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Welcome to the US Civil War Between the States Project!

Join us in the US Civil War: War Between the States Project!



Welcome to the US Civil War: War Between the States project. This project is dedicated to those individuals who participated in this conflict in whatever capacity, whether a soldier, spy, or even those who supplied either side during the conflict. It is not necessary that you have an ancestor who fits this description. If you have an interest in this part of American history, you are more than welcome to participate.

Please review the project goals, and if you feel this is something that you would like to do, follow the steps under How to Join below.


While the Revolutionary War formed our Nation, the Civil War tore it apart, resulting in the death of more than 620,000, with millions more injured. The mission of the U.S. Civil War Project is to honor those who fought in that horrendous conflict.

Project Goals

  • Identify profiles of individuals who participated in this conflict
  • Add the project template to their profile along with any other appropriate templates such as POW, KIA, etc
  • State Resource Pages. Compile resources for individual states and counties to assist others in researching ancestors/events in those locations. View the lists on the resource page at Resource Page to see individual states.
  • Categorize profiles appropriately in regards to military unit, locations, battles, etc
  • PPP (Project Protected Profiles): Request that your participant be PPPd via a project leader or any Wiki Tree Leader. See: List of Leaders Please do a search of all profiles with the correct last name at birth to identify the lowest numbered (original profile) profile to be protected. NOTE: There may be other profiles of the same person but with different spellings of the last name. For further explanation, please see: Process for Merges G2G

Task List

These are tasks that volunteers can do to help us! Check out the G2G post referring to the task, and ask questions or comment on what you're working on there.

Here are some tasks that you can perform for the Civil War Project!

  1. Make a space page with resources for a specific unit or battle.
  2. Help update the WIA and KIA categories on Civil War profiles.
  3. Help structure the various military categories on WikiTree! Keith McDonald is our liaison with the Categories Project.
  4. Use [[Category:Unsourced Profiles]] to find profiles that need sources and add them.

Sub Project Resource Pages

  • Recruit WikiTree members to "adopt" a state resource page, and basically act as a Project Coordinator for that state. The pages are found under People or pages for Union States and Confederate States
  • Link state resource pages to appropriate categories for example using Alabama the following categories should be added.
  • Identify and add resource links for research regarding the Civil War and genealogy that is related to each county. Some states have a central location, others have individual historical societies or unit resources.

How to Join

If you would like to be involved in this project, please do the following:

  1. Add US_Civil_War to your list of followed tags. That way you'll see all of our discussions in your G2G Feed and any changes to related pages.
  2. Add your name to the current participant list below, with a brief note regarding your area of interest, expertise or even your family member.

After that:

  1. Ask Paula J to award you the badge.
  2. Go to the appropriate resource page for your area of interest and if you are interested in assisting with it, let the page manager know. They can steer you in the right direction and offer assistance as well.

Communicating with the project

There are several ways to communicate with the project members:

  • US_Civil_War Tag on G2G If you post a question in G2G regarding the project or a profile that is or should be part of the project, add the "tag"
US Civil War and all members who follow that tag will be notified via WikiTree's daily feed.
  • Contact members from the list below, or by clicking on the badge of any project member to bring up a current member list.

Project Box

Adding this Project Box based template to a profile identifies it as someone who played a key role in the war and displays links to both the project page showing more information/resources and to G2G filtering on subjects with the US Civil War tag.

It is NOT required when just adding categories for status (KIA, WIA, etc.) or the unit(s) assigned to, or, using the {{US C W}} recognition based template to highlight unit/service dates, which should be documented elsewhere in the biography.

Copy and paste the following onto the profile for the individual who participated in the United States Civil War:

{{US Civil War| side = USA}} for Federal and States forces fighting for the Union

{{US Civil War| side = CSA}} for Federal and States forces fighting for the Confederacy

Template that can be used in Biography

Many thanks to Terry Wright for providing this for us!!

{{US C W
| enlisted = mmm dd, yyyy
| mustered = mm dd, yyyy
| side = CSA or USA
| regiment flag = image file
| regiment name = regiment name}}

This is a display template and can only be used in the bio of a profile, it is not a project template.

Fill in the blanks with information unique to that person. If you don't have all of the information just leave the original generic info.

