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George Soule Sr (abt. 1601 - bef. 1680)

George Soule Sr aka Soul, Soole
Born about in Haarlem, Holland, Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Nederlandenmap [uncertain]
Son of [father unknown] and [mother unknown]
[sibling(s) unknown]
Husband of — married about 1626 in Plymouth Colony, New Englandmap
Descendants descendants
Died before before about age 79 in Duxbury, Plymouth Colonymap
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The Mayflower.
George Soule Sr was a passenger on the Mayflower.
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Disproved: A promising record, the baptism of a George Soule, son of William, on 9 February 1595 at Tingrith, Bedford, along with other Soule families, using the name George, found in Sudbury, Suffolk, and Flitwick, Bedford, was disproved, through y- DNA testing. This recent testing has proven that the above families centered around Tingrith, Flitwick and Stotford, Bedfordshire, were not the same family as George, the Mayflower passenger.[1]

Recent research suggests that George was probably born in Haarlem, Holland, about 1601, the son of Jan/John Sol/Sols/Solis/Soltz and wife Mayken/Mary (Labus/Labis). Jan and Mayken were Protestant refugees who were married at Austin Friars, London, England, 30 Aug 1586. They were the parents of seven children baptized in Haarlem, Holland, between 1590 and 1599.[2]

More information on the search for George's ancestors is available at the Soule Kindred website [1]. Research by the Soule Kindred has been funded by a bequest with a directive for research in England.

The y-DNA group for George Soule is I1a, a Nordic family of northern Europe. Since 2005 Soule men have been tested with results shown on the Soule project housed at FamilyTreeDNA [2]. Recently, three different SNPs were identified for the three sons of George with descendants. In 2019 the mitochondrial DNA from Mary Bucket, and thus her mother as well, was identified as H1g1, also with

Life in America

George Soule joined, probably in Leiden, a company of adventurers off to the New World. He was apparently associated as a printer's helper with Brewer, Brewster and Winslow. While his status is often given as a "servant" to relatively wealthy Pilgrim Edward Winslow, it would appear George and George's older brother Johannes were involved with Brewster and Winslow in the printing of "Perth Assembly" as Johannes died in a fire while boiling printing varnish, probably in early 1619. Bradford and Brewster made out that the passengers on the Mayflower were all "poor English farmers" part of the deception designed to hide in plain sight the printer's crew from Leiden. Thus George, who was of an age to be a servant or apprentice [under 21], was placed with the printer he already knew: Winslow. The cover story indeed fit the visible situation. If someone can find an apprenticeship document, it would be a great gift as such document should name the apprentice's father! George was also given an 'English' spelling of his surname: from Sol to Sowle. Brewster used his patronymic name, William Williamson, to get out of Leiden in 1619 and onto the Mayflower. References to Master Williamson are documented in 1620 and only change back to "Bruster" in 1624. It would not do for the English harbormaster in 1620 to get any idea that there were Dutch persons onboard! He might alert the King's men who were searching for Brewster and his printing crew![3]

Shortly after the arrival of the Mayflower in New England, George and forty other men signed the Mayflower Compact, 11 Nov 1620. It appears the 41 men signed as members of a church group, where membership began at age 18.[4]

George Soule received one acre of land, as a Mayflower passenger in the 1623 Plymouth land division, used as an incentive to produce more crops. His future wife Marie Buckett, passenger on the Anne, also received an acre.[5]

Between the 1623 land division and the 1627 cattle division, George married Mary Buckett.

