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Born, grew up, and still living in the United States of America.

Some of my current WikiTree activities that may not be obvious from my badges:

Status of Ancestry Information

The table (table format at Space:Table of Known Ancestors) below summarizes the extent of the information on my ancestry that is included in Wikitree. For the ten generations previous to mine, it shows the number of possible ancestors, the number of these ancestors who are currently identified/documented included in WikiTree, and the percentage of the possible ancestors who are identified here. Cumulative (overall) totals are also provided. Generations 9 and 10 are not up to date.

"Identified" ancestors include some with unknown last names at birth. It also includes some questionable identifications and people that I have not researched.

Gen. # Direct Relation to Self Dates of Birth Matches # # Identified in WikiTree % Identified in WikiTree Total # Total # Identified Total % Identified
2grandparent1890s1st Cousins44100.0%66100.0%
3great grandparent1850s to 1870s2nd Cousins88100.0%1414100.0%
42nd great grandparent1810s to 1850s3rd Cousins1616100.0%3030100.0%
53rd great grandparent1770s to 1820s4th Cousins3232100.0%6262100.0%
64th great grandparent1740s to 1790s5th Cousins645281.2%12611490.5%
75th great grandparent1700s to 1760s6th Cousins1288969.5%25420379.9%
86th great grandparent1670s to 1740s7th Cousins256141*55.1%51034467.5%
97th great grandparent1650s to 1700s8th Cousins512250*48.8%102259458.1%
108th great grandparent1590s to 1670s9th Cousins1024401*39.2%204698147.9%

*There are several duplicates (people who appear on multiple branches of the tree) in these generations (see "Endogamy" section below for a list). These people are counted more than once in the numbers for both possible ancestors and identified ancestors. Cumulative numbers of distinct individuals in my WikiTree-documented ancestry are: 343 at generation 8, 570 at generation 9, and 934 at generation 10.

Presidential Relatives

See this page.


Autosomal DNA matching with me may be complicated by the number of ancestors who are represented in my lineage more than once. These distant ancestors' DNA may be somewhat amplified in my DNA. Also, if the same ancestor appears on different branches of my family tree, that may reduce the chance of triangulating a particular DNA segment to a particular common ancestor.

Identified ancestors appearing in multiple lines of my ancestry include (this list is not yet complete):

Generation 8


Generation 9


Generation 10



  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Occurs once in Generation 8 and once in Generation 9
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 Occurs once in Generation 9 and once in Generation 10

Notes on DNA Matches

See my Notes on DNA Matches page for information on DNA confirmation of maternal and paternal relationships.

More Genealogy Tools

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Followed Tags
Ellen is a Wiki Genealogy Volunteer following these tags:
I want to help advance this project.
So I won't miss G2G announcements of new features or changes in policy.
Categorization of profiles is an important topic.
Following activity on robot-detected data issues.
A 23andMe DNA test got me hooked into tracking more ancestors than I ever thought I'd care to know about.
I've enjoyed discovering the Netherlands roots of some of my New Netherland ancestors
As a G2G moderator, I need to follow the tag.
I want to ensure that GEDCOMpare 2.0 is as good as it can possibly be.
I have German roots (Palatine immigrants) and I read German.
Who doesn't like to see improvements?
Massachusetts was the home of many of my ancestors, and I support the Massachusetts Project as a Project Leader.
Merging of duplicate profiles -- and protecting profiles that look alike but aren't duplicates -- is an important topic for discussion in G2G.
Nearly 1/4 of my ancestry derives from New Netherland. I've learned a lot from other Wikitreers about the history & genealogy of this unique place and time. I'm serving as Project Leader..
I have Palatine immigrant ancestors in New York and Pennsylvania, and I'm currently a Project Leader for the Palatine Migration Project.
A wee bit more than half of my ancestral lines trace through colonial New England, and many of the "immigrant ancestors" arrived in the Puritan Great Migration from 1621 to 1640. I'm an NEHGS member and I've enjoyed researching this population.
I can help fix errors or resolve other problems with early profiles.
Research on early ancestors can be both richly rewarding and severely challenging.
As a Project Leader, I need to be aware of G2G activity tagged for Project Leaders. The tag "Leaders" is no longer in use.
This is now the standard tag for the United States Project.
I'm currently Project Leader for the United States project, formerly known as the US History project.
DNA Tested
Ellen Smith's DNA has been tested for genealogical purposes. It may be possible to confirm family relationships by comparing test results with Ellen or other carriers of her ancestors' mitochondrial DNA. Mitochondrial DNA test-takers in the direct maternal line:
  • Ellen Smith: Mitochondrial DNA Test Other, haplogroup H1e
It is likely that these autosomal DNA test-takers will share DNA with Ellen:

Have you taken a DNA test? If so, login to add it. If not, see our friends at Ancestry DNA.

