Project: US Southern Colonies/Before You Add a Profile

Thank you for your interest in the US Southern Colonies Project!

You were probably directed to this page because you have Southern Colonial ancestors that you want to add to WikiTree. That's great! We want everyone to be able to connect to their Southern Colonial ancestors and find out how we're all related to each other. But many Southern Colonists already have profiles here, and we want to make sure we don't create duplicates.


Avoiding Duplicates

Here are a few quick steps you should take before creating any new Southern Colonial profiles (dates differe from Colony to Colony):

Do a search for the person you want to add. It's a good idea to try a few spellings. Definitely try using the standard spellings we use for the early Colonists. Check Category: US Southern Colonies Project. All of the US Southern Colonies Project profiles that have been identified by the project so far should be listed there alphabetically.

If you've checked those places, you're welcome to add your Southern Colonial profiles to WikiTree. Just be sure to use the standard spellings for the early Southern Colonists. If you have a large number of profiles to add, like an entire family line, it's still a good idea to work together with the project leaders to make sure things go smoothly.

Citing Sources

Original Sources

Original sources are sources where the information was provided by the people themselves, as opposed to being compiled by later researchers.

Census records Baptism, marriage, and burial records

  • Please add more to this list!

Derivative Sources

Derivative sources are not original records, but research compiled after the fact. There is a wide range in quality of derivative sources.

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