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Peter J. Roberts
Born 1950s.
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Father of [private daughter (unknown - unknown)], [private son (1990s - unknown)] and [private son (1990s - unknown)]
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The coat of arms of the Bahamas.
Peter Roberts is part of a Bahamian family.
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Y-Chromosome DNA Confirmed
Roberts-7085's direct paternal relationship to Roberts-7104 is confirmed because:
  1. This yDNA test of Roberts-7266 and this yDNA test of Roberts-7085 are a close match. 37/37 markers.
  2. The most recent common ancestor in the yDNA line of Roberts-7266 and the yDNA line of Roberts-7085 is Roberts-7104.



Peter J. Roberts is the son of Bert L. Roberts[1] and Nan Dekle.[2] [3] He was born in 1959 at Princess Margaret Hospital in Nassau, Bahamas. He was named Peter after his father's mentor Peter Van Vlaanderen of Ridgewood, New Jersey who was a Winter resident in Nassau. He was given the middle name of James after his maternal grandmother's father Rev. James Miller Rustin of Meigs, Georgia. His godparents were Cam and Helen Taylor of London, Ontario, Canada.

Peter J. Roberts is a retired associate professor and archivist from Georgia State University. He has a B.A. in art history from Emory University and an M.A.T. in museum education from The George Washington University. He has had an interest in genealogy for over 40 years and has been exploring genetic genealogy for the past 12 years. He is the administrator for the Bahamas DNA Project YDNA mtDNA atDNA and three surname DNA projects, namely Roberts, Sasser, and Rustin. He is a past regional coordinator for the Atlanta area for the International Society of Genetic Genealogy. He is a life member of the Clan Donnachaidh Society. In WikiTree he is an active member of the DNA Project and a leader of the Bahamas Project.

Peter J. Roberts

Peter was featured in a Meet Our Members Post on the WikiTree Blog!

The Relationship Finder shows Charlemagne, Carolingian-77 is the 18th great grandfather of John Talbot-6 and John Talbot-6 is the 16th great grandfather of Peter J. Roberts-7085 See Charlemagne's DNA...

Peter J. Roberts' blogs (mostly about WikiTree and DNA)

Noteworthy G2G Postings

When is DNA testing too much of a good thing?

What should you do with your full sequence mtDNA results?

Are you using auDNA segments which are less than 7 cM?


Using DNA and WikiTree to Find our Bahamian Ancestral Heritage, May 1st and 2nd, 2015

DNA and WikiTree: Where We are and Where We are Going RootsTech recording of Feb 10th, 2017

How to Make the Most of the DNA Features on WikiTree Recording of Feb 11th, 2017 WikiTree LiveCast

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Table of My Known Ancestors within Ten Generations

Known Ancestors within ten generations

Known Ancestors within 2,000 years with errors

Y Haplogroups of my Ancestors in WikiTree

  1. E-M35.1 Llywelyn ap Iorwerth (1173 - 1240)
  2. E-M35.1 likely E-M84 Benjamin Archer (c1767 - c1820)
  3. G-P287 Humphrey Lancaster (1390 - 1446)
  4. I-P221 Ridley Pinder (1745 - 1795)
  5. I-Z59 Bert Roberts (1918 - 1966)
  6. O-M122 William Wise (1744 - 1816)
  7. R-BY11544 James de Haviland (ca. 1440 - ca. 1512)
  8. R-CTS241 Winer Bethel (1849 - 1881)
  9. R-FGC41936 John Strange (ca 1331-1361)
  10. R-L20 John Roberts (ca. 1750 - ca. 1798)
  11. R-L21 Thomas Sasser (1825 - 1876)
  12. R-L21 Richard FitzAlan (ca. 1346 - 1397)
  13. R-M269 William Batchelor Denmark, Jr. (1743 - aft 1827)
  14. R-M269 William Bryan (1724 - 1781)
  15. R-M269 Ezekiel Hull (c. 1788 -)
  16. R-M269 Thomas Jones (1775 - c. 1835)
  17. R-M269 Thomas ap Morgan (1443 -)
  18. R-M269 Robert Pitt (c. 1605 - 1672)
  19. R-M269 Edmound Scarborough (1584 - 1635)
  20. R-M269 Robert de Vere (c. 1240 - 1296)
  21. R-M512 William Harrington (c. 1373 - )
  22. R-P312 Richard Sawyer (c. 1821 - 1879)
  23. R-S1026 Benjamin Albury (1803 - 1862)
  24. R-SRY2627 Cecil Dekle (1892 - 1976)
  25. R-U106 William Lee (c. 1258 - 1302)
  26. R-U152 Eudes Zouche (c. 1297 - 1326)
  27. R-Z198 James Rustin (1867 - 1937)
  28. R-Z282 Raoul de Crépy (c. 1025 - 1074)
  29. R-Z381 Philippe Capet (c. 1268 - 1314)
  30. R-Z34614 Boudewijn Hainaut V (1150 - 1195)

