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Welcome to the 105th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Project!

The 105th Ohio Volunteer Infantry (or 105th OVI) was an infantry regiment in the Union Army during the American Civil War. It was organized at Cleveland, Ohio and mustered in for three years service on August 20, 1862 under the command of Colonel Albert S. Hall. The regiment was recruited from five northeastern Ohio counties.

The 105th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Project seeks to memorialize the men who served in this regiment.

The GOALS of this project are to:

1) Research all 1099 soldiers that served in the 105th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, document their families, and tell their stories so they are not forgotten. Current status 829 or 75.43%.
2) Make WikiTree the most complete repository of reference materials of the soldiers who served in the 105th Ohio Volunteer Infantry.

Original Rosters

Field & Staff,
Company A recruited from Mahoning county,
Company B recruited from Trumbull county,
Company C recruited from Trumbull county,
Company D recruited from Lake county,
Company E recruited from Geauga county,
Company F recruited from Lake and Geauga counties,
Company G recruited from Ashtabula county,
Company H recruited from Mahoning county,
Company I recruited from Trumbull and Ashtabula counties, &
Company K recruited from Trumbull county.
A total of 1,099 men served with this regiment.
A final accounting of the 1,099 at the end of the war shows:
Absent with cause (38)
Lost their lives (229)
Killed in battle (62)
Died of wounds (50)
Died of disease (105),
Died while prisoners (10)
Drowned (2)
Missing (36)
Mustered out with the regiment (355)
Resigned or were discharged for disability (278)
Transferred out of the regiment (163)

The 105th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Civil War Re-enactors’ organization. Upcoming events for the re-enactors in 2023 include:

07/11/2023 - 07/16/2023: Trumbull County Fair, Bazetta, Ohio
08/26/2023 - 08/27/2033: Northeast Ohio Steampunk Festival (Living History), Burton, Ohio
08/TBD/2023: Hale Farm, Bath, Ohio

Other 105th O. V. I. related events:

05/07/2023 - 03/30/2024: The Alfred Finney Brooks Collection featuring the artwork of Lieutenant Alfred Finney Brooks, Kenilworth, Illinois.

Interesting 105th O. V. I. links

Family Connections within the Regiment
Final Resting Places
Pictures of the Soldiers & Related Artifacts
Resource Page - Links to Books, Newspapers, Websites, etc.
Service - Organization & Where They Were and When
Video - Private Samuel Brooks & his Pension.


This project is a volunteer effort. You are most welcome if you would like to join,

Here are some of the TASKS that I think need to be done. I'll be working on them, and could use your help. Edit this page and post your name next to the task to show you are working on it!

