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The Titanic Project is a sub-project of the Worldwide Disasters that covers the passengers and crew of the RMS Titanic, which sank in the Atlantic Ocean on 15 April 1912, on its maiden voyage.


How to Join

Project Coordinator: Luci Goodman

For a full list of participants, see the badge report.

If you would like to be involved in the Titanic project, please do the following:

  1. Add titanic to your list of followed tags. That way you'll see all of our discussions in your G2G Feed.
  2. Ask Luci to award you the Titanic Project badge.
  3. Check out our To-Do list for ways you can help and add yourself under the Volunteer column (let Luci know if you need help with this.)


The primary goal of the Titanic project is to have everyone aboard the ship, as well as those people who are associated with it-possible builders, designers, rescue people- represented on WikiTree with full, well-styled profiles. We also want to build pages to represent any events, items, research missions, etc, that are associated with the Titanic.

Here are some specific goals we're using to meet that primary goal:

For each person:
  • All duplicates should be merged into the final profile ID. PPP should be added if there are known duplication problems/or the person is considered notable.
  • Titanic template included on the page
  • Project account added as profile manager
  • All relevant categories are added; discussion with the Categorization Project as necessary to create new categories as needed
  • Biography is cleaned up and free of any GEDCOM leftovers, Ancestry trees with no links, etc. and styled according to Category:Styles and Standards. Use of inline citations is encouraged, and please do not copy large swaths of text from elsewhere. Paraphrase and link!
  • Each individual should have a quality source or reference to their association with the Titanic - i.e. a website or published biography
  • Create and attach immediate family
  • Connect to the main WikiTree tree

To Do

Add yourself to the table with what you'd like to work on. Want others to join you? Start a G2G conversation, tag it with "titanic", and add the link to the table, as well.

This list is a WIP and is currently less than 10 percent completed. You are free to work on any person on this list as well as someone not on the list. If you work on someone not on the list, please add their name to the list.

Note: the women on this list are listed with the surname they had at the time of the Titanic's sinking (not their maiden name nor any future surname) to aid in research. If you are looking for their maiden name, it is available (if the profile is created) on the RSM Titanic page.

One thing that really strikes me about the sinking is, in a sense, it's easy to look at a list of 1500 people who died on the Titanic. That number is actually meaningless, it's so large that it's meaningless, it's 1500 numbers... It's only when you stop to think that every single solitary name on that list of victims was a human being, just like you or I... had dreams and hopes and wishes and happiness and sadness and they were all cut short by the Titanic disaster. ~ George Behe, Vice President of Titanic Historical Society, Titanic, the Complete Story (A&E Documentary)

First Class Passengers:

Note: passenger servants will be listed separately below.

