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Welcome to the Sweden Project,

now part of Nordic Project

Länk till svenska sidan: Välkommen till Sverigeprojektet!
Sveriges landskap



Sweden Project is a project for WikiTreers, of any nationality, who are interested in making the Swedish profiles at WikiTree the very best they can be. Members of the project should actively be working on improving existing Swedish profiles as well as increase the number of new, well-sourced, profiles for people born in Sweden.

A substantial number of WikiTreers have ancestors who emigrated from Sweden and there is also a growing number of Swedish genealogists in WikiTree. The project therefore also aims to provide mutual support (through G2G forum) and resources (instructions & information on free-space pages) in order to make it easier for WikiTreers to improve profiles with a connection to Sweden.


The ultimate goal is to make the Swedish profiles at WikiTree the very best they can be.

To help achieve our goals, project members can help improve Swedish profiles by;

  • including quality sources (mainly original sources like church books)
  • writing biographies (and cleaning up biographies)
  • help eliminate duplicate profiles by merging
  • working on the Suggestion list for Sweden to help clear database errors
  • to identify profiles that should be Project Managed (and perhaps project protected)

Sweden project goals also include;

  • to have members helping with questions related to Sweden on the G2G forum
  • to help monitor the Swedish category system and keep it navigable and useful

How to join

In order to join any project on WikiTree, you must first be a WikiTree member. If you are not yet a WikiTree member, see How to Use WikiTree to get started.

You should also be willing to actively participate in the project and contribute to the project's goals. We recognize that people lead busy lives and may not be active on WikiTree every single week of the year, but you should at least have the intention to contribute towards the project's goals on a somewhat regular basis.

If you "just" need help with your Swedish ancestors the best place to ask questions is in G2G, remember to add the tag "Sweden" and/or the tag for the specific country.

Since Sweden Project now is a sub-project of Nordic Project you will find more info on how to join on the Nordic Project page. You can also answer the post in G2G linked to in the box below.

Are you interested in the Sweden Project?nordic.gif

How to help

The best place to start is with your own ancestors. Can you improve your ancestor profiles by adding reliable sources and writing biographies? Are their names correctly spelled using å, ä, ö? Have you checked your suggestion report lately?

Check out the tabs below to read more about how to improve profiles and perhaps find something to work on as well.

Using Swedish special letters Please, please, please... use the correct letters when writing Swedish names. If your keyboard does not support some of these letters, please copypaste them from the list below.

Capital letters|
Lower case letters
å ä ö

Joining a Team

If you want to cooperate with others, why not join one of the Nordic Project Teams and learn from each other while working on a specific area of common interest.

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