For the flag image, see: FLAGS for each participating state and some military units. Scroll down to the appropriate state, and copy the image name (anything after the equal = sign).

NOTE: Multiple regiments can be separated by a comma, OR you can use multiple templates.

The result is something like this:


... ... ... ... fought in the US Civil War between the States.
Enlisted: Jan 1863
Mustered out: Apr 1865
Fought for: CSA
Regiment(s): 13th South Carolina Infantry

Project Profile


Project Resource Pages

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Other Space Pages


Related Projects

The following projects and groups are likely to have some overlap with this one, so members of this project may be interested in them as well:

Related Category or Free Space Pages

NOTE: Please glance through WikiTree Category Search to minimize duplication.

Current Project Leaders and Participants

The leaders of this project are Nae X, Paula J and Terri Rick, Project Coordinator. For a full list of participants, see the badge report.

Please list your Name, Wiki ID, and What you are currently working on (link if possible)

  • Barry Sweetman I'm researching my Union and my wife's Confederate ancestral participation in the US Civil War.
  • Michelle Saucier. All great great grandfather's and many other relatives served or fought, notably Luke Conerly. I am currently involved in the effort to have a CSA headstone provided by the MDAH for a relative, in which I have provided genealogical research, records and oral history towards.
  • Robert Snow. I was researching cousin Robert A Snow of Campbell, Virginia. He and another cousin Allen Snow were in the 2nd Cavalry, Company I, CSA. After much studying, and discovering he survived the war, I decided to research the fellow members of Company I, for which I was able to produce about 150 profiles.

A Civil War diary by my g-g-g uncle Lewis Tune Nunnelee added to my interest. Another diary written by Captain Charles Blackford of 2nd Cavalry had a factor as well.

Once I maxed out Company I of the 2nd Cavalry. I started with Company H of 38th Virginia Infantry. Robert A. Snow's father Abner Snow, and two of Robert's brothers(Martin Van Buren Snow and William D. Snow) were in Company H. All three died in the war.

  • Connie Graves I am adding Categories on the profiles for states and the units my ancestors served in. Seems like they all had big families and brothers and brothers-in-law all joined together. Then they lived in an area where 3 states came together so they served in multiple units and different states. Three months here, three years there. Some were Confederate but most were Union. It does get dicey. Also, am dipping my toe in the Mexican-American War --only have one ancestor there.
  • Elaine Flynn Just beginning to scratch the Civil War surface. One known ancestor so far, John M Fry 17th Regiment, Pennsylvania Cavalry (162nd Volunteers)
  • Christopher Morales Douglas My ancestors fought on the Union side during the civil war. I am looking into exactly what they did during the war and also looking to see if I missed anything. They all survived the war.
Here they are:
William Myers 10th US Infantry
William Hume Campbell 60th Illinois Volunteer Infantry
William Douglas 4th and 12th Regiment Illinois Cavalry
Albert Eugene Terwilliger 138th New York Infantry, 9th New York Heavy Artillery
Theodore DeKimpe 42nd Illinois Volunteer Infantry
John Meyers Lawrence Porter 13th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment

