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Beside your name below, please keep track of what you're currently working on for this project. This is both for your own reference, and to aid collaboration amongst the project participants. If you are going to be temporarily inactive in the project (eg. on vacation), please note that here. Thanks!

  • SJ Baty - I am currently serving as the coordinator for this project; I am remodeling the project page and beginning to open G2G posts seeking additional volunteers to help to organize. If you are interested in volunteering to help with project related tasks, please send me a PM. Additionally, we are discussing proposed changes to the project and setting the inclusion/exclusion limits for profile membership. Your input is welcome: Changing the scope of the: William Penn and the Early Pennsylvania Settlers Project Thanks!
  • Valerie Grunsted I have many early Pennsylvania relatives including surnames Davis, Pauling and Perry. Looking forward to collaborating with all of you.
  • Genette McGroarty I have many early New Jersey and Pennsylvania relatives including surnames, Woodruff, Ayars/Ayres, Davis, Drake, Dunn, Dungan to name a few. I'm working on Woodruff right now.
  • Valerie Willis I am about to begin listing Clement Plumstead (1640-1713) and family, one of the twelve new proprieters in Pennsylvania following the death of Carteret in 1681. In 1699 this Clement Plumstead of London was granted 2.700 acres including most of the land now known as New Egypt, Monmouth county. Now Plumsted Townnship, New Jersey.This Clement Plumstead never settled in Pennsylvania, though several of his children and relatives did. My information for this family is rather thin at present, I do not yet know if they arrived on any of the ships listed, but I am counting on the interactive nature of Wikitree to help fill in these connections in early Philadelphia. For those interested, please note that in England and when at first in America their name is spelt "Plumstead" within a generation it became "Plumsted" in honour of a new start in a new land.
  • Julie Kelts - I am researching the brothers James and William Brown of Marcus Hook and Nottingham, Pennsylvania and their descendants and related families.
  • Chad Kent - I have many Distant Relatives that began their new lives in the North East. I recently found that I have relatives that were contracted by William Penn to Survey the Mason Dixon Line. I'm interested in learning more about this history and the history of the Early Life of Pennsylvania. I work over in Philly and live just across the river in New Jersey so this local history (to me) is very interesting as I find out more.
  • Sandi Wiggins - Descended from Cuthbert Hayhurst and Mary Rudd, I am interested in early Pennsylvania settlers and also the religious motivations and lives of the colonists.
  • Jean Jenks - I am descended from Thomas Jenks and have many Quaker ancestors. I also have some books related to PA and might be able to help others with their research.
  • Bob Fields - Descendant of John Balderston Scarbrough III who arrived with William Penn in 1682 with his father John Scarbrough. He lived with the Indians for 5 years, acting as an interpreter, likely preventing an Indian war which plagued most of the other colonies at the time.
  • Linda Ellinger - Descendant of Robert Vernon who arrived in PA in 1682 on the Friendship with his two brothers, Thomas and Randle (Randal) Vernon.
  • David Wilson - My 7th g-grandfather Robert Willson came to America with his family aboard the "Welcome" in the spring prior to William Penn arriving in the fall. I've found the battles for religious freedom by Winthrop, Bowne and Penn very interesting.
  • Matthew Pryber Currently working on the Kerstetters, Barners, Bierly's Glantz's etc These were all Early immigrants to PA]
  • David Lundy Currently working on all things Lundy. Descendant of Richard Lundy I, looking at his move to Boston in 1674 from England, to Pennsylvania as a Quaker, a few months before Penn. Can find no indication he was a Quaker prior to move to Pennsylvania, and wonder if he was just an opportunist, or a committed Quaker.
  • Doug Lockwood My family includes many Quaker settlers in Pennsylvania & New Jersey. A few of the names are: Stokes, Hancock, Braddock, Hall, Clement, Fogg, Potts, Ware, Townsend, Somers & many others. They all arrived in the 17th century. I also have many early German immigrants to Pennsylvania in my family.
  • Christa Vassillière Hi everyone! I am a graduate student in psychological counseling at Teachers College, Columbia U, but in my spare time I go on this website to try to find stuff on my ancestors, including Miriam Ingram (9th great grandmother) and Ann Short (8th great grandmother) of the Welcome Ship! I've also been trying to find our supposed connections with Randolph Jefferson, brother of our third president of the United States. (My great great grandfather, Jason Davis Passmore, married a Margaret Jefferson, who was supposedly a direct descendant of Randolph.)
