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Welcome to Worldwide Mining Disasters



Worldwide Mining Disasters is a sub-project of the Worldwide Disasters Project, and also the "cover page" for all the Region Mining Pages which encompass disasters occurring from [1] Coal, [2] Gold, and [3] Metal/Non-Metal (including silver, copper and other metals as well as diamond and other gemstone) Mining throughout the World.

Historically, there are some incidents involving miners within those industries that have resulted in death, suffering or injury to those miners. These events are documented on Individual Disaster Pages linked within the Region Mining Pages linked below.

Worldwide Mining

This is the Information, Resource and Outline page of Worldwide Mining Disasters.

Go to: Worldwide Mining

See the Top 10 World's Worst Mining Disasters on this page.


The mission of the Worldwide Mining Disasters Project is to provide the history, resources, circumstances, names and more to honor:

  • Miners involved in a mining disaster, whether killed, injured or survivors;
  • Miner ancestors not involved in a disaster, but worked at a mine, or in the mining industry, either had been injured at some point during their mining career, inhumanely treated, or involved in violence as a result of the occupation, and miners who worked in a mining occupation and died a natural death;
  • Mining Rescuers involved in saving miners involved in disasters, or who died in the effort.
  • Miners' families of those who perished: widows, children, parents, siblings, and others, and those family members who supported the miner in their family.
  • Supporters in the Aftermath of a Mining Disaster

This effort is designed to honor all those affected by a mine disaster, tragedy, injustice or accident, and those who were miners and their families.

  • Consolidate those mining disaster profiles and pages WikiTreers are working on in this group under the region so their miners may also be honored. (Thank you for your efforts, and your page will be used appropriately. Please email me if you are working on something that would be under this classification and you would like your page linked under the appropriate region)

Another way to honor the mining ancestors is to include those involved in the aftermath such as inquisitions, trials, caretakers and supporters such as clergy, employers and others.

NOTE: There are many environmental and industrial disasters that have occurred throughout the world resulting from mining efforts in which miners and others were affected which are not in the scope of this effort, mainly environmental disasters involving chemical spills, toxic water contamination and above-ground accidents at mining sites. I do acknowledge these disasters, but the primary focus here is to document mining disasters or injustices and honor miners who lived and died doing that work, and those who supported them in and after disastrous occurrences. Many of these types of disasters can be included in the parent project: Worldwide Disasters Project so please ask if you don't see one that should be included.

Coal Miners give us energy; Gold, Metal and Non-Metal Miners give us luxuries, necessities and technological advances. Mining Rescuers risk their lives in the process, and sometimes killed in the disaster. There were others involved in the aftermath to help them heal or find out why they died. All of them are to be remembered, honored, supported and memorialized along with the Supporters and Family Members of these often depreciated hard working men, women and children.

Definition of Mining Disasters

In the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and other regions in the world, a mining disaster is defined as an incident where 5 or more deaths occurred in a single event. For the purposes of this project, this definition applies.

Some Individual Disaster Pages are included where less than 5 fatalities occurred, and it is also a task to include names of all miners killed outside of a disaster, or injured in a mine so that they too may be honored and remembered.

More information appears on the Region Pages linked below and Individual Disaster Pages.


Key to achieving the mission is to have all miners especially associated with the disasters, or historic injustices to be represented on WikiTree with full, well-styled profiles. This requires building pages to represent any events, items, research, history, memorials, museums, etc., that are associated with the Worldwide Mining Disasters' Independent Disaster Pages.

PROJECT LEADERS - Could this be a related or associated project in your region? - please email me and let me know how to participate.

Some specific goals to meet that primary goal:

For each Region Page:

  • History of mining in that region [country],
  • Table of Disasters that occurred by date and local region (state, province, territory, county), or by largest disaster [based on number of fatalities].
  • Historical occurrences adversely affecting miners' lives
  • Museums/Memorials in the region relative to mining
  • Links to local regional pages
  • Resources for more Mining/Miner Research
  • "Read More About It and other information
  • Miner Genealogy Resources & Links
  • Sources

For each Individual Disaster Page (prepared from the Table of Disasters):

  • History and circumstances of the disaster with photos as available
  • Memorial to be used for that disaster (Profile Memorial Template)
  • List of names of those killed, and also injured/survivors, rescuers, etc. where available. Any names found in research are added and bolded for future research
  • Memorials to be used based on type of disaster (Sticker Memorial Template);
  • Categories to use for miner, family and others' person profiles
  • Genealogy Resources
  • Museums/Memorials commemorating the disaster with links
  • Other Information- news reports, videos, books about disaster with links
  • Sources