  • Loretta Ann Lynn My 2nd-great-grandfather Hugh Linn volunteered to serve the Union, along with two of his sons, at the age of 53. My 2nd-great-grandfather Andrew Danner volunteered at the age of 40. Both men served in the Potomac Home Brigade, Army of the Potomac ~ Andrew in the 1st Cavalry (Cole’s Cavalry) and Hugh in the 3rd Infantry. Great-granduncles Riley Linn and William Linn also served in the 3rd Infantry.
  • Carolyn Lynett I want to acknowledge ancestors who fought in this horrific war.
  • Thom Anderson My direct ancestors were either too young, too old, or still in Europe at the time, but I have a few cousins on each side - even if I don't count distant cousins such as R. E. Lee and McClellan.
  • Dorothy Coakley My great-grandfather George Addison Cook, a journalist, wrote a piece about his memories of growing up in Missouri when its status as a free or slave state was under deliberation. Many of us, on both sides of the family, served in the Civil War. My favorite story is about the conflict between my great-great grandparents about whether to be on the north or southern side. These two were George's parents, Nancy Lewis Thornton and Paschal Hickman Cook.
  • Gerald Jones Working to identify Civil War veteran family members from both sides, mainly from Tennessee.
  • Jackie Murray If anyone needs any help, especially with NC records let me know. I'm a state employee with access to historical records.
  • Andrea Stawski I have identified many of our ancestors such as Farley, Pack, Lilly Cooper, Harvey etc. and documenting their War Services in VA to WV. Samuel Pack 1755-1833 m. Mary Farley is our grandparental lineage as well Samuel's brother George Pack.
  • Billy Matney Identifying both my Confederate and Union ancestors and documenting their service.
  • Philip Gale I have identified some family members, such as Gilbert Alexander, who served as a corporal in the 108th Regiment, Illinois Infantry. Initially, I need to add the details of their military service to their profiles.
  • Cheryl Skordahl I am working on my 3rd great grandfather's profile ID Aldrich-917, his brother ID Aldrich-946 who was KIA. Also three of their cousins.
  • Stephen Fuhro My wife's 2nd great grand uncle, Jacob Lent (2nd son of Selah Lent) enlisted 24 Aug 1862 as a private in the 124th NY Volunteer Infantry Regiment (The Orange Blossoms). He died 02 Jul 1863 at the 2nd day of Gettysburg. He was a corporal and 19 yrs. old at the time. We also have other relatives who served including one who was a confederate soldier. We will be entering all info soon.
  • Kathy (Brannan) Wills I just added the flags to my 2nd great grandfather Michael Brannan. I find his story fascinating. I didn't know about this project before or I would have been adding the the images to other profiles as as I added them.
  • Deborah Compton I just added my great grandfathers, Hall-16388 and Hall-16962. I would like their profiles to be protected under this project. I would also like a way to protect future profiles of ancestors I find who were in the Civil War. I may need help finding the on line links for military service. I have the information for their military service already entered.
  • Steve Cole I am new to the CIvil War Project. I have already uploaded several of my Civil War ancestors and attached them to their unit categories. For years, I have been interested in regiments from Mississippi and the battles fought in that state or involving Mississippi regiments. For the last 4 or 5 years, I have been researching the Confederate cavalry battles in north Miss. and western Tenn. in 1863-64. I have compiled a list of 600+ soldiers who were casualties in the Battle of Fort Pillow, TN, on my website. My project is to add unit histories for the Miss & Tenn cavalry units to help clear up some of the confusion. See my Profile. If anyone needs help in these areas, drop me a line.
  • Bill Sekel Presently working on several family lines from Tennessee and North Carolina.
  • Sharon Whitaker Prue Working on One-Name-Project for my Ancestor: Quattlebaum. I have found over 50 Quattlebaums that participated on the Confederate side of the War from the following States: South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Texas. Most of my ancestors are from South Carolina. I will also research the Quattlebaum Rifle that was made for the Confederate Army in the Quattlebaum Factory in South Carolina. There were No Quattlebaums that participated on the side of the Union. Access to, Fold3, and
Direct Ancestor: Captain John Quattlebaum with 19th Regiment, South Carolina Infantry, C Company
Direct and Indirect Ancestors working with Captain John with the 19th
Indirect Ancestor: General Paul Quattlebaum with 5th Regiment, Texas Infantry
Direct and Indirect Ancestors: Palmetto Sharpshooters Regiment, South Carolina (Jenkin's) (1st Palmetto).
  • Nick Hughey So far identified some 30+ Confederate ancestors in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. I'm also researching and adding the unit histories. Nae X assisted me with James M. Ford, thanks again!