1) These soldiers need profiles and/or family trees! Can you help create them?
Click here for tips on setting up a page for a 105th O. V. I. soldier.
Sergeant Major Irwin Butler, Field & Staff, Company C
Major Charles G. Edwards, Field & Staff, Company A
Dr. Charles Newton Fowler, Field & Staff
R. Q. M. Stanley B. Lockwood, Field & Staff
Chaplain Aaron D. Morton, Field & Staff
Asst. Surgeon Joseph G. Paulding, Field & Staff
Asst. Surgeon Harvey S. Taft, Field & Staff
Dr. John Turnbull, Field & Staff
Private Samuel E. Alexander, Company A
Private James Allen, Company A
Private George S. Anderson, Company A
Private Henry B. Bailey, Company A
Private William Bailey, Company A
Private George Baker, Company A
Private Alexander Barr, Company A
Private Thomas Bowen, Company A
Private John A Boyle, Company A
Corporal James Brown, Company A
Private Michael Burns, Company A
Private James Christie, Company A
Wagoner John Clingensmith, Company A
Private George Conklin, Company A
Private Dugald Cook, Company A
Private Hugh Cowley, Company A
Private James C. Coulter, Company A
Corporal William H. Craig, Company A
Sergent James Crays, Company A
Private William G. Davis, Company A
Private David Edmonds, Company A
Captain Charles G. Edwards, Company A
Private Emanuel Fair, Company A
Private Charles Fielding, Company A
Private James Filer, Company A
Private John Flecker, Company A
Private John C. Foster, Company A
Private Dixon Halloway, Company A
Private John J. Hanify, Company A
Private Aaron Harber, Company A
Private Oscar C. F. Heiliger, Company A
Private Frederick Helliger, Company A
Private Frederick Herrington, Company A
1st Sergeant Patton Himrod, Company A
Private Leonard K. Hotham, Company A
Private Richard Houston, Company A
Private Edward L. Howard, Company A
Private Frank Hulburt, Company A
Private James Hunter, Company A
Private Dickson Huston, Company A
Private Frederick James, Company A
Private Thomas Jarra, Company A
Private John D. Jewell, Company A
Private David D. Jones, Company A
Private William Jones, Company A
Private William L. Jones, Company A
Private Anthony Kaine, Company A
Private Robert Kay, Company A
Private Mahershalal Kelley, Company A
Private Stephen T. Kelley, Company A
Sergeant Nathan W. King, Company A
Private Andrew Knox, Company A
Private Wesley Kyle, Company A
Private Thomas Lally, Company A
Private Benjamin J. Lewis, Company A
Private James Malcomson, Company A
Private Patrick McCambridge, Company A
Corporal John F. McCollom, Company A
Sergeant Lafayette McCoy, Company A
Private John B. McDonald, Company A
Private Simon P. McFall, Company A
Private Michael McGinty, Company A
Private Dennis McKanna, Company A
Private Robert McKibben, Company A
Private John McLarin, Company A
Private John Miles, Company A
Private Albert Miller, Company A
Private Ashley Moore, Company A
Private Francis Moore, Company A
Private Isaac Morris, Company A
Corporal James Morris, Company A
Private Thomas J. Morris, Company A
Corporal Isaac J. Nessle, Company A
Private Henry Niblack, Company A
Private James F. Nox, Company A
Private John O’Donal, Company A
Private James O’Harra, Company A
Private John T. Parker, Company A
Private James Patterson, Company A
Private John Phillips, Company A
Corporal William Phillips, Company A
Private Lewis Porter, Company A
Private Robert C. Porter, Company A
Private William B. Price, Company A
Private James T. Rayen, Company A
Private Eli S. Reed, Company A
Private Elijah B. Reed, Company A
Private Reuben B. Reep, Company A
Private Richard Rees, Company A
Private John W. Renn, Company A
Private Daniel Robbins, Company A
Private James Rowe, Company A
1st Lieutenant Richard J. See, Company A
Private John Shingledecker, Company A
Private Benjamin Smith, Company A
Private Daniel A. Smith, Company A
Private Emmons Sparrow, Company A
2d Lieutenant Daniel B. Stambaugh, Company A
Private John E. Stambaugh, Company A
Private Samuel N. Stambaugh, Company A
Private Jacob Stein, Company A
Private Cyrus Stewart, Company A
Private James Stewart, Company A
Private John Alexander Stewart, Company A
Private John Allen Stewart, Company A
Private Samuel M. Stewart, Company A
Private William W. Stewart, Company A
Musician Charles C. Stover, Company A
Private John B. Thomas, Company A
Corporal Joseph T. Torrence, Company A
Private Thomas Tyrrell, Company A
Private George W. Walser, Company A
Private John W. Warner, Company A
Sergeant Porter Watson, Company A
Private John H. Webb, Company A
Private Henry Wetherstay, Company A
Private David C. Whetstone, Company A
Private Clytus Williams, Company A
Private James Williams, Company A
Private Richard Williams, Company A
Private Jonathan Wise, Company A
Private Lewis Young, Company A
