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Southern Colonies project uses the term Colony pre-1776 in the location data field, such as Colony of Georgia, with the exception of Maryland, South Carolina and North Carolina which are referred to as Provinces, such as "Province of South Carolina”

US Southern Colonies Project

The mission of the project is to add and improve profiles of early and significant US Southern Colonists - Colonial Americans who lived in what is now the southern part of the United States of America. Project members take primary responsibility for relevant profiles or family groups and work on merging duplicates, cleaning up profiles, adding sources, and removing incorrect information.

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This project is an endeavor to identify individuals who lived in colonial America in what is now the southern part of the United States of America. Participation does NOT require an ancestor that belongs to this group, but an interest in Colonial America, its history, and the persons and events that shaped the Southern Colonies.

Southern Colonies encompasses all colonies, whether British, French, or Spanish, that were part of what is now the USA. We are working towards creating resources for each colony with links to assist in research as well as identifying those individuals and events that were a part of the southern colonial history. This is achieved by identifying and linking individual profiles to the project and appropriate categories. Our goal is also to ensure correct genealogy by research and documenting individuals and their relationships to parents, siblings, spouses, and children to ensure that WikiTree is an accurate resource to genealogists worldwide.

Individual colonial resource pages are linked under the individual sub-projects of British, French and Spanish. Sub-projects are mostly led by interested members, and being a Leader is not a requirement for heading up a sub-project, so if you have a specific area of interest and are willing to assist other members in that area, please let us know so we can add you as a manager of that sub-project page.



Note that dates are for the era of research covered on the subproject resource pages and do not apply to profile location data fields.

British Colonies Main Resource Page which encompasses the British Colonies along the Atlantic coast.

North Carolina 1729 to November 21, 1789
South Carolina 1729 to May 23, 1788


German New River Settlement



  • US Southern Colonies Spanish Nueva España (New Spain) has colonies as listed below. This area as related to the USA included most of the continent west of the Mississippi River. Sub Project Coordinator Mary Richardson and Team: Allan Thomas, Michael Stills, Judy Wardlow, Gail Mayme Byler, and Jason Crews; a group of excellent people.
Defenders in the Battle of the Alamo Space page Mary Richardson, Eric Daly, Allan Thomas

  • Mexico and Provinces: Sub Project Coordinator Mary Richardson and Allan Thomas following the independence of Mexico from Spain. The following provinces of Mexico are some of the provinces. Main creator Allan Thomas aided by the Team: Michael Stills, Judy Wardlow.
Baja California
Provincia of Coahuila
Provincia of Durango
Provincia of Nueva León
Provincia of Nueva Santander
Provincia of Nueva Vizcaya
Provincia of Sonora
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Southern Pioneers


Native Americans

Main Resource Pages

Project Resource Page with Links to Sub-Projects

Main Images Page for Southern Colonies

  • US Southern Colonies Photo Page. Photos or images that encompass all the southern colonies (British, Spanish and French) will go on this page. If you have a photo or image that is specific to one colony, please upload it on the specific page for that colony.

Project Goals

The ongoing goals of this project are to:

1. Identify Colonists' Profiles and their descendants in any of the Southern Colonies in America, what is now known at the United States of America and then add:
  1. Merge Duplicates : In the case of duplicate profiles, merge duplicate profiles directly into the PPPd profile. For more explanation of merges see: Merging PPPd Profiles OR Merging Procedure and Why on G2G.
  1. Contribute to Project Resource Pages: If you come across a related resource for a colony or related sub project, please add this to the appropriate Resource Page.
  1. Profile Improvement: Add biographical information with documented sources in accordance with the Styles and Standards Policy of WikiTree.
  1. Categories: Add appropriate categories to profiles to link the individual. If a person lived in a particular area, on a plantation, fought in a battle, was part of a military group, is buried in a cemetery, etc. For more information or help see the sub topic below, contact a member in the Categorization Project, or check out Categorization questions in G2G.

Project Categories

Please see individual sub-project pages for further project categories.