  • Michelle McQueen McQueen-562, I will start with my Civil War ancestors, from Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, and Michigan.
  • Maggie N Working on locating soldiers up on WikiTree that need templates.
  • Star Kline-958, I will start with my Civil War ancestors, all from Pennsylvania, including two from:
143rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
  • Mark Crow-991, Most of my ancestors involved were recent German Catholic immigrants who volunteered with the 4th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry. I plan on starting with them, then working my way out, including some famous confederate soldiers of Tennessee.
  • Robin Kabrich - Kabrich-1, sporadic work schedule but will do what I can. Will work on the following:
Have subscriptions to both and will look stuff up, just ask
I also tend to flit around and put things on other pages if I find something! Also glad to help anyone else.
Beaucoup relatives, North AND South, plus unrelated people I stumble across.
  • PJ - CSA Veterans of Upstate SC and Western NC, the 29th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry, 5th SC Volunteers, Co. C, NC 55th Infantry Regiment, Co. D, Thomas's Legion, Elmira and Point Lookout POW Camps. Very demanding full time job. Links to come.
  • David Wilson -My time is currently very limited; but, I shall help anyone as I can. Brickwall Puzzle in Kentucky Co. A or F
    4/19-I cleaned up counties, added graphics and interesting reads on Arizona. Then linked listed cemeteries in proper counties as sources and finished separating counties on Kentucky... also played w/ some graphics. LOL
  • Nae X Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia. Fold3. Anything else that needs done, time permitting.
  • Nan Lambert Concentrating Illinois resources and soldiers.
  • Lockwood-1016 I will begin work on some of the NY Regiments, 4th Cavalry, 14th & 139th Infantry & others as I am able. I have access to Ancestry World Edition if anyone needs a lookup.
  • Kristin Merritt I will work on the regiments from Florida and Georgia. I am already beginning to work on the 2nd Florida Cavalry, which was the regiment of my 2nd great-grandfather. I have subscriptions to Ancestry and Fold3.
  • Terri I'm working on the 137th New York Regiment. My pages would be the same as Nae's rather than duplicate - I'll just pitch in where I can. Will facilitate the Category issues and Roll of Honor co-ordination with this project - again to avoid duplication.
  • Jason W. Crews I am working on the POW Camps page. I have access to, &
  • Trudy I am researching Orr's Riffles from South Carolina. Also my Hunnicutt Family
  • Ray Jones I have come across 10-15 Civil War soldiers thus far in my research that I will add and document. I am also interested in the soldiers who served in the 54th Massachusetts (the regiment from the movie "Glory") and am starting to research and add profiles of soldiers from the 54th. Beyond this, I often find individuals on various genealogy message boards who are searching for pension files for their ancestors who fought or were married to Civil War soldiers. I will try and add profiles of these soldiers to our project as well.
  • Vicki Norman Working on Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia. Adding Generals & Commanders. Adding bio's for Generals if profile is open and there is no bio.
  • Mary Richardson Finished 4 Georgia brothers, Texas Cate in 9th, Union brothers , IL . Now working on some CSA Hodges son, father and brothers soldiers.
  • Judy Wardlow I am currently working on CSA ancestors from Overton County, TN. I have accounts with Ancestry and Fold3 that may prove helpful.
  • Henry Chadwick Two of great-grandfathers and one great-great-grandfather fought on the Union side in the Civil War. I have the original letters sent home by one of my great-grandfathers and i am in the process of scanning and transcribing them.
  • Bob Keniston I will be working on my Civil War ancestors, mostly from Massachusetts. Also, the 16th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment.
  • Jacqueline Clark Working on ancestors in the Civil War, Pennsylvania Regiments. My Hanson Great great Grandfather 4 brothers and his father all fought.
Just sharing some of my best ones.
Tillman Miller
Peter Miller
Emanuel Matter
Samuel Burnham McClennen Hanson
  • Alison Andrus I need to start by categorizing all the Civil War vets in my file and then I would like to branch out into regimental histories and rosters. My primary interest is in Ohio and New York.
  • Vic Watt I am working on the Civil War soldiers with the last name Hildreth, as part of the Hildreth Name Study.
  • Lydia Vierson I am working on Civil War soldiers that are buried in Ada and Lowell located in Kent County, MI.
  • Lynden Raber Rodriguez I have several family members on both sides of the war. I would like to search for more information about them as I work on my lines.
