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Valdrade (Sachsen) de Lorraine (abt. 0836 - 0868)

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Valdrade (Waldrade) de Lorraine formerly Sachsen aka von Sachsen, de Remiremont, of Saxony
Born about in Lorraine, Francemap
Daughter of [father unknown] and [mother unknown]
[sibling(s) unknown]
Wife of — married [date unknown] [location unknown]
Died in Remiremont, Vosges, Lorraine, Francemap
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European Aristocracy
Waldrade (Sachsen) de Lorraine is a member of royalty, nobility or aristocracy in Europe.
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On 27 Nov 2011 Paul Lee wrote:

Immediate Family

Conrad II d'Auxerre, Duke of Transjurane Burgundy husband

Adelaide de Bourgogne daughter

Rodolfo I di Borgogna King of Upper Burgundy son

Lothar - Lotario II (835-869), Roi de Lotharingia husband

Bertha de Lotharingia daughter

Ugo di Lotaringia son

Gisla di Lotaringia daughter

Ermengarda daughter

Thibault Theobald son

Liudolf I "the Great" (c805-866) von Sachsen father

Oda of Billung mother

Hatumoda sister

On 27 Nov 2011 Paul Lee wrote:

About Waldrade de Worms, Mistress of Lothaire II of Lotharingia

Lothaire II's Mistress (1): (from [855]) WALDRADA, daughter of --- (-9 Apr after 868). One manuscript of the Gesta Treverorum names "Waldradam sororem…Guntheri Coloniensis archiepiscopus" when recording her adulterous relationship with King Lothaire II[45].

The Cæsarii Heisterbacensis Catalogus of archbishops of Köln records that the concubine of "Lotharius" was "Waldradam, sororem Guntheri archiepiscopi Coloniensis" and that her brother encouraged Lothaire to leave his legitimate wife for Waldrada, for which he was excommunicated by the Pope[46].

The Annales Novesienses record that “Guntherus episcopus Coloniensis” had “sororem…Vastradam…aliis Waldradam” whom “dux Lotharingiæ Lotharius…superdixit” after her brother approved his divorce from “legitima uxore Tyberga”[47].

According to Baron Ernouf[48], Gunther archbishop of Köln was uncle of Waldrada and Thetgaud archbishop of Trier was her brother, but the primary source on which this is based has not yet been identified.

The Annales Bertiniani names "Hlotharius Waldradam concubinam" when recording that Lothaire purported to marry her in 862 and crowned her with the support of "Liutfrido avunculo suo et Waltario"[49].

Waldrada was also related to the Etichonen Grafen im Nordgau (ALSACE), as shown by the Vita Sancti Deicoli which names "Waldrada…Heberardo comitis consanguinitatis"[50], but the precise relationship is not known.

Folcuin records King Lothaire's excommunication after repudiating his wife for Waldrada[51].

King Lothaire purported to marry Waldrada in [Aug/Sep] 862 and crowned her as Queen, but this was not recognised by the church[52].

She became a nun at Remiremont.

King Lothaire II had four illegitimate children by Mistress (1):

a) HUGUES ([855/60]-after 895). Duke of Alsace 867, until after Aug 869. The Annales Bertiniani record that King Lothaire invested "filioque suo de Waldrada Hugoni" with "ducatum Elisatium" in 867[53]. Herimannus names "Hugonem, Lotharii regis ex Waldrada filium" when recording his rebellion in 879[54]. After his father's death, Charles II "le Chauve" King of the West Franks invaded Alsace and Hugues was obliged to submit to him. The Gesta Francorum records that "Hugo, Hlutharii et Waldrada filius" caused tyranny in France in 879[55]. Pope John VIII excommunicated "Hugonem Lotharii Regis quondam filium non legitimum" in 878[56]. Hugues challenged Louis II "le Bègue" and his son Louis III "le Jeune" in Lotharingia in 879, but was defeated in 880 and swore allegiance at Gondreville in May 881 to Louis "le Jeune" who gave him the abbey of Lobbes. The Annales Fuldenses record that Ludwig II "der Deutsche" King of the East Franks sent "legatis nepotum suorum" to fight "Hugonem tyrannidem exercentem in Gallia" in 880[57]. Charles III "le Gros" King of the East Franks gave him domains of the Bishopric of Metz in 882, but Hugues rebelled in the same year, was defeated once more and took refuge in Burgundy. He rebelled again in 885 and sought support from his brother-in-law Gotfrid in Frisia[58]. The Annales Vedastini record that "Hugo…filius Hlotharii regis" was blinded in 885 on the advice of "Heinrico duce"[59]. He was shut in the monastery of Fulda, later transferred to Sankt-Gallen, and finally to the abbey of Prüm[60]. m (883) as her fourth husband, FRIDERADA, widow firstly of ENGUERRAND, secondly of BERNARIUS, and thirdly of WICBERT, daughter of ---. Regino names "Friderada" as wife of "Engilrammo ex qua filiam quam postmodem Richwinus comes in coniugem accepti", also referring to her subsequent marriages[61]. "Hugo filius Lotharii Regis" had "Wicbertum comitem" murdered and married his wife "Frideradam" in 883[62].