Category or Cemetery Set Up

We have some experts who have volunteered to assist you in setting up categories and also cemetery categories. What is great about using these tools? I'd have to say, what isn't?! Categories and especially cemetery categories can identify other individuals who were perhaps family members or neighbors (which in this project, are probably related somehow :) due to the circumstances. Categories can point you to a possible connection or even resources that you can use to knock down brick walls and fill out your tree, so please make use of them. We all benefit!

  • Dan Thompson is a WikiTree Leader Emeritus, co-leader of the US Cemetery project, and a long time member of the Categorization project. Excellent source.
  • Phil Smith is a WikiTree Leader Emeritus (means he's in semi retirement), former leader of the Categorization project, and overall genius regarding the structure of categories. You'll see his name on G2G frequently answering questions.
  • Michael Stills has been a member since January of 2012 and with his record of answers on G2G being chosen as Best Answer, he is definitely a great person to go to for assistance!
  • Jason Crews is an active member of multiple genealogical organizations, with membership in Grand Prairie Genealogical Society, Dallas Genealogical Society, Lamar County Genealogical Society, Texas State Genealogical Society, The NextGen Genealogy Network and the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Jason is also a member of the GeneaBloggers community at Obviously this is one well connected person to assist you!
  • Nae X is a WikiTree Leader, Co Leader multiple projects, individual name studies, and also a member of the Categorization project.

Project Sticker/Box

US Southern Colonist Sticker

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Once you identify a profile of a person as belonging in the project or want to recognize them for being a US Southern Colonist, add this Sticker, which will add it to the appropriate category. Put {{US Southern Colonist Sticker}} on the biography, and it will put this on the profile:

US Southern Colonist - Project Protected Profiles - Project Box

The project box is reserved for those profiles who have been merged and edited often and possibly incorrectly (based on Sound Genealogical sources and information). All project protected profiles (PPP) must be managed by the project in addition to any other managers who wish to remain after PPP. Please contact your Project Coordinator/Leader to request PPP.

US Southern Colonies.
... ... ... settled in the Southern Colonies in North America prior to incorporation into the USA.
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Our thanks to these volunteers for the assistance that they will provide to this project!

Scottish and Irish

  • Billy Wallace has kindly offered to assist those researching their Scottish ancestors. If you hit a brick wall after making use of the resources listed on this project or on the Scottish Clan Project resource page and the Irish Roots Project, reach out to Billy who actually lives there and perhaps he'll be able to find something for you. Be patient if he doesn't respond immediately, as he is very busy in regards to research.