  • Carole Taylor I have put a book of muster cards from the fold3 site to honor my g-g-grampa Morrison M Lee, 27th MO. Mtd. Inf. and adding them/any other Civil War Vet to the Find A Grave memorials site.
  • Bobby Lykins I have an interest in my family members that had several sons from the same family off fighting at the same time. And like many often fighting against each other. Most of which were from the bordering states.
  • Sandra Shannon I have a lot of Civil War participants in my tree as well as the ones I am finding working on personal projects in Patrick County, Viriginia and Burke County, North Carolina so figured I might as well join the crew.
  • Joseph Michael Arledge I am interested in finding more information about the Arledge's that fought for the Union or the Confederacy and the Heck's from Ohio that fought for the Union. I'm also interested in POW Camp Douglas. It was known as the northern prison camp with the highest mortality rate of all Union Civil War prisons. Some of my uncles that fought for the Confederacy. Any info would be very helpful. Arledge-107 Moses D Arledge - Company L, Company M, 27th Brigade Arledge-166 John Franklin Arledge - Company E, 35th Mississippi Infantry, Prisoner. Reap-58 Richard G Reap - Owen's Battery, Arkansas Light Artillery Reap-59 William Jonas Reap - 1st Regiment, Arkansas Infantry (Colquitt's) Reap-60 Samuel H Reap - 1st Regiment, Arkansas Infantry (Colquitt's) Reap-61 Edward C Reap - 9th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry
  • Marshall Satterwhite Prepared to award recognition to Satterwhite and related family members with recorded civil war military service, both Union and Confederate.
  • Lynette Jester Any Jester who served either side during the CW, particularly Jester and related families in AR and those who served in the 3rd AR Inf Co E "Champagnolle Guards". I have Jesters in several states.
  • Marlitta H. Perkins I've been researching the Civil War for nearly 20 years now. My main interest is Kentucky, especially Eastern Kentucky, but I'm also familiar with records and events from Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia. I have more than 25 Civil War ancestors who served on both sides. For starters, I've taken on the 14th Kentucky Infantry Category page, since most of my direct family members were in that unit, including my grandfather Henry Clay Perkins who got me started on this journey. 14th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Infantry. I'm willing to assist with research questions if there's a need.
  • Robert_Hock I am joining to attempt to complete my GGGrandfather Simon's profile. He served with the Wisconsin Volunteers and I have found him in their list online. I know he arrived here from Germany in 1854, but can find nothing else. Not real sure where to go next.
  • Bonnie Saunders There are a few military veterans in my family tree. I am only just starting to research their war efforts, and don't know how far I'll get in documenting them correctly but the family members I've come across who participated in the Civil War were in military regiments in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio, so my focus will be on them. Two died in the Battles of Shiloh and Chancellorsville and one survived the Battle of Antietam.
  • Cindy Cloyd I have many ancestors that served in the civil war. I have completed my first profile for ancestor Freeman Merryman who served in the Union Army from Illinois.
  • Sheri Taylor Bockelman I have ancestors on both both sides. I've written articles about my ancestors in the 71st Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and the reunion of its veterans. I have my 2nd Great Grandfather, John Wallace Campbell, on Fold3, and some other veterans. I am having trouble with categories. My 2nd great grandfather on the Confederate side and his brother were both captured in Meridian, Mississippi - my GG Grandfather died in Alton, Illinois, at the Union prison, his brother died enroute there.
  • Scott Pipenhagen I have identified only one family member to date, William Henry Spain, who served as a Captain with Company D, 19th Infantry Regiment of the Wisconsin Volunteers. I hope to uncover additional details for his service as well as locating additional ancestors that served (on either side).
  • Coby Treadway I have ancestors that fought on both sides during the war. I am most interested in researching their experiences as well as those of the common soldier. At this point I have traced the history of two family members, James L. Porter, who served as a private in Company H, 14th Alabama Volunteer Infantry, and Francois Adolphe Solis, a private in Company G, Thomas' 28th Louisiana Volunteer Infantry. Private Solis was captured following the fall of Vicksburg and died as a POW at Camp Morton, Indiana.
