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This project is for programmers who want to help develop features and functions that enhance WikiTree for genealogists, and for outside developers and researchers who would like to make use of the global family tree for creative, non-profit purposes.

If you are interested in joining this project, please add yourself to the WikiTree Apps Google Group, introduce yourself there, and contact Jamie Nelson for the badge.

To see what members of the project have built, see the App Gallery.


How to Join

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The API and Apps Server

Most of the project members focus their efforts on the WikiTree API accessed through the server. Anyone in the project can request a directory of their own on the apps server. See the help page for the Apps Server for more information.

Data Dumps

Any project member with a non-profit purpose can request a full data dump of the global family tree, subject to certain conditions on use. These are controlled for privacy, so unlike with the API, there is no access to any private information.

See Database Dumps.


If you want your application to write to a WikiTree profile, you can use MergeEdit.

See Help:MergeEdit.

Apps Created By Project Members

To see what members of the project have built, see the App Gallery.

To see how to integrate other apps with your own, visit the WikiTree App Interfaces page.

Apps Ideas

Do you have an idea for an application, or want to collaborate on one? Here's the list of ideas and open projects. Please add to it, comment, and ask questions.

Open Source License

For our code, we use the MIT License.

Note that not all of WikiTree is open source. Keeping the main code base private makes it easier to protect member's privacy. Plus, we don't want to encourage multiple WikiTrees. We want a single world tree. For apps that use the API, though, privacy is not a concern and it makes sense to keep it open to the community. Even if the WikiTree team takes something developed by the community and forks it to make it part of WikiTree, what was done by the community remains open for anyone to use and improve upon.

Code Repository

Members share on GitHub.

Again, note that this is just for Apps code. WikiTree also has an internal development environment.

Google Group

We have a Google Group for project communication. All project members should be sure to join the WikiTree Apps Google Group in order to stay abreast of current happenings and discussions.

Useful Links

  • Rootsdev open-source development community.

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