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Two project leaders, Michael Stills and Peter Roberts, at RootsTech 2016.

A project is a group of members organized around a topic or volunteer activity. There are "top-level" projects like the ones you see below, sub-projects, and free-space projects. See the Project FAQ for more information.

To see if an existing project fits your interests or ancestors, browse the list below or Category:Projects, which includes many sub-projects and free-space projects not listed here. There is also a subset of Pre-1700 Projects. Also feel free to contact a Volunteer Coordinator. Their mission to help members like you find a project that might interest you and if so, to introduce you to its leaders. The project leaders would love to have your help.


Active Projects

These are Projects that currently have active collaboration between participants and tagged discussions on G2G in the last three months.


The place for WikiTreers who want to improve WikiTree's coverage of the French settlers who came to Nova Scotia and the surrounding areas in the early 1600s, as well as their descendants.

Tag: acadia

Leaders: Roland Arsenault and Jacqueline Girouard

Adoption Angels

WikiTree Adoption Angels are volunteers who have taken on the mission of helping adoptees look for and connect with their biological families.

Tag: adoption_angels

Leader: Eowyn Langholf


WikiTree Ambassadors are volunteers who are active in social media and/or blogging and who are dedicated to helping share the WikiTree love!

Tag: ambassadors

Leader: Eowyn Langholf


WikiTree Arborists are volunteers who have taken on the mission of improving the overall health of our single world WikiTree, specifically seeking out and merging duplicate profiles.

Tag: arborists

Leader: Robin Lee


The Australia Project is a top-level Project for discussion and coordination of various sub-projects (below), and for development of new projects.

Tag: australia

Leader: Paul Bech


To coordinate WikiTreers who are researching and improving WikiTree's coverage of families in the Bahamas.

Tag: bahamas

Leader: Peter Roberts

Black Sheep

A project focused on those ancestors and family members we sometimes wish...weren't. The outcasts, outlaws, and outlandish folks in our family trees.

Tag: black_sheep

Leaders: Carrie Quackenbush and Leigh Murrin

Canadian History

For WikiTreers who are working on improving the profiles of the Canadian Prime Ministers, Fathers of Confederation, and other historical Canadian figures.

Tag: canadian_history

Leader: Erin Breen


To bring together WikiTreers who want to help manage the Categories and encourage their use.

Tag: categorization

Leader: Abby Glann


A project focused on connecting all the loose branches around WikiTree to our main Global Family Tree.

Tag: connectors

Leaders: Abby Glann and Karen Tobo

Database Errors

Members working together to use tools that seek out errors on our site.

Tag: db_errors

Leader:Aleš Trtnik

Project Coordinator: Magnus Sälgö


For those interested in improving how WikiTree works for genetic genealogists and integrates DNA test information.

Tag: dna

Leaders: Kitty Smith, Kay Wilson and Mags Gaulden.

Dutch Roots

A project focused of profiles with Dutch connections, as well as working together to make WikiTree more Dutch friendly via the Nederlands Portaal.

Tag: dutch_roots

Leader: Bea Wijma Coordinators: Jan Terink, Joop van Belzen, Astrid Schellenberger, B.W.J Molier

Sub Projects:

  1. Dutch Pre-1700 Project
  2. Dutch 1700-1811 Project
  3. Dutch After-1811 Project
  4. Nederlands Portaal

European Aristocrats

The oldest and largest project on WikiTree, EuroAristo's focus is on the noble families of Europe, from as far back as there are reliable records, to the present day.

Tag: euroaristo

Leader: John Atkinson

Family History Photo of the Week

A project focused on the great photos that people upload to WikiTree, members nominate the most interesting new photos to show up in the past week, then choose a winner. Please become a Voting Member!

Tag: photo_of_the_week

Leader: Eowyn Langholf

German Roots

The objective of the German Roots Project is to create genealogies and biographies for those families that came from Germany and its population in Russia, Poland, Austria, and Switzerland.

Tag: german_roots

Leader: Jacqueline Clark

Project Coordinator: Marlene Marx

Global Cemeteries

The mission of the Global Cemeteries Project is to make WikiTree the preferred site for genealogists and family researchers to find and share information regarding the final resting places of our ancestors.

Tag: cemeteries

Leader: Paul Bech

Global Community Outreach

The goal of this project is to work on ways to improve WikiTree as a global genealogy resource, and reach out to genealogists around the world.

Tag: global_outreach

Leader: This project needs a Leader. Please contact the Leader Liaison if you're interested.

