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The Spies and Traitors Project is a sub-project of the Black Sheep Project

Welcome to the Spies and Traitors Project!

This project is to highlight the profiles of those who lived a secret life as a spy.
They spied for their country as a patriot or against their country as a traitor.

A spy is a person who secretly collects and reports information
on the activities, movements, and plans of an enemy or competitor.

A traitor is a person who betrays a friend, country or principle.


How to Join

Are you interested in the Spies and Traitors Project?black_sheep.gif

Additionally ...

  • You don't have to be related to a participant in a witch trial to join. Anyone with an interest in developing profiles for this project is welcome!
  • Initiate a Trusted List request to be added to our Project Member Page and edit the page by adding your name to the projects you are working on. We use this page to keep up with what is happening on the project.
  • Please see our list of goals for a basic overview of ways you can help.


  1. Add profiles for Spies and Traitors, checking for existing profiles to avoid duplication. If any duplicate profiles exist, request merges, starting with the oldest generation.
  2. If profiles were loaded by GEDCOM, use WikiTree Styles and Standards to clean up residue and broken links.
  3. Search out original rather than derivative documentation and add sources.
  4. Write comprehensive, well-sourced biographies.
  5. Add the Spies and Traitors template to the profiles along with any relevant categories.
  6. Contact Abby to request PPP status for those profiles that meet the criteria for project protection. This will protect them from an incorrect merge.
  7. Make sure profiles of all family members are correct and documented.
  8. Profiles need to be linked to the greater WikiTree. Try to find the connection.

To-Do List

We are currently working on a list of female wartime spies. Please use the goals that are listed to develop profiles for the following women. Once you have created their profile, please add a link to their names. Thank you!


Please select the appropriate category from the category list below, if applicable, to include in your template.

Sample usage:

{{Spies and Traitors|name=Spy}}


... ... ... was a Black Sheep and an accused spy or traitor
Join: Spies and Traitors Project
Discuss: spies_and_traitors

Project Categories

Confederate States of America
US Civil War Spies
Confederate Secret Service
Coopwood's Spy Company (San Elizario Spy Company), 2nd Texas Cavalry, US Civil War
  • US Civil War Union Spies
Texas Revolution, Spies, Texas
War of 1812 Spies
Kentucky Battalion Mounted Spies, Dubois’, War of 1812
World War I Spies
World War II Spies
World War II American Spies
World War II British Spies
World War II German Spies
World War II Irish Spies
World War II Italian Spies
World War II Japanese Spies
World War II Polish Spies
World War II Russian Spies
World War II Sweden Spies
World War II Australian Spies
World War II Canadian Spies
World War II Chinese Spies
World War II French Spies
World War II Yugoslavian Spies
Female Wartime Spies

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