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Die Groot Trek 1838
Voortrekkers Chronologie Bloukrans/Weenen Retief Bloedrivier Trichard Van Rensburg
Liebenberg Vegkop Erasmus Jagparty Veglaer Stamouers Ithaleni Wit Umfolozi
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Welcome to our small community of researchers on the those hardy and determined Boer men and woman, later to be known as the Voortrekkers, who braved the unknown dangers of Africa and many of whom who gave their lives in search of a better future for their people and descendants.


The mission of the Voortrekkers project is to identify, add and improve profiles of the Voortrekkers.

How to Join

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Linking events where possible to profiles on WikiTree.

Project Scope

Generally the main body of Voortrekkers migrated from 1835-1845


  • Categorise and link identified profiles. You can then view all linked profiles on the What Links Here link at the bottom of each Event page.
  • add a sticker etc. when available.


... ... ... traveled by wagon train from the Cape Colony, seeking independence of British rule.
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Project box: Template Docs: {{Voortrekkers}}
Default Category [[Category:Voortrekker]]
Die Groot Trek 1838
... ... ... traveled by wagon train from the Cape Colony, seeking independence of British rule.
Stickers: Template Docs: {{Voortrekkers Sticker}}
Default Category [[Category:Voortrekker]]
... ... ... is a Military Veteran.
Served in the Boer Kommando's 1838-1838
Slag van Bloedrivier /Battle of Blood River
Example: Veteran Recognition Template to copy to profiles. Please adjust as needed.
{{Veteran Recognition
| badge-image =African_Flags-63.png
| nationality = Boer
| branch = Kommando's
| start-year = 1838
| end-year = 1838
| text = Slag van Bloedrivier /Battle of Blood River
|[[Category:Battle of Blood River]]

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We are a Sub-Project of the South African Roots project

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We collaborate with other projects and sometimes a profile can be assigned to more than one project. The preferred project becomes co-manager or manager and the project box gets added to the profile. The other project goes on the trusted list and may add categories and a sticker.
Project: Cape of Good Hope - Kaap de Goede Hoop (1652-1806) and Project: Voortrekkers
Preferred project: Project: Voortrekkers
Project: Cape of Good Hope Stamouer-Progenitor 1652-1805 and Project: Voortrekkers
Preferred project: Project: Cape of Good Hope Stamouer-Progenitor 1652-1805
Project: South Africa and Project: Voortrekkers
Preferred project: Project: Voortrekkers

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  • [[Category:Retief_Moorde]]
  • [[Category:Voortrekker_Leiers]]
  • [[Category:Slag_van_Bloedrivier]]
  • [[Category:Bloukrans]]
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Research Resources

Voortrekker Stamouers/Progenitors
Each event page's sources are to be listed on the page under Sources

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