17012 White, Ann _____________Q__V
Yate White-750 White, Robert _____________Q__V
Yate Hungerford-9 Hungerford, Eleanor _____________Q__V
Yate Hungerford-5 Hungerford, Robert _____________Q__V
Yate Peverell-2 Peverell, Katherine _____________Q__V
Yate Courtenay-14 Courtenay, Margaret _____________Q__V
Yate Courtenay-13 Courtenay, Thomas _____________Q__V
Yate Courtenay-6 Courtenay, Hugh _____________Q__V

Some trails in progress

Under review, awaiting review, or in development

These trails are inferred or guessed and won't necessarily be what gets completed or reviewed

From Trail To
Allen-579 Allen-579# Fairclough-36 Faircloth-11 Faircloth-10 Standish-135 Standish-62 Gerard-7 Boteler-8 Plumpton-76 Plumpton-3 Ros-68 ( Ros-146 etc see Corbin ) Ros-162
Aston-11 Aston-11# Aston-204 Aston-97 Aston-82 Aston-67 Aston-1 Aston-424 Freville-33 either Scrope-164 ( then either parent etc ) or Freville-4 either Botetourt-1 Zouche-23 Toeni-8 Toeni-7 ( Bohun-33 etc see Norwoods ) or Freville-31 Clinton-210 ( Clinton-218 etc see Booth ) Bohun-7 FitzWalter-101 Ros-162
Bainton-1 Bainton-1# Baynton-28 Baynton-27 Leigh-707 Culpeper-6 Culpepper-148 Ferrers-64 either ( Ferrers-311 etc see Clarke ) or Clifford-17 either ( Clifford-243 etc see Peyton3 ) or Beauchamp-1344 either Mortimer-53 Geneville-2 Geneville-1 Lacy-216 ( Bigod-17 etc see Alsops ) or Beauchamp-74 either ( Toeni-8 etc see Aston ) or Beauchamp-75 ( FitzJohn-77 etc see Alsops ) Bigod-1 Bigod-2 Bohun-7 Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226
Baynard-59 Baynard-59# Baynard-68 Baynard-71 Baynard-72 Baynard-73 Baynard-53 Stukeley-9 Stukeley-4 FitzRoger-61 FitzRoger-63 Holand-95 Zouche-64 ( Zouche-2 etc ) Quincy-226
Bromfield-23 Bromfield-23# Kempe-248 Kempe-249 Kempe-133 Browne-20 Browne-231 Browne-206 Browne-207 FitzAlan-165 either ( FitzAlan-29 etc ) or ( Plantagenet-48 etc ) Bigod-1 Bigod-2 Quincy-226 De_Vere-309
Brown-3264 Brown-3264# Browne-1664 Browne-1251 Shirley-1148 Shirley-1149 Shirley-295 Shirley-302 Shirley-185 Shirley-181 Braose-32 Braose-95 ( Braose-94 etc see Hawes ) Albini-39 Clare-651 Ros-162
Bruen-24 Bruen-24# Bruen-32 Holford-20 Booth-415 ( Booth-424 etc see Booth ) FitzWalter-101
Boteler-112 Boteler-112# Boteler-4 St John-185 St John-186 St John-158 St John-18 Beauchamp-82 Beauchamp-90 Beauchamp-1386 Beauchamp-92 Beauchamp-203 Beauchamp-1408 ( Toeni-51 etc see Norwoods ) Bohun-7
Carlton-34 Carlton-34# Carleton-16 Strickland-134 Strickland-135 Strickland-136 Strickland-138 Parr-89 Parr-39 Parr-43 Ros-13 Ros-14 Ros-15 Ros-188 Ros-174 Ros-63 ( Ros-162 ) Ros-162