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Thanks for fixing my profile this afternoon (Mosher). I started doing the bullet list but when I did a page for the profiles needed they put it to no bullets lol Not the one you fixed lol

Have a happy Monday:)

Hi, Alice. It looks like you have gotten confused about the format for a Sources list.

The standard format for a Sources list starts out with the tag <references />. That does look like it might be a hidden instruction to guide editing, but in fact it is a mandatory element that should not be removed. That tag generates a list of numbered footnotes when the profile is formatted to use footnotes (the preferred approach for citing sources, by the way).

Each item in the Sources list should be preceded by an asterisk (*) to create an indented bullet. When we create a new profile, the first item automatically gets preceded by an asterisk, but we have to enter the asterisks for the other items manually. Please don't use colons to create sources lists.

If I have failed to adequately explain a detail about formatting a Sources list, you can always look under the Edit tab on a properly formatted profile to see what the coding looks like.

Happy hunting!

posted by Ellen Smith
Ellen, please post a United States History badge for https://www.WikiTree.com/wiki/Smith-103692

He is interested in two Counties in Texas and space pages for those counties, along the lines of Texas History.


posted by Mary Richardson
Morning, Ellen. I see you've added a state project and a state death location to a nonexistent person. https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Moytoy-161 Do we really want to do that? Seems like that works against stressing their unlikely existence.
posted by Jillaine Smith
Thanks for catching that, Jillaine. I had to dig into my contributions history to get a hint of what I was up to.

For some reason (I cannot recall why -- probably related to something that somebody contacted me about), I looked at three supposedly-Cherokee profiles that were listed as PPP without a project box, specifically Cherokee-124, Moytoy-1, and Moytoy-161. All clearly deserve to have project protection; only one of three had a Native American sticker and none had a project box. A nonexistent person needs a project box in order to be PPP. I guess I concluded that the Native American project did not want to claim them due to their questionable status; I cannot say why I failed to notice that all three had the Native American project account as a profile manager (I thought that they were on a list for lacking both a project box and project account). However, seeing that they were all in the geographic scope of Tennessee, I quick-added that project box so they would no longer be PPP without a project. PLEASE replace those Tennessee project boxes with an appropriate Native American box!

As for the death location on Moytoy-161, what I did was change the strangely abbreviated entry "Cherokee NationEast, TN" to "Cherokee Nation East, Tennessee."

posted by Ellen Smith
Okay I think I got them all. The NA project will track, protect and co-manage any profiles of real or disputed existence Native Americans as well as profiles of people claimed to be married to or child of them. A major part of our effort is debunking myths-- most introduced by the dreaded Shawnee Heritage series-- so we protect uncertain and disputed existence folks that meet that criteria.
posted by Jillaine Smith
Hey Ellen,

The message we exchanged before didn't sit 100% well with me, so I thought I'd just check in a day later. First off, I wanted to make clear I do plan on G2G-ing whenever parents' profiles will need to be added. I think it is good to let everyone have a final say! Secondly, I really try to update the profiles of the people who lived in the early Dutch colonies now and then. I noticed that a lot of these -fairly often important (with regards to number of descendants)- profiles are not using primary sourcing, and can be hard to edit because you often need a bit of knowledge about Dutch history and culture too. Because of this, I decided to contribute every now and then :-).

Because I want to contribute, I wonder when you think a G2G is necessary, as our opinions seem to differ on what would require such a post. Personally, I think it is only needed whenever difficult source discussion is taking place, or different theories can be supported through all primary sources.

When primary sources show that more common attributions of parentage (mostly due to copying of trees on Ancestry etc.) are dead wrong I personally do not think it is necessary or ethical to keep the theory as a possibly accepted theory on WikiTree. In my opinion, it would be best to show that the theory exists and why it is wrong - disproving research should not require a G2G post.

I would love to know when you would want me to post to G2G and the logic behind posting such posts in those cases :-) I also wonder what you would change to https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Corszen-5 right now, to better be able to update profiles in the future!

Have a nice day / evening (Dutch time),


P.S. Thanks for your earlier notice anyway, as it did point me towards the fact that I should round of the conclusions a bit better instead of leaving them open.

posted by Willem Vermeulen
Thanks for your notes, Willem. I am not ignoring you -- I am very busy with non-WikiTree matters.
posted by Ellen Smith
Could you please complete the merge for Spicer-144. It is project protected.
Thanks for the note, Brenda. We will need to wait on this merger. The duplicate profiles for the grandmother and mother should be merged before we merge this pair of duplicates. (When doing merges of multi-generation series of duplicates, we need to start with the earliest generation first, then work forward in time. If we merge a child before the parent, the parent profile can end up as an unconnected "orphan" -- and sometimes we have had members refuse to complete a merge because they cannot see that the unconnected profile used to be connected to the same child and descendants as the other profile.)
posted by Ellen Smith
Hi Ellen, First I'd like to thank you for all the work you've done on a lot of different profiles. Secondly I must apologize for not responding sooner to your inquiry regarding dna gedcom. Initially I wasn't sure what you were asking or why would anyone be asking this. Since, I've tried and failed [more than once] to accomplish this task and the last time got some message telling I couldn't because of my old Mac. In a nutshell this is somewhat embarrassing to relate which almost explains the time lapse. Again sorry for the delay and many thank-yous for your assistance. Sincerely, Mark Townsend
posted by Mark Townsend
Hi, Mark.