Y-DNA Once in WikiTree

  1. J-M172 Peter Gerard (1407 - 1447)
  1. R-M269 James Butler (c. 1305 - 1338)
  1. R-M269 John Darcy (1280 - 1347)
  1. R-M269 John Talbot (1485 - 1549)
  1. R-U106 John Bromley
  1. R-Z282 Robert Drake
  1. R-U106 Fulk Fitzwarin (c. 1251 - 1315)

mtDNA Haplogroups of my Ancestors in WikiTree

  1. H1 Louise Bethel
  2. H1a3a1 Elizabeth Roberts
  3. H1b1 Matilda West
  4. I3 Susan Bell
  5. I3c Nan Dekle
  6. J1c2c3 Joan Beaufort
  7. J2a1a1a2 Elizabeth Manning
  8. T1b Frances Barnett
  9. T2f1a Mary Sawyer

mtDNA Once in WikiTree

  1. J1c2c3 Anne Talbot

Major DNA Haplogroups in WikiTree

Major mtDNA and Y-DNA haplogroups of testers

Native American mtDNA in WikiTree

Native American mtDNA

Postage Stamps on Profiles

Postage Stamps on Profiles

Autosomal DNA Matches via Mother's Ancestry

Chr WikiTree GEDmatch Start Stop cM Rel.
2 Haines-2478 A012273 191008241 204236372 10.0 -><-
3 Ansley-33 T674714 46298863 64525998 18.9 -><-
4 Williamson-6611 N/A 165504024 177888785 15.22 -><-
5 McBride-1326 A663637 17838281 25103129 6.1 -><-
10 Williamson-6611 N/A 64237370 82575061 21.27 -><-
17 Jones-44942 A061357 13743140 17351936 9.5 -><-
20 Williamson-6611 N/A 55463163 59650650 11.24 -><-

Autosomal DNA Matches via Father's Ancestry

Bold = Triangulated Group (TG); For common ancestry of a TG, click on -><- to right of last name in TG then in Relationship Finder add WikiTree ID of first name in TG.

Chr WikiTree GEDmatch Start Stop cM Rel.
1 Collins-5366 T688604 63617324 71890533 8.5 -><-
1 Collins-5366 T688604 163621974 173712569 10.8 -><-[4]
1 Sjostrom-39 A936004 163584356 173890292 11.1 -><-[5]
2 Sjostrom-39 A936004 100704941 109647449 7.6 -><-
2 Payne-3360 M191333 173935113 211846129 29.8 -><-
4 Collins-5366 T688604 113929622 126436413 8.3 -><-[6]
4 Lowe-3478 T045225 110146255 125889460 12.2 -><-[7]
5 Archer-1102 A378260 176093069 180623543 12.2 -><-[8]
6 Kitchen-311 T984290 166029345 168443695 8.1 -><-
7 Collins-5366 T688604 9184546 13854270 7.2 -><-
10 Collins-5366 T688604 88087 6305408 17.8 -><-
10 Nodine-28 T300475 105783449 114568984 8.2 -><-
12 Payne-3360 M191333 61880 6068492 16.8 -><-
12 Collins-5366 T688604 46165835 53793732 8.9 -><-
15 Payne-3360 M191333 84451305 92615877 19.7 -><-
16 Nodine-28 T300475 71818992 79672326 16.5 -><-
19 Payne-3360 M191333 58667280 63776118 16.1 -><-
19 Sjostrom-39 A936004 10450422 16284035 8.8 -><-
20 Payne-3360 M191333 4523350 6638101 8.0 -><-
20 Payne-3360 M191333 46126993 51168186 8.3 -><-
21 Payne-3360 M191333 18290872 23208407 9.2 -><-

GM&WTIDs (private)

My Gateway Ancestors to the Global Family Tree

Rebecca Wise Ancestry


Ancestral Homes

Homes of the ancestors of Peter J. Roberts

Ancestral Portraits

Robert Needham


Maud Chaworth (c. 1282 - bef 1322)



Interesting Ancestors

Beauchamp-74 Died in the plague

Autosomal DNA Admixture

LivingDNA Admixture Report

Canine Genetics

DNA testing of my potcake dog from Nassau, Bahamas

Digital Afterlife (thanks to Mags)

In the event of my death I would like all of my private profiles to be managed by a WikiTree member at the discretion of the WikiTree leadership.


  1. Paternal relationship is confirmed by a 37 out of 37 Y-DNA marker match between this Family Tree DNA yDNA test for Peter Roberts and this Family Tree DNA yDNA test of his paternal line cousin Roberts-7266. Paternal relationship is also confirmed by a 1828.2 cM Family Finder match between Peter Roberts GEDmatch T412069 and his paternal aunt Betty Maxwell GEDmatchT527089.
  2. Maternal relationship is confirmed by a 1417.42 cM Family Finder match between Peter Roberts GEDmatch T412069 and his maternal uncle Dekle-6 GEDmatch T559569.
  3. Maternal relationship is also confirmed by a 49 cM X chromosome match from 2,904,827 to 32,262,167 between Peter Roberts GEDmatch T412069 and his male fifth cousin twice removed Anonymous Turner GEDmatch T685002.
  4. Shared segment is from Pinder-47
  5. Shared segment is from Pinder-56 or Barnett-2174
  6. Shared segment is from Pinder-56 or Barnett-2174
  7. Shared segment is from Pinder-56 or Barnett-2174
  8. Shared segment is likely from Pinder-47