Chetwood-1 Chetwood-1# Chetwood-20 Wodhull-62 Wodhull-61 Wodhull-60 ( Wodhull-49 etc see Elkington )  ?badged? but not reviewed? Research issues Malet-18
Covert-114 again ( Covert-114# etc to Dudley-2174 ) Bramshot-1 Bramshot-3 Bramshot-4 [[Lisle-182] Bohun-152 Bohun-164 Braose-91 ( Braose-21 etc see Fenwick )
Clopton-42 Clopton-42# Clopton-201 Clopton-202 Waldegrave-104 Waldegrave-107 ( Waldegrave-3 etc see Kempes ) Albini-39 Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226 Ros-162
Dade-7 Dade-7# Dade-19 Cornwallis-10 Cornwallis-25 Cornwallis-16 Cornwallis-17 Tyrell-78 Pashley-2 Sergeaux-1 ( FitzAlan-584 etc see Digges ) Quincy-226 De_Vere-309
Fenwick-267 Fenwick-267# Fenwick-268 Fenwick-270 Fenwick-271 Fenwick-138 Fenwick-79 Fenwick-78 Widdrington-15 Grey-128 Grey-290 Mowbray-102 ( Mowbray-4 Mowbray-42 see Littleton ) Braose-39 Braose-21 Braose-166 Braose-104 Clare-672 ( Clare-651 ♖) Mowbray-151 Bigod-1 Bigod-2 Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226
Fisher-6749 2nd trail ( Fisher-6749# etc to Neville-12 ) Beauchamp-78 Despenser-32 Despenser-31 Despenser-35 Despenser-28 either Clare-89 ( Clare-98 etc see Reade ) or Despenser-6 ( Beauchamp-101 etc see Alsops ) Bigod-1 Bigod-2 Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226
Fowke-38 Fowke-38# Fowke-37 Fowke-36 Raynesford-3 Raynesford-5 Raynsford-20 Rainsford-6 Wilcotes-1 Cheney-79 ( Cheney-157 etc see GreeneJ ) Clare-651 Say-76
Greene-2538 Greene-2538# Walrond-71 Hatch-2311 Fortescue-38 Fortescue-133 St Leger-145 St Leger-106 Donnet-3 Cheney-1754 Cheney-157 Cheyne-390 Cheyne-300 Say-19 ( Say-77 etc ) Clare-651 Say-76
Gurdon-2 Gurdon-2# Sedley-31 Knyvet-31 Knyvet-19 Knyvet-9 Knyvett-34 either Grey-1046 Grey-108 ( etc, many lines ) or Knyvet-14 Knyvet-22 either Knyvet-23 Knyvet-24 Basset-155 Basset-81 Huntingfield-5 ( etc ) or Clifton-316 either Howard-204 Howard-263 Scales-73 Scales-106 ( etc ) or Clifton-317 Cromwell-243 Cromwell-108 Cromwell-214 Cromwell-398 Somerville-495 Merlay-5 Ros-207 ( Ros-63 ( Ros-162 ) Huntingfield-11 De_Vere-309 Ros-162, choice of many others
Harlakenden-15# &c Huberd-1 Huberd-2 Chauncey-151 Chauncey-150 Chauncey-133 ( Chauncey-83 etc see Chauncey ) Bigod-1 Bigod-2
Hawes-23 Hawes-23# Hawes-112 Hawes-113 Brome-4 Brome-5 Shirley-180 Shirley-181 Braose-32 Braose-95 Braose-94 either Ros-22 ( etc see Peyton2 ) or ( Braose-166 etc see Fenwick ) Albini-39 Clare-651 Ros-162
Haynes-2099 Haynes-2099# Thornton-1237 Thornton-2614 Cushin-2 Richers-6 Richers-7 Richers-11 Stapleton-673 Stapleton-84 Bardolf-17 Bardolf-16 Amory-61 ( Clare-101 etc ) Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226