Current Participants

To see the current list of members, see the badge report southern_colonies.gif

  • Paula J Leader Southern Pioneers
  • Mags Project Leader, Carolina Colony and anything else I can get into trouble with.
  • Morris Simon Colonial Louisiana, Mississippi Territory (Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia), Spanish Florida, Carolinas & Tennessee [1520 to 1820]; Colonial Indian affairs; Early Creole settlers on Gulf Coast; Colonial Mobile and New Orleans; River routes from Canada to the Gulf; Louisiana German-Acadian Coast; Colonial posts, forts, censuses and other records; French & Indian War campaigns and veterans.
  • Rose Edwards My ancestors go all the way back to the beginning in Virginia and then they migrated south stopping every generation in a in new state until they got to California in the late 1800's.
  • Gerald Jones I have ancestors that fit into this category and I am interested in the topic.
  • Shira interested in Jewish, African, Cherokee/Tuscarora/Creek and Huguenot people in MD, VA and NC in particular, but focusing on Manzila family at the moment. Willing to be Slavery sub-leader volunteer. I am fluent in Spanish and French and also read Hebrew and a bit of Ladino if I can be of service.
  • Thom I have at least two ancestors that migrated from England to Caroline County c. 1659 and possibly others.
  • Robin Kabrich Will work on Virginia . . . I don't recognize WV! :-)
  • Lynden Raber Castle Rodriguez I am interested in working on North and South Carolina, California, New Mexico, and perhaps Mexico.
  • Mary Richardson Nueva ESpana Colony which is HUGE, Texas, and seems also include Mexico, central America, New Mexico, Arizona, California.
  • Jane Lindsey Isle of Wight & Surry Co. Virginia, North Carolina
  • Michael Stills working on Nueva Espana Colony with Mary, Jason Crews, and Allan Thomas
  • Cheryl Caudill interested in Kentucky, Virginia and North Carolina
  • Allan Thomas working with Mary Richardson on Nueva Espana (later to be Texas)
  • Nae X Project leader, Will work on Virginia/WV and Maryland Resources among others. Anything ANYONE can add to any of the resource pages will be welcome!  :)
  • Bob Keniston: Virginia and the Carolinas mainly Harrington and Bird/Byrd......I don't recognize W by God V either.
  • Allan Thomas working on colonial Henrico and Chesterfield Counties into the post republic age.
  • Jason Crews working with Mary Richardson on Nueva Espana with Allan Thomas, Michael Stills.
  • Judy Goodman Wardlow working with Mary Richardson, Allan Thomas, Michael Stills and Jason Crews on a part time basis on Nueva Espana Colony.
  • Sir William Arbuthnot happy to help with descendants of James Lycurgus Arbuthnot who was caucasion, unmarried and had a prodigious number of descendants by various different slaves, mostly based in Woodville, Mississippi.
  • Terri Rick - Decker Creek Colony - This is the first attempted settlement of Monongalia County by the Ohio Company in 1758.
  • Cynthia Billups mostly Virginia, also Carolina Colony, work mainly on first-generation immigrants - creating skeleton bios to prevent duplicates and trying to create/identify all burgesses for Virginia Colony.
  • Mayme Gail Priddy Byler New Spain, currently looking up more members of Texas Immortals-32
  • John Schmeeckle The families connected to the 1714 "Germanna" mining colony brought to Virginia by Governor Spotswood, and also Davis and related families in 18th-century Culpeper and Pittsylvania Counties, Virginia.
  • Dan Thompson Maryland and western Virginia.
  • Mike McLeod Working on Louisiana.
  • Shirley Dalton Working on Virginia, North Carolina/Tennessee and Kentucky.
  • Sharon Troy Centanne Project Coordinator, Researching Italian and Acadian immigration to New Orleans and southern Louisiana, and the role of the sugar plantations in immigration. Also have done general research on the history of Florida and available resources here in Florida, particularrly the Gamble Mansion, the Seminole Indian Wars of the 1800s, the Civil War in Florida, and the pioneers of PInellas County, Florida.
  • Michelle Ladner Project Coordinator, Working on the Gulf South States of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. A descendant of original 1699 settler's to French Louisiana. Have done extensive research on the settlers of the Mississippi Coast such as Jean Baptiste Saucier.
  • George Blanchard Creator and project coordinator of Chronicles of New France, George oversees collaborative contributions that encompass the colonial regions of Acadia, the Saint Lawrence River Valley, the Great Lakes, and the expansive territory that became part of the State of Maine (basically all the portion of present day Maine that is east and north of Arnold's Expedition.)