  • Jayme McClary - Direct descendant of John Armstrong Sr. who immigrated as a surveyor for the Penn family; laid out the plans for the city of Carlisle, and (along with his wife and children) was among its first settlers. I also have many Quaker ancestors who settled in the northeast after immigrating to America in the 17th & early 18th centuries.
  • Denyse Baham Many of my ancestors came from England in the 1600s and settled in Pennsylvania. Their names include Heaton, Scaife, Paxson, Pownall, Horseman, Waln, and Turner. I have recently learned that they were Quakers, and want to learn more about them.
  • Danelle Schwertner - Direct descendant of Brinsley Barnes, searching for family information before him. Learning more as I go! Also interested in all other ancestors, of course, but this branch is the most well-documented as far as genealogy.
  • Jenny Mortimer - Descended from William Brown-2504 & Ann Mercer-123. Hoping to be a productive part of the collaborative effort of fine-tuning the profiles of these, and other ancestors, who fit within the parameters of this project.
  • Nancy - I am a descendant of William Penn and I am working on
  • Geoffrey-Recently traced family lineage back to Pennsylvania and the Quaker movement, through the Hoge, Vance, and Bowen lines, among others. Actually found where my father's line and my mother's line crossed paths back in the mid 17th Century. Im sure thats really not that unusual, but fun nonetheless. Excited to learn more about the roots of American intentional community building.
  • Melissa Gridley I recently discovered during a Saturday Sourcing Sprint that I have a distant cousin, Oliver Cope, who purchased 500 acres from William Penn in 1681. He settled in New Castle, PA (now Delaware), next door to Chester County, where I was raised. I'm hoping to discover more about his ancestors and descendants on both sides of the pond.
  • Lori Harlan I am a direct descendant of Michael Harland who was a Pennsylvania Early Settler who arrived in 1687 from Ireland along with his brother George Harlan. They first settled in Centreville, PA which is now part Of New Castle, DE. They then lived in Chester County, PA. I am working on improving all Harlan profiles and adding sources, family, etc. I'm a member of the England, Quaker and United Kingdom projects although recently I have been a little slow in communicating with them.
  • Anon Helderman Crewe my paternal side has both Mennonites and Quakers as well as members of the German colony. I will be working on some of those. I will add more details later.
  • Joy Hollingsworth My husband Douglas Ross has established that I am a direct descendant of Valentine Hollingsworth, Quaker associate of William Penn and signer of the "Great Charter" We are working on filling in the gaps of Valentine's vast descendant tree.
  • Richard Kyllo - My wife Sharron is a descendant of the Lundy and Willson families so that is where my main interest lies, though I also have quite a few ancestors that came into Pennsylvania later than the scope of this project so I am generally interested in the history of the region.
  • Jonathan Moreland I am descendant of William Baines, orphaned with his sister Elin Baines on their voyage to the Pennsylvania colony in 1687. Also interested in James Harrisson, Phineas Pemberton, Joseph Stedman, John Simcock and Thomas Brasse who played a roll in emracing them into the Quaker community near Chester. Additional interests include Paxon and Balderston with whom descendants of William intermarried.
  • Heather Kushion The one connection I know of for sure is that of Bishop Hans Herr, my 9x-great-grandfather. His descendants are currently part of a subproject of this one. However, his family and his Mennonite followers likely came in the second wave settlement, outside the parameters of the overarching project. I likely have other connections to the Quakers that I'm looking forward to discover, however, as my ancestors stayed in the Lancaster County area for quite a while (four generations) before migrating northwest towards Ohio and Michigan.
  • Luckenbill-68 - I, and most of. my ancestors have lived in Pennsylvania going back at least 7 generations. I am researching Luckenbill, Eck, Reinert, Angstadt, Eckert, Kline, among others. I have done AncestryDNA and have imported my data as a G2G file, although I don't yet know how to best use that data.
  • Steven Wells I have several ancestors who lived in Pennsylvania, including Robert Taylor (1633-1695), Thomas Millard Sr. (1647-1700) Evan Robert Lewis (1610-1688), David Morris Jr. (1660-1720), Jonathan Wynn (1669-1718), Dr. Thomas Wynne (1659-1738), and Mary Wynne (1659-1738) .

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