Kempe-87 M Kempe-87# Kemp-209 ( Harris-1320 etc see Kempes )
Lloyd-177 Lloyd-177# Lloyd-178 Wynne-58 Wynne-101 Kynaston-17 Kynaston-9 Grey-117 either Lancaster-408 Lancaster-406Lancaster-434Plantagenet-104 Plantagenet-1643 ( Chaworth-7 etc ) or Grey-118 etc, many lines Bigod-1 Bigod-2, choice of many others
Lynde-74 Lynde-74# Digby-22 Digby-42 either Grey-439 Grey-498 Grey-499 Grey-1148 ( Grey-1863 etc see Gurdon ) or Digby-43 Digby-9 Griffin-83 Griffin-84 Griffin-574 Griffin-575 Latimer-44 either Warre-7 Gresley-60 Burgh-88 Burgh-91 Lanvallei-1 Lanvallei-3or Latimer-45 Hastings-337 ( Hastings-1273 etc see Claypooles ) Albini-39 Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226 Ros-162
MacKworth-2 MacKworth-2# MacKworth-3 Lee-957 Wrottesley-25 Harcourt-173 Harcourt-106 Harcourt-350 Grey-1086 Grey-824 Oddingseles-1 ( FitzWalter-13 etc see Booth )
Marshall-128 Marshall-128# Mitton-12 Harpesfield-6 Mitton-10 Beaumont-38 Beaumont-39 Beaumont-1184 Beaumont-1185 Beaumont-20 either ( De_Vere-4 etc see Marburys ) or Beaumont-18 either ( Plantagenet-48 etc see Alsops ) or Beaumont-243 Comyn-3 Comyn-1 Quincy-34 ( Quincy-101 etc ) Bigod-1 Bigod-2 Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226 De_Vere-309
Palgrave-4 Palgrave-4# Palgrave-6 Palgrave-9 Glemham-4 Brandon-97 Wingfield-20 Goushill-1 ( FitzAlan-633 etc ) Bigod-1 Bigod-2 Bohun-7 Clare-673 Clare-651 Lacy-284 Quincy-226 De_Vere-309
Parker-1544 Parker-1544# Buller-5 Buller-8 Buller-9 Trethurffe-1 Trethurffe-2 Courtenay-52 Courtenay-37 Courtenay-4 Courtenay-5 either ( Courtenay-25 etc see Lowell ) or Bohun-2 Bohun-3 Bohun-4 Bohun-5 ( Bohun-6 etc ) Bohun-7
Rainsford-3 Rainsford-3# Kirton-1 Kirton-2 Kirton-3 White-747 ( White-750 etc see Yate ) Quincy-226 De_Vere-309
Stratton-15 Stratton-15# Stratton-558 Felton-178 Felton-26 Sampson-168 Saye-80 Cheney-143 Cockayne-18 Grey-380 Strange-931 Boteler-132 Herdeburgh-1 Odingsells-7 ( FitzWalter-13 etc see Booth ) FitzWalter-101
Taylor-28342 Taylor-28342# Foxall-17 Garraway-61 Anderson-20814 Hopton-26 Wolryche-1 Peshale-1 Peshale-2 Peshale-3 Swynnerton-1 Swynnerton-2 Holland-593 ( Zouche-64 etc ) Quincy-226
Hoyle-324 Hoyle-324# Towneley-51 ( Towneley-3 etc ) Ros-162
Smith-1217 Smith-1217# Townley-2 ( Towneley-3 etc )
Townley-43 Townley-43# Townley-281 ( Towneley-3 etc )
Towneley-1 Towneley-1# Towneley-3 Towneley-38 Towneley-39 Towneley-7 Towneley-6 Sherburne-548 Sherburne-7 Sherburne-9 Sherburne-18 ( Plumpton-76 etc see Allen )