In 1627, the communal cattle was divided. George, his wife Mary, and son, Zachariah, were part of Richard Warren's group that were given a black heifer, known as the smooth horned heifer, that had arrived in the Jacob, and two she goats.[5]

A freeman was given the right to vote on town and colony matters. George Soule's name was on the first list of freeman in Plymouth, 1 Jan 1632/3, and on a list 7 Mar 1636/7. Subsequently, his name was in the Duxbury sections of the 1639, 1658 and 29 May 1670 lists of Plymouth Colony freemen.[6]

He was one of the forty-two "voluntaries" raised to fight the Pequot Indians on 7 June 1637,[7] "but when they were ready to march ... they had word to stay; for the enemy was as good as vanquished and there would be no need."[8]

Duxbury, Massachusetts, was part of Plymouth Colony. Officially it became a separate town in 1637. George was one of the first settlers along with notable people Myles Standish, William Brewster, and John Alden. The Duxbury town historian has confirmed that the area they lived was named "Poulder Point" in three early deeds, and followed in later deeds by the name "Powder Point" ['Poulder' is a Dutch word]. George also signed his will as "Gorg' or 'Gorge' -- a subtle indication of German heritage.

13 July 1639, George Sowle sold 2 acres of land in Plymouth to Robert Hicks for one steer calf.[9]

George Soule became a relatively well-to-do leader, business man and office holder in Plymouth Colony. As early as July 1627, George Soule was one of a group of 58 "Purchasers or Old Comers" who assumed Plymouth Colony's debt to "The Adventurers," the promoters and captalists who financed the voyage of the Mayflower and other early ventures and expenses of the colony. In return, the group received profitable trading concessions in Maine, at Cape Ann, on Buzzard's Bay, and subsequently on the Connecticut River. The General Court voted 5 March 1639/40 to pay these "Purchasers or Old Comers" for the surrender of their patent. Land records show that he acquired extensive holdings in Duxbury, Dartmouth, Middleboro, Marshfield and Bridgewater, but resided only in Plymouth and Duxbury (or "Ducksburrow" as it was called originally).

George Soule was a solid and responsible citizen of Plymouth Colony and Duxbury. He was appointed Deputy (from Duxburrow) to the Plymouth Colony Court on 27 Sept 1642 (special deputy in case of war with the Indians), and several other times between then and 6 June 1654.[10] George also served: Grand jury 7 March 1642/3, 6 June 1643;[11] Jury 3 June 1656, 3 March 1662/3;[12] Petit jury 1 June 1647;[13] 4 June 1645. George and others viewed a lot to be laid out to Jonathan Brewster. Later that year, a group of men including George were nominated to equally divide and lay out a new grant of land in "Saughtuckquett."[14] He was on a committee to draw an order concerning the disorderly drinking of tobacco 20 Oct 1646.[15] and many other committees

George deeded land to his children before his death. Most of the deeds also mention wife Mary as giver or with her consent :
  • To Nathaniel 22 jan 1658 (acknowledged 3 July 1672)[16]
  • To George Soule Jr. 17 July 1668, acknowledged by George and wife Mary.[17]
  • To Francis Walker, husband to his daughter Elizabeth, on 23 July 1668, land at Namassakett, with consent of his wife Mary. [18]
  • To Patience Haskall, his daughter, and her husband John Haskall land at Namassakett, 26 Jan 1668 [1668/9].[19] 12 Mar 1668/9 George to Elizabeth wife of Francis Walker (wife mary relinquishing her dower rights.
  • George and Mary, 30 July 1672, sold for 80 pounds to John Paterson, Taylor, husband of his daughter Mary, land at Powderpoint in Duxborrow. This deed also mentions sons John and Zachariah[20]
20 Dec 1667 George sold land in Bridgewater to Philip Bill, who had sold the land to his brother James Bill, who had sold it to NIcholas Byram.[21]


George died before his inventory was taken 22 Jan 1679. His resting place is not known but a memorial stone was erected by the Soule Kindred in 1971 at the Miles Standish Burying Ground, Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts, showing the death in Jan 1679/80.

