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Are you interested in the US Black Heritage Project?


Our Mission

This project's aims are:

  • To collect in one place information and resources to assist in building and documenting African-American Genealogies.
  • To bring together WikiTreers interested in connecting African-American families to the Global Family Tree.
  • To improve the profiles of the people who emigrated and the people who were forced to emigrate from Africa to North America, specifically the United States.
  • To provide and maintain a logical and organized structure to and create a method to link Unconnected family trees In a way to help individuals identify and celebrate their history. It's incredibly difficult for most families to go back further than the Civil War, but that doesn't mean they can't connect to the tree laterally in modern times.

Membership Requirements

Requirements for joining:

  • Have Family Member level membership and sign the Honor Code
  • Declare what you would like to work on within the project

Once you join we ask you to:

  • Make at least one contribution towards the project's goals every six months
  • Join at least one project team
  • Join the project's Google Discussion Group
  • Respond to the six-monthly check-in and to your team leader/coordinator
  • Add black-heritage to the tags you follow to keep up with project posts

How to Join

It is extremely easy to join the project. Answer this post, telling us which team(s) you would like to be a part of. Add black_heritage to your followed tags to stay up to date with project posts.


Leader: Emma MacBeath
Project Coordinators: Sarah Heiney and Lucy Selvaggio-Diaz
John Bentley
Lakeshia Clark
Bill Debuque
Carl Dickason
Dave Ebaugh
Javelle (Blue) Fields
Henry Gelzer
John George
Tami Heaton
Sharon Hinshaw-Payne
Debi Hoag
Nora (Johnson) Jenkins
Shira Destinie Jones
Eddie King
Patty LaPlante
Annette (Jones) Lockett
John Lodge
Liz Marshall
Elisa Mayfield
Yvonne McCowan Gammell
Carolyn Martin
Nancy McNaughton
Wes Miller
Janice Patterson
K Raymoure
Alexis Ritter
C Ryder
Jai Sanders
Ellen Smith
Aron Snyder
Vivian Tanniehill
Keith Truax
E Weatherall
Eric Weddington
Tara Wildes

Categories and Structure

Project Box and Sticker

This project is a sub-project of the United States Project.

To call visual attention to profiles of African American family, please use the African-American Sticker. To add this sticker to a profile, enter {{African-American Sticker}} somewhere below the heading "Biography." That will give you this:

African-American Project
... ... ... is part of African-American history.

Our project box is {{US Black Heritage}} which will give you:

US Black Heritage Project
... ... ... is a part of African-American history.
Join: US Black Heritage Project
Discuss: African-American

This template is for use only on profiles that need to be project protected (PPP'd) and managed by the project. They are not for every single African-American person.

Project Teams

  • US Black Heritage Topical Teams Focusing on the people of historical events, notables, and various topics of interest from the history of the African American community.
Current Free-Space Projects
Space: Asante's 100 Greatest African-Americans
Space: Inventors_and_Scientists_who_were_African-American
Space: Notable_African-American_Women
Space: Freedmen Narratives
Space: Slavery, United States of America
Map of pre-colonial African civilizations
Revolutionary War Period African-Americans
1870 Census Project
  • Horry County, South Carolina (adding profiles of African-Americans)

Our Project's Name

To understand the choice for this project's name and why it was changed from African American to US Black Heritage, please see this space page about our project's name.

Joint Project Collaboration

One Name Studies

Other One Name Studies that include African Americans:


WikiTree Help Pages

African-American Profile Examples

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