Tyndal-6 Tyndal-6# Tyndal-7 Tyndal-3 Tyndale-2 Tyndale-3 Tyndale-9 Felbrigg-7 Felbrigg-8 Scales-110 Scales-106 Courtenay-91 ( Courtenay-12 etc ) Quincy-226 De_Vere-309
Welby-8 2nd trail Welby-8# Welby-4 Thimbleby-2 Thimbleby-4 Hilton-716 either Willoughby-975 Freville-10 ( etc see Aston ) or Hilton-718 Luttrell-269 either Tailboys-25 ( Boroughdon-1 etc see Hamby ) or Luttrell-270 Despenser-63 either Cobham-23 Beauchamp-151 ( Beauchamp-61 etc ) or Despenser-23 Despenser-12 ( Beauchamp-101 etc see Alsops ) Bigod-1 Bigod-2
Yale-18 Yale-18# Yale-33 Lloyd-81 Pigott-89 Pigott-160 Iwardby-5 Iwardby-6 Iwardby-7 Missenden-2 Missenden-3 Grey-1080 Grey-71 ( Grey-824 etc see Mackworth ) FitzWalter-101
Berkeley-448 Berkeley-448# Berkeley-484 Berkeley-102 Berkeley-95 Berkeley-382 Berkeley-101 Berkeley-100 Berkeley-99 Botetourt-19 ( Zouche-23 etc )
Filmer-6 Filmer-6# Argall-4 Scott-2035 Scott-238 either Pympe-1 Pashley-4 Pashley-1 Pashley-3 Sergeaux-1 ( FitzAlan-584 etc ) or Scott-239 Lewknor-3 Lewknor-92 either ( Lewknor-25 etc see Bickley ) or Camoys-13 Camoys-3 Camoys-2 Camoys-7 Despenser-49 ( Beauchamp-101 etc see Alsops ) Quincy-226 De_Vere-309 Huntingfield-11 Bigod-1 Bigod-2
Argall-31 Argall-31# ( Scott-2035 etc )
Barham-65 Barham-65# Filmer-10 ( Argall-4 etc )
Gye-3 Gye-3# Gye-4 Prowse-20 Baynton-3 Baynton-2 Baynton-4 Roches-9 Mare-115 Hastings-1623 ( Hastings-1211 etc ) Bigod-1 Bigod-2
Ligon-76 Ligon-76# Ligon-11 Ligon-12 either ( Lygon-8 etc see Norwoods ) or Dennis-265 Berkeley-130 Berkeley-44 either Mowbray-17 etc or Berkeley-38 etc Bohun-7 ...
Mauleverer-17 Mauleverer-17# Mauleverer-19 either etc, many trails (but Richardson supports no ancestry for Robert Mauleverer-7 !?) most
Worden-3 Worden-3# Worthington-64 Worthington-65 Rushton-6 Rushton-7 Sherburne-11 ( Sherburne-7 etc see Towneleys ) Ros-162
Chetwood-1 Chetwood-1# Needham-66 Needham-310 Talbot-785 Talbot-786 Talbot-119 Talbot-6 Neville-155 Neville-14 ( Neville-58 etc see Bernards ) Bigod-1 Bigod-2 Clare-673 Clare-651 Clavering-13 Lacy-284 Quincy-226
Davie-321 Davie-321# Strode-350 Strode-316 Cromwell-534 Seymour-115 Wentworth-28 Saye-46 Cheney-143 Cockayne-18 Grey-380 Strange-931 Boteler-132 Herdeburgh-1 Odingsells-7 ( FitzWalter-13 etc ) FitzWalter-101
Mansfield-151 Mansfield-151# Mansfield-35 Eure-36 Bowes-96 Bowes-396 Bowes-395 either Bowes-46 Greystoke-21 Clifford-221 Beauchamp-1344 Mortimer-53 Geneville-2 Geneville-1 Lacy-216 ( Bigod-17 etc see Alsops ) or FitzHugh-417 FitzHugh-319 FitzHugh-31 Scrope-13 ( Ros-83 etc see Corbin ) Bigod-1 Bigod-2 Ros-162

Also in progress according to Base Camp:

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