  • Dan Stevens I have a few direct ancestors who served in the Confederate Military. My great grandfather, Julius Honesta Stevens, served in the 17th Mississippi Infantry Company I from 1861 to 1865 till he was captured in April 1865 and sent to Point Lookout, Maryland for two months before being put on a ship and sent to Hernando, Mississippi. He is my primary point of interest.
  • Chad Olivent Georgia and Florida Civil War interests
  • Craig Dunstan I am a member of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. I have two 2xGreat-Grandfathers who fought for the North and one 2xGreat-Grandfather who fought for the South. I also have done research on the 31st Wisconsin Infantry Volunteers.
  • RL McAdoo - 26th Tennessee Sharpshooters - Maney's Regiment.
  • Beverly Benfer - Yesterday I added my first documented Civil War family member, William G. Mull. I look forward to adding more as I can document them properly.
  • Scott Lee - I am working on the Mexican-American War Project and identifying veterans of this conflict and adding them to our project page. I am discovering that many of the Mexican-American War conflict are also veterans of the Civil War. Example of one of my pages is Josiah Hendricks.
  • Zoiya Holland-Tate - I am working on researching my GG grandfather William James Holland of Alexandria, VA. I also have family in my Sprague line, Myers as well as others that served in the war and I am identifying and categorizing them as I go
  • Craig Albrechtson I have a number of relatives that fought in the civil war. Most of them fought in Wisconsin, Ohio or Illinois Regiments. At least 5 of them died and one was in Confederate Prison camp.
  • J. Crook I am currently researching and adding all the Civil War veterans who are buried in my local cemetery. I've also started to add the men of Company K, 42nd Indiana Infantry to Wikitree in hopes that I'll find one person who served in that company living near one of his friends. If I ever complete those two tasks, I plan to research the other members of the companies in which my four Union Civil War ancestors served. I also have a lot of peripheral research interests, including a man who died as a Confederate P.O.W. in a Union camp and a relative who was wounded at Gettysburg.
  • Jo Gill I have family on both sides. Working on Gill-99. Phillips Georgia Legion Cavalry Battalion Company F.
  • David M Peter With family who served in Illinois and Indiana, looking to make certain their contributions and service are recognized.
  • Steve Kline 1. Looking for my GG GM Schroeder-1096's 2 brothers (Schroeder, first names unknown) who apparently enlisted in NY around 1863 and were never heard from again. 2. Trying to verify if GG GF Angell-536 was in the war--family notes say so. 3. GGG GF Saam-55 was in the war.
  • Russ Gunther working on adding recognition to Civil War veterans in my family:
William Paskel Hendrick Company G, 13th Regiment, Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry for the Union Army
John B. Hendrick
McKinday Hendrick
Pleasant Luttrell (now Luttrull)
William H. Dye
Bluford Luttrell
Milton Jacob Luttrell
And then free pages on their units, the Battles of Saltville, and the United States Colored Cavalry USCC).
  • Peggy McReynolds I've been adding Civil War Categories for my ancestors who lived in NW Arkansas, they served in both the Union and Confederate Armies. Surprisingly enough, several of them started out in the Confederate Army but by fall of 1863 enlisted in the Union Army. Sadly enough, more of my ancestors were murdered by bushwhackers than died while enlisted. My father was career military (Korea and Vietnam era) and, were he still living, would have been very surprised to know his family had more Union Soldiers than Confederate.
  • Sheryl Moore - I have several ancestors from West Virginia then Virginia who fought on both sides of the Civil War and this being the anniversary month of the start of the Civil War, I want to identify those I haven't, and add memorials to those I have found this month. I found one today that died as a POW at Andersonville Prison, Sumter, GA and want to honor him. 4/5/17
  • Synthia Caldwell - I have many ancestors that served that I'll be able to add to the project, mostly from Georgia and North Carolina.
  • Sondra Marshall - Cemeterist - working on military burials, including Civil War Veteran burials, in Dawson and Lincoln Counties in Nebraska, includes any and all Civil War Veteran burials at Fort McPherson National Cemetery, Maxwell, Lincoln County, Nebraska.
  • Janell Baker. I am researching the line to General Joseph Hooker. It appears he is connected in my paternal grandmother's line. and I would like to participate.
  • Patricia Prickett Hickin I heard a lot of stories about life during the Civil War from my father, who heard them from his grandmother. His grandmother's younger brother, Fountain Claibourne Beatie/Beattie was the best friend of the famed Southern guerrilla, John Singleton Mosby, and fought with him in the war. My father met Mosby on several occasions at Uncle Fount's shortly before Mosby's death.

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