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Welcome to the Switzerland Project

A project for all things Swiss. Bringing together genealogists who share Swiss ancestry and are interested in
the people, culture, and history of Switzerland.



The Switzerland Project is an active community of family history researchers with a common interest in Swiss roots and culture. We intend to make Wikitree the go-to place for the most accurate, best-sourced genealogical profiles of the people of Switzerland and their descendants. The project and its members can provide education assistance to anyone who wants to learn more about their Swiss ancestors.

How To Join

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Learning about Swiss genealogical research

Swiss genealogical research has some unusual features (e.g., the Heimatort/Bürgerort a.k.a. lieu d'origine a.k.a. luogo d'origine) that distinguish it from research in other places. If you are new to Swiss genealogy and want to get up to speed, information will be linked from this page soon. Until then, consider posting questions to the Google group or to this project page.

How can you help?

Any improvements you can make to the profiles of our Swiss ancestors are welcome. Other tasks that will help improve and grow the project include:

  1. Help us recruit members to the project!
  2. Add your Swiss ancestors to the project (and include the Switzerland sticker — see below).
  3. Develop freespace pages with resources and educational materials related to Swiss genealogy.
  4. Locate disconnected Swiss profiles and connect them to the big tree.
  5. Add notable profiles to the project.
  6. Help us develop example profiles for the project.
  7. Develop new Swiss-related categories and add categories to profiles.

Other mundane but ongoing tasks that would earn the gratitude of your fellow project members include:

  1. Merge all duplicates into the final lowest profile ID number.
  2. Add maintenance boxes to profiles that need work (see below) so that they can be easily found through the maintenance categories.
  3. Work through maintenance categories to improve existing profiles.
  4. Identify profiles that need project management or project protection.
  5. Copy and paste the Switzerland template {{Switzerland}} (with appropriate modifiers) on profiles managed by the project.
  6. Add appropriate Swiss-related stickers to profiles.
  7. Clean biographies of Swiss profiles, removing GEDCOM junk, large copied-and-pasted blocks of text, etc.


{{Switzerland}} for profiles that need to be managed by the project {{Switzerland Sticker}} to show that a person has Swiss roots.
Swiss Flag
... ... ... is associated with the Switzerland Project
Join: Switzerland Project
Discuss: switzerland
Swiss flag
... ... ... is of Swiss descent

There are other stickers to show migrating ancestors, involvement in particular events, etc.

Related Projects and Groups


Please add any more you come across. Canton-specific resources should be placed on a freespace page for that canton. Create these as needed.

Wikipedia entries for Switzerland and Cantons of Switzerland

Kirchenbücher Some cantons have put parish registers online and others have not. Coming soon: lists of those who have with links. If your canton of interest has not put them online, the canton archives may be willing to do a lookup and send you an image.

HLS — Historisches Lexicon der Schweiz. Thoroughly documented histories of locations, families, and individuals from around Switzerland.

HLS includes the extremely useful Register of Swiss Surnames
Related Historisches Familienlexikon der Schweiz

E-Newspaper Archives — online newspaper archives stretching back to the eighteenth century.

General resources for information on Swiss genealogy

Schweiz - GenWiki (In German and French only)
Swiss Genealogy on the Internet
RootsWeb Switzerland Message Boards
Switzerland on Cyndi's List
Switzerland DNA Project at Family Tree DNA
Alpine DNA AlpGen Project at Family Tree DNA
The Swiss Center Genealogy
Switzerland Genealogy Forum
Swiss Manuscript collections at e-codices
Swiss Genealogical Portrait Archive

Canton-specific resources

State Archive of Bern
State Archive of St. Gallen
State Archive of Schaffhausen

Information for the diaspora

German-English dictionary of genealogical terms.


Add the appropriate Categories to your ancestors' profiles. We'll also be adding relevant information to each of these pages: Genealogy links, History, Geographical Information, etc.

  • Use Category: Switzerland only if you do not know the more specific canton.
  • Project-approved canton category names can be found at the above link to the Switzerland Category

Maintenance Categories

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