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The Wales Project is a Sub-Project of the United Kingdom Project

Wales Project

This page describes the Wales Project, how to become a member and explains the use of categories. Additionally, there is a list of the counties and cities of Wales.

The Wales Project is the effort of a group of WikiTree users interested in profiles related to the Welsh people and their descendants around the globe. The leaders of this project are Maria Maxwell, and Doug Straiton (click their names to contact them by private message). For a full list of participants, see the badge report.

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To become a member:

  1. Add [[Category:Wales Project]] at the top of the text area of your profile page. This will add you to the list of participants on the Category Page .
  2. Add your name to the list on the Wales Project Member Interests page, let us know what your Wales research interests are and how you would like to contribute to the project.
  3. Join the google group to discuss profiles.
  4. Notify the project, through the google group, of profiles that should be managed by the Project. The project will add the project box and the project account.
  5. Add the relevant Sticker to the profile to indicate association; for those born in Wales: {{Wales Sticker}} and for those with Welsh ancestry: {{Wales Roots}}.


Categories for Wales Locations – How to Use on Profiles

The proper use of categories on profiles is very important. The goal is to designate a profile (a person) as belonging to a particular location(s) in Wales. The following information is designed to assist individuals in the categorisation of or attribution to location categories for Wales.

Please use the following format for Wales location categories on profiles, placed at the top of the text area :-

level 1 -Wales – For example, if only the country name is used; enter [[Category: Wales]]
level 2 - County name and Wales – For example, if a county (or county borough) name, such as Flintshire, and Wales are to be used; enter [[Category: Flintshire, Wales]]
level 3 - Town/Parish name, such as Bretton, and Wales are to be used; enter [[Bretton, Wales]]

The use of the Project Template is recommended. Please use {{United Kingdom|Wales|County|place}}, for example {{United Kingdom|Wales|Flintshire|Bretton}} will assign the profile to the project and attribute the profile to [[Category: Bretton, Wales]]

Counties and Cities of Wales


Listed below are the counties, county boroughs, historical counties, major towns and cities with links to their respective pages. Those linked pages contain a historical description of the location and sometimes links to related pages such as county towns, people and resources.

Revised Effective 1996: This list of counties, county boroughs and cites with county or county borough status were established under the Local Government (Wales) Act 1994 which was effective April 1, 1996.

Counties of Wales – Effective April 1, 1996

Also see Historic and Past Counties section below for links to their pages

County Boroughs of Wales – Effective April 1, 1996

Also see Historic and Past Counties section below for links to their pages

Major Cities of Wales – Effective April 1, 1996

Historic Counties (13) and Past Counties of Wales

WikiTree Wales Resources

External Wales Resources

External Wales Genealogy Resources

WikiTree Resources

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