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My Genealogical Connections

"PGM Ancestors":

Gent. Rowland Young Sr.

Descendant of PGM migrant Gent. Rowland young Sr.


Gent. Robert Knight
Descendant of PGM migrant Gent. Robert Knight.


Thomas Barnard Jr.
Descendant of PGM migrant Thomas Barnard Jr..
Descendant of PGM migrant Peter Weare.

Peter Weare

Descendant of PGM migrant Helen (Morse) Barnard.

Helen (Morse) Barnard

Descendant of PGM migrant William Moulton Sr..

William Moulton Sr. 75px-Moulton-398.jpg

Redland Family of Stromness,Orkney,Scotland

I am a direct Descendant of Yeoman Magnus Redland Who was the son of Thomas Redland of Redland of Stromness,Orkney,Scotland,who was among Earldom. And an owner and occupier of an as of yet unknown and vast amount land and property.


Most Notable Hard Researched Confident Level Relatives

Most notably :

I am fourth cousins with Stephen Longfellow IV father of

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow who im 5th cousins with. And 4th cousins with Rev Gideon W Tibbetts Ridlon Sr

Why am I so interested, and Why do I care so much?

For me, it was from being interested in learning and wanting to connect the origins of names and different regions. And my highest interest in educational History. Is the history of Christianity from the first century in Turkey(Asia Minor),Egypt,and Rome too the history of the "Early Anglo-Saxon Christian Conversion" in in the British Isles,(named Briton), And also in Eastern Europe of Scandinavia and Germany.

There is some very interesting things going on during(too be brief and bold) the 1st thousand years A.D. along those lines of the world and it's ancient History.( I said though very brief)

Here:CHURCH FATHERS: Home you can find the grand majority of the Ancient writings from the "Church Fathers" or the "Venerable Saints". A lot of these writings have much great History. And priceless preserved history.

The quote I'm going too put at the bottom is by one one of my favorites among the many ancient.writers "Saint Bede", in a one and only English translation of this work (and isn't on the above website,but there is a well formatted Ebook version) called "The Reckoning of Time",[Page.54];written by; "Saint Bede" in the years.C.722-C.725,A.D.;Translated by "Faith Wallis",1999,Liverpool University press;Edited by The "Editorial Committee of Liverpool University,(1999)"


"has a name which is now translated "Paschal month", and which was once called after a goddess of theirs named "Eostre", in whose honour feasts were celebrated in that month. "Now they designate that Paschal season by her name, calling the joys of the new rite by the time-honoured name of the old observance."

Ibid;"The Reckoning of Time",[Page.54];written by "Saint Bede" in the years. C.722-C.725,A.D.;Translated by "Faith Wallis" in,1999,published by "Liverpool University press";General Editors;"Gillian Clark", University of Liverpool;and "Mary Whitby" Oxford ;Edited by;"The Editorial Committee of Liverpool University,(1999)":
  1. "Sebastian Brock", Oriental Institute, University of Oxford"
  2. "Averil Cameron", Keble College,Oxford;
  3. Henry Chadwick, Oxford;
  4. "John Davies", University of Liverpool;
  5. Carlotta Dionisotti, King’s College, London
  6. "Peter Heather", University College, London;
  7. "William E. Klingshirn", The Catholic University of America;
  8. "Michael Lapidge", Clare College, Cambridge;
  9. "Robert Markus", University of Nottingham
  10. John Matthews,Yale University;
  11. "Claudia Rapp", University of California, Los Angeles
  12. Raymond Van Dam, University of Michigan;
  13. "Michael Whitby", University of Warwick
  14. "Ian Wood", University of Leeds