b) GISELA ([860/65]-[21 May/26 Oct] 907). Regino records the marriage in 882 of "Gisla filia Hlotharii" and "rex Godofridus Nordmannorum"[63]. The Annales Fuldenses record the marriage of "Gotafrid Nordmannus qui superiore anno fuerat baptizatus" and "Hugone Hlutharii filio eiusque sororem" in 883[64]. Abbess at Nivelles and Fosses, after her husband died. "Zendeboldus…rex" gave "proprietatem…in loco…VII Fontes" to "propinqua nostra…Kisla…regis Lotharii filia…abbatisse" by charter dated 30 Jul 896[65]. "Zuendebolchus…rex" gave property to "neptis nostre…Gissele…Nyuialensis abbaciæ" for her abbey by charter dated 26 Jul 897[66]. m (882) GODEFRID, son of HARALD "Klak" & his wife --- (-murdered Jun 885). He was one of the leaders of the Danes who ravaged large parts of territory between the Rhine and the Somme. He converted to Christianity, and Emperor Charles "le Gros" granted him large parts of Frisia as dux.

c) BERTA ([863]-8 Mar 925, bur Lucca, Santa Maria). "Hugo comes et marchio" names "patris mei Teutbaldi et matris meæ Berthe…" in a donation by charter dated 924[67]. "Berte" is also named as mother of "Hugo rex" in the latter's donation to Cluny for the souls of his parents dated 8 Mar 934[68]. Her parentage and first marriage are confirmed by the Annales Bertiniani which name "Hugonem Lotharii iunioris filium" and “sororium illius Theutbaldum” in 880[69]. Her origin and second marriage are confirmed by the epitaph of "Comitissæ…Bertha" specifies that she was "uxor Adalberti Ducis Italiæ…regalis generi…filia Lotharii" and records her death in 925[70]. Liudprand provides the proof that Berta, who married Marchese Adalberto, was the widow of Theotbald when he names "Berta matre regis Hugonis", specifying that she was previously married to Adalberto, when recording her death[71]. She was regent of Tuscany after the death of her second husband in 915. m firstly ([879/80]) THEOTBALD [Thibaut] Comte d’Arles, son of HUBERT d'Arles, Comte de Transjuranie & his wife --- (-[Jun 887]/[895]). m secondly ([895/98]) ADALBERTO II Marchese of Tuscany, Conte e Duca di Lucca, son of ADALBERT I Marchese of Tuscany & his wife Rothildis of Spoleto (-[10/19] Sep 915, bur Lucca Cathedral).

