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The United Kingdom Project is an umbrella project that encompasses sub-projects, project teams and free-space projects that don't quite fit under one specific country project. There are separate projects for England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and British Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories.


Welcome to the United Kingdom Project

Are you interested in the United Kingdom Project?


This project is the effort of a group of WikiTree users interested in profiles related to the United Kingdom, including England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and various Crown Dependencies through history.

Project members can take primary responsibility for relevant profiles or family groups and work on merging duplicates, cleaning up profiles, adding sources, and removing incorrect information. Members can join various sub-projects of specific interest or seek support from the project Leadership if it is believed a research topic is not adequately covered.


For each Profile:

  • All duplicates merged into lowest number
  • All profiles containing appropriate source material
  • Relevant Categories added where required
  • Relevant Template added
  • Biography cleaned up and written, using the WikiTree Style Guide (can work with Profile Improvement Project for help)

In some cases, where there is dispute or there are issues that are difficult to resolve, for example, it may be necessary to manage change through an interest group. In these cases it might require a Profile to be Project Protected. Please discuss with a Leader if this is thought necessary.

In some cases, such as pre-1500 profiles, it may be necessary to gain assistance from a Leader to help amend profiles. Please discuss the requirement with a Project Lead.

How do I help?

The project covers all aspects associated with the United Kingdom that do not fit under a specific country project. . The scope is vast and there is room for improvement in all periods and areas. So where should one begin?

  • The best place to start is with your own ancestors. Run over the profiles of your own, and connected, profiles and see if you can improve them. Look to:
    • Add dates if they are not there. If the dates are estimated please add the {{Estimated Date}} feature.
    • Add sources if they are not on the profile. Otherwise add {{Unsourced}}
    • Check the LNAB (Last Name at Birth). If it is not there, see if you can find it. If you know it then please send a message to the Profile manager, with a source, and they can change it. If you get no response, please message one of the Project Leads.
    • Use on-line citations where there are facts that are essential for family research, birth, marriages and children are key.
    • Build a bio that provides, as a minimum, enough information to ensure the profile does not get incorrectly merged.
    • Add Categories where you can. These are a useful tool that collates profiles into like groups thus helping "cousins" find profiles.
  • Remember, BMD registers are when the event was registered, not when it happened. This is particularly important when it comes to Birth Date. Wikitree does not recognise this when GEDCOMs are uploaded, see GEDCOM_FAQ

There is no such thing as a perfect Profile but you may like to look at Samuel Plimsoll which was a Profile to which there were several contributors.

United Kingdom Sub-Projects and Teams

British Isles and British Crown Dependencies

Point of Contact for British Crown Dependencies and British Overseas Territories is - To be advised.

British Overseas Territories

Wikipedia British Overseas Territories

Emigration from UK and Ireland

Immigration (and Emigration)

How to create new UK Place Categories

First of all double check a category for your new place does not already exist.

Once you are certain it does not exist, follow the steps here to request a new category.

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