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The Black Sheep Project and the Witch Trials sub-project have been dissolved. The profiles in this sub-project can now be found under their corresponding categories (see categories

Witch Trials occurred throughout Europe and some other parts of the world from about the 15th Century to the late 18th Century resulting in an estimated 70,000 to 100,000 executions. Later, there were some isolated incidents, but nothing like the mass hysteria of the 1600's.



This sticker identifies and recognizes the profiles of people who were accused of witchcraft or were involved in witch trials.
... ... ... was executed for witchcraft in the Salem Witch Trials
You can find several other stickers: Witch Trial Stickers
Stickers should be placed within the profile's biography, beneath the Biography heading and before the Sources heading.


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5-Star Witches/Witchcraft Profiles

ID-name View Count who's working it Notes '
Mary Estey (Towne) (1621) 5131
Rebecca Nurse (Towne) (1634) 7069
Sarah Cloyes (Towne) aka Bridges, Cloyce, Clayes (1642) 2522
William Meeker 6649 He is finished. I re-wrote the biography, hopefully in chronological order. Then removed paragraphs copied from Rootsweb, but left links and incorporated information with sources. Selvaggio-84

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