Person Volunteer Role Profile Biography Connection Notes and Links to G2G threads on research progress and collaboration Titanic Wiki added to trusted list
Allen, Elizabeth WaltonEowynFirst Class, SurvivorAllen-10708yesyesyes
Allison, Bessie Waldo DanielsMatthew HooperFirst ClassDaniels-1577yesyespending
Allison, Helen LoraineDorothy BarryFirst Class, ChildrenAllison-1615 yesyesyes
Allison, Hudson Joshua Creighton Sunny ClarkFirst ClassAllison-1617 yesyesyes
Allison, Hudson Trevor Jourdi CleghornFirst Class, Children, SurvivorAllison-1616 yesyes pending
Anderson, HarryLynne MarshallFirst Class, SurvivorAnderson-14416 yesyespending
Andrews, Kornelia Theodosia James StratmanFirst Class, SurvivorAndrews-4188 yesyesyes
Andrews, Thomas, JrRick MengleFirst ClassAndrews-4604 yesyes naval architect of the Titanicpending
Appleton, Charlotte Lamson James Stratman First Class, SurvivorLamson-236 yes yesyes
Artagaveytia, RamonSunny ClarkFirst ClassArtagaveytia-1 yes Needed! yes
Astor, John Jacob, IVEowyn, Eva Ramos, Matt PryberFirst ClassAstor-2 yesyes pending
Astor, Madeleine Talmadge ForceTheresa Carrier-Torrealba, Matt PryberFirst ClassForce-76 yesyes pending
Aubart, LéontineNeeded!First Class, SurvivorAubart-1Needed!Needed! pending
Barkworth, Algernon Henry WilsonNeeded!First Class, SurvivorBarkworth-2yesNeeded! pending
Baumann, John D.Needed!First ClassBaumann-545Needed!Needed!pending
Baxter, Hélène de Lanaudiére-ChaputNeeded!First Class, SurvivorDe_Lanaudiére-Chaput-2yesNeeded! pending
Baxter, QuiggNeeded!First ClassBaxter-1889yesNeeded! pending
Beattie, ThomsonLoretta BabbFirst ClassBeattie-636yesyes pending
Beckwith, Richard LeonardLaurie CruthersFirst Class, SurvivorBeckwith-672yesNeeded! pending
Beckwith, Sarah "Sallie" MonypenyLaurie CruthersFirst Class, SurvivorMonypeny-3yesNeeded! pending
Behr, Karl HowellLaurie CruthersFirst Class, SurvivorBehr-168yesNeeded! pending
Birnbaum, JakobNeeded! First ClassBirnbaum-157 Needed! Needed! yes
Bishop, Dickinson H.Laurie CruthersFirst Class, SurvivorBishop-7004YesNeeded! pending
Bishop, Helen WaltonLaurie CruthersFirst Class, SurvivorWalton-3572yesNeeded! pending
Björnström-Steffansson, Mauritz HokanDanielle MatiasFirst Class, SurvivorBjörnström-Steffansson-1yes Needed! pending
Blackwell, Stephen WeartJames StratmanFirst ClassBlackwell-2025yesNeeded! pending
Blank, HenryNeeded! First Class, SurvivorBlank-423 Needed! Needed! yes
Bonnell, CarolineNeeded! First Class, SurvivorBonnell-470 Needed! Needed! yes
Bonnell, ElizabethNeeded! First Class, SurvivorBonnell-469Needed! Needed! yes
Borebank, John JamesNeeded! First ClassBorebank-1 Needed! Needed! yes
Bowerman, Elsie EdithNeeded! First Class, SurvivorBowerman-466 Needed! Needed! yes
Brady, John BertramNeeded! First ClassBrady-3671 Needed! Needed! yes
Brandeis, Emil FranklinNeeded! First ClassBrandeis-38 Needed! Needed! yes
Brereton, George AndrewNeeded! First Class, SurvivorBrereton-788 Needed! Needed! yes
Brewe, Dr Arthur Dominic JacksonNeeded! First ClassBrewe-6 Needed!Needed! yes
Brown, Caroline Lane Lamson James Stratman First Class, SurvivorLamson-201 yes Needed! pending
Brown, Margaret "Molly" TobinEowynFirst class, SurvivorTobin-489Needed!Needed!pending
Bucknell, Emma Eliza WardNeeded!First class, SurvivorWard-9788yesyespending
