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The mission of the Templates project is to provide guidance and assistance in the development, documentation, improvement, usage and debugging of templates. This commonly involves the creation of requested templates, or template revisions, on behalf of WikiTree members.

How to Join

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A Template Editor is:

Most of the ideas for templates are generated through project needs and collaborative discussions within the G2G community (see the templates and stickers tag feeds).

Project members should strive to ensure that all templates have a clearly defined use, understandable instructions, and are as simple (from the users perspective) as possible. Other considerations are ensuring that templates 'look good' on profiles; this includes ensuring that templates do not use too much screen 'real estate', that visual elements draw an appropriate amount of attention without being distracting, and that different templates can be used on one profile while maintaining a cohesive look and feel.

As changes to existing templates will directly and immediately display on all pages that are using the template, project members must always exercise care in making or suggesting changes, and any changes should be discussed and reviewed with affected project leaders (for project specific templates) and/or with the Wikitree community (through G2G) before any major revisions are made.

In addition to identifying templates for improvement, project members should also try to identify templates that are being used in unintended ways (possibly indicating a need for a new template to be created), and ones that can be 'retired' (because they are not currently used, have not been formally approved, they have become redundant, or do not fit within the current guidelines for Templates).

For a full list of participants, see the badge report.

Task List

Other ongoing tasks, include, but are not limited to:


Index of all Templates Automated:Template_Index and previews of all templates:

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