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United Empire Loyalist Project

The mission of the project is to add and improve profiles of early and significant United Empire Loyalists. Project members take primary responsibility for relevant profiles or family groups and work on merging duplicates, cleaning up profiles, adding sources, and removing incorrect information.

Are you interested in the United Empire Loyalist Project?

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Current participants:

  • M. Gaulden - United Empire Loyalists; creating their profiles and getting them connected to the tree.
  • Kathryn Lake Hogan - Past Dominion Genealogist of the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada. Descendant of Loyalist Johannes Ryckman. Adding profiles to the project. Adding sources to Loyalist profiles. - Project Coordinator.
  • Doug Straiton - Early British Army immigrants to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Pretty good understanding of the campaigns and unit involvement of regular and militia units in the American Revolutionary War and later Canadian campaigns. Happy to do unit write up and like and unit research: 17th Regiment of (Light) Dragoons, American Revolution as example.
  • William Wallace Tooke - United Empire Loyalists; particularly Loyalists who settled in southern, Lower Canada [1] (Quebec) particularly John McIntosh McIntosh-3054 and his descendants, and related families...
  • Deborah Compton Adding her own profiles to the project and offering help.
  • Marilyn Charleson Adding her own profiles to the project and offering help.
  • Bill Good - Wife is direct descendant of Timothy Dwight Ruggles. Willing to work on his line and others.
  • David T Robertson My Loyalists are Duncan Robertson Adding my own profiles to the project, and offering help. I'm also interested in the Histories of Colonel Edward Jessup's Regiment of Loyal Volunteers and Captain Peter Drummond's Company of Loyal Rangers where my ancestors served. Also looking for new sources of information available to me. Also, I just added two more Loyalists William Burton and Mary (Hickling) Burton of Boston and Nova Scotia.
  • Nick Dann - 5th great grandnephew of Loyalist John Beardsley. Also, 2nd great grandson of Richard Dann of New Brunswick, who might possibly be related to UEL-listed Dann's, though further evidence is needed.
  • JimParish My 4th great-grandfather, Ezekiel Parish was a United Empire Loyalist, was captured in battle in Vermont, escaped, and died in 1792 in Nova Scotia. His widow, Mary (Pennock) Parish went with sons to Leeds and Grenville, Ontario, where they were awarded land. My 3rd great-grandfather, Eliada Parish was Quartermaster in the Leeds Militia during the War of 1812. In my line, I also have Bullards and Pennocks, who traveled from Vermont to Ontario with the Parishes.
  • L Worster: I have Cooley, Blasdell, and Kitchen people in my ancestry (among others) that may have been UELs. Mostly have worked on Cooley and Blasdell (settled in western Upper Canada, in what's now Hamilton, Ontario), since they're most recent in my family.
  • Martha Leinroth. My UEL ancestors, who settled in Upper Canada, include Thomas Millard and his sons as well as James Secord, his sons and daughter-in-law, Laura Record. I'm also related to Edward Jessup.
  • Doug McCallum My Loyalists were settled on the Island of Saint John (Prince Edward Island) and include Jesse Strang, William Wright and possibly couple more I haven't nailed down yet. Research areas are Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.



The ongoing goals of this project are to:

1. Identify United Empire Loyalist's Profiles and their descendants and then add:
a. Project Sticker : Add '''{{United Empire Loyalist|status=Proven}}''' to profiles or follow this link to copy and paste the template to your profiles: Template:United_Empire_Loyalist
b. Project Protect or PPP : Request from any Leader that project protection be added to the lowest numbered profile with the correct LNAB (Last Name At Birth) for profiles of Notables or profiles with extreme editing/merging issues. For more explanation see: About Project Protection
c. Merge Duplicates : In the case of duplicate profiles, merge duplicate profiles directly into the PPP'd profile. For more explanation of merges see: Merging PPPd Profiles OR Merging Procedure and Why on G2G.
2. Contribute to Project Resource Pages: If you come across a related resource for a the Canadian History or related sub project, please add this to the appropriate Resource Page.
3. Profile Improvement: Add biographical information with documented sources in accordance with the Styles and Standards Policy of WikiTree.
  1. Reworking existing Bio's as some have complete cut and paste bios.
  2. Update existing links with Alt Text to identify where the link goes.
  3. Update information lists or urls into citations.
4. Categories: Add appropriate categories to profiles to link the individual. If a person lived in a particular area, fought in a battle, was part of a military group, is buried in a cemetery, etc. For more information or help see the sub topic below, contact a member in the Categorization Project, or check out Categorization questions in G2G.

Project Sticker

Sample usage:

{{United Empire Loyalist
| status = Expunged
| date = 23 May 1783

... ... is a United Empire Loyalist.
UEL Status:Proven
Date: Undated

United Empire Loyalist

The United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada is an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of Canadians through knowledge of the past, in particular the history of the United Empire Loyalists and their contribution to the development of Canada.[1]

Any individual who supports the aims and purposes of the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada and who indicates a desire to be associated with, and to participate in, the activities of UELAC.may become a member of the UELAC.[2]

Members have the option of proving their Loyalist ancestor through the Certificate application process.

The post nominals UEL are used for proven Loyalists.

The post nominals UE are used for descendants of the Loyalist ancestor.

These post nominals do not confer any special status.



  1. "United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada" (
  2. About Membership, "United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada" (

Definition of a Loyalist

(aka Loyalist Ancestor):

  • Either male or female, as of 19 April 1775, a resident of the American colonies, and joined the Royal Standard prior to the Treaty of Separation of 1783, or otherwise demonstrated loyalty to the Crown, and settled in territory remaining under the rule of the Crown; or
  • A soldier who served in an American Loyalist Regiment and was disbanded in Canada; or
  • A member of the Six Nations of either the Grand River or the Bay of Quinte Reserve who is descended from one whose migration was similar to that of other Loyalists. [3]

Notable United Empire Loyalists

# Name Project Protected Photograph Profile Manager
1 Solomon Jones UE Yes No M.Gaulden
2 Peter Van Alstine UE yes No M.Gaulden
1 [[|]] yes/no yes/no [[|]]


Useful WikiTree Pages

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Outside Links

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Nouvelle Beauce.
Billets with families in Pointe Claire, Lachine and Montreal
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Loyalist History

  • Davis, A.R. The Old Loyalist: A Story of United Empire Loyalist Descendants in Canada. Toronto: William Briggs, 1908.
  • Tasker, Lawrence Hermon. The United Empire Loyalist Settlement at Long Point, Lake Erie.. Toronto: William Briggs, 1900.
  • United Empire Loyalist Centennial Committee. The centennial of the settlement of Upper Canada by the United Empire Loyalists, 1784-1884; The celebrations at Adolphustown, Toronto and Niagara, with an appendix, containing a copy of the U. E. list preserved in the Crown Lands Department at Toronto. Toronto: Rose, 1885.

Loyalist Genealogies

  • Chadwick, Edward Marion. Ontarian Families: Genealogies of United Empire Loyalists and other Pioneer Families of Upper Canada. Vol 1. Toronto: Rolph & Smith, 1895.
  • Chadwick, Edward Marion. Ontarian Families: Genealogies of United Empire Loyalists and other Pioneer Families of Upper Canada. Vol 2. Toronto: Rolph & Smith, 1895.


Books not specifically about Loyalists but cover many Loyalists such as local histories of the places they resettled.

  • Pioneer life on the Bay of Quinte, including genealogies of old families and biographical sketches of representative citizens. Toronto: Rolph & Clark, [n.d.].
  • Wikitree Freespace Profile: Loyalists *under construction*

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