Butt, Archibald WillinghamNeeded! First ClassButt-1496 Needed!Needed! yes
Calderhead, Edward PenningtonNeeded! First Class, SurvivorHungerford-753 Needed!Needed! yes
Candee, Helen Churchill HungerfordNeeded! First Class, SurvivorHungerford-753 Needed!yes pending
Cardeza, Charlotte Wardle DrakeNeeded! First Class, SurvivorDrake-6697 Needed!Needed! yes
Cardeza, Thomas Drake MartinezNeeded! First Class, SurvivorCardeza-2 Needed!Needed! yes
Carlsson, Frans OlofNeeded! First Class, SurvivorCarlsson-1226 Needed!Needed! yes
Carrau, Francisco Mauro SeverianoNeeded!First classCarrau-55Needed!Needed!yes
Carraú-Esteves, Jose PedroSally StovallFirst classCarraú-Esteves-1yesNeeded!pending
Carter, Lucille Polk (Reeves)Sally StovallFirst class, Children, SurvivorCarter-9924yesNeeded!pending
Carter, Lucille Stewart Polk (Brooke)Sally StovallFirst class, SurvivorPolk-478yesNeeded!pending
Carter, William ErnestSally StovallFirst class, SurvivorCarter-9925yesNeeded!pending
Carter, William ThorntonSally StovallFirst class, Children, SurvivorCarter-9920yesNeeded!pending
Case, Howard BrownNeeded!First class, SurvivorCase-4233Needed!Needed!yes
Cassebeer, Eleanor FosdickNeeded!First class, SurvivorFosdick-227Needed!Needed!yes
Cavendish, Julia Florence SiegalNeeded!First class, SurvivorSiegel-570Needed!Needed!yes
Cavendish, Tyrell WilliamNeeded!First classCavendish-255Needed!Needed!yes
Chaffee, Herbert FullerLydia ViersonFirst classChaffee-2849yesyespending
Chaffee, Carrie Constance "Toogood"Lydia ViersonFirst class, SurvivorToogood-191yesyespending
Chambers, Bertha GriggsNeeded!First class, SurvivorGriggs-1900Needed!Needed!yes
Chambers, Norman CampbellNeeded!First class, SurvivorChambers-5904Needed!Needed!yes
Cherry, GladysNeeded!First class, SurvivorCherry-1441Needed!yesyes
Chevré, Paul Romaine Marie LéonceNeeded!First class, SurvivorChevré-8Needed!Needed!yes
Chibnal, Edith Martha BowermanNeeded!First class, SurvivorBarber-6991Needed!Needed!yes
Chisholm, RoderickNeeded!First classChisholm-1541Needed!Needed!yes
Clark, Walter MillerNeeded!First classClark-42052Needed!Needed!yes
Clark, Virginia Estelle McDowellNeeded!First class, SurvivorMcDowell-3257Needed!Needed!yes
Clifford, George QuincyNeeded!First classClifford-3264Needed!Needed!yes
Colley, Edward PomeroyNeeded!First classColley-838Needed!Needed!yes
Compton, Alexander TaylorNeeded!First classCompton-2912Needed!Needed!yes
Compton, Mary Eliza IngersollNeeded!First class, SurvivorIngersoll-779Needed!Needed!yes
Compton, Sarah RebeccaNeeded!First class, SurvivorCompton-2911Needed!Needed!yes
Cornell, Malvina Helen Lamson James Stratman First Class, SurvivorLamson-256 yes Needed! pending
Crafton, John BertramNeeded!First classCrafton-122Needed!Needed!yes
Crosby, Catherine ElizabethNeeded!First class, SurvivorHalstead-925Needed!Needed!yes
Crosby, Edward GiffordNeeded!First classCrosby-3448Needed!Needed!yes
Crosby, Harriette RebeccaNeeded!First class, SurvivorCrosby-3449Needed!Needed!yes
Cumings, Florence Briggs ThayerNeeded!First class, SurvivorThayer-4164Needed!Needed!yes
Cumings, John BradleyNeeded!First classCumings-62Needed!Needed!yes
Daly, Peter DennisNeeded!First class, SurvivorCumings-62Needed!Needed!yes