Purpose and meaning of genealogical Histories

Trying to find our living relative/es to where It has the potential to connect the inner/outer emotional connection with thousands(realistically) Too fully!!.. understand we're equal in trait but differ in driven interests and specialty. Which must really the greatest thing ever. Looking into what unknown historical context can be discovered UNDERNEATH MUCH of it's revolving popular view matching up 1st hand authentic documented evidence;Tax scrolls,execution letters(deeds),court hearings, baptisms,weddings,funerals. the catch is Unless highly secured and, or, conservatively will generally deem them much more difficult too obtain for research especially if the purpose for an individual families genealogy over 300+ years ago!! and solely dealing with the specific individual names!? No we could not download free pdf books back then. So if lost, by mistake or stolen, then the picture is obvious where concise (AKA) NOTES of thought begins.IT should begin with how do these websites know so much that is unknown?Well be sure too give it the benefit of the bought and go investigate it, give it very critical thinking.All in terms of historical context,the system or language as a whole usually dealing with consonants and phonics, just take your self back to that time in an educated and practicing way.check photos of buildings. like an Cathedral, or museum for example most definitely how they have proven well preserved. try in searching different styles of records as well such as wall painting with historical influence, inscriptions and symbolism's of shared general regional views or encoded linguistics such as Maltese perhaps(Which was invented to be encoded writing of Roman numerals with combined Yiddish/Aramaic dialects as vocabulary bank) But even though your open minded understand that calling out what's false in the name of education is 100% appropriate when addressed so in an polite humble way. So the opposite of condescending,the opposite of hasty backlash such as "well Tom, you would be correct if you understood a false pedigree written durind so,so,so's kingship, Really!!? looks like, It originated with blah,blah,blah. and you maybe able to prove it but it's impossible"(so give up in other words)

Just remember to try an hold said person accountable if rejecting something that may be true or false. focus on it when you have or if you have the time too give. You may want to ask more questions at that point.(correct or incorrect) if your going about it on a fair level your mind will be clear an open to gain the new knowledge and be corrected if even applicable in listening all ears while other one is being polite or saying little if nothing if you understand, and trading the same courtesy of a non personal respecting rebuttal if need be...BUT AT THE SAME TIME IF YOU ARE NEW OR SEASONED EVEN UP TOO ALL COSMOS OF ACADEMICAL HORAS,DON'T...LET...The...statement that's been made be the FINAL...DEFAULT...CONCLUSION. UNLESS..IT..CAN..BE..PROVEN.

Standards of research hold absolutely no favorites Of ones achievements, nor any grudge for ones honest even borderline sketchy Mistakes. ""But when intentions are forced upon jesting, and destroying someones hard work (even if they saved it to a file) you might as well have pulled that trigger, because that is how much hate has been given, which is equivalent too destroying our fight for a correct answer on said persons Geology ,Our true achievements. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR BEING SO INTELLIGENT AND HELPFUL!!!! THANK YOU MUCH FOR READING THIS AND ALL OF YOU HARD CONTRIBUTED WORK MUCH LOVE XD

Magna Carta Project

Magna Carta Project Home Page

Magna Carta Surety Baron Trails

Magna Carta Base Camp

Historically classified as "Surety Barons"

Surety Barons

William d'Albini
Hugh Bigod
Roger Bigod
Henry de Bohun
Gilbert de Clare
Richard de Clare
John (Clavering) FitzRobert
Robert FitzWalter
William de Forz
William Hardell
William de Huntingfield
John de Lacy
William de Lanvalay
William Malet
Geoffrey de Mandeville
William Marshal
Roger de Montbegon
Richard de Montfichet
William de Mowbray
Richard de Percy
Saher de Quincy
Robert de Ros
Geoffrey de Say
Robert de Vere
Eustace de Vescy


(i'll post suggestons here later for general credible 2nd hand sources (not websites only Ebooks, unless some certian specific online manuscripts.