Private Henry L. Beebe, Company B
Private Edward M. Bell, Company B
1st Lieutenant Andrew D. Braden, Company B
Private Marcus Burlingame, Company B
Private Calvin Caldwell, Company B
Private Joseph Card, Company B
Corporal George F. Center, Company B
Private Henry H. Center, Company B
Corporal Norval B. Cobb, Company B
Private Francis Colton, Company B
Private Adam Craver, Company B
Private James A. Crawford, Company B - Jonathan Crawford
Private John P. Davidson, Company B
Private Marshall Davis, Company B
Private Charles R. Dayton, Company B
Private William Decker, Company B
Corporal James M. Dickerman, Company B
Private Herman Dilley, Company B
Private Jasper C. Downs, Company B
Private John Drennen, Company B
1st Lieutenant Merritt Emerson, Company B
Private William Ensign, Company B
Corporal John A. Ewalt, Company B
Private James E. Faurot, Company B
Corporal Henry E. Finney, Company B
Sergeant William H. Forbis, Company B
Private George W. Granger, Company B
Private Albert Grim, Company B
Private Ephraim Grim, Company B
Private Edwin Hadsell, Company B
Private Adelbert Hart, Company B
Private Seth Hart, Company B
Private Simeon Hart, Company B
Private Joseph Hartman, Company B
Private William Harver, Company B
Private James W. Hathaway, Company B
Private Henry Heath, Company B
Private John F. Helsley, Company B
Corporal Michael Hess, Company B
Private Hubert E. Hillman, Company B
Sergeant William Hughes, Company B
Private Wilson S. Hultz, Company B
Private Henry Hurst, Company B
Private Hugh W. Jackson, Company B
Private William H. Johnson, Company B
Captain Ephraim Kee, Company B
Private Hugh R. Kelley, Company B
Private Benjamin F. Kennedy, Company B
Private Edwin J. Kinney, Company B
Private Isaiah S. Kittridge, Company B
Private Lafayette Lake, Company B
Private John J. Landon, Company B
Private Wright Lattin, Company B
Private Edwin D. Lewis, Company B
Private Lewis Long, Company B
Private Hugh Lowery, Company B
Corporal Daniel Ludwick, Company B
Private Alexander Mackey, Company B
Private Harvey Mahannah, Company B
Private Charles H. Mason, Company B
Private William Maver, Company B
Musician Aaron I. Merritt, Company B
Private John A. Murphy, Company B
2d Lieutenant Henry L. Niles, Company B
Private Cyrus Oliver, Company B
Sergeant Edward S. Palfreeman, Company B
Private Lauren A. Percy, Company B
Private Addison Perkins, Company B
Private Dwight B. Phillips, Company B
Private Noah J. Pound, Company B
Private Albert D. Prentice, Company B
Private Edward Prentice, Company B
Private Ralph E. Ragan, Company B
Corporal John B. Ramsdell, Company B
Private Calvin L. Rawdon, Company B
Private Martin B. Rawdon, Company B
Private Christopher F. Recker, Company B
Private Daniel Rush, Company B
Private Jacob Ryan, Company B
Private James Sage, Company B
Private Edward W. Sager, Company B
Private Hiram J. Scott, Company B
Private Charles Shafer, Company B
Private Jacob Shafer, Company B
Private Morrison P. Shafer, Company B
Private William J. Shafer, Company B
Private Benjamin F. Smith, Company B
Private John Smith, Company B
Private Hugh J. Snodgrass, Company B
Private Lorenzo H. Sparks, Company B
Private Homer Stephenson, Company B
Private Charles Stewart, Company B
Private Harmon W. Stowe, Company B
Private Samuel K. Taft, Company B
Private William C. True, Company B
Private Martin W. Ulrich, Company B
Private Newton L. Walcott, Company B
1st Sergeant Jonas E. Wannamaker, Company B
Private Samuel Weirman, Company B
Private Williams C. Welsh, Company B
Private John E. Wildman, Company B
Private John S. Williams, Company B
Private William F. Adams, Company C
Corporal Robert D. Allen, Company C
2d Lieutenant James H. Bard, Company C
Private Erastus Bartholomew, Company C
Private Samuel Blackmore, Company C
Private James Bolter, Company C
Private John B. Brandt, Company C
Private John Burgess, Company C
1st Sergeant Irvin Butler, Company C
Private William Canon, Company C
Private Clarence D. Casper, Company C
Private James Culver, Company C
Private John W. Davis, Company C
Private Gwilym Davis, Company C
Private Morgan Davis, Company C
Private Morgan W. Davis, Company C
Private William R. Davis, Company C
Private George M. Dice, Company C
Private James Donovan, Company C
Private James L. Edwards, Company C
Private John F. Edwards, Company C
Private Benjamin Esgar, Company C
Private Ezariah Evans, Company C
Private William Evans, Company C
Sergeant Charles C. Fowler, Company C
Private Isaac Frazier, Company C
Private John H. Frazier, Company C
Private Harvey A. Fuller, Company C
Sergeant John Geddes, Company C
Captain Henry C. Gilbert, Company C
Private William H. Godshall, Company C
Private William P. Graham, Company C
Private George W. Green, Company C