Daniel, Robert WilliamsNeeded!First class, SurvivorDaniel-5569Needed!Needed!yes
Davidson, Orian HaysNeeded!First class, SurvivorHays-3734Needed!Needed!yes
Davidson, ThorntonNeeded!First classDavidson-9343Needed!Needed!yes
Dick, Albert Adrian James StratmanFirst Class, SurvivorDick-2079 yesNeeded!pending
Dick, Vera Gillespie James StratmanFirst Class, SurvivorGillespie-3357 yesNeeded!pending
Dodge, Henry WashingtonNorman DodgeFirst Class, SurvivorDodge-1734yesyespending
Dodge, Ruth VidaverNorman DodgeFirst Class, SurvivorVidaver-2yes - could be fleshed outyespending
Dodge, WashingtonNorman DodgeFirst Class, Survivor, ChildrenDodge-1732yesyespending
Duff-Gordon, Lucy Christiana SutherlandLaurie CruthersFirst class, SurvivorSutherland-1204yesyespending
Duff-Gordon, Cosmo Edmund, 5th BtLaurie Cruthers, Jessica HatfieldFirst class, SurvivorDuff-Gordon-1yesyespending
Guggenheim, BenjaminMatt Pryber, Jessica HatfieldFirst class, SurvivorGuggenheim-10yesyespending
Hogeboom, Anna Louisa Andrews James StratmanFirst Class, SurvivorAndrews-4192 yesNeeded!pending
Ismay, J. BruceLaurie CruthersFirst class, Survivor, BuilderIsmay-15yesNeeded! Managing Director of the White Star Linepending
Leopold, Gretchen Fiske Longley James StratmanFirst Class, SurvivorLongley-220 yesNeeded!pending
Long, Milton Clyde James Stratman First ClassLong-8872 yes yes pending
Minahan, Daisy IdaLuci GoodmanFirst class, SurvivorMinahan-43yesNeeded! yes
Minahan, William EdwardLuci GoodmanFirst classMinahan-38yesNeeded! yes
Newell, Arthur Webster James StratmanFirst Class, SurvivorNewell-1792 yesNeeded!pending
Newell, Madeleine James Stratman First Class, SurvivorNewell-1794 yes Needed! pending
Newell, Marjorie Anne James Stratman First Class, SurvivorNewell-772 yes Needed! pending
Newsom, Helen M.Laurie CruthersFirst classNewsom-744yesNeeded!yes
Ostby, Engelhart CorneliusLaurie CruthersFirst classOstby-40yesNeeded!yes
Ostby, Helen RagnhildLaurie CruthersFirst class, SurvivorOstby-38yesNeeded!pending
Rothes, Lucy Noel Martha Dyer-Edwardes (Macfie)Wiley Walters JrFirst class, SurvivorDyer-Edwardes-1Needed!yespending
Ryerson, Arthur LarnedSally StovallFirst classRyerson-307yesNeeded!pending
Ryerson, Emily BorieSally Stovall,First class, SurvivorBorie-1yesNeeded!pending
Ryerson, Emily Borie (daughter)Sally StovallFirst class, SurvivorRyerson-309yesNeeded!pending
Ryerson, John BorieSally StovallFirst class, Survivor, ChildrenRyerson-306yesNeeded!pending
Ryerson, Susan ParkerSally StovallFirst class, Survivor, ChildrenRyerson-308yesNeeded!pending
Speddon, Frederic OakleySally StovallFirst class, SurvivorSpedden-9yesNeeded!pending
Speddon, Margaretta Corning StoneSally StovallFirst class, SurvivorStone-5363yesNeeded!pending
Speddon, Robert DouglasSally StovallFirst class, Survivor, ChildrenSpedden-8yesNeeded!pending
Straus, Rosalie Ida BlunLuci GoodmanFirst classBlun-3yesNeeded!yes
Straus, IsidorLuci GoodmanFirst classStraus-56yesNeeded!yes
Thayer, John Borland Jr.James StratmanFirst ClassThayer-3433 yesyes pending
Thayer, Marian Longstreth MorrisJames StratmanFirst Class, SurvivorMorris-13101 yesyes pending
Thayer, John "Jack"James StratmanFirst Class, Survivor, ChildrenThayer-3434 yesyes pending
Young, Marie GriceMaggieFirst Class, SurvivorYoung-17762 Needed!Needed!pending