You and I have a lot of ancestors in common. We map out as 5th cousins via a Townsend connection, but we are also 7th cousins, 8th cousins, etc., via other shared ancestors. I see that you tested on FTDNA, and I've posted my data there, so I looked for you on my report there. You aren't listed as a DNA match (that's not surprising, as there's a low chance of an autosomal match at 5 generations on a line where we would not have received X chromosome DNA).

I expect that I'll continue to see you around, cousin!

posted by Ellen Smith
I have recently been made the profile manager for Jabez Lewes (Lewes-54) I agree to your suggestion that a change in the profile is needed since I do not think this person is valid. Do you want me to merge this profile with Lewis-10511
posted by Don Daniels
The Subsistence List is the only record from the Palatine immigration. Jones writings on the Zeller immigrants does not match the subsistence records. He totally neglected that Johann Henrich had a child under 10 when he arrived.

Where and when did the two Zoller daughters of the Etcbach Zollers arrive and live in New York. One was 13 and the other 15.

And how about this for a coincidence: Jones writes the 15 year old daughter when she arrived in New York, had an illegitimate daughter with a Negro in New York. Then he writes that Johannes Schaeffer's wife also had an illegitimate child. These two are supposedly daughters of the Etzbach Zoller family.

How can you managers ignore the only documentation and believe the made up Jones info?

posted by Jim Baucom Jr.
Hi Ellen, I am pretty well finished with re—writing HARRISON-66, Isaiah HARRISON. Added as many sources as I could find. I still want to look into his parentage more, as that is unsure, as is the place of birth. Ireland versus Chester, England. I had to rely partially on a Rootsweb source, which is a copy of an old book, the original book is not available but they cited it. Luckily there are a couple of other books available as sources.
posted by Ellen Gustafson
Hi Ellen! What caused the Southern Pioneers project to become profile manager for profiles like Lovell-266 (born in England, died in Massachusetts) and Johnston-5696 (born in Scotland, apparently lived his whole life there)? I am not familiar with what transpired for these profiles. They were created and part of the project before I joined. Sorry I couldn't help!
Hiya Ellen,

thank you for your reply. I had just left a message on DeBevoise-2 because he is my 6th great grandfather. So----in my line Christine & Joost married and had Maria Carelsz - Birth 15 AUG 1660 • Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA - Death 1686. she married Jacobus DeBeauvois * Birth 1651 • Leyden, South Holland, Netherlands Death 1710 • Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA who is DeBevoise-2 grandfather. if that all makes sense, hahaha. Suzanne

posted by Suzanne DeBevoise
Ellen, I sent you a PM last Friday. Please get in touch with me before the source-a-thon.
posted by Diane Hildebrandt
I am interested in starting a "United States Census Transcription Project. I am not sure if this is best as a stand-alone or sub-project. I have contacted Eowyn related to stand-alone option. I am contacting the United States Project and the United States Census Project to see if you guys think this would be a better fit as a sub-project.

Current FSP Project Page - United States Census Transcription Project

Look forward to hearing from you

posted by Charlie Vines
Hello Ellen,

I noticed your connection to DeGraff and Delamater in New Netherlands and would appreciate constructive criticism of my tree. I’m trying to figure out which Moses DeGraff that I descend from and think I may have found some land records of Dutchess County that might shed some light.

I currently believe that I descend from Cornelius Delamater and Blandina Dicanten DeGraff.

Please let me know what suggestions you have for sharing information.

Thanks, Jason Wallace

posted by Jason Wallace
Tried to do the merge on

Antje Covenhoven (Hendrickson-707) and Privacy Level 60 Annetje Couwenhoven (Hendrickson-245) Both are PPP. Please adjust.

posted by Beryl Meehan
Ellen, please look at Van_Kirk-70

is PPP, a merge with an unknown waiting.

I have today detached a husband named Boon which was attached in Feb by another Wikitreer.

There must be two Mary Van Kirks....

posted by Beryl Meehan

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Ellen is 21 degrees from Donald Howard, 15 degrees from Julia Howe and 19 degrees from Henry VIII of England on our single family tree. Login to find your connection.