Last Will & Testament Summary

Dated: 11 Aug 1677 Duxberry, Collonie of New Plymouth[22]
Codicil: 20 Sep 1677[22]
Inventory: 22 Jan 1679 [O.S]; 1 Feb 1680 [N.S.][22] Valued at £40. 19. 0.
Note the newest edition (2015) of Mayflower Families in Progress incorrectly lists the inventory 22 Jan 1678/79, but still cites the Mayflower Descendant 2:81-84 (1900) which says 1680 new style ie. 1679/80
Proven: 5 March 1679/80[23][24][25]
Mentions: previous deeds of land given to sons Nicholas and George and daughters Elizabeth and Patience; 12 pence a piece to daughters Susannah and Mary; and to eldest son John everything else, making him executor. The codicil is interesting. It states that if John or his heirs should "disturb" Patience, then John is no longer executor and everything he has from the estate is to be given to Patience.

Will of George Soule 11 August 1677

In the Name of God Amen
I Gorge Soule senir of Duxberry in the Collonie of New Plymouth in New England being aged and weake of body but of a sound mind and Memory praised be God Doe make this my last Will and Testament in Manor and forme following Imprimis I comitt my soule into the hands of Almighty God whoe Gave it and my body to be Decently buried in the place appointed for that use whensoever hee shall please to take mee hence and for the Disposall of my outward estate which God of his Goodnes hath Given mee first I have and alreddy formerly by Deeds under my hand and seale Given unto my two sonnes Nathaniel: and Gorge All my lands in the Township of Dartmouth; Item I have formerly Given unto my Daughters Elizabeth and Patience all my lands in the Township of Middleberry Item I Give and bequeath unto my Daughters Sussannah and Mary twelve pence a peece to be payed by my executer heerafter Named after my Decease; And forasmuch as my Eldest son John Soule and his family hath in my extreame old age and weaknes bin tender and carefull of mee and very healpfull to mee; and is likely soe to be while it shall please God to continew my life heer therfore I give and bequeath unto my said son John Soule all the Remainder of my housing and lands whatsoever to him his heires and Assignes for ever Item I Give and bequeath unto my son John Soule all my Goods And Chattles whatsoever Item I Nominate And appoint my son John Soule to be my sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament; and lastly I Doe heerby make Null and voyde all other and former wills and Testaments by mee att Any time made; and Declare this Instrument to be my last Will and Testament In Witnes wherof I the said Gorge Soule have heerunto sett my hand and seale this eleventh Day of August in the year of our Lord one Thousand six hundred seaventy and seaven;
Gorge Soule and a seale
The above Named Gorge Soule Did signe seale and Deliver this Instrument to be his Last Will and Testament in the prsence of us
Nathaniell Thomas
The Marke D T of Deborah Thomas
Item the twentyeth Day of September 1677 I the above Named Gorge Soule Doe heerby further Declare that it is my will that if my son John Soule above named or his heires or Assignes or any of them shall att any time Disturbe my Daughter Patience or her heires or Assignes or any of them in peacable Posession or Injoyment of the lands I have Given her att Namassakett allies Middleberry and Recover the same from her or her heires or Assignes or any of them That then my Gift to my son John Soule shall shalbe voyd; and that then my will is my Daughter Patience shall have all my lands att Duxburrey And she shalbe my sole executrix of this my last Will and Testament And enter into my housing lands and meddowes att Duxburrow, In Witnes wherof I have heerunto sett my hande and seale;
Gorge Soule and A seal
The above Named George Soule Did Signe and seale to this addition in the prsence of us Nathaniel Thomas
The Marke D T of Deborah Thomas
Source: Will Book 4:1:50 followed by his inventory of p. 51.[25]


The children of George Soule and Mary Buckett are as follows:[2]

Research Notes


Y-DNA Results I-A20032.[26] Previous Y-STR testing through the Mayflower Society DNA Project and the Soule surname DNA project has indicated that the Mayflower Soule lineage belongs to the Y haplogroup I-M253, which is quite common in Northern and Northwestern Europe. NGS/WGS Testing: Big Y testing of multiple patrilineal (all male line) descendants of George Soule has been able to refine the haplogroup/clade of the Soule family to I-DF29>Z58>Z59>Z60>Z140>Z2535>S1954>S12289>A20032. Patrilineal descendants of George Soule have begun to identify their own subclades below A20032. Descendants of John have been found to be BY32573, descendants of Nathaniel have been found to be A20044 and descendants of George have been found to be YSC0000261.


