Project Manager

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The Project Manager is the Team member who helps with project-related activity on WikiTree.


New Projects Category

The project manager is well-versed in creating and setting up new projects, and making connections with those who want to do so as well. They should communicate with those Project Leaders and help field questions as necessary to help them help others. Part of this is overseeing the activity in the New Projects category. This category can get rather full, especially with One Name Studies. One Name Studies should be forwarded on to the One Name Study project and the new projects category removed.

New projects should be connected with existing projects by notifying the top-level Project Leader and asking them to check out the free-space page and collaborate. The new project category should then be removed.


The project manager also watches G2G for the "projects" tag to make sure questions are being answered, and to watch project join posts to make sure they're being responded to in a timely fashion. If they aren't, the Project Manager should let the Leader Liaison know, so they can contact the Leader(s) of the project to correct whatever situation is at hand.

Project Accounts

The project manager sets up project accounts. Project Leaders and Coordinators will try to do this, but should not. The accounts need set up from the info@ email address so that the Team is able to do recovery and transitions easily for leadership changes. Follow the instructions on Project Accounts.

Project Pages

The project manager keeps the Project Pages help page up to date, and works with Leaders to make sure their project pages conform. Some Leaders can be recruited to be a task force to work on updates, as well. Pages should have the project info template as well as certain information and links that make it a hub for all information needed for a project member to participate.


The project manager helps to set up new badges for top-level projects. These should be carefully considered. In many cases, a new badge is not needed, as a new project will fit as a sub-project of something that already exists. Or the project may not yet meet all the requirements to be a new project. Until everything is in place, no new badges should be requested.

Project Templates

The project manager should work with the Team technical guru to manage project boxes and stickers for projects. Changes and updates should be discussed between them.

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