Second Class Passengers:

Note, the orchestra members rode second class, but are listed here separately:

Person Volunteer Role Profile Biography Connection 'Notes and Links to G2G threads on research progress and collaboration Titanic Wiki Profile added to trusted list'
Abelson, HannahDanielle MatiasSecond ClassWarshaw-5 yesNeeded! pending
Abelson, SamsonNeeded!Second ClassAbelson-26 Needed!Needed!pending
Aldworth, Augustus HenryNeeded!Second Class, Passenger ServantAldworth-137 Needed!Needed! He is sometimes known as Charles Augustus Aldworthpending
Andrew, Edgar SamuelNeeded!Second Class, ChildrenAndrew-1064 Needed!Needed!pending
Becker, Richard F. Luci GoodmanSecond Class, Children, SurvivorBecker-2203 yes - but could be compiled betteryesyes
Becker, Marion Louise Luci GoodmanSecond Class, Children, SurvivorBecker-2202 yesyesyes
Becker, Nellie E BaumgardnerLuci GoodmanSecond Class, Children, SurvivorBaumgardner-100 yes yesyes
Becker, Ruth Elizabeth (Blanchard) Luci GoodmanSecond Class, Children, SurvivorBecker-2199 yesyesyes
Beesley, Lawrence Douglas BeezleySecond Class, SurvivorBeesley-285 yesyespending
Caldwell, Albert Francis Sally StovallSecond Class, SurvivorCaldwell-2190 yesNeeded!
Caldwell, Alden Sally StovallSecond Class, Survivor, ChildrenCaldwell-2189 yesNeeded!
Caldwell, Sylvia Mae HarbaughSally StovallSecond Class, Survivor, ChildrenHarbaugh-126 yesNeeded!
Cameron, Clear Annie (Francis)Chris GilbertSecond Class, SurvivorCameron-3872Needed!yes
Collyer, Charlotte Annie Tate Sally StovallSecond Class, SurvivorTate-1557 yesNeeded!
Collyer, Harvey Sally StovallSecond ClassCollyer-181 yesNeeded!
Collyer, Marjorie Charlotte "Lottie" (Dutton)Sally StovallSecond Class, Children, SurvivorCollyer-180 yesNeeded!
Davies, Agnes (Elizabeth White)Sally StovallSecond Class, SurvivorWhite-17451yesNeeded!
Davies, John Morgan, JrSally StovallSecond Class, Survivor, ChildrenDavies-3001yesNeeded!
Drew, James VivianSally StovallSecond ClassDrew-876yesNeeded!
Drew, Maria Louisa "Lulu" ThorneSally StovallSurvivor, Second ClassThorne-917yesNeeded!
Drew, Marshall BrinesSally StovallSecond Class, Children, SurvivorDrew-875yesNeeded!
Funk, Annie ClemmerDanielle MatiasSecond ClassFunk-1784yesNeeded!yes
Hämäläinen, Anna MariaSally StovallSecond Class, SurvivorHämäläinen-96yesNeeded!
Hämäläinen, Viljo Unto JohannesSally StovallSecond Class, Children, SurvivorHämäläinen-95yesNeeded!
Harper, Annie Jessie (Pont)Sally StovallSecond Class, Children, SurvivorHarper-3123yesNeeded!
Harper, JohnSally StovallSecond ClassHarper-3124yesNeeded!
Hart, BenjaminNeeded!Second ClassHart-3882yes - could be fleshed outNeeded!
Hart, Emily Esther Bloomfield (Brooke)Needed!Second Class, SurvivorBloomfield-375yesNeeded!
Hart, Eva MiriamSally StovallSecond Class, Children, SurvivorHart-3864yesNeeded!
Laroche, Joseph Philippe LemercierNeeded!Second ClassLaroche-109yesNeeded!
Laroche, Juliette Marie Louise LafargueNeeded!Second Class, SurvivorLafargue-8yesNeeded!
Laroche, LouiseSally StovallSecond Class, Children, SurvivorLaroche-110yesNeeded!
Laroche, Simonne Marie Anne AndréeNeeded!Second Class, Children, SurvivorLaroche-111yesNeeded!
Leitch, Jessie WillsSally StovallSecond Class, SurvivorLeitch-130yesNeeded!
Mallet, Albert Denis PierreSally StovallSecond ClassMallet-252yesNeeded!
Mallet, André ClementSally StovallSecond Class, Survivor, ChildrenMallet-250yesNeeded!
Mallet, Antonine Marie Magnin (Rodomanowski)Sally StovallSecond Class, SurvivorMagnin-49yesNeeded!
Mellinger, Elizabeth Ann MaidmentSally StovallSecond Class, SurvivorMaidment-73yesNeeded!
Mellinger, Madeleine Violet (Mann)Sally StovallSecond Class, Survivor, ChildrenMellinger-163yesNeeded!
Nasser, Adele Hakim (Shamaley)Sally StovallSurvivor, Second ClassHakim-11yesNeeded!
Nasser, NicholasSally StovallSecond ClassNasser-13yesNeeded!
Navratil, EdmondSally StovallSecond Class, Children, SurvivorNavratil-26yesNeeded!
Navratil, Michael, Sr. (Hoffman, Louis M.)Sally StovallSecond ClassNavratil-26yesNeeded!
Navratil, Michel Marcel, Jr.Sally StovallSecond Class, Children, SurvivorNavratil-21yesNeeded!
Nicholls, Joseph CharlesSally StovallSecond Class, ChildrenNicholls-724yesNeeded!
Quick, Jane Richards)Sally StovallSecond Class, SurvivorQuick-1120yesyes
Quick, Phyllis May (Murphy)Sally StovallSecond Class, Children, SurvivorQuick-1120yesyes
Quick, Winnifred Vera (Van Tongerloo)Sally StovallSecond Class, Children, SurvivorQuick-1121yesyes
Sincock, Maude (Roberts)Sally StovallSecond Class, SurvivorQuick-1121yesNeeded!

