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Welcome to the Sweden Project!
Länk till den svenska sidan: Välkommen till Projekt Sverige
Sweden with its provinces.



A substantial number of WikiTreers have ancestors who migrated from Sweden. There is also a growing number of Swedish participants in WikiTree. Project Sweden aims to provide mutual support and resources for WikiTreers working on and improving profiles with a connection to Sweden. We need project members to be able to actively contribute support to others.

  • Project participants need to be members of WikiTree. If you are not yet a WikiTree member, see Help: How to Use WikiTree to get started.
  • If you need help with your Swedish ancestors the best place to ask questions is in G2G with the tag SWEDEN

How to Join

Are you interested in the Sweden Project?sweden.gif


The goals of Project Sweden are:

  • to improve Swedish profiles by
    • including quality sources
    • writing and cleaning up biographies
    • elimination of duplicates
    • error correction Suggestion list for Sweden
  • to help with g2G questions related to Sweden
  • to monitor the Swedish category system and keep it navigable and useful



Swedish genealogy

There are several subcategories in Category: Sweden that contain resources for working on Swedish genealogy in WikiTree.

Some examples:


Since the Swedish parishes are so important for genealogy in Sweden it is very helpful to categorize your profiles by parish. There are currently well over 2000 categories for parishes in Sweden - almost a full set. When you put a category like [[Category: Leksand (W)]] on one of your profiles the profile will appear on the category page together with others who were born, lived or died there. Two or three location categories on a profile is usually enough.

We strongly recommend the nifty new tool in the edit toolbar on biographies for finding and adding parish categories.

Because there are many cases where more than one Swedish parish has the same name, the parish categories are named with the parish name plus the county code in parenthesis. The county code is there instead of the name of the county to make the category name shorter.

When a parish category is getting filled up - nearing 200 categorized profiles - you may want to create subcategories for villages, hamlets or farms. These should be of the form [[Category: Altsarbyn, Rättvik (W)]], i.e. Village, Parish (County code). If it is necessary, subcategorization could proceed another level, with different farms as subcategories of a village, but the general rule is to avoid creating extra layers of navigation.

Parishes are grouped by county - Leksand and Rättvik are both Parishes in Dalarna. The county category - in this case Dalarna County - is a toplevel category that should not be put on a profile that has a parish category.

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