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Peter is a Wiki Genealogy Volunteer following these tags:
Want learn more about my early Colonial Virginia African-American ancestry.
A surname of one of my early ancestors from the Bahamas and Bermuda.
Seeking collaboration with anyone interested in Bahamian genealogy.
My paternal grandmother's maiden surname from the Bahamas.
Interested in WikiTree's Black Sheep Project and the the International Black Sheep Society of Genealogists (IBSSG).
My mother's maiden surname from the Georgia. Looking for another Dekle male to have a Y chromosome test.
Interested in ways for WikiTree to improve its DNA features for genetic genealogists.
Interested in the ancestry of surnames related to this Scottish clan.
Want to learn more about my African-American ancestry.
Interested in discussions related to Family Tree DNA and genetic genealogy.
Interested in ways to integrate GEDmatch and WikiTree.
Interested in associated surnames, haplogroup age, and geographic distribution.
Interested in the age and geographic distribution of this mitochondrial DNA haplogroup.
Interested in the use of mitochondrial DNA to confirm direct maternal line ancestry.
A surname of one of my early ancestors from the Bahamas.
My maternal grandmother's maiden name from Georgia.
My mother's maternal grandmother's maiden surname from Georgia and North Carolina.
Interested in WikiTree's Black Sheep Project and the the International Black Sheep Society of Genealogists (IBSSG).
Interested in the use of the X chromosome to confirm ancestry.
Interested in the use of the Y chromosome to confirm direct paternal line ancestry.

DNA Tested
Peter Roberts's DNA has been tested for genealogical purposes. It may be possible to confirm family relationships by comparing test results with Peter or other carriers of his ancestors' Y-chromosome or mitochondrial DNA. Y-chromosome DNA test-takers in his direct paternal line on WikiTree: Mitochondrial DNA test-takers in the direct maternal line:
  • Peter Roberts: Family Tree DNA mtDNA Test Full Sequence, haplogroup I3c, Mitosearch 97ZDB, FTDNA kit #8867
It is likely that these autosomal DNA test-takers will share DNA with Peter:

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On 15 Aug 2017 at 17:22 GMT Iain Old wrote:

Hi Peter,

Many thanks for all your generous help regarding obtaining a MitoSearch ID. I had been completely stuck with this until you kindly sorted out the problems

On 29 Jul 2017 at 18:02 GMT Eowyn Langholf wrote:

wonderful wikitreer
Peter Roberts is a Wonderful WikiTreer.

On 16 Jul 2017 at 01:12 GMT Melissa (Driggers) Lee wrote:

Hi I recently created a one name study for Driggers. Feel free to add your Driggers to the study.
Driggers Study
This profile is part of the Driggers Name Study.
Join: One Name Studies Project
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On 6 Jul 2017 at 21:54 GMT Christine (Raffo) Zakary wrote:

Please, - what is the most effective DNA testing to do?

Is there an informative DNA section on Wikitree? I would like to participate the Harvey Project which traces great grandchildren of William and Thomas Harvey 1636 Taunton, Massachusetts Bay Colony. I have multiple great grandparents in the American Revolution, The 1704 Deerfield Village Massacre, many Reformer-Puritan great grandparents who colonized Plymouth Plantation, Masachusetts Bay, and Connecticut Colonies during The Great Migration 1620-1640. Just learned that i share a Great Grandparent with Czar Nicholas II, Czarina Alix and Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Woodville York and Francis FitzJohn Bernard II). Where can I locate the best DNA testing service and where do I learn what to do with it? Thank You, Christine

On 30 Jun 2017 at 12:49 GMT Scott Kendall wrote:


I changed the privacy of my tree. Are my Y-DNA results visible now?

On 25 Jun 2017 at 18:47 GMT Connie (Daniels) Graves wrote:

Thanks for the reminder about the DNA GEDmatch number. All corrected now.

On 21 Jun 2017 at 13:08 GMT Keith Hathaway wrote:

I'm so glad you are here at WikiTree Peter. I most appreciate how you share and use your knowledge to help others with dna issues. Your expert answers make us all look good. Our tree and community are better because of you. Thank you.

On 7 Jun 2017 at 21:17 GMT Linda (Ortland) Larson wrote:

Thank you for including me, I appreciate your support.

On 1 Jun 2017 at 01:54 GMT J. (Pearson) Salsbery wrote:

The Guy Fawkes source you requested has been posted.

On 31 May 2017 at 04:27 GMT Joy (Lowe) Jossi wrote:

Peter, thanks for pointing me to Bethia Albury's profile... I removed Abaco as her middle name... that crept in as a surprise!

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Queen Elizabeth II Peter is 23 degrees from Kevin Bacon, 25 degrees from Annie Butler, 36 degrees from Rubén Hernández and 18 degrees from Queen Elizabeth II Windsor on our single family tree. Login to find your connection.

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