For Individual Person Profiles - Miners, Rescuers, Family, Supporters in the Aftermath:

  • All relevant categories are added
  • All appropriate Miner/Rescuer/Family/Supporter Stickers are added individualized for the persons
  • Biography is cleaned up and free of any GEDCOM leftovers, Ancestry trees with no links, etc. and styled according to Category:Styles and Standards. Use of inline citations is encouraged, and please do not copy large swaths of text from elsewhere. Paraphrase and link!
  • Each individual should have a quality source or reference to their association with the Mining Disaster- i.e. a website or published biography
  • Create and attach immediate family
  • Connect to the main WikiTree tree
  • Link/include any memorials, gravestones, etc. whether photo, weblink obituary or other

How to Join

Do you have an interest in Mining Disasters? Will you join us?

If you would like to be involved in the Worldwide Mining Disasters Project, please do the following:

  • To be awarded the Disasters Badge you can contact:

*See what our members are doing!!

Your interest and passion or assistance in any of these Regions in progress, Independent Disaster Pages or honoring miners in your family history will be a great contribution and very welcome!!

Members of Worldwild Mining Disasters Team

These WikiTree Members have been awarded the Disasters Badge and are working on Mining Disasters:

To Do

Here are some of the tasks UNDER CONSTRUCTION"' which could use your help.

  • Regional Pages - all areas are set up and in various stages of completing information
  • Individual Disaster Pages - completing pages in all regions by filling in information
  • Profiles - finding the WikiTree profiles already on WikiTree to add the Memorials & Categories indicated on Individual Disaster Pages, and researching and adding others not yet in WikiTree, their families and others to accomplish Goals listed above.
  • Any other suggestions welcome. This is a large undertaking and any help is appreciated in the set up and profiling to properly honor the world's miners, rescuers, families and supporters.


There are specific instructions on each Individual Disaster Page and are "Copy & Paste" for Categories to use on individual [person] profiles.

Related Projects and Groups

PROJECT LEADERS: I know this undertaking will relate to other historical projects. Please see the regional pages below and let me know if you would like to connect these to your main page for further interest, or assist in setting up those regional pages in a preferred format by offering Worldwide Mining Disasters [region x] as a way to support your regional project.

  • UPDATE: 10 Oct 2017 The New Zealand Mining portion of this project presenting New Zealand Mining History, highlighting the top 7 mining disasters and listing genealogical resources along with memorials to New Zealand miners and mining rescuers is now a proud partner with New Zealand Project and also a subproject of that project.

Project Updates

  • United States Update: 1 Dec 2017: All 32 states with mining disasters have disaster pages set up and ready to complete. Volunteers as Profile Managers for a disaster are needed and your help is greatly appreciated.
  • State pages are also set up and are in the process of being completed. Any help on a State Page is also appreciated.
  • Research has been done and resources will be given when a disaster page/state is adopted as well as lists of miner victims involved in each disaster.
  • England Update: 5 February 2018: The England Mining page is In Progress and many Individual Disaster Pages have been added with more coming. Volunteers as Profile Managers for Individual Disaster Pages are needed and your help is greatly appreciated.
  • Research has been done and resources will be given when Independent Disaster Pages are adopted as well as lists of miner victims involved in each disaster.


Project Box

Mine Explosion
This is the Project Box
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The template is for use on the regional pages linked below. The project template is not used on individual (person) profiles.


For individual profiles, any miners, miners' family, rescuers and those involved in the aftermath of a mining disaster, the appropriate memorial template and "copy&paste" templates are included on the Individual Disaster Pages to use for those involved in that particular disaster, as well as an appropriate categories to use on individuals' profiles.


NOTE: All coal miners are categorized in REGIONAL Coal Miner category. All MNM are categorized by TYPE/Region miner category. Project should be contacted for questions on miner category to use.

Some examples of the Miner Memorial Stickers:

Example (it also adds Category:Gold Miners).

... ... ... died in a gold mine explosion on 12 May 1854
{{Worldwide Mining Disasters
|text=died in a gold mine explosion
|date=12 May 1854
|category=Gold Miners

Example without a date or a flag (it also adds Category:Coal Miners).

... ... ... died in a coal mine explosion
{{Worldwide Mining Disasters
|text=died in a coal mine explosion
|category=Coal Miners

Example (it also adds Category:Lead Miners and the Metal/NonMetal Miners' Memorial).