Private John W. Green, Company C
Private Joel Hawley, Company C
Private Joseph Healy, Company C
Private George Heir, Company C
Private Thomas Heir, Company C
Private Reuben B. Hilands, Company C
Musician Thomas Hogle, Company C
Private Michael J. Hood, Company C
Musician Christian Hughes, Company C
Private Hiram Hull, Company C
Private William Jack, Company C
Corporal Albert Jastatt, Company C
Private Thomas Jessop, Company C
Private William Jones, Company C
Private Lawrence Kelly, Company C
Private Jasper B. Kingsley, Company C
Private Henry Lawrence, Company C
Private Caleb Lewis, Company C
Corporal Evan Lewis, Company C
Private William Lewis, Company C
Private John M. Mackey, Company C
Private Morgan Manwaring, Company C
1st Lieutenant Ambrose C. Mason, Company C
Private James R. McKenzie, Company C
Private Theron S. McKinley, Company C
Private Richard H. McLain, Company C
Wagoner Charles E. Miller, Company C
Corporal John B. Miller, Company C
Private Lemuel B. Miller, Company C
Corporal Clinton F. Moore, Company C
Private William Morris, Company C
Private Charles E. Moser, Company C
Private Lemuel Moser, Company C
Private Phillip H. Moser, Company C
Private Alfred Osborn, Company C
Private Joseph Phillips, Company C
Private John Powers, Company C
Private Wilson S. Powers, Company C
Private Lemuel Price, Company C
Private Thomas Quigley, Company C
Private William R. Rees, Company C
Private George L. Reis, Company C
Private David T. Richards, Company C
Private John B. Richards, Company C
Private William T. Richards, Company C
Private John Roberts, Company C
Private Thomas Robinson, Company C
Private James Rodgers, Company C
Private John P. Rosser, Company C
Private Robert A. Rowlee, Company C
Private Samuel Ruppert, Company C
Private Horace B. Scoville, Company C
Private Isaiah Seachrist, Company C
Corporal Lafayette Seaton, Company C
Private David J. Shealor, Company C
Private Cornelius Shook, Company C
Private John Sinclair, Company C
Private Thomas Smith, Company C
Private James A. Stewart, Company C
Private Nelson O. Stewart, Company C
Corporal Robert J. Stewart, Company C
Private Samuel Sutton, Company C
Private John B. Thomas, Company C
Private Thomas A. Thomas, Company C
Private Austin Tibbitts, Company C
Private Charles W. Townsend, Company C
Corporal James G. Townsend, Company C
Sergeant Jacob Turney, Company C
Private Adolphus Vally, Company C
Private Homer B. Walker, Company C
Private Samuel Walker, Company C
Private John Wambaugh, Company C
Private Daniel Webster, Company C
Private Andrew N. White, Company C
Private Edward Whitehouse, Company C
Sergeant Austin W. Wilson, Company C
Private Nathan W. Allen, Company D - have not been able to find family
Private Thomas Bowen, Company D - have not been able to find family
Private George E. Pierce, Company D - have not been able to find family
Private Washington Alberts, Company E - have not been able to find family
Private Josiah Ayers, Company E - have not been able to find family
Private Walter Strickland, Company E - have not been able to find family
Private James M. Barnes, Company F - have not been able to find family
Private Isaac Burnett, Company F - have not been able to find family
Private Charles F. Doolittle, Company F - have not been able to find family
Private Frederick Smith, Company F - have not been able to find family
Private Zephaniah W. Chapman, Company G - have not been able to find family
Sergeant Joseph H. George, Company G - have not been able to find family
Private George N. Richardson, Company G - have not been able to find family
Private Nathan Hartman, Company H - have not been able to find family
Private Bacilla Hornstine, Company H - have not been able to find family
Private Richard Houston, Company H - have not been able to find family
Private Albert A. Sherman, Company H - have not been able to find family
Private Lucius C. Butler, Company I - have not been able to find family
Private John Haddock, Company I - have not been able to find family
Private Thomas S. Morris, Company I - have not been able to find family
Private George Thomas, Company I - have not been able to find family
Private Benjamin N. Babcock, Company K
Private Andrew Enos, Company K - have not been able to find family
Private William Farl, Company K - have not been able to find family
Private Charles (Clark) A. Ferguson, Company K - have not been able to find family
Private Frederick W. Hall, Company K - Cathryn Hondros
Private Lyman P. Hanna, Company K
Private Ira W. Harback, Company K
Sergeant Charles H. Harris, Company K
Private Clay Hicock, Company K
Private Clency Hill, Company K
Private Isaac Hines, Company K
Private William D. Holden, Company K
Private William Howard, Company K
