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Welcome to The Great War, 1914-1918 Project
This project is to memorialize and trace the legacy and heritage of those who participated in
the Great War,
also known as World War I.
Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
George Santayana (16 December 1863 in Madrid, Spain – 26 September 1952 in Rome, Italy)
Lest We Forget.



This project is to include the men and women from all countries who served in the Great War.

We want to find or create those profiles on Wiki and follow their legacies, with the purpose of connecting to the Global Family.

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The current Leader of this project is: Jacqueline Clark

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To join the project:
  1. Ask Jacqueline for the project badge.
  2. Add great_war to your G2G tag feed so you can join us in discussions
  3. Check out the To-Do list below to find something to help us work on, and add yourself (or ask one of us to) to that task


Our Progress

Add your name below, please keep track of what you're currently working on for this project. This is both for your own reference, and to aid collaboration among the project participants. If you are going to be temporarily inactive in the project (eg. on vacation), please note that here. Thanks!

  • Jacky Project Leader - Currently working on the Soldiers of the Great War from the US.
  • Gillian ( Gill) Researching my relatives who fought in WW1 and improving profiles
  • Alison Andrus - Adding all World War I Veterans for the state of North Dakota. Created a free space page for the United States in The Great War and all the state pages.
  • Terry Wright - Working on my Anzacs and other ancestors who fought in WW1
  • Alecia Raper - Researching my relatives who fought in the First World War for Britain, mainly in the Yorkshire Regiments, and managing the Under-age soldiers page
  • Ulf Nilsson - Researching the ancestors and lifes of emigrants from Sweden that took part in WW1 for their new home country.
  • Paula J - Researching ancestors in the Southern States and some troops from Yorkshire, England.
  • Steve Fuhro - Adding major combatants national flags and US Navy ships and crew rosters. (1917-1918).
  • Mary Richardson - Adding and research The Great War country pages, as needed, searching images, helping anyone
  • Michele Camera - Identifying ancestors of myself, my daughter and my husband who were active duty during the Great War and adding template and info to profiles. Available to help newcomers to learn how to wikicode or document along with proper source citations.
  • Darlene Bissonnette - recognizing my ancestors who served to keep us a free nation beginning with my Grandfathers.
  • Brenda Butler - Working on my husbands Palmer line who fought, and survived, World War I, in the British Army and Royal Navy.
  • Russ Gunther - Working on moving profiles with incorrect or outdated categories to correct categories and improving profiles as I come across them.
  • Chad Smith - Working on ancestors who fought in The Great War. My Grandfather was a Marine Corp Captain who served in Guam.
  • Dave Seccull - improving the profiles of any family members I know who served in the Great War. Also those who were prevented from serving due to their occupation, and war widows - folks who may not have served, but whose lives were still profoundly affected by the conflict.
  • Carol Furness trying to add those who served in my local area of North east England and family members
  • David Burns working on my ancestors who fought to keep this my country free from foreign invaders but starting with grandfather who was in the border regiment and fought in France during the Great War who, luckily for me, survive.
  • Iain Old -- Researching my relatives who participated in the Great War - eg my grandfather Allan Old.
  • J Alexander working on relatives who fought and died in WW1.
  • J Crook I am adding profiles from a list of veterans buried in Colorado before 1949. This includes many World War I veterans.


  1. Find or create profiles
  2. All duplicates merged into lowest number
  3. PPP added
  4. pertaining categories added
  5. templates added
  6. biography cleaned up and written, using the WikiTree Style Guide (can work with

Profile Improvement Project for help)

  1. Attached family meets these goals, too
  2. Attached to the main WikiTree family tree (ask the GFR for help)
  3. Regular submissions to Profile of the Week

Those that are POW, MIA, KIA, WIA and those that died in the war can also go under the Roll of Honor. Along with others who received recognition. In this way we are not duplicating what has already been established but adding to it. An individual can be added to more than one project.

If we can find the burial information they can also be added to existing categories for the Global Cemeteries

Example profiles

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Free Space Pages

Over twenty-seven countries were mentioned as the Allied and Associated Powers in the Treaty of Versailles. World War I, however, was truly global in its outreach because colonies of European nations also went to war.

  • Austria-Hungary : Austria-Hungary initiated World War I by declaring war on Serbia in July 1914.
  • Belgium : Though initially neutral, Belgium joined World War I to offer stiff resistance against German invasion.
  • Brazil : Brazil joined World War I in 1917 on the side of the Allies, and was the only Latin American country to participate in the Great War.
  • Bulgaria : The Kingdom of Bulgaria joined the Central Powers in 1915 and fought until September 1918.
  • China : China entered World War I in 1917 following U.S. entry into the war.
  • France and Colonies : One of the major Allied nations, France declared war with the German declaration of war against France on August 3, 1914.
  • German Empire : Germany was a major Central Power. Austria-Hungary’s declaration of war was heavily influenced by Germany’s assurance of support.
  • Greece : Following the U.S. entry into World War I, Greece entered the war on the side of the Allies on June 27, 1917.
  • Italy : Initially reluctant to join the war despite an alliance with Germany and Austria-Hungary, Italy sided with the allies in 1915.
  • Japan : Japan's entry into World War I in August 1914 followed Britain's request to combat raids of the Kaiserliche Marine (German Imperial Navy).
  • Liberia : Liberian trade was adversely affected by World War I, and the country joined the Allied Powers in 1917.
  • Montenegro : Linked closely with Serbia, Montenegro joined the Allied cause in August 1914.
  • Ottoman Empire : The Ottoman Empire joined World War I in November 1914, on the side of the Central Powers, due to its close ties with Germany.
  • Portugal : Despite the rivalry between Portugal and Germany, Portugal remained neutral until March 1915, when Germany declared war. Portugal then joined the Allies.
  • Romania : Romania joined the Allies in August 1916.
  • Russia : Russia, along with Britain and France, was one of the major Allied Powers, and first among the nations to mobilize troops against Germany.
  • Serbia : The outbreak of World War I was triggered by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary in Sarajevo, Serbia. Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia in July 1914.
  • United States of America: The United States declared neutrality in 1914. In 1917, the United States associated with the Allied nations thereby changing the course of World War I.

Other countries such as Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, San Marino, and Siam were also involved in the Great War.


Please use existing categories when adding World War I service/information to individual profiles. You will find them under

World War I

To-Do or Task List

  • I have created a freespace page to start finding or creating profiles. Pennsylvanians of The Great War, using US Casualties of WWI, Pennsylvania-Wyoming. This resource does not give dates so it takes a little research to get the information. These are extremely large list so I add alphabetically and then find or create the profile. As the profile is created I add the link to the profile so it is not duplicated.
  • I think for the United States a freespace page similar for each state will help us all. The same too as to the country, providence, etc, you want to work on. If we add about 50 to the list at a time we can complete the profiles.
  • Add family members to connect to the Global Family. Flesh out the bios and then add more to the list.


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