Third class passengers:

Person Volunteer Role Profile Biography Connection Notes and Links to G2G threads on research progress and collaboration Titanic Wiki Profile added to trusted list'
Abī-Al-Munà, Nāsīf Qāsim Danielle MatiasThird class, SurvivorAbī-Al-Munà-1yesNeeded! also shows up as Nassef Cassem Albimona/Balman and other variancespending
Abbott, Rhoda Mary HuntNeeded!Third class, SurvivorHunt-5911yes - but needs sourcesNeeded!pending
Abbott, Rossmore EdwardNeeded!Third class, ChildAbbott-3461yesNeeded!pending
Abbott, Eugene JosephNeeded!Third class, ChildAbbott-3459yesNeeded!pending
Abbing, AnthonyEva RamosThird classAbbing-4yesNeeded!pending
Aks, Frank PhilipNeeded!Third class, Child, SurvivorAks-1yesNeeded!yes
Andersson, Alfrida Konstantia BrogrenJessica HatfieldThird ClassBrogren-4 yesNeeded!pending
Andersson, Anders JohanJessica HatfieldThird ClassAndersson-3057 yesNeeded!pending
Andersson, Ebba Iris AlfridaNeeded!Third Class, ChildrenAndersson-3053 yesNeeded!pending
Andersson, Ellis Anna MariaNeeded!Third Class, ChildrenAndersson-3054 yesNeeded!pending
Andersson, Ingeborg Constanzia Needed!Third Class, ChildrenAndersson-3055 yesNeeded!pending
Andersson, Sigrid ElisabethNeeded!Third Class, ChildrenAndersson-3056 yesNeeded!pending
Andersson, Sigvard Harald EliasNeeded!Third Class, ChildrenAndersson-3052 yesNeeded!pending
Asplund, Carl EdgarNeeded!Third Class, ChildrenAsplund-45 Needed!Needed!
Asplund, Clarence Gustaf HugoNeeded!Third Class, ChildrenAsplund-47 Needed!Needed!
Asplund, Filip OscarNeeded!Third Class, ChildrenAsplund-46 Needed!Needed!
Asplund, Lillian GertrudeNeeded!Third Class, Children, SurvivorAsplund-43 yesNeeded!
Baclini, EugenieNeeded!Third Class, Children, SurvivorBaclini-1 Needed!Needed!
Baclini, Helene BarbaraNeeded!Third Class, Children, SurvivorBaclini-3 Needed!Needed!
Baclini, Maria CatherineNeeded!Third Class, Children, SurvivorBaclini-4 Needed!Needed!
Bing, LeeNeeded!Third Class, SurvivorBing-166 Needed!Needed!yes
Bulus, AkarNeeded!Third Class, ChildrenBūlus-1 Needed!Needed!
Bulus, Nūr al-'aynNeeded!Third Class, ChildrenBūlus-2 Needed!Needed!
Chip, ChangNeeded!Third Class, SurvivorChip-12 Needed!Needed!yes
Foo, ChoongNeeded!Third Class, SurvivorFoo-9 Needed!Needed!yes
Hee, LingNeeded!Third Class, SurvivorHee-9 Needed!Needed!yes
Lam, AliNeeded!Third Class, SurvivorLam-216 Needed!Needed!yes
Lam, LenNeeded!Third ClassLam-217 Needed!Needed!yes
Lang, FangNeeded!Third Class, SurvivorLang-4027 Needed!Needed!yes
Ling, LeeNeeded!Third ClassLing-1525 Needed!Needed!yes
McNeill, BridgetNeeded!Third ClassMcNeill-898 Needed!Needed! Bridget is sometimes listed under the surname O'Neill
O'Connor, PatrickNeeded!Third ClassO'Connor-1957Needed!Needed!
O'Dwyer, Ellen "Nellie" (Ryan)Needed!Third Class, SurvivorO'Dwyer-85Needed!Needed!
O'Keefe, PatrickNeeded!Third Class, SurvivorO'Keefe-441Needed!Needed!
O'Leary, Hanora "Nora" (Herlihy)Needed!Third Class, SurvivorO'Leary-575Needed!Needed!
O'Sullivan, BridgetNeeded!Third ClassO'Sullivan-1051Needed!Needed!
Peters, Catherine "Katie"Needed!Third ClassPeters-5592Needed!Needed!
Rice, AlbertNeeded!Third Class, ChildrenRice-7422Needed!Needed!
Rice, ArthurNeeded!Third Class, ChildrenRice-7425Needed!Needed!
Rice, EricNeeded!Third Class, ChildrenRice-7424Needed!Needed!
Rice, Eugene FrancisNeeded!Third Class, ChildrenRice-7426Needed!Needed!
Rice, George HughNeeded!Third Class, ChildrenRice-7423Needed!Needed!
Rice, MargaretNeeded!Third ClassRice-7421Needed!Needed!
Riordan, HannahNeeded!Third ClassRiordan-227Needed!Needed!
Ryan, EdwardNeeded!Third Class, SurvivorRyan-5733Needed!Needed!
Ryan, PatrickNeeded!Third ClassRyan-5611Needed!Needed!
Sadlier, MatthewNeeded!Third ClassSadlier-16Needed!Needed!
Scanlan, JamesNeeded!Third ClassScanlan-137Needed!Needed!
Shaughnesay, PatrickNeeded!Third ClassShaughnesay-1Needed!Needed!
Shine, Ellen Ellen Mary LongThird Class, SurvivorShine-46Needed!Needed! Needs categories - higher security, couldn't do it myself, emailed Ellen Long
Smyth, JuliaNeeded!Third Class, SurvivorSmyth-1180Needed!Needed!
Sunderland, Victor F.P.Laurie CruthersThird Class, SurvivorSunderland-363YesNeeded!
Tobin, RogerNeeded!Third ClassTobin-533Needed!Needed!
Zimmermann, LeoNeeded!Third ClassZimmerman-2630 Needed!Needed!

Crew Members:

Person Volunteer Role Profile Biography Connection 'Notes and Links to G2G threads on research progress and collaboration Titanic Wiki Profile added to trusted list'
Abbott, Ernest OwenNeeded!CrewAbbott-5527Needed!Needed!
Bell, JosephJoseph St. DenisCrewBell-8166yesNeeded!
Bride, Harold SydneyJoseph St. DenisCrewBride-24yesNeeded!
Clarke, WilliamEmpress of Ireland WikiTreeCrew, SurvivorClarke-5294yes - could be compiled differentlyNeeded!
Farquharson, William EdwardJoseph St. DenisCrewFarquharson-148yesNeeded!
Fleet, FrederickNeeded!Crew, SurvivorFleet-372Needed!Needed!yes
Gwynn, William LoganRick PierpontCrewGwynn-165yes - could be fleshed outNeeded!
Harrison, Norman E.Joseph St. DenisCrewHarrison-4978yesNeeded!
Harvey, Herbert GillfordJoseph St. DenisCrewHarvey-3580yesNeeded!
Heskith, John Henry Joseph St. DenisCrewHeskith-1yesNeeded!
Ketchley, HenryTerry WrightCrew MemberKetchley-1yesyes
Kirkland, Charles LeonardLeanne CooperCrew MemberKirkland-319yesyes
Moody, James PaulNeeded!CrewMoody-2042yesNeeded!
Paice, Richard Charles JohnVeronica WIlliamsCrewPaice-136yesNeeded!
Phillips, John GeorgeJoseph St. DenisCrewPhillips-8399yesNeeded!
Smith, Edward JohnJoseph St. DenisCrewSmith-49339yesNeeded! Captain
Wilson, HerbertJoseph St. DenisCrewWilson-17856yesNeeded!