Private Marcus W. Humphrey, Company K
Private Arthur G. Hutchinson, Company Kt
Private David Hutchinson, Company K
Private Stephen J. Hutchinson, Company K
Corporal Wesley L. Jarvis, Company K
Private Aaron Jenkins, Company K
Private George W. Johnson, Company K
Private Lysander P. Jordan, Company K
Private Alfred H. Kinney, Company K
Private Amos H. King, Company K
Private George King, Company K
Private Matthew Laskey, Company K
Corporal John Mann, Company K
Corporal Alba B. Martin, Company K
Sergeant George L. Mason, Company K
Private Seymour L. Morgan, Company K
Private Sheldon Olmstead, Company K
Private Horace W. Pangburn, Company K
Private Albertus W. Parker, Company K
Corporal Andrew Perkins, Company K
Private William H. Powers, Company K
Private Charles Pratt, Company K
Musician Lewis Price, Company K
Musician John Price, Company K
Private Charles Rasey, Company K
Private Chester Rasey, Company K
Private James E. Roberts, Company K
Wagoner Lewis H. Roberts, Company K
Private Henry Scoville, Company K
Private George Seymour, Company K
Private Henry Shaw, Company K
Private Lorin Shepherd, Company K
Private Albert A. Slater, Company K
Private Alexander H. Smith, Company K
Sergeant Nelson H. Smith, Company K
Private Wilson W. Smith, Company K
Corporal Howard S. Stephens, Company K
Private Egbert Stow, Company K
1st Lieutenant Henry C. Sweet, Company K
Private Jillitt S. Sweet, Company K
Private Francis A. Taylor, Company K
Private Herbert Tower, Company K
Private Francis Warren, Company K
Private John E. Watrous, Company K
Private Andrew W. Webb, Company K
Private Joel Williams, Company K
Private Thales F. Williams, Company K
Private Frederick W. Wilson, Company K
Private William W. Wright, Company K
2) Create additional pages.
a) Build a page about the forage train incident. See the “Cleveland Daily Leader’, (Cleveland, Ohio), 30 Jan 1863, page 3
b) Identify a list of reunion books and then, for each one, update soldier profiles for their speeches, performances, committees, attendance, dues paying and death.
c) Design and create a calendar page or pages that could be filled in with the day-by-day activities and events of the regiment.
3) Enrich the pages
Enrich the company roster pages with stats about the company.
Find photos of and artifacts related to these soldiers! I have a Pinterest that has all discovered to date!
Discover and document more family relationships between regiment members on the Family Relations page
Research and document links to resources including diaries, letters, books, newspaper articles, pages and records on the Resources page
Add battles, enlistments, muster ins, captures, releases, wound, resignations, deaths, muster outs, letters, news articles, diary entries, etc., etc., etc. to the calendar page(s) once created.
Transcribe letters on page of William H. Johnson.
Transcribe letter on page of Albert A. Champlin.
Check out and include the sources at ACPL Genealogy Center
Prepare a list of final resting places of the 105th. (Requested by the 105th -Reenactor’s group.) - In progress
For unmarked graves, would the government or the military still place markers? What’s involved?
4) Special research projects.
Chapter 68 (March 13, 1865 – April 9, 1865)
At this time the regiment was about ready to move and the boys were scattered around town. All were ordered to report at once. Sergeant Major Whitmer had been sent over on the opposite side of the square where part of the regiment had been, previously detailed to help extinguish the fire. On his way back he passed General Beard’s headquarters of the 14th corps when two citizens from the opposite side of the street accused the Sergeant of being one who helped steal a barrel of flour. The guard called out “Halt!” When Whitmer replied that he was a member of the 20th army corps, that he had nothing to do with the flour, for some reason unknown to any of us, Whitmer did not stop. The guard again called “Halt!” but he passed on, when the guard raised his gun and fired, the ball entering the back part of his head, passing thru and coming out just back of the forehead. (The guard who shot him was a member of the 105th Ohio regiment, Beard’s brigade, 14th army corps.) The boys of the regiment were so worked up and fearing a riot the Colonel moved the regiment across the river, leaving a detail to take charge of the corpse and give him a decent burial.
Who was this guard from the 105th?
  • Can these miscellaneous Ford’s be connected?
a) Betsey (Ford) Stearns (1809-1845), m. Geauga County
b) Roswell W. Ford, (1808-1828) who shares a gravestone with Levi W. Stearns (1835-1836), in Lake Co., Ohio
c) Ettie Ford in 1870 census of Persis A. (Clarke) Atkin Merrifield (1834-1873) is Ashland Co., Ohio