A project to help people with foreign languages (such as interpreting foreign genealogy records), as well as investigating ways to make WikiTree more friendly to non-English speakers.

Leaders: Paul Bech and Erin Breen


A friendly group of members who welcome new guest members and confirm those who volunteer to become Wiki Genealogists.

Tag: greeters

Leaders: Julie Ricketts and Carole Partridge

Help Pages Committee

This project diligently works to make sure anything you need to know to succeed on WikiTree can be easily learned in our Help Pages and Index.

Tag: help_pages

Leader: Maggie N.


This project is to document individuals who were involved in the European Holocaust coinciding with World War II.

Tag: holocaust

Leaders: Eowyn and Maggie N.

Huguenot Migration

This project focuses on the French Huguenots, Protestants living in Catholic France who migrated to other countries to avoid persecution.

Tag: huguenot

Leader: Chet Snow

Project Coordinator: Sadie Whanger


For WikiTree users interested in profiles and sub-projects related to India.

Tag: india

Leader : Maria Maxwell

Integrators (G2G)

This project focuses on integrating WikiTree and the Genealogist-2-Genealogist Forum.

Tag: integrators

Leaders: Robert (Keith) Hathaway and Michael Stills


A project for WikiTreers with Irish ancestry.

Tag: ireland

Leaders: Maria Maxwell and Leigh Murrin

Italian Roots

A project focused on those with Italian Ancestry.

Tag: italian_roots

Current Leader: Michael Maranda

Latin American Roots

The Latin American Roots project is the place for anyone who has an interest in the history or genealogy of the 20 Latin American nations.

El Latin American Roots Project está abierto a cualquier persona que tenga un interés en la historia o genealogía de las 20 naciones de América Latina.

Tag: latin_america

Leader: Patrick Barnum; you may communicate with him in either English or Spanish; puedes comunicarte con él ya sea en inglés o español.

  • Chilean Roots led by Patrick Barnum.
  • Indigenas Latin America: Leader Mags Gaulden
  • Puerto Rico: A project for collaboration on profiles of individuals and families directly associated with Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rican Roots Project is open to anyone who has an interest in the history or genealogy of Puerto Rico.

Tag: puerto_rico Leaders: Karen Tobo and Patrick Barnum


This project focuses on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, including Mormon founders, LDS Pioneers, the Mormon Battalion, the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and prominent members past and present.

Tag: lds

Leader: Eowyn Langholf and Carrie Quackenbush

Magna Carta

The goal of this project is to categorize and improve profiles of the twenty-five barons who were surety for Magna Carta, and the "illustrious men" named in the preamble, and their immediate families and descendants.

Tag: magna_carta

Leaders: Chet Snow, Jayme Arrington


For WikiTreers who are working on the profiles of the Mayflower passengers and their immediate families.

Tag: mayflower

Leader: Becky Syphers


Mentors are Wiki Genealogists who help and interact with new members in our community. Basically, we take over where the Greeters leave off. Mentors will play a big role in getting guests and new members going, as well as educating members through various means such as the G2G and the blog.

Tag: mentors

Leaders: Julie Ricketts


The purpose of the Mexican Roots Project is collaboration on profiles of individuals and families directly associated with Mexico. The Mexican Roots Project is open to anyone who has an interest in the history or genealogy of Mexico.

Tag: mexico

Leader: Patrick Barnum

  • Indigenas Mexico (in Process) - Mexican Indigenas Project - Leader Mags Gaulden

Military and War

The purpose of this project is to build profiles and pages for the various military and war related events in our ancestries.

Tag: military_and_war

Leaders: Terry Wright and Paula J


A project to help grow WikiTree through multimedia outreach-from things to use at conferences and speaking at your local library to G+ chats to video tutorials. We're always looking for great ideas and doers!

Tag: multimedia

Leader: Paul Bech

Native Americans

A top-level project to manage and develop sub-projects according to tribe, event or other area of historical or cultural interest. The geographic scope will be lower 48 states plus Alaska in North America. The time frame will cover pre-colonial until the present.

Tag: native_americans

Leader: Mags Gaulden

Project Coordinator: Marc Snelling

New Netherland Settlers

This project focuses on New Netherland families who settled the area during Dutch rule. The period covered is through October 1674, but see the project page for more specific details on family connected before and after that time period.

Tag: new_netherland

Leader: Carrie Quackenbush

Project Coordinators: Steven Mix and Ellen Smith

New Zealand

For WikiTree users interested in profiles related to New Zealand

Tag: new_zealand

Leader: Maria Maxwell


For WikiTree members interested in Norway

Tag: norway

Leader: Doug Straiton and Lena Svensson


A project to help add and connect the people and families of Notables throughout history to our global tree.