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See also:

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2023 3 19 By virtue that these lines are correct in the realm of Wikitree, tried and true, I too, desire that the Soule-33 become the baseline for George Soule of Mayflower 1620. I am a direct line of George Soule. He is my 9th Great-Grandfather thru Amanda Adora Soles Norris, whose father is Charles Calvin Soles about 1845. She is eligible for the Mayflower Society and was offered this many years ago.- per Johnny Webber Piver Jr (Piver-37)
posted by Johnny Piver Jr
Hello Profile Managers!

We are featuring this profile in the Connection Finder this week. Between now and Wednesday is a good time to take a look at the sources and biography to see if there are updates and improvements that need made, especially those that will bring it up to WikiTree Style Guide standards. We know it's short notice, so don't fret too much. Just do what you can.



posted by Abby (Brown) Glann
Soule-2480 and Soule-33 appear to represent the same person because: Data Doctor: clear duplicates
Thank you to Louise for your article on Brewster's subterfuge and to Anne B. and everyone else who contributed to this well written, fascinating update for George Soule's profile! I look forward to watching the video referenced below and to sharing this news with my siblings, cousins etc also descended from this Mayflower survivor.

What an an excellent example of WikiTree 's collaborative model of genealogical research AND the free online access to profiles making it possible for all interested to find quality, up to date research on their ancestors!!

posted by Kathy (Foote) Durham
Louise - thank you for this. I have not seen your article yet. This makes sense, I think. I do know several excellent Dutch genealogists. Email me please and I can give you a contact for them. They are well known in the genealogy industry.
posted by Randy Seaver
Randy, my email is: [email address removed] I welcome any referrals to researchers in Holland, although currently that area is also limiting movement of the population, I understand.
posted by Louise Walsh Throop
Randy, there are times there is no documentation in the sense of a baptismal record, deed or will. Please read my article "William Brewster's Subterfuge" published in Mayflower Descendant Vol. 66 No 1, pages 14-22 (Winter 2018) in which I describe how William Brewster got out of Leiden before being picked up by the authorities, who were being pressured by the English ambassador. Brewster seems to have taken some of his print crew with him, including George Sowle, an English spelling [as his original name was Dutch and probably Joris Sol]. The modern proof is in y-DNA matching with a Forrest family from southern Scotland, as it appears an orphaned nephew of George Soule was adopted into a Forrest family, probably by remarriage of a widowed mother. The orphaned son was the only surviving child of a printer in Leiden named Johannes Sol; Johannes left an estate so the widow would have been quickly remarried so the new husband could have control of the estate, and baby boy. Johannes' apprentice left in 1619 for Scotland, apparently taking tell-tale type from Brewster's presswork, and probably also the (missing) Brewster press. His name was Edward Rabin and he is celebrated for being the first printer in Aberdeen, Scotland [see wikipedia]. In one of his diatribes against Sabbath-breaking and drinking, etc., he mentions without any names his former master who died in a fire [while working on a Sabbath], and whose estate was then (in 1623) under the control of unrelated person(s). The Forrest/Soule y-DNA matches are found on the Soule project housed with FamilyTreeDNA. This whole scenario is described in the article already mentioned in Mayflower Descendant. Now if you know someone who can research in the Netherlands, please let me know! The Soule Kindred in America has been focusing on English research in the past 10 years, probably because they received a bequest for research in England! They have found nothing.
posted by Louise Walsh Throop
Louise, Thank you for all your work on the Soule family many of us are in your debt. Is the link to the Forrest/Soule family accepted as the only option for his origin? It does seem quite intriguing, but I would love to have the opportunity to review the evidence. Is this available? Also, have all other Soule/Sowles been excluded? I was particularly intrigued by Roger Sowle (Soule) b. 1561 in Eckington, Worcestershire, England (died 1625) who married Helene Angeworth (als Angell) 3 Jun 1588 Redmarley D'Abitot, Worcestershire, England. They were parents of several children including one George Soule bapt. 9 February 1593 in Eckington, Worcestershire, England.