Orchestra Members:

Note: This list is complete

Person Volunteer Role Profile Biography Connection Notes and Links to G2G threads on research progress and collaboration Titanic Wiki Profile added to trusted list'
Brailey, William Theodore RonaldLuci GoodmanOrchestra, Second ClassBrailey-36yesNeeded!yes
Bricoux, Roger MarieLuci GoodmanOrchestra, Second ClassBricoux-1Needed!Needed!yes
Clarke, John Frederick PrestonLuci GoodmanOrchestra, Second ClassClarke-6938Needed!Needed!yes
Hartley, Wallace HenryDK Clews, Luci GoodmanOrchestra, Second ClassHartley-1845yesNeeded!pending
Hume, John Law Luci GoodmanOrchestra, Second ClassHume-810Needed!Needed!yes
Krins, Georges AlexandreLuci GoodmanOrchestra, Second ClassKrins-12Needed!Needed!yes
Taylor, Percy CorneliusLuci GoodmanOrchestra, Second ClassTaylor-31340Needed!Needed!yes
Woodward, John WesleyLuci GoodmanOrchestra, Second ClassWoodward-3779Needed!Needed!yes

Passenger Servants:

Person Volunteer Role Profile Biography Connection 'Notes and Links to G2G threads on research progress and collaboration Titanic Wiki Profile added to trusted list
Barber, Ellen MaryNeeded!First Class, Passenger Servant (to Mrs. Cavendish), SurvivorBarber-4591Needed!Needed!pending
Bassani, AlbinaNeeded!First Class, Passenger Servant, SurvivorBassani-9Needed!Needed!yes
Bessette, Nellie MayoNeeded!First Class, Passenger Servant, SurvivorBessette-378Needed!Needed!yes
Bidois, RosalieNeeded!First Class, Passenger Servant, SurvivorBidois-9Needed!Needed!yes
Bird, EllenNeeded!First Class, Passenger Servant, SurvivorBird-6538Needed!Needed!yes
Bowen, Grace ScottSally StovallFirst Class, Passenger Servant (to Ryersons), SurvivorBowen-2476yesNeeded!pending
Burns, Elizabeth MSally StovallFirst Class, Passenger Servant (to Speddens), SurvivorBurns-3085yesNeeded!pending
Cairns, Alexander MilneSally StovallFirst Class, Passenger Servant (to Carters)Cairns-596yesNeeded!pending
Chaudanson, VictorineSally StovallFirst Class, Passenger Servant (to Ryersons), SurvivorChaudanson-1yesNeeded!pending
Cleaver, Alice Catherine (Williams)Sally StovallFirst Class, Passenger Servant (to Allisons), SurvivorCleaver-453yesNeeded!pending
Daniels, SarahSally StovallFirst Class, Passenger Servant (to Allisons), SurvivorDaniels-1581yesNeeded!pending
Fleming, MargaretJames StratmanFirst Class, Passenger Servant (to Thayers), SurvivorFleming-5032 noNeeded!pending
Serreplan, AugusteSally StovallFirst Class, Passenger Servant (to Carters), SurvivorSerreplan-1yesNeeded!pending
Swane, GeorgeSally StovallFirst Class, Passenger Servant (to Allisons)Swane-19yesNeeded!pending

Cross-channel passengers:

These passengers disembarked in Cherbourg or Queenstown - They ALL boarded in Southampton

Note: This list is complete.

