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The Vietnam War is a Sub-Project of the Military and War Project!

Welcome to the Vietnam War Project

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Our Mission

The Vietnam War Era was a turbulent and divisive time in American history. The veterans of this war did not come home to a hero's welcome. It is the goal of this project to provide an opportunity to honor those veterans for any who choose while respecting the privacy of our living veterans.

The mission of the Military and War project is to provide a framework for the remembrance of those who fought, for whatever reason, lest we forget ...

How To Join

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This is the Main Category: Vietnam_War

Requested Subprojects

  1. Agent Orange Exposure (covered partly on Anti Communists in Vietnam space page)
  2. Marines & Navy Corpman who died while serving with the 1st Battalion, 7thMarine Regiment, 1st Marine Division in Vietnam

Related Projects

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Project Box

{{Vietnam War Project}}


The |units = field is an open text field and you can input data of your choosing here.
The |unit = field is category format sensitive to existing units that are set to having served in Viet Nam.

Template US

Sgt ... ... ... served in the United States Army in the Vietnam War
Service started: 28 Sep 1966
Unit(s): 1st Cavalry Division
Service ended: 27 Mar 1968

{{Vietnam War
| branch=United States Army
| startdate = 28 Sep 1966
| units= 1st Cavalry Division
| enddate = 27 Mar 1968
| rank= Sgt
| unit= }}

Template Viet Cong

... ... ... ... of the Viet Cong fought for North Vietnam in the Vietnam War
Service started:
Service ended:

Using Viet Cong in branch: |branch=Viet Cong gives this result.

{{Vietnam War
| branch=Viet Cong
| startdate =
| units=
| enddate =
| rank=
| unit= }}

Space Pages about Vietnam War on Wikitree


If you would like to be involved in the Vietnam War Project, please do the following:

  1. Find or create profiles
  2. All duplicates merged into lowest number
  3. Project Managed or PPP added if it qualifies, add the project box {{Vietnam War Project}} and assign the project profile as the PM
  4. pertaining categories added, use the sticker {{Vietnam War Project}}
  5. biography cleaned up and written, using the WikiTree Style Guide (can work with Profile Improvement Project for help)

Task List

These are tasks that volunteers can do to help us! Check out the G2G post referring to the task, and ask questions or comment on what you're working on there.

  1. Add resources for Vietnam War records
  2. Make a project space page
  3. Consider the best way to honor these veterans.
  4. Address privacy concerns.

Please post ideas in the Google Group


  • FamilySearch United States Casualties of the War in Vietnam

SOURCES TO SEARCH for Vietnam Veterans information

  • - Vietnam War Memorial Site: Notable Deaths & Obituaries

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