  • Adrienne Tomkins Working on Virginia, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina. Extensive experience with Virginia.
  • Jack Day. Since I have so many ancestors there, I maintain a special focus on Maryland in the 1600s, and a general interest in Maryland since then. I also have undertaken Maryland responsibility for the U. S. History project. I try to maintain a full library of related real (non-digital) books on Maryland genealogy and history!
  • Adiene Crawford Working on Texas, ALAMO, Remember the Alamo, First Families of Texas.
  • Aubrey Teeter A direct descendant of one of the regulators in N.C., Christopher Nation and original settlers in Virginia, William Claiborne, and Tennessee. So is my wife with descendants of early Virginia including Digges, Herndon, Herring and Floyd.
  • Brittany Higdon New here, hope I'm doing everything right! My ancestors associated with this project are on my paternal side and it looks like they were mostly Catholics fleeing religious persecution in England by settling in Maryland. Then they eventually moved to Kentucky where my grandfather was born and raised. My maternal grandfather also was from the South (Tennessee), but information for his side is scarce.
  • Norm Lindquist My wife's family goes back to Jamestown and my brother's wife's family settled in Western Virginia, now West Virginia.
  • Amy Bumgardner-McAndrews My family goes back to Jamestown. My 6th Great Grandfather and his brother, John and James Patton, made over 35 trans Atlantic voyages, bringing new settlers here from Great Britain. My entire family settled in the Virginias, the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.
  • Dodie Bartlett I have many family members that have come from Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee. Most of these are Cooke/Cook, Rucker, Beach, and several others.
  • Sandra Jean Shannon I'm not entirely sure that any of my actual relatives will track back that far here in the States to be honest...most were late comers to the party immigrating around 1800 or so but I have extensive family in Virginia and North Carolina. What brought me to the project however, was a profile I was working on for a friend's line that tracks probably back to 1652 in Henrico, Virginia if I can ever get all the connections sorted out. I'm happy to help where I can and always happy to hear about Fox, Harris, Williams, Cochran and Shoemaker lines in Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee.
  • Tim BrooksMuch of my family points toward Tennessee and North Carolina. I have family rumors that point to the "Lost Colony", and that is what I am interested in the most. My line of the Brooks clan moved to Southern Illinois around 1850 from East Tennessee. I would be ecstatic to trace back to John Brooke on Roanoke Island.
  • Michael Thomas My wife's line has a large group of Murrays who migrated from Pennsylvania to South Carolina, then back to Pennsylvania, back down to North Carolina, and who eventually drifted westward to Kentucky and Missouri, with the bulk ending up in Northern Alabama.
  • Tracie Combs-Cantu The Combs and Baker sides of my family all resided in colonial Virginia and North Carolina and then migrated to Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia post-Revolutionary war due to land grants or following family.
  • John Bentley I believe I'm connected to Jamestown and surrounding area by both my dad (Bentley) and my mom (Hatcher). I'm working now to find more documentation. I find the history of this time fascinating. I look forward to learning more.
  • Barb Beasley I have ancestors who settled early in E. TN and the Cumberland Plateau.
  • Sondra Bateman I have deep and old connections to the south, which include the names of Lovelace, Gorsuch, Baylor, Walker, Wythe, Todd, Courtenay, and the list goes on....
  • Carrie Quackenbush I have deep Virginian roots and am currently working on a Campbell County, Virginia One Place Study.
  • Gayel Knott I am interested in the Meador family coming from Essex County, Virginia. At least one of the related pages is Project Protected, and I want to be sure that editing I do is done correctly.
  • Daniel Ange I'm apparently descended from a number of families that settled in Colonial Virginia and North Carolina, and am mostly focused on trying to clean up and expand the Lanier and Peele families of that area.
  • Kat Prawl The first serious genealogy research I started in roughly 1975 was on a colonial Virginia family. Since then I've found ancestors in every British American colony. My Southern families include: Meade, Walker, Keith, Everard, Tucker, Courtenay, Donelson, Caffery, Rutherford, Ralston, Wallace, Hackworth, England, Choate, Pennington, Osborne, Riggs, Phillips, Key, Alexander, Cashion, Renegar, Rooks, York, Shockley, Mangum/Mangrum, King, McClung, Shores, Rogers & Rousseau.
