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Welcome to the US Civil War Between the States Project!

The US Civil War: War Between the States Project is part of the Military and War Project. See our US Civil War Project Progress Page. Please note that projects cannot do research for you. If you don't know where to start, please see: Help:How to Get Started with Genealogy.



Welcome to the US Civil War: War Between the States project. This project is dedicated to the military who participated in this conflict. If you have an interest in this part of American history, you are more than welcome to participate.

Please review the mission and project goals. If you feel this is something that you would like to do, follow the steps under How to Join below.


While the Revolutionary War formed our nation, the Civil War tore it apart, resulting in the death of more than 620,000, with many more injured. The mission of the U.S. Civil War Project is to honor those who fought in that horrendous conflict.

Project Goals

  • Identify profiles of individuals who participated in this conflict.
  • Add the project sticker to their profile along with any other appropriate sticker such as POW, KIA, etc.
  • State Resource Pages. Compile resources for individual states and counties to assist others in researching ancestors/events in those locations. View the lists on the resource page at State Template Page to see individual states.
  • Categorize profiles appropriately in regards to military unit, locations, battles, etc.

Task List

These are tasks that volunteers can do to help us! Check out the G2G post referring to the task, and ask questions or comment on what you're working on there.

Here are some tasks that you can perform for the Civil War Project!

  1. Make a space page with resources for a specific unit or battle.
  2. Help update the KIA, WIA, POW, etc. categories on Civil War profiles.
  3. Help structure the various military categories on WikiTree!
  4. Use [[Category:Unsourced Profiles]] to find profiles that need sources and add them.
  5. Review the profiles that are in the base, upper level categories of Union/Confederate, service branches, states, etc. and try to further identify where they should be placed, and remove/update categories and templates using current guidelines, i.e. remove duplicate category paths (state when unit known), add category to template with |unit instead of explicitly with [[Category:xxx]]

State Resource Pages

  • Recruit WikiTree members to "adopt" a state resource page, and basically act as a Project Coordinator for that state. The pages are found under People or pages for Union States and Confederate States
  • Link state resource pages to appropriate categories for example using Alabama the following categories should be added.
  • Identify and add resource links for research regarding the Civil War and genealogy that is related to each county. Some states have a central location, others have individual historical societies or unit resources.

How to Join

Are you interested in the US Civil War Project?us_civil_war.gif

You may also want to

  1. Add military_and_war to your followed tags
  2. Check out the main project page for all guidelines related to the project.
  3. Go to the appropriate resource page for your area of interest and if you are interested in assisting with it, let the page manager know. They can steer you in the right direction and offer assistance as well.
  4. Add your name and tell what you are working on or interested in on our US Civil War Progress Page

Communicating with the Project

There are several ways to communicate with the project members:

  • US_Civil_War tag on G2G. If you post a question in G2G regarding the project or a profile that is or should be part of the project, add the "tag" and all members who follow that tag will be notified via WikiTree's daily feed.
  • Contact members by clicking on the badge of any project member to bring up a current member list.

Project Account Profile

  • Wikitree ID: WikiTree-39 US Civil War Project Profile is the nonperson project profile that can serve as project manager for profiles under the US Civil War Project. Add this as PM for your profile by adding the email below and clicking add as manager:
  • Please do not add the project as manager unless it is needed. A good example of when it might be needed is if you have added a profile because it is important to the project but you don’t want to manage the profile because your watchlist is already large.

Project Box or Sticker?

Only add the project box if the profile is managed by the US Civil War project profile account. Otherwise add the sticker.

Project Box

Adding this Project Box based template to a profile identifies it as someone who played a key role in the war and displays links to both the project page showing more information/resources and to G2G filtering on subjects with the US Civil War tag.

It is NOT required when just adding categories for status (KIA, WIA, etc.) or the unit(s) assigned to, or, using the {{US Civil War}} sticker to highlight unit/service dates, which should also be documented elsewhere in the biography.

Copy and paste the following onto the profile for the individual who participated in the United States Civil War whose account needs project management:

{{US Civil War Project| side = USA}} for Federal and State forces fighting for the Union

{{US Civil War Project| side = CSA}} for Federal and State forces fighting for the Confederacy

The project box will look like this:

Union and Confederate Service Badges
... ... ... participated on the side of
the CSA during the US Civil War.
Join: US Civil War Project
Discuss: us_civil_war

This will appear above the biography. You cannot alter this to include unit information. You can add the sticker below the biography as well, which will allow you to enter dates, rank and unit.

Sticker that can be used in Biography

{{US Civil War
| enlisted = mmm dd, yyyy
| mustered = mmm dd, yyyy
| side = CSA or USA
| regiment flag = image file
| regiment name = regiment name
| unit = category to add profile to (United States Civil War automatically added)
| rank = use if not given on the persons profile}}

This is a display sticker and is used on the profile of a person who was in the war, placed below the ==Biography== line, it is not a project box.

Fill in the blanks with information unique to that person. If you don't have all of the information just leave the original generic info.

Here is a step by step instruction provided by Natalie Trott

{{US Civil War
|side = CSA or USA
|enlisted = mmm dd, yyyy
|mustered = mmm dd, yyyy
|regiment flag = file name from Civil War Flags
|regiment name = regiment1; regiment2
|rank=rank (If this is not entered, the prefix from the profile will be used)
|unit= name of unit category to add profile to (", United States Civil War" will be added to the unit by the sticker)

I'm going to go through these parameters one by one, so stand by.

side= choose one, was the unit part of Union, then it's USA. If it was a confederate, use CSA. Do not leave them both there.

enlisted=date they signed on. If you don't know, just backspace through it. It will show "unknown" though, so be aware.

mustered=date they mustered out. Don't know? Backspace through. Again, it will show as unknown. If they were KIA, you can put the date of death.

regiment flag=there are not a lot of them floating about WikiTree,so you can look through the space page Space:Civil_War_Flags if you want to use a different one than the default. You can also just remove this parameter and a default will display.

regiment name= here you can use free text and include company "A" or other company names. If they served in several units, you can add them all, but separate them by a comma or semicolon. Have at it here.

rank= here you want to use the abbreviation for the rank, if you know it. (Usually, private is Pvt, private first class is PFC, Sergeant is Sgt; Corporal is Cpl., lieutenant is Lt., major is Maj., colonel is Col. )

unit= this is the one that creates a new category if the category does not already exist, so search the categories for the correct unit. You can also use the category picker tool to find the correct name. Almost all of the US Civil War units were pre-added. Once you find the unit's category, backspace through the text and add it. (It should be something akin to "127th Regiment, Indiana Infantry". You do not add "United States Civil War, because the template will add that part) If you have no idea, please backspace and remove the text "name of unit category to add profile to (", United States Civil War" will be added to the unit by the sticker)" because that will be added as your category if you do not. NOTE: If the person served in more than one unit, the additional units must be added as separate categories. Search within the state served or use the category picker tool to find the category for the appropriate unit.

Here is a good example of a use:

If you open that to edit mode, you can see what the user did. Then close the edit mode without saving, since you do not want inadvertently edit the profile.

The result is something like this:

... ... ... ... served in the United States Civil War.
Enlisted: Jan 1863
Mustered out: Apr 1865
Side: CSA
Regiment(s): 13th South Carolina Infantry

Important note: For this sticker, the |unit= element lists the 1st/2nd part of the name, United States Civil War is automatically added by the code, so if you put in the United States Civil War in the Sticker with the unit (the full category name), the Sticker tries to add to a category with that in the name twice, which will show up on the profile in red.


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