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The World War II Project is a Sub-Project of the Military and War Project!

Welcome to the World War II Project

Projects cannot do your research for you. If you don't know where to start, please see: Help:How to Get Started with Genealogy


How To Join

Are you interested in the World War II Project?military_and_war.gif

You may also want to

  1. Add military_and_war to your followed tags
  2. Check out the main project page for all guidelines related to the project.
  3. This project does not have a unique badge, in order to add a sticker to your profile and view a listing of who is a member of this project, add your name to the World War II Project Members by placing the following in your profile, below the ==Biography== line:
    1. if you already have {{Military and War Project Member}} add "|World War II" to it.
    2. if not, add {{Military and War Project Member|World War II}}

This is the Main Category: World War II


If you would like to be involved in the World War II Project, please do the following:

  1. Provide standardized structure for World War II Categories.
  2. Find or create profiles
  3. All duplicates merged into lowest number
  4. Project Managed or PPP added if it qualifies, add the project box {{World War II Project}} and assign the project profile as the PM
  5. pertaining categories added, use the sticker {{World War II}}
  6. biography cleaned up and written, using the WikiTree Style Guide (can work with Profile Improvement Project for help)

Task List

These are tasks that volunteers can do to help us! Check out the G2G post referring to the task, and ask questions or comment on what you're working on there.

Specific tasks you can perform for the World War II project are:

  1. Look for resources for Canadian military records (see g2g question here).
  2. Gather sources on the death marches. We are looking for rosters or reliable sources of military data.
  3. Assist the categories project set up the World War II categories.
  4. We are looking for media which can be connected to profiles and space page. This is the first war where military personnel had their own still and movie cameras.

Completed Tasks

  1. Connect Benito Mussolini to the tree.
  2. Connect Hideki Tojo to the tree.

Requested Subprojects

  • World War II Veterans (see categories and Category:World War II Wikimuseum)

Related Projects

The following projects and groups are likely to have some overlap with this one, so members of this project may be interested in them as well:


Project Box

The WW II Project box is used for adding the profile to the project as Project Managed / Project Protected.

Sample usage:

{{World War II Project}}


World War II
... ... ... participated in the Second World War.
Join: World War II Project
Discuss: World_War_II


The World War II sticker will add the profile to a category by using the |unit=, |branch= and ", World War II".

{{World War II Do not change this.
|branch= Here you add service branch or country that can be found at the bottom of the sticker page. If the service branch or country you want to use is not listed, please contact the leaders of the project so we can add it to the list.
|startdate=Service start date as dd mmm yyyy.
|units=Here you can list the main units he/she served in separated by ; (semi colons). Please do not use abbreviations.
|enddate=Service end date as dd mmm yyyy
|rank=Enter the rank (Ex. Sergeant) here. Please do not use abbreviations like Sgt.
|unit=This will add the profile to the appropriate unit category. Please do not use abbreviations and no unit smaller than Regiment/Brigade. If Regiment or Brigade is not known, use a higher unit that you do know.
|image=Here you can change the default flag image to an alternative image.

If the category the sticker creates turns out red check the spelling/punctuation and the parent category to see if it is spelled the same way. If all looks correct, you can create the new category, default text for the category should be listed in the HELP! section of the parent category.

Whenever in doubt, please contact the leaders of the project or the leaders of Military and War Project

Remember to enter the Country and Branch of Service as found at the bottom of the sticker page ie; British Navy, French Resistance, Australian Army, United States Marine Corps etc and it will display the correct country flag and add the profile to the <category>, World War II.

Sample usage:

{{World War II |branch=country or branch of service|startdate=service start date|units=unit1; unit2|enddate=service end date|unit=name of unit/ship (1st unit only)|rank=rank|image=image file}}

{{World War II|branch=French Resistance|startdate=1939|units=operated in Northern France|enddate=1945}}


... ... ... ... served in the French Resistance in World War II
Service started: 1939
Unit(s): operated in Northern France
Service ended: 1945

To add the profile to a specific unit, since the 4th element is free text and can include other items, add |unit=xxx at the end

{{World War II |branch=United States Marine Corps|startdate=1942|units=1st Marine Division|enddate=1945|unit=1st Marine Division}}

If the unit is not found, enter unit=unknown


... ... ... ... served in the United States Marine Corps in World War II
Service started: 1942
Unit(s): 1st Marine Division
Service ended: 1945

World War II Free-Space Pages

Completed Pages

Example profile Lt. Charles Buchanan Hickcox Jr. KIA



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