Tag: notables

Leaders: Scott Fulkerson and Bob Fields

Project Coordinators: Matt Pryber and Elizabeth Winter

One Name Studies

For anyone who wants to pursue a One Name Study, allowing sharing and collaboration with other members while keeping the structure of the study using categories.

Tag: one_name_studies

Leader: Doug Lockwood

One Place Studies

For people participating in one place studies and wanting to make the most of WikiTree categories and other features to support those studies.

Tag: one_place_studies

Leader: Leader needed. Contact Abby if you're interested.


The purposes of the Poland Project is to develop profiles on WikiTree for those who lived in Poland or have Polish ancestry.

Tag: poland

Leaders: Maggie N.
Project Coordinators: Summer Orman

Profile Improvement

To bring together WikiTreers who love to make profiles beautiful and correct! We clean up messy biography sections and sources, and try to set standards for attractive, useful, and well-written biographies.

Tag: profiles

Leader: Anne B

Puritan Great Migration

For WikiTreers interested in the early Puritan colonists who started arriving after the Mayflower and form the 20-40k settlers who arrived in New England mostly between 1621 and 1640.

Tag: pgm

Leader: Vic Watt


Focusing on those of the Quaker religion worldwide.

Tag: quakers

Leader: Andrea Powell


A Project for members who are interested in helping to prevent forest fires.

Tag: rangers

Leader: Eowyn Langholf


Tag: scotland

Leaders: Doug Straiton and Maria Maxwell

Slavic Roots

Tag: slavic_roots

Leaders: Michael Maranda and Maggie N.

South African Roots

A top-level Umbrella project covering the areas encompassed in South Africa currently and historically.
A project focused on profiles with South African connections, as well as working together to make WikiTree more South African friendly.

Leaders:Ronel Olivier, Susanna de Bruyn, Bea Wijma; Coordinator: Louis Heyman

Style Committee

A group of WikiTreers who discuss, debate, and propose changes to WikiTree's styles and standards.

Tag: style

Leader: Leader needed! Contact our Leader Liaison for more information


Tag: sweden

Leader: Lena Svensson


To coordinate WikiTreers who create and improve templates on WikiTree.

Tag: templates

Leader: Rob Ton

United Kingdom

A top-level Umbrella project covering the areas encompassed in the United Kingdom currently and historically, including the major areas of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales

Tag: united_kingdom

Leaders: Maria Maxwell, Doug Straiton

United States History

A project to gather many of the US-related sub projects together, spanning from before the USA was a nation to it's current state.

Tag: us_history

Leaders: Alison Andrus and Abby Glann

US Presidents

To coordinate the efforts of WikiTreers who are working to improve the profiles of the US presidents, their Vice Presidents, as well as their descendents and ancestors.

Tag: presidents

Leaders: Robin Lee and Vicki Norman

US Southern Colonies

Covering ancestors who lived in the Southern Colonies of pre-1776 America.

Tag: southern_colonies

Leaders:Paula J and Mags Gaulden

Volunteer Coordinators

Members who help other members get introduced to projects and collaborations.

Leaders: Julie Ricketts

Project Coordinator: Summer Orman

WikiTree Apps

This is for discussing and sharing tools to make WikiTree better. It includes external tools and the development of apps. This group is especially for those with technical skills.

Tag: wt_apps

Current Leader: Leader needed! Please contact the Leader Liaison if you are a WikiTree Leader interested in leading this project.

William Penn and Early Pennsylvania Settlers

For WikiTreers interested in the people who immigrated from Europe to Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas starting in 1682.

Tag: penn

Leader: Kitty Smith

Worldwide Disasters

For WikiTreers interested in the development of profiles for victims, survivors, rescue workers or humanitarian aid workers of all disasters all over the world from ancient until the present, as well as free-space pages detailing the events.

Tag: disasters

Leader: John Beardsley

Project Coordinators: Mary Richardson and Lynette Jester

New Projects

If you don't see a project above that fits your ancestors or interests, maybe you should lead the way and create one!

First see the list of pending projects below, and Starting a New Project.

Pending and Dormant Projects

Pending Projects are ideas for projects that someone wants to start, or projects that someone thinks should exist.

They should be listed here until they meet the requirements for starting a new project.

If there are project-protected profiles that don't yet have a project, list them here. Organize them by what potential project they would belong in.

If you'd be interested in participating in a project, add your name and any notes about what you would like to do.

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