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Date: Oct 2019
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This page is for PGM Beyond Team Members to communicate about our sub-project. Everyone who is an active member of the Team will be added as profile manager so activity on this page will show up in your activity feed and/or your email feed.


  • When you have a new topic for the group's consideration:
  1. Write a short introductory phrase in the comment section toward the bottom of this page. The phrase will arrive via e-mail in the feed of all other members, except yours (the team member who is writing the comment).
  2. Then fully explain your reason for the communication here - just below the horizontal line.
retype the same introductory phrase, followed by the details you wish to share, the question you wish to ask, or whatever...
Beyond Team members, " feel free to respond by writing follow-ups - additional information, a question... on on the topic (be sure to sign your name so we know who is writing.) When communicating here, (in this biography section) it will be seen in each of our Family Activity Feeds. You locate your family activity feed by going to your Navagation Home Page, scroll down and find it there.
  1. So to reiterate, after you get an e-mail indicating the introduction of a new PGM Beyond topic, come here to our Bulletin Board. To see follow-ups that are written later, check your Family Activity Feed (activity feed) frequently .

Question: Does the project include children born in England who arrived in Massachusetts with their PGM parent and then moved to, say, Long Island?

I have a list of all those covered by the PGM series from American Ancestors. I started going through it to see who doesn't have profiles or who moved to Long Island. I came across a listing for Nathaniel Woodward. His children were all born in England and came with him in 1633 to Boston. The children do not have PGM templates, but one did move to Long Island, NY. So, would he be part of this project? Is it only for official PGM templated profiles who migrated? I think some children of PGM are also considered PGM. Is that only if they were adult children?

Selvaggio-84 21:42, 18 January 2020 (UTC)

Topic: BASIC SOURCING for "PGM Beyond New England" profiles that are already in existence:

The sourcing procedure for profiles already in existance is the same as that in the post directly above. However caution needs to be taken - as on all profiles where you're collaborating:
If you're doing a massive overhaul, communicate carefully and thoroughly with the Profile Manager(s) (PM) about your intentions.
Make changes only if there are valid sources, or if you've added them.
Add inline citations with links to your changes so everyone knows the source.

Cheryl Skordahl 11/5/2019

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I just volunteered to fix up this one - https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Pettit-143

Adding Beyond sticker

posted by Lois (Hacker) Tilton
Wonderful, Thanks Lois. Glad to see your work continue with these Beyond profiles.
Are you saying it needs additional biography than what is there?
Yes. This guy had a very eventful life.
posted by Lois (Hacker) Tilton
I added PGM Beyond Maintenance Category and note to the profile of Henry Vane
There seems to be no profile for Thomas Venner on Wikitree
posted by Lois (Hacker) Tilton
I took a quick look and could not find Thomas Venner either - under that spelling. If you're confident there is no profile under another spelling, please go ahead and create a profile for him and add the sub-project sticker. Thanks Lois.
I will. I checked several spellings and found him not.
posted by Lois (Hacker) Tilton
Ok move ahead then, Lois, and enjoy your work.
And add the PGM project sticker?
posted by Lois (Hacker) Tilton
Yes, add PGM Project Box. Michael will follow and add PGM as profile manager. It’s easier for him if you have PGM Directory as a source.
I will add it...................
posted by Lois (Hacker) Tilton
Whoever was supposed to add the PGM project account to https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Venner-195 they didn't do it.
posted by Lois (Hacker) Tilton
I made a few changes to Venner-195, specifically a few places where I think a citation is needed. Left message on the profile for Michael to add PGM as PM.

Thanks, Lois.

Question: Does the project include children born in England who arrived in Massachusetts with their PGM parent and then moved to, say, Long Island?
Yes Lucy, as long as the family arrived in New England by 1620 and 1640.
I think I'll pick up Ann Sadler Allen's profile next. Sadler-882. https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Sadler-882

Will add the PGM Beyond sticker shortly.

Going to put that Welbourne manor material into Robert's profile instead of Thomas's.

posted by Lois (Hacker) Tilton

Planning to start work on this profile this week

posted by Lois (Hacker) Tilton
Great, happy you'll take him on.

I'm still working my way through the GM Directory. I'm on the L's. It's tedious, but I think gratifying as well. Some of the biographies I've done myself, but many I put into the PGM Beyond Maintenance Category.

From what I've seen, I think you're doing a wonderful job on the biographies you've done of late. Thanks.

Hi Lois, PGM Beyond sticker added to Hugh Peter.


When collaborating, if you would add their link (as above) it would save me the look-up time. Do you know how to do that? right click on the link, top left side, on the list that appears, click copy. Go to the place where you want to copy to, right click, on the list that appears, click paste. Thanks so much. It would save me a pile of time.

Hugh Peter
posted by Lois (Hacker) Tilton
Lois, PGM project box, Beyond sticker & maintenance category added to profile of Lucy (Winthrop-64) Downing.


Please remove PGM Beyond Maintenance category when you're finished with the profile. Thanks.

She came with Emanuel, on the same ship, along with her children (not her stepchildren). She returned, not all of the children did.

I think I may do the lot, after George.

posted by Lois (Hacker) Tilton
I see Lucy (Winthrop-64) Downing doesn't have PGM project box.

I'll do small amount of research on her to be sure she belongs in PGM & add PGM project box if appropriate.

Thanks for the heads up, Lois.

Thinking I'll do Lucy Downing next before George
posted by Lois (Hacker) Tilton
Great! Will add the stickers for Joan and John.  I'm finishing the biography for Samuel Gompers (a new Notable) and will check to see if anything needs to be added to Joan and John after I complete Sam. Good to be back and working with WikiFam! Thanks!
posted by Carol Baldwin PhD RN