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Important for South African profiles
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This is the list of the Project Members who have received the South African Roots Project badge. You can track all activity by the members in the South African Roots badge feed. See the main Project page above (Home) for how to join the Project. The project is the "umbrella" project for all relevant sub-categories and sub-projects.

To categorize yourself as a Project Member, you can also put [[Category:South_African_Roots_Project]] at the top of your own profile bio.

Beside your name below, please include information about yourself, what you're working on, and where your interests lie. This is both for your own reference and to aid collaboration among'st the project participants. Please also note if you'll be unavailable or inactive. Thanks!

If you are working on a specific sub-project or sub-category please list it with your name below it as well.



Sub Projects/Categories: Members

Susanna de Bruyn Leader
Ronel Olivier Leader and Coordinator
Esmé van der Westhuizen
Elsa van Rooyen Coordinator
Toni Andrews
Robert du Plooy
Kobie Janse van Rensburg
Gordon Mac Rae
Marlene Marx
Alex Smith
Wynand van der Walt
Hein van Rooyen
Grant McDuling
Drika (Aucamp) Brown
Jaco Bekker
Chris Wiggett
Pam Cormac Smith
Dirk van den Berg
Niki Tolken
Callie Scheepers
Ewald Schmidt
Tony Andrews
Tertius van_der_Merwe
Christiaan Wessels


Please if you are interested in joining these, please add your name. No need to worry about leaders or co-ordinators. The Main project will see to that.

1820 Settlers

Leon Bezuidenhout
Marlene Marx
Ella Korff
Adri O'Neil
Brigitte Theuma
Sharon Caldwell Coordinator
Wynand van der Walt
Ronel Olivier Leader and Coordinator
Pam Cormac Smith

Natal British Settlers

Nick Warner


Van Rensburg
Erasmus Jagparty
Natal Army
Wit Umfolozi
More Conflicts

Fourth Xhosa War

60th Regiment 1st Battalion 1810-1819
Fourth Xhosa War Massacre at Zuurberg


Category: Suid Afrika Stamouer-Progenitor


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