Person Volunteer Role Profile Biography Connection Notes and Links to G2G threads on research progress and collaboration Titanic Wiki Profile added to trusted list'
Brand, Karl Birger Needed!First class, CherbourgNeeded!Needed!Needed!
Browne, Father Francis Patrick Mary Needed!First class, QueenstownNeeded!Needed!Needed!
Collis, Mr. Needed!First class, CherbourgNeeded!Needed!Needed!
Davies, H. V.Needed!Second class, CherbourgNeeded!Needed!Needed!
Davies, K.Needed!Second class, CherbourgNeeded!Needed!Needed!
De Grasse, J.Needed!First class, CherbourgNeeded!Needed!Needed!
Dyer-Edwardes, ThomasNeeded!First class, CherbourgNeeded!Needed!Needed!
Dyer-Edwardes, Clementina Georgina LucyNeeded!First class, CherbourgNeeded!Needed!Needed!
Evans, MissNeeded!Second class, CherbourgNeeded!Needed!Needed!
Fletcher, N.Needed!First class, CherbourgNeeded!Needed!Needed!
Forman, J.Needed!First class, CherbourgNeeded!Needed!Needed!
Forman, Mrs.Needed!First class, CherbourgNeeded!Needed!Needed!
Lenox-Conyngham, Alice Katherine HarrietSally StovallFirst class, CherbourgLenox-Conyngham-10yesyespending
Lenox-Conyngham, Barbara Josephine TurtonNeeded!First class, CherbourgTurton-150yesyesyes
Lenox-Conyngham, Eileen MarySally StovallFirst class, CherbourgLenox-Conyngham-8yesyespending
Lenox-Conyngham, Denis HughSally StovallFirst class, CherbourgLenox-Conyngham-7yesyespending
May, Richard W.Needed!First class, QueenstownNeeded!Needed!Needed!
May, StanleyNeeded!First class, QueenstownNeeded!Needed!Needed!
Mullen, Mr.Needed!Second class, CherbourgNeeded!Needed!Needed!
Nichols, E.Needed!First class, CherbourgNeeded!Needed!Needed!
Noel, Major Gerard ThomasSally StovallFirst class, CherbourgNoel-647yesNeeded!
Noel, William Henry MiddletonSally StovallFirst class, CherbourgNoel-646yesNeeded!
Odell, KateNeeded!First class, QueenstownNeeded!Needed!Needed!
Odell, Lily MayNeeded!First class, QueenstownNeeded!Needed!Needed!
Odell, Jack DudleySally StovallFirst class, QueenstownOdell-746yesNeeded!
Osborne, D.Needed!Second class, CherbourgNeeded!Needed!Needed!
Remesch, MissNeeded!Second class, CherbourgNeeded!Needed!Needed!
Stevens, G.Needed!First class, CherbourgNeeded!Needed!Needed!
Tovey, MissNeeded!Second class, CherbourgNeeded!Needed!Needed!
Wotton, Henry SwaffinNeeded!First class, CherbourgNeeded!Needed!Needed!

White Star Line:

Note: White Star Line employees, etc who also sailed on the Titanic will be listed in the passenger lists and not here.

Person Volunteer Role Profile Biography Connection Notes and Links to G2G threads on research progress and collaboration
Morgan, John Pierpont Rick PierpontWhite Star Line, Just-Missed-ItMorgan-61yesyes owner of WSL, had planned to sail on the Titanic, but cancelled

Confirmed Shipbuilders of the Titanic:

Note: Confirmed Shipbuilders who also sailed on the Titanic will be listed in the passenger lists and not here.

Person Volunteer Role Profile Biography Connection Notes and Links to G2G threads on research progress and collaboration
Flaherty, LiamNeeded!Confirmed Shipbuilder, Just-Missed-ItNeeded!Needed!Needed!Liam was one of the nine "Guarantee Group" selected to sail on the Titanic (taken from the shipbuilders), but didn't due to an attack on his father.
Pirrie, William JamesLaurie CruthersConfirmed Shipbuilder, Just-Missed-ItPirrie-27YesYesHead of White Star Line

Possible Shipbuilders of the Titanic:

Person Volunteer Role Profile Biography Connection Notes and Links to G2G threads on research progress and collaboration
McNeill, James Seamus BennettPossible ShipbuilderMcNEILL-57lots of notesyes
Magill, Thomas AaronPatrick BrownPossible ShipbuilderMagill-403yes
Magill, William JamesPatrick BrownPossible ShipbuilderMagill-411no

Titanic's Just-Missed-It Club:

Person Volunteer Role Profile Biography Connection Notes and Links to G2G threads on research progress and collaboration
Frick, Henry Clay needed!Just missed itneeded!needed!needed!
Marconi, GuglielmoChris MckinnonJust missed itMarconi-13yesyes
Stupka, Roman IvanovichSari Preeper, Christina PreeperJust missed itStupka-13lots of notesyes

Titanic Discovery Crew:

Person Volunteer Role Profile Biography Connection Notes and Links to G2G threads on research progress and collaboration
Ballard, RobertJames StratmanDiscoveryBallard-5363 yesneeded!discoverer of the Titanic

Notable Relation to the Titanic:

This category is for people who had a notable relation to the Titanic that may or may not necessarily fit into another category.

Person Volunteer Role Profile Biography Connection Notes and Links to G2G threads on research progress and collaboration
Kramer, Helen Loraine needed!Notableneeded!needed!needed!woman who claimed to be Loraine Allison, the only first class child to perish on the Titanic
Robertson, Morgan Andrew Luci GoodmanNotableRobertson-8160needed!needed!author of the book "Futility"

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