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Membership Requirements:

To be a member of the US Southern Colonies Project you must:

  • Be a full member of WikiTree, having signed the Honor Code
  • Have been on WikiTree at least 30 days
  • Make at least 200 contributions to WikiTree prior to joining the project
  • Successfully complete the pre-1700 quiz

On Joining the project you must:

  • Add southern_colonies to the tags you follow
  • Familiarize yourself with the project's Sources and Resources Directory.
  • Make at least one contribution towards the project's goals every six months
  • Join at least one Team in the project
  • Respond to the annual check-in and to your team leader/coordinator


The goal of the US Southern Colonies Project is to work on profiles of those born or settled in the colonies of Maryland, Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia prior to 1776. It is our aim to thoroughly research the genealogy of these profiles, cite reliable sources, write well-crafted biographies, and connect them to the global tree where possible.


In order to work towards our goal, we organize ourselves into Teams; please check out the Teams page and find a team that you're interested in joining.


Use this Sticker page to add the US Southern Colonies sticker to the profile beneath the biography header. By adding one pipe then the name of the colony, and the sticker becomes a sticker for the appropriate colony.


There are multiple ways that project communication is supported:

  • The project-account google group receives email copies of any comments posted to project-managed profiles and pages.┬áThis google group is used predominantly to track project-managed and project-protected profiles. Project members who would like to join the group should send a request to join that includes their WikiTree-ID.
  • The project discussion group is used as a one-stop communications vehicle to and between all project members, including leaders, project coordinators, and team leaders. It's more the "chatty" home of the project - a place to share what you're working on and to ask for help.
  • Team pages. When someone joins a team, we add them to the Trusted List of that team's page. That way, when someone posts a comment on the team page, it will appear on the activity feed of each person who is on the Trusted List. Profile managers on team pages are notified of comments by email. This enables teams to easily communicate with each other. A non-team member can also post a message to the team without being on the team, by posting a comment on the team's page.
  • G2G with the "southern_colonies" tag. G2G is WikiTree's primary discussion forum. Anyone-- project member or not-- can post a message to G2G; if they add the "southern_colonies" tag, then anyone following that tag will see the message in their feed. We ask all project members to follow that tag; anyone on wikitree may also follow it.
  • News is shared with project members via the project discussion group and with WikiTree via the project's News Page.

Project Roles

  • Read Project Roles to understand the various roles played across the project.

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