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Volunteer Coordinator Project
Volunteer Coordinators help new members understand how to become more involved with the WikiTree community and get connected with Projects relevant to their interests.

A Volunteer Coordinator ...
  • ... is a member who joined WikiTree more than 3 months ago.
  • … is familiar with active projects and their leaders and coordinators.
  • … has a solid understanding of how WikiTree works.
  • … is friendly and has good communication skills.
  • … gives accurate and helpful answers to questions in G2G.
  • … is always courteous to other members.

See the badge report for the full list of current Volunteer Coordinators.


How to Join

  • Be a member for at least 3 months.
  • Visit our joining thread on G2G and leave a message to let us know you're interested.
  • Add "Volunteer Coordinators" to your list of followed tags so that you'll receive notifications from G2G posts.
  • Review our Task List to familiarize yourself with what we do.
  • When you join the project, we will ...


  • Every new volunteer will have Tags that connect them to other WikiTreers, Projects and the community.
  • Every new Volunteer who certifies to work on pre-1700 profiles will be connected with a project.


  • Review new Volunteer Tags each day and recommend changes and additions. Schedule TBD
  • Review pre-1700 Badge feed every day and provide new badge recipients with at least one project relevant to the profiles they want to create. Schedule TBD
  • Send a list of new pre-1700 Badge recipients to project Leaders of each relevant project. Schedule TBD
  • Monitor volunteer_coordinators tag in G2G. Schedule TBD

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