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Membership Requirements:

To be a member of the US Southern Colonies Project you must:

  • Have been on WikiTree at least 30 days
  • Make at least 100 contributions to WikiTree prior to joining the project
  • Successfully complete the pre-1700 quiz
  • On applying, share a "proud of" profile that demonstrates your familiarity with WikiTree editing guidelines and sourcing

On Joining the project you must:

  • Add southern_colonies to the tags you follow
  • Familiarise yourself with the resources in the links above
  • Make at least one contribution towards the project's goals every six months
  • Join at least one team in the project
  • Respond to the six-monthly check-in and to your team leader / coordinator


The goal of the US Southern Colonies Project is to work on profiles of those born in the colonies of Maryland, Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia prior to 1776. It is our aim to thoroughly research the genealogy of these profiles, to cite reliable sources, write well-crafted biographies, and to connect them to the global tree where possible.


In order to work towards our goal, we organise ourselves into teams which come under the following areas:

  • Managed Profiles Teams
    • The Managed Profiles Teams, Pre-1700 and 1700-1776, look after the Managed and PPPd profiles in the project. The Project Coordinator is TBC.
  • Colonial Teams
    • There are four Colonial Teams-- Maryland, Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia-- that focus on the pre-1776 profiles of the everyday men and women born and living in the colonies. The Project Coordinator is TBC.
  • Topical Teams
    • Topical teams are those which focus on specific aspect, subject, name or place study within the US Southern Colonies. The Project Coordinator is TBC.
  • Profile Improvement Teams
    • The Profiles Improvements Teams cover all aspects of profiles improvements from Data Doctors to Sourcing of unsourced profiles. The Project Coordinator is TBC.
  • Membership Team
    • This team act as the greeters to the project, welcoming people into the Google group, introducing them to the Team Leaders, and organising competitions and events to encourage collaboration and participation in the project. The Project Coordinator is TBC.

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