d) ERMENGARDE (-6 Aug after [895/898], bur Lucca, Santa Giustina). Her epitaph at Lucca records the death "VIII Id Aug" of "Ermingardis…dicata deo" as daughter of "rex…Lotharius"[72]. Nun at Santa Giustina in Lucca. Gingins-la-Sarra suggests that Ermengarde was the wife of Berlion [I] Vicomte de Vienne, suggesting that she went to Provence with her sister Berta who married Thibaut Comte d´Arles[73]. He says that the charter dated 25 Dec 923, under which “Ludwicus…imperator augustus” confirmed property “in comitatu Viennensi seu et in Lugdunensi in villa…Tadernaco” to “Ingelbertus…et uxori eius Nonie” (Engelbert being this couple´s son)[74], refers to Engelbert as “propinquus” of the emperor. He says that the term was never used in charters which name Berlion [I] and therefore deduces that the relationship must have been through Engelbert´s mother. However, the text of the charter in question does not appear to apply the word “propinquus” specifically to Engelbert. It is used in the phrase “propinquorum et fidelium suorum”, as part of the introductory words in the charter, while Engelbert is named in the document as “fidelis noster”. There appears to be no other basis for this speculation. If the hypothesis were correct, it would be difficult to explain why Ermengarde would have left Provence (presumably after the death of her supposed husband, dated to [912]) and established herself as a nun at Lucca, while her two sons remained in Provence.

1.Name: Valdrade Valtrude LORRAINE 2.Given Name: Valdrade Valtrude 3.Surname: Lorraine 4.Sex: F 5.Birth: Abt 850 in Lorraine, France 6.Death: Abt 868

Father: Ludolphe Von Sachsen Count Of SAXONY b: Abt 806 in Germany

Mother: Hedwige SAXONY b: Abt 838 in Germany

Marriage 1 Lothaire II LORRAINE b: Abt 830 in Alsace, Lorraine, France

  • Married: 15 Oct 862


1. Has Children Bertha Princess Of LORRAINE b: 863 in Lorraine, France

2. Has Children Gisela LORRAINE b: Abt 869 in Lorraine, France

Familj med Lothar II av Frankerna (826 - 869) Vigsel: före 855 1)

Barn: Gisela av Lothringen (- 872)


1) Directory of Royal Genealogical Data, Hull, England

Lothair II of Lotharingia

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Lothair, whose desire for the divorce was prompted by his affection for his mistress, Waldrada, put away Theutberga, but Hucbert took up arms on her behalf, and after she had submitted successfully to the ordeal of water, Lothair was compelled to restore her in 858. Still pursuing his purpose, he won the support of his brother, Emperor Louis II, by a cession of lands and obtained the consent of the local clergy to the divorce and to his marriage with Waldrada, which took place in 862.

A synod of Frankish bishops met at Metz in 863 and confirmed this decision, but Teutberga fled to the court of Charles the Bald, and Pope Nicholas I voided the decision of the synod. An attack on Rome by the emperor was without result, and in 865 Lothair, threatened with excommunication and convinced that Louis and Charles at their recent meeting had discussed the partition of his kingdom, again took back his wife. Teutberga, however, either from inclination or compulsion, now expressed her desire for a divorce, and Lothair went to Italy to obtain the assent of the new pope, Adrian II. Placing a favourable interpretation upon the words of the pope, he had set out on the return journey, when he was seized with fever and died at Piacenza on the August 8, 869. He left, by Waldrada, a son Hugo who was declared illegitimate, and his kingdom was divided between his uncles Charles the Bald and Louis the German by the Treaty of Mersen.

[edit]Illegitimate children

Hugh (c.855-895), Duke of Alsace

Gisela (865-908), married Godfrey, Duke of Frisia

Bertha (c.863-925), married Theobald of Arles, brother of Theutberga, and then Adalbert II of Tuscany



Hincmar, "Opusculum de divortio Lotharii regis et Tetbergae reginae," in Cursus completus patrologiae, tome cxxv., edited by J. P. Migne (Paris, 1857-1879)

M. Sdralek, Hinkmars von Rheims Kanonistisches Gutachten uber die Ehescheidung des Königs Lothar II (Freiburg, 1881)

E. Dummler, Geschichte des ostfränkischen Reiches (Leipzig, 1887-1888)

E. Muhlbacher, Die Regenten des Kaiserreichs unter den Karolingern (Innsbruck, 1881)

This article incorporates text from the Encyclopædia Britannica Eleventh Edition, a publication now in the public domain.

Belonged to the Alsacian family of the Etichonides. Married Lothar after the Pope annulled his first marriage. The next Pope reversed this decision.

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