Onec again, Thank you for all your work on our ancestors.

posted by Doug McAdams
WOW very interesting! Thank you Anne.
posted by James Collins
Hi Gary, George son of Robert b. in Eckington, was disproved some time ago (2005). Go to Soule Kindred and download (pdf) "Caleb Johnson Research, Part 1" that tells all about the research done in Eckington. The Soule Kindred has invested a lot of time and money trying to discover the parents of George and Mary, unfortunately nothing definitive has been discovered yet, but they are still at it.
posted by Anne B
Seems a bit harsh Randy. Perhaps a "private" message would be more appropriate. I prefer to observe the Honor code.#3 We know mistakes are inevitable. We don't want to be afraid to make them. We assume that mistakes are unintentional when others make them and ask for the same understanding. #4

We know misunderstandings are inevitable. We try to minimize them by being courteous to everyone, even those who don't act accordingly.

posted by James Collins
Researchers can "believe" all they want, but we need a record of some sort to prove the parents of George. See the "Origins" section of the biography for current thinking on the parents. Rather than propose a set of parents, I prefer to wait for the Mayflower Society to complete the work into the records to determine the parents.
posted by Randy Seaver
Randy, the modern technology of y-DNA testing is a great help. A group of 20 Soul/Sole/etc. men living in England were tested by funding provided by the Soule Kindred in America. [see the subgrouping in the Soule y-DNA project housed with] None of the men matched the Nordic y-DNA of a group of about 40 George Soule descendants [results also housed with the Soule project at FTDNA]. So the next step is to locate descendants of Pieter Sol, the third son of Jan Sol, and who was living in Haarlem, the Netherlands, with his family ca 1630. The marriage record of Jan Sol [in London, 1586] mentions he was from "Bruijssel" so it would appear research in Belgian records is the next step to trace the life and origin of the father of George Soule of the Mayflower. A handful of children of Jan Sol were baptized in Haarlem in the more records should be sought there. Mayflower researchers, as you indicate, should be doing this research, and need to be fluent in several European written languages in order to read the records written in the 1500s....starting with Latin! Anyone willing to fund research in Holland and Belgium? The Soule Kindred likes to fund research in England, but that research is yielding negative results.
posted by Louise Walsh Throop
I believe that Robert Soule born in 1564 - Eckington, Worcestershire, England and Elizabeth Soule (born Tylson) born June 22 1589 - Lincolnshire, England may be the parents of George Soule Sr
posted by Gary Cleaveland
Roger Sowle (Soule) b. 1561 in Eckington, Worcestershire, England (died 1625) who married Helene Angeworth (als Angell) 3 Jun 1588 Redmarley D'Abitot, Worcestershire, England. They were parents of several children including one George Soule bapt. 9 February 1593 in Eckington, Worcestershire, England.
posted by Doug McAdams
Gathering information to submit to join Mayflower Society. I am the 4th great granddaughter of Margaret Malinda Soule b. 1811

1. Mayflower Ancestor: George Soule 2.Son: George Soule M:Deborah Thomas 3.Son: William Soule M: Hannah Eaton 4.Son: George Soule Married:Lydia Howland 5.*Daughter: Margaret Soule sister to Benjamin Soule seen in list below M: John Allen 6.Son: Benjamin Allen M:Hannah 7.Son: Rebecka Allen M:Isaac De Long Line confirmed thru Gen 7 8.Son: Allen De Long M:Margaret Malinda Soule 9.Son: Delavan De Long M: Emily J Second line: 1. Mayflower Ancestor: George Soule Same as above 5*.Son: Benjamin Soule* brother to Margaret Soule M: Abigail Howland 6.Son: Ebenezer Soule M: Mercy Foote 7.Son: Howland Soule M: Sally Downing Line good thru Gen 7 8.Daughter: Margaret Malinda

posted by Kimberly Clements