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Welcome to the Worldwide Disasters Project

The Worldwide Disasters Project is for profiles of individuals involved in a disaster. This includes those who perished and those who survived. This also includes rescue workers.



Natural and manmade disasters not only shape history but affect the everyday lives of the people involved. The mission of this project is to serve as a memorial to those who were victims of or survived those events. We also want to honor those rescue workers who bravely ran towards danger to save the lives of others.


Current Leader: This project is currently in need of two Leaders. If you are a Leader and are interested in working in this area, please let Julie know!

Project Coordinators: Mary Richardson, Lynette Jester and Sheryl Moore (Worldwide Mining Disasters).

For a full list of participants, see the badge report.


How to Join

If you would like to be involved in the Worldwide Disasters project, please do the following:

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  2. Answer our post in G2G to join and get your badge.
  3. Request to join the Google Community which is how we communicate.
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For each person:

  • All duplicates merged into the final lowest profile ID number.
  • Final ID locked, marking the profile as project protected (must be done by one of the Leaders), if the profile meets those requirements
  • Applicable template included on the page (See Templates below)
  • All relevant categories are added.
  • Ancestor is entered into the appropriate category and protected with the Worldwide Disasters Template.



Worldwide Disaster Free-Space Pages

Represents the global industrial disasters of coal, metals/nonmetals, and gold mining to memorialize and support the world's miners. Environmental disasters resulting from mining not included, e.g., water pollution, truck accidents bringing materials to a mining site, chemical spills, etc.

Sub Projects

Worldwide Disasters is a top level project; as such it makes use of sub-projects falling under this umbrella.

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