  • the collective research of the so called, Troy, Phillip,Smith רהדולצנד

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Seems to be one that would be a lot more laid back for starters just to get warmed up. And I really want to find the Sherman in my Family.
Connections in all encompassing directions XD
make sure view click the suggestions tab thats under "my profile" and under "your LNAB-Tag"Too start Data_Doctors, for yours and others Wikitree profile entries. XD
Something I'm in the works with in the united_kingdom project
I love The original Alphabet that is of "Ancient Poto-Cananite"
where I am my entire lineage is from all over Saco County,MaineXD
is quite fun and very challenging, but the pilgrim hall museum of MASSACHUSETTS is one the greatest historical treasure keepers in history, and no thanksgiving conspiracy theories.finally.
My Grandfather Thomas Redland
My Grand father Yeoman Magnus Redland Aka Redlon
It is something i'm in project with here on wiki tree with united_kingdom project
I have many debates concerning addition too the concise of the Riddell Clan.

townsend genealogy
to pay tribute and learn what needs to be learned
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Amy Gilpin, Scotland Project co-Leader

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Sincerely, Amy Gilpin

posted by Amy (Crawford) Gilpin
Hello, Troy,

We are sorry to lose you as a member of the Connectors Project, but we understand that life gets busy and interests shift. Please know that you will always be welcome to rejoin the project in the future if you wish.

Thank you so much for your participation; we genuinely appreciate it.

Deb ~ Volunteer Coordinator

posted by Deb (Lewis) Durham
Hi Troy,

I haven’t heard back from you about the break up of the United Kingdom Project. I hope all is well with you. I assume you don’t wish to join any of the country-level projects at present, and will go ahead and remove the United Kingdom badge. If you wish to join England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland in the future, you would be most welcome to do so via the respective G2G sign-up post.

Many thanks for all your contributions,

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Once you have done this, the Coordinator for Membership in the relevant country project(s) will be in touch to help get you situated.

Many thanks,


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Hello Troy,

It has been a couple of weeks since we contacted you about your participation in the Connectors Project and as we haven't heard from you, we are following up to make sure you wish to remain a member. We understand that interests shift as we grow our shared tree and that some members may have moved on to projects more pertinent to the branches they are currently building. If this is the case for you, please let us know. If we do not hear back from you within the week, we will assume you have moved on to other things for the moment and remove you from the project. Please know that you will always be welcome to rejoin should your interests shift back in this direction. Thank you so much for your participation; we genuinely appreciate it. Michelle~ Volunteer Coordinator

Hi Troy,

On behalf of the Connectors Project Leaders, we are doing a six-month check-in with members. Please let us know if you are still active. If you are active, please let us know in which ways you are currently contributing to the project.

All of us at WikiTree would like to thank you for your contributions and hope that you are enjoying exploring your roots.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Michelle ~ Volunteer Coordinator

Hi Troy,

What source are you looking at that does not show Robert Knight identified the surname of his grandson John Redman, Jr.? Old Norfolk Records list his grandson's surname, so I am unsure what you are referencing.

Thank you, Sharon

posted by S (Hill) Willson
Hi Troy, thanks for your message.

Robert Knight would have been John Jr.'s grandfather - not grandfather in law. Robert's daughter, Margaret, was John Redman Jr.'s mother.

Richard Knight, Margaret's and Joanne's brother, was brother in law to Joanne's spouse Rowland Young.

So you were right about in-laws, except it was Richard Knight as the brother in law to Rowland Young.

At least that is my take :)


posted by S (Hill) Willson
Hi again, Troy.

The source you added as a comment to Margaret Knight Redman shows her father as Robert, not Richard. It shows her brother as Richard. Is there something I am not seeing?

The book sources listed (at least most of them) show her to be the daughter of Robert, but they do not provide any primary source records for the information. The best sources for tying her to Robert as her father, are Essex Antiquarium and Pope's book. They show that Robert gave land to her son, John Redman, Jr. in 1666/1667 timeframe. Neither list a primary source, but the dates are quite specific and likely there are primary sources to back them up.


posted by S (Hill) Willson
Hi Troy,

What source are you referring to showing Margaret (Knight-1279) Redman's name is Mary, and her father is Richard? Noyes, gives her name as Margaret and father as Robert. Thank you.

posted by S (Hill) Willson
Woo hoo! You've upped our Hebrew speakers count by 25%. : ) I'm sure there are others here, but it's nice to see you in the category. Thanks!
posted by Karen Lowe

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