  • Nan Lambert I have Burns & Enloe lines in South Carolina, and I'm working on finding the earliest Lamberts in the southern colonies, in the hopes of breaking down my Lambert brick wall.
  • Liz Shifflett — I descend from early Virginia settlers & Mississippi pioneers (through Tennessee, the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, and also Louisiana). I'm interested in the new subproject, Southern Pioneers. In addition to my own ancestors who fit in the project, the Louisiana Families Project has several categories that fit under Southern Pioneers also. And I lead the Virginia Project (a sub-project of the US History).
  • Ron Levi Descendant of Brantleys, Lowthers, Wrights and Hagans (O Hagans) from Laurens, Bulloch, and Warren Counties in GA as well as Charles County, MD. I have DNA-confirmed relationships of slaves to their owners, my paternal 2nd great grandparents all.
  • Karen Kay First get a good list of direct ancestors, then fan out from there. SC, LA, MS and TX focus, some GA. Always heard rumors we had American Indian blood but have not found proof. Quite the opposite in fact. Hmmm.
  • Kathy (Brannan) Wills I have several ancestors that fit into this category.
  • Debi Moseley Moseley, Brantley, Cowart/Coward, Sikes, Collins, Harris, Phillips, are my primary interests, but if someone connects with my family, I want to know! Almost all of my ancestral lines were colonists starting in Virginia, migrating southward to settle mainly in Georgia, namely Washington, Emanuel, Montgomery, Tattnall and Bulloch Counties.
  • Bill Vincent Most of my ancestors came to Kentucky from Virginia and North Carolina. Others came from Maryland, Delaware, and South Carolina. Many were pioneers who came to KY before statehood. Over 20 ancestors were Patriots. I've been researching my family since 1984, when I resumed my late mother's efforts. I am particularly knowledgeable in the families with ties to Edmonson and Grayson Counties in KY, with a database of over 100k persons. Thanks for creating this project.
  • Rosemary Jones I'm involved with a YDNA study of the Jones men and my husband has deep links into Colonial Virginia moving down into Alabama. Counties in Virginia are usually Surry, Brunswick, and Nottoway with another branch of the family in Washington County. In Alabama the family is found in Montgomery.
  • Rich McAdoo I am studying the geography and mapping the paths of trade and migration along the trails, rivers, and wagon roads used for travel during the westward expansion of the frontier.
  • Bill Lacey Several of my ancestral lines passed through the southern colonies, especially Virginia, during the 1700s. They spread throughout the south with a good many getting to Texas/Arizona/New Mexico. My current focus is on the Lacy/Lacey, Morrell, and Matlock families.
  • Doug Beezley Most Beasley's (any spelling) immigrating to the US began in colonial times 17th/18th century Virginia and Maryland. Many of them migrated early to North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia. Very few were found in Mid or Northern colonies. My Beasley/Beezley Haplotype immigrated as early as the mid 17th Century and soon migrated to Virginia and North Carolina. Another major Haplotype immigrated mid 17th century to Virginia.
  • Sheryl Moore Many of my lines also came over prior to 1700 to VA and rather notable. I have started my tree from me and going back, but the Catlett line has intersected smack dab in the middle of VA in 1649 and in the project and so can add children to a Catlett listed and join the tree! There are others in my line that also follow this trend.
  • Dave Lawrence I am a descendant of numerous Southern lines from the James River and Tidewater portions of Virginia and Maryland south through the Carolinas and west into the Appalachians.
  • Angela Trigg Almost exclusively Virginia for my Southern ancestors, which include Robert "King" Carter, William Byrd of Westover, and Col. John Henry (father of Gov. Patrick Henry) as well as the following Virginia colony surnames: Trigg, Quarles, Johnston, Buchanan, Floyd, Preston, Bowen, Smith, Beverley, Bland, Munford, Randolph, and Johns
  • Susan Gore Working now on my Maryland lines.
  • Q Grant-Lawrence looking for data on Spanish Louisiana, French Louisiana, folks that migrated from SC to FL & KY and US Slavery
  • Brandi Morgan My ancestors are almost exclusively from the NC and VA area for many generations. Surnames includes Morgan, Sanders, Warren, Higgins, McLean and Ritter.
  • Patricia Prickett Hickin Since c1790 all my ancestors lived in Virginia; the earliest to come to Virginia was in the 1730s-40s (though some may have arrived earlier). They lived in Botetourt and Bedford counties (maternal side); in Washington County and on the Monongahela and points south and west (paternal side).
