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Colonies (work in progress)


The original 106 colonies established between 1764 and 1772 along the Volga River near Saratov were "Mother colonies". After populations grew, later colonies were settled from the mother colonies and were called "Daughter colonies". The first colony founded was Dobrinka in 1764.

On February 26, 1768, the government issued a command that all of the German colonies be given a Russian name. With the exception of 8 colonies of the original 104, the colonists continued to use the German names.

West (West Bergseite = hilly side); East (Öst Wiesenseite = meadow side) These are descriptive as well as indicate which side of the Volga they were situated on.

Link to settlers & resident profiles of all the colony villages

Description of all colonies here:

Colony Name Founded Religion West or East Origin Province
ÄHRENFELD (KRATZKI) 1855 Lutheran West daughter colony of Dittel, Hussenbach, Merkel, Bauer, Doennhof
ALEXANDERHOEH 1860 Lutheran West 2 daughter colonies combined: Alexanderdorf and Höh
ALEXANDERTAL 1853 Lutheran West daughter colony of Schilling (thus also called Neu Schilling)
ALT-WEIMAR 1861 Lutheran West daughter colony of Galka, Stephan, Schwab, Dobrinka, Moor.
ANTON 1764 Lutheran West
BALZER 1765 Lutheran West Baden, Hesse, Rhineland, Palatinate, Württemburg,Switzerland
BANGERT 1767 Lutheran East
BASEL 1767 Lutheran East
BAUER 1766 Lutheran East
BAUM 1767 Lutheran East
BEAUREGARD 1766 Lutheran West
Beideck [[Space:|Space:]]
Bern [[Space:|Space:]]
Bettinger [[Space:|Space:]]
Biberstein [[Space:|Space:]]
Boisroux [[Space:|Space:]]
Brabander [[Space:|Space:]] 26th June 1767 Catholic
Brunnental [[Space:|Space:]]
Cäsarsfeld [[Space:|Space:]] 3rd August 1767 Catholic
Chasselois 2nd August 1766 Catholic East
Degott [[Space:|Space:]] 18th July 1766 Catholic
Dehler [[Space:|Space:]] 1st July 1767 Catholic
DIETAL 1 July 1767 Lutheran
DINKEL 12 May 1767 Lutheran
DOBRINKA 1764 Lutheran West
DÖNHOF (Alt-Dönhof, Alt-Gololobowka, Denhoff, Doenhof, Dönhof, Dönnhof, Gololobovka, Gololobowka, Vysokoye) (Денгоф) 21st July 1766 Lutheran
DREISPITZ September 16, 1767 Protestant
Eckheim [[Space:|Space:]]
Enders [[Space:|Space:]]
Ernestinendorf [[Space:|Space:]]
FISCHER 25 July 1765 Lutheran East Fischer was founded as a Lutheran colony on 25 July 1765 by the Government.
FRANK (Medeveditskii Krestovyi Buyerak), (Франк) 16 May 1767 Lutheran
Franzosen [[Space:|Space:]] 28th July 1765 Catholic until 1834
Friedenberg [[Space:|Space:]]
GALKA 12 August 1764 Lutheran
Göbel [[Space:|Space:]] 25th May 1767 Catholic
GNADENFELD (NEU-MOOR) 1855 Lutheran East (Daughter Colony) Moor, Balzer, Hussenbach, Norka, Donhoff, and other colonies.
GRAF (Krutoyarovka, Krutojarowka, Krutojarovka), (Граф) 10th June 1766 Catholic East Samara
GRIMM (Kamenskiy; Lesnoi Karamysh; Lesnoi Karamysch; Lesnoj Karamysh; Lesnoy), (Гримм) July 1, 1767 Reformed Lutheran West
HERZOG (Susly), (Герцог) 14th June 1766 Catholic East
Hildmann [[Space:|Space:]] 14th May 1767 Catholic
Hockerberg [[Space:|Space:]]
Hoffental [[Space:|Space:]]
HOLSTEIN May 26, 1765 Evangelical East
Hölzel [[Space:|Space:]] 11th September 1767 Catholic
HUCK 1 July 1767 Reformed West Isenberg, Hesse
Hummel [[Space:|Space:]]
Husaren [[Space:|Space:]] 13th June 1765 Catholic
HUSSENBACH 1767 Lutheran West Brandenburg, Saxony,Palatinate,Darmstadt
Josefstal [[Space:|Space:]] Catholic
KAMENKA (Bähr), (Каменка) 16th September 1764 Catholic West
Kaneau [[Space:|Space:]]
Katharinenstadt [[Space:|Space:]] 27th June 1766 variety
Kautz [[Space:|Space:]]
Keller [[Space:|Space:]] Catholic
Kind [[Space:|Space:]]
Köhler [[Space:|Space:]] 10th August 1767 Catholic
KOLB 13 May 1767 Lutheran
KRAFT (Grjaznucha, Verchnjaja Grjaznucha, Verkhnaya Grasnukha, Verkhnyaya Gryaznukha, Werchnaja Gräsnucha), (Крафт) 1767 Lutheran West
Krasnoyar [[Space:|Space:]]
KRATZKE 7 August 1767 Lutheran
KUKKUS 26 June 1767 Lutheran East Braunfels, Kurpfalz, Hesse, Dierdorf, Weisbaden, Worms, Baubach, Isenburg, Baden-Durlach
KUTTER 8 July 1767 Lutheran West Isenburg, Hesse, Prussia
LAUB 12 July, 1767 Lutheran
LAUWE August 19, 1767 Lutheran Nüremberg, Baden, Darmstadt, Neu-Isenburg, Palatinate, Rhineland, Saxony, Brandenberg.
Leichtling [[Space:|Space:]] 14th May 1767 Catholic
Leitsinger [[Space:|Space:]] 12th May 1767 Catholic
Louis [[Space:|Space:]] 14th June 1766 Catholic
Luzern [[Space:|Space:]] 20th June 1767 Catholic
MARIENTAL (Tonkoschurovka), (Мариенталь) 16th June 1766 Catholic East
Meinhard [[Space:|Space:]]
MERKEL August 28, 1766 Lutheran West
MESSER July 7, 1766 Reformed West Pfalz, Hessen, and Prussia
Moor [[Space:|Space:]]
Müller [[Space:|Space:]]
Näb [[Space:|Space:]]
Neu-Messer [[Space:|Space:]] 1863 Daughter Colony of Messer
NIEDER-MONJOU 7 June 1767 Lutheran
NORKA (Nekrasovo, Norka, Weigand), (Норка) 15th August 1767 Reformed/Lutheran
OBERMONJOU (Krivovskoye, Ober-monjou, Krivovka, Kriwowskoje), (Ней-Обермонжу) 7th June 1767 Catholic East Hesse Samara
Orlovskaya [[Space:|Space:]]
Paulskaya [[Space:|Space:]]
PFEIFER (Gnilushka), (Пфейфер) 15th June 1767 Catholic East
Philippsfeld [[Space:|Space:]]
Pobochnaya [[Space:|Space:]]
Preuss [[Space:|Space:]]
Reinhard [[Space:|Space:]]
Reinwald [[Space:|Space:]]
ROHLEDER (Raskaty), (Роледер) 14th June 1766 Catholic East Samara
ROSENBERG (Umet) 1847 Lutheran West Daughter colony of Grimm, Balzer, Dreispitz, Shcherbakovka, Stephan, Holstein, Galka, Kutter
Rosenheim [[Space:|Space:]]
Rothammel [[Space:|Space:]] 21st August 1767 Catholic
Schäfer [[Space:|Space:]]
Schaffhausen [[Space:|Space:]]
SCHILLING 1764 Lutheran East
SCHÖNCHEN (Panino, Paninskaya), (Шенхен) 3rd August 1767 Catholic East Samara
Schuck [[Space:|Space:]] 18th July 1766 Catholic
Schulz [[Space:|Space:]]
Schwab [[Space:|Space:]]
Schwed [[Space:|Space:]]
Seelmann [[Space:|Space:]] 15th July 1767 Catholic
Semenovka [[Space:|Space:]] 24th June 1767 Catholic
Sewald [[Space:|Space:]] 20th August 1767 Catholic
SHCHERBAKOVKA (Scherbatovka, Mühlberg, Deutsche-Schtscherbakowka, Schtscherbakowka, Shcherbakovka, Shcherbatovka, Stricker, Tscherbakowka), () 15 June 1765 Lutheran
STAHL-am-Karaman 9 July 1766 Lutheran East There is another Stahl...a different place!
STAHL-AM-TARLYK 13 August 1767 Lutheran East Otherwise called Stepnoje.
STEPHAN August 24,1767 Lutheran
Streckerau [[Space:|Space:]] Catholic
Susannental [[Space:|Space:]]
UNTERDORF 1852 Lutheran West
Urbach [[Space:|Space:]]
Volmer [[Space:|Space:]] 18th July 1766 Catholic
VOLHYNIA AREA (Volhynia Project) See Volhynia Project page
WALTER 25 August 1767 Lutheran West Mother colony. Neu-Walter is a later daughter colony from many villages
WARENBURG 12 May 1767 Lutheran East Darmstadt, Brandenburg, Prussia, Württemberg, Holstein.
WITTMANN (Solothurn), (Витманн) 3rd August 1767 Catholic East
Yagodnaya Polyana [[Space:|Space:]]
Zug [[Space:|Space:]] 10th August 1767 Catholic
Zürich [[Space:|Space:]]