... ... ... died in a lead mine cave-in on 14 Feb 1892
{{Worldwide Mining Disasters
|text=died in a lead mine cave-in
|date=14 Feb 1892
|category=Lead Miners

Example for rescue workers (it also adds Category:Mining Rescuers).

... ... ... was a rescuer after a coal mine explosion on 12 May 1854
{{Worldwide Mining Disasters
|text=was a rescuer after a coal mine explosion
|category=Mining Rescuers
|date=12 May 1854

Example for miner’s family without a date (it also adds the image: Miners' Support Ribbon)

... ... ... was a coal miner's daughter
{{Worldwide Mining Disasters
|text=was a coal miner's daughter
|flag= UK_Flags-23.png

Example for a Supporter in the Aftermath of a specific Individual Mining Disaster with no category, no date and no Image specified: (adds a link to the Individual Mining Disaster page in the text and the Support Miners Ribbon):

... ... ... testified at the Royal Commissioner’s Inquest for the Glen Afton Mine Explosion
{{Worldwide Mining Disasters
|text=testified at the Royal Commissioner’s Inquest for the Glen Afton Mine Explosion
|flag= Flags-19.png}}

See the Region Pages linked below where the Individual Disaster Pages are linked for the specific stickers and categories to use.

Project Pages Examples

The Worldwide Mining Disasters Project consists of the following project page types:

  1. Region Pages
  2. Individual Disaster Pages
  3. Person Profiles

Region Pages are linked in the section below.

Those pages contain links to Individual Disaster Pages which list the victims/survivors of the individual disaster and are the destination pages of the project, which pages are set up and then adopted and completed by WIkitree Members.

The Individual Disaster Pages include the disaster category, regional category and stickers which honor and connect miner and other person profiles to the project with stickers and categories defined for each Individual Disaster.

Miners' Family and Supporters are other "person profiles" involved.

Regional Pages

  • New Zealand Mining - complete country page linking the Independent Disaster Pages. This page also includes links to the most complete lists found of miners: [1] killed in mining accidents (not meeting the disaster definition) , and [2] injured in mining accidents, but now deceased due to the time of the reported injury

Individual Disaster Page

  • Hyde Colliery Disaster - is a completed Individual Disaster Page with a full list of the 23 miners who died, 7 survivors named, and those miners' profiles have been created and honored with the Miner's Memorial and appropriate categories added as instructed on this Individual Disaster Page.

Person Profile with Stickers and Categories

  • David Paterson - a victim of the Ralph's Mine Explosion is a well-sourced profile done by Lianne Trevarthen and a perfect example of the sticker used in this project, as well as other WikiTree projects along with this project's disaster-defined categories and those suggested in the New Zealand Project. The profile is not part of the Worldwide Mining Disasters Project, but an example of the instructions and categories used on a WikiTree profile for someone involved in a disaster included in the project.

World Mining Pages

The Worldwide Mining Disasters begins with the world as a whole then breaks down to geographical regions with links to the Independent Disaster Pages.

NOTE: In some areas, disasters in the mining industry were not designated as such unless there were 5+ or more deaths. Any miner's death will be honored and addressed as appropriate on the following pages involving a mining disaster or significant historical mining incident.

  • We are also in the process of creating a list per region of miners killed or injured in accidents involving less than 5 deaths, and a list of those injured to further the goal of honoring all miners. Any help is appreciated!
Worldwide Mining

This is the Information, Resource and Outline page of Worldwide Mining Disasters. See the Top 10 World's Worst Mining Disasters on the page.

Region Mining Pages Links

Note: Pages are works in progress and most not complete but available for view where the page is created. If you reach a page that shows it is Under Construction, it either has just been created, or the information is being filled in. Where pages are complete, they are noted below.

Canada- Page is In Progress

United States - Page is complete!

Mexico- Region In Research

South America- Region In Research

England- Page is In Progress!

Northern Ireland- Region In Research

Scotland- Page is In Progress!

Wales- Page is In Progress!'

Europe- Region In Research

Africa- Region In Research

Asia- Region In Research

Australia- Region In Research

New Zealand - Page is Complete!


Please see the Region and Independent Disaster Pages.

Suggestions/Additions are appreciated!


Sources will be added under region/disaster pages as required. Genealogy sources will be added under the appropriate region/disaster pages. Resources, sources and inspiration for this project page are from WikiTree Help pages and well-done WikiTree Project Pages.

We Hope You Like the Worldwide Mining Disasters Project and Want To Help The Wikitree Community Honor Our Miners, Miners' Families and Supporters.
Thank You for Visiting!

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