  • Synthia Calwell Many of my ancestors are a part of this that I'm working to add to the project.
  • Katie Colvin
  • David Douglas Most of my ancestors have ties to colonial Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee (pre and post statehood) and Texas (pre and post statehood). I am particularly interested in my Douglas/s, Clay and Johns(t)on connections that immigrated to Virginia as early as 1612, settling in Jamestowne, Charles City and Tidewater regions. Also interested in New Kent, VA connections - Johnsons, Allens, Massie, Walker and others.
  • Brandi Bates Many of my ancestors lived in Maryland and Virginia pre-1776. I'm particularly interested in the Hunnicutts and the Stimsons.
  • Alan Radecki Working to add/improve information on my ancestors and others who lived in Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia during the 1700s. Some of the name lines include DUKE, GHOLSON, PRINGLE, GARDNER and others.
  • DJ McIntosh Interested in all of it.
  • Dane Pehrman Interested in the Sturdivant (Sturtevant) line into the Virginia colony in the mid 1600s and earlier.
  • Garry Moore Leading the Iredell County, North Carolina One Place Study with an emphasis on early settlers (before 1800) and Revolutionary War Veterans.
  • Joel Layman So far, have uncovered ties to Virginia, North/South Carolina, and of course, Georgia, where I am from. Dad's side of the family, once they migrated from Pennsylvania mostly settled in Tennessee. My main interest is Georgia, but these new ties have sparked curiosity as well.
  • Jacqueli Finley I have been interested and researching early Colonial History for decades and am interested in helping wikitree in developing a well researched project in anyway that I can.
  • Thomas Pettus My ancestors, Pettus, Winston, Overton, Dabney, Walker, Waters were all in Jamestown. I'm from Charlotte County Virginia, which was split apart from Mecklenburg, Lunenburg, and we adjoin Prince Edward, and Halifax. My family was there since the beginning. I'm interested in using DNA Y(111), mitochondrial and autosomal to 'prove' the speculative rungs in my ancestor ladder.
  • Linda Barnett
  • Emily (Boy) Holmberg Right now I am adding my family and making connections with existing profiles. Most of my ancestors either migrated from Pennsylvania or Maryland either directly to East Tennessee or to North Carolina then East Tennessee. I have a number of connections to the Battle of Kings Mountain, the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, and Fort Ninety-Six. I am also interested in the projects regarding slavery and those who freed slaves. According to records I have found, the estate of an ancestor was involved in a ground-breaking case in Tennessee because he freed his slaves and gave them land in his will.
  • Jim Newhard Historian/archaeologist with a research interest in the familial networks of early South Carolina Lowcountry. Particular interests in Bellinger, Picnkey, Rutledge, and other Carolina 'first families' settling in what is now Beaufort, Colleton, Dorchester, Berkeley, and Charleston counties.
  • Chuck Biggs Interested in the 13 colonies, at least two ancestral surnames from there, Cardwell and Biggs.
  • Tim Treadwell Working mainly in North Carolina, especially Iredell, Mecklenburg, Lincoln & Catawba Counties where I'm related to almost everyone and Rockingham County, where I'm only related to about half.
  • Jenny Neumann interested in US Southern Colonies for ancestors
  • Josh McCready interested in McCready surname
  • Charles Avis Most of my ancestors came through the Southern Colonies in the 1700's. Those in Virginia were even earlier, so that's where I'm focused right now.
  • Mark Todd Both my paternal lines (Todd and Wilson) and maternal lines (Hardin and Sims) track back to pre-1700s Virginia and the Carolinas. I have a doctorate in Early American Studies, emphasis in political/historical/social contexts for Early American literature, but researching profiles on WikiTree has made this personal and very real. Particularly interested in learning from other members of this project.
  • Keith Schindler Interested in expanding the families of my ancestors who are the descendants of Elisha Oglesby and Mary Bryan, among the first settlers of Tennessee; finding the true origin of Captain Morgan Bryan (O'Brien) whose descendants traveled with Daniel Boone; understanding the migration to Texas and removal of related Cherokee descendants; learning more about the history of the Young aka Lamont ancestry, George Cathey Sr., and other Scottish/Irish ancestors.

Related Projects

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