Mennonite Colonies - Am Trakt Settlement (work in progress)

The Russian government granted permission to 100 West Prussian Mennonite families to establish a colony in the Russian province of Samara in 1853. These 100 families came primarily from the Ladekopp and Furstenwerder congregations and were led by Johann Wall and Claus Epp Sr., the Mayor of Furstenwerder. As a whole, the area in which they were to settle was called the Am Trakt Settlement, a name derived from the road near the settlement known as Salztrakt, or salt road, which had been used to haul salt from the Elton Sea for many years.

After wintering in the nearby village of Warenburg, the Mennonites began building in the spring of 1854.

Colony Name Year Founded Religion West or East Origin
FRESENHEIM 1860 Mennonite
HAHNSAU 1854 Mennonite
HOHENDORF 1861 Mennonite
KÖPPENTAL 1855 Mennonite
LINDENAU 1858 Mennonite
LYSANDERHÖH 1864 Mennonite
MEDEMTAL 1874 Mennonite
ORLOF 1871 Mennonite
OSTENFELD 1872 Mennonite
VALUYEVKA 1875 Mennonite

Samara Colonies - Alexandertal Settlement (work in progress)

Beginning in 1859, a number of colonies were settled in the Volga Region above the city of Samara about 45 miles from the Volga River. Originally 10 colonies were established in a cluster called the Alexandertal Settlement and inhabited almost exclusively by Mennonites from West Prussia. In 1863, a number of Lutheran colonists arrived, mostly from Poland and Silesia, and were settled in colonies clustered around the original Mennonite colonies.

In later years, both of these colony groups (Mennonite and Lutheran) attracted those resettling from the lower Volga colonies and the Black Sea region. Thousands of Black Sea Germans also lived in these colonies as they were moving to areas east of the Ural Mountains where they were seeking better farming opportunities.

These 28 colonies were located in a cluster north and east of Samara.

Colony Name Year Founded Religion West or East Origin
[[Space:|Space:]] 1859 [[Space:|Space:]]

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