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WikiTree Projects: US Black Heritage
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  • Our first Instructional Videos are uploaded! Bookmark our Instructional Videos page and watch for more videos on how to use WikiTree and how to work on US Black Heritage and enslaved ancestor profiles.
  • Read the September 2023 Newsletter for the latest updates and announcements, and to learn more about the USBH Project and its members.
  • If you have questions about documenting slavery at WikiTree or finding enslaved ancestors, please click on the Heritage Exchange Portal tab below for answers.

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Our Mission

This project is a sub-project of the United States Project and the Global Black Heritage Project.

  • To collect in one place information and resources to assist in building and documenting African-American Genealogies.
  • To create the largest online public database of connected African-American families.
  • To bring together WikiTreers interested in connecting African-American families to the Global Family Tree.
  • To process all types of documents regarding free and enslaved ancestors with the goal of creating their profiles and connecting them to their descendants.
  • To provide and maintain a logical and organized structure to help individuals identify their ancestors and celebrate their history.
  • To improve all profiles of ancestors with Black heritage, which may include biography building, sourcing, and making correct connections.

See our Project Goals for more information on the specific goals we're trying to meet each year.

Membership Requirements

Requirements for joining:

  • Meet the basic genealogy and WikiTree skills requirements as defined on our Welcome Mat.
  • Have Family Member level membership and sign the Honor Code
  • Read the 3 very important pages linked at the top of the Welcome Mat
  • Complete the New Member Form
  • Declare what you would like to work on within the project

Once you join we ask you to:

  • Enter the US Black Heritage Path and work to complete the Profile Improvement Path. The Heritage Exchange Path is optional.
  • Join at least one Project Team and make at least one contribution towards the project's goals every six months
  • Join the project's Google Discussion Group
  • Respond to the six-monthly check-in and to your team leader/coordinator
  • Add black_heritage to the tags you follow to keep up with project posts

How to Join

It is extremely easy to join the project. Answer this post, telling us which team(s) you would like to be a part of and share two profiles you believe shows you meet the basic skills requirements. Add black_heritage to your followed tags to stay up to date with project posts. Our membership coordinator will contact you.

Project Stickers

To honor the heritage of African American family, please use the African-American Sticker. This may help to differentiate between people of the same name who live in the same location. This sticker is for profiles of people who lived in the USA only. To add this sticker to a profile, enter {{African-American Sticker}} somewhere below the heading "Biography." That will give you this:

US Black Heritage Project
... ... ... is a part of US Black heritage.
  • This sticker is the only standard way for the US Black Heritage Project to count the number of project profiles, so is very important for tracking our progress. We ask that you use it for all Black Americans whose profiles are not managed by the project. Those who are project managed will get the project box instead.
  • What if you are uncertain of a person's heritage because different census records show a person as Black, mulatto, and white?
    • Usually, the census taker marked a person's race based on what they saw at the time. It's best to get an overall picture of the person's race by looking at multiple records. It's not accurate 100% of the time, but usually pretty close. We use the sticker when any terms indicating at least some African heritage were used on records. This includes "mulatto."

Project Tags

The following tags are used by the US Black Heritage Project. Please follow them to receive notifications regarding these topics.

  • black_heritage (used on all project posts)
  • african_american is also used, but not consistently on all posts
  • heritage_exchange
  • slavery
  • plantations
  • black_history
  • connecting_challenge
  • family_builders
  • usbh

Project Stats

We regularly track the progress of the project. See our Stats page for the numbers over time.

  • Total project profiles through March 3, 2024: 303,789

Our 2024 goal is to reach 400k.

Project Focus Profiles

With a goal toward connecting all USBH profiles, we have chosen three focus profiles. We will grow the cc7 for these three connected notables as large as we possibly can to enfold more families into their web of connection. Their cc7 will be updated on the stats page linked above.

Family Builders: Family Tree/Research Help

US Black Heritage Project volunteers are available to help build and add sources to family trees with US Black heritage on WikiTree. We look forward to building and extending your family tree to help you more easily connect and collaborate with family.

  • If you are interested in the Family Builder Program (having us build your tree from scratch), please use this form to request help. Please read this page for more information.
  • If you are a WikiTree member and would like research help with a section of your tree, please see this information on how to find help.

We help people on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be placed on a waiting list and will receive a message from a USBH member when it is your turn for help.

Contact Us

Email Your Info

If you or a friend would like to send us documentation or other information about an enslaved ancestor, just email: wikitrees-usbh-exchange at - replace the at with @

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