Will you JOIN me?

Right now this project just has two members,
  1. Cathryn Hondros, project coordinator
  2. Jonathan Crawford, Crawford families
Please post a comment here on this page, in G2G using the project tag, or send me a private message. Thanks!


Completed profiles for all soldiers in Companies D, E, F, G, H and I.
Created an original roster page for Field & Staff and for each Company - A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, K.
Built a page for Captain H. H. Cumings G. A. R. Tribute book provided by his descendent.
Added letters related to Colonel Albert S. Hall provided by his descendent to his page. (And added to other persons pages also referenced in the letters.)
Added photos related to Private Charles K. Radcliffe.
Researched to see if Private Isaac Raub’s family had a connection to the Underground Railroad. I couldn’t discover a connection.

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This is awesome work. Well done and thank you to all involved.

I can't help with the 105th OVI, but have a discovery about family names names in another Ohio Regiment (28th OVI) that might prove worth watching for.

My g'g'grandfather George Michael Schmieg (1839-1902) was, according to both family and official records, a Civil War Veteran with rank of Corporal, Co G, 28th OVI - the 28th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment - NARA Publication: "Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldiers Who Served in Organizations from The State of Ohio."

I couldn’t find Corporal George Schmieg in the official roster published soon after the end of the “War of Rebellion” - but found a note on alternate entries in the national record of same. Searched again, more thoroughly, while imagining alternate spellings.

Eight Schmiegs are listed as serving in the two forces. By state: Ohio (5), New Jersey (2), District Of Columbia (1). All were infantrymen.

Conrad Schmieg has the sense to have just one entry: he was from DC. Maybe he had a family connection to Ohio - was that where his wife and children would "shelter from the storm"?

John Schmidt was also Henry B Schmieg from New Jersey - all other details I have been able to find align.

All five from Ohio are “our George”: - Schmick, George - Schmieg, George - Schmig, George - Schuck, George - Schuk, George.

Yet none of these appear in the roster, for 28th, as Corporal or Private. Was he transferred to another Company? I will have to look. Or is he the “George Schieck” who enlisted aged 20 on June 13 1861, when “our George” was days short of 22.

I haven't yet added George Michael Schmieg (1839-1902) to my small contribution to WikiTree, because I'd really like a few more sources confirming what I think I know. I'm working my way through some German records now and think I have found him, and if so, his lines in a very small town in Germany back to 1600. If it stacks up, that's well worth adding.

But who would have thought the official records would contain five entries for one person. Did it also happen in the 105th?

posted by Frank O'Connor
Thanks, Frank, for the kind words! This regimental research is truly a labor of love.

I sympathize with your George and his last name variants. When a name is not consistent in the records, it really makes things challenging! But it is rewarding when the pieces fall into place.

Coincidentally I have a Private George W. Shuick or Smiack or Shuack or Shuac and possibly Showke in the 105th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. All I've found for him (so far) is his military and marriage records. I know he died quite young, in 1869 in Oregon, from his pension records, but that is all. The link to him is https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Shuick-1.

There are quite a number of individuals who have first and last names variants, either due to spelling or transcription issues or due to perhaps a personal choice. A few examples are: Private Bacilla Hornstine (https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Hornstine-1) - Basila, Benjamin? Sergeant Wilson Shannon Hultz (https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Hultz-76) - Hulse? Private Robert Alexander Kirk (https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Kirkpatrick-4562) - Kirkpatrick? Corporal George J. Squier (https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Squier-376) - Squiers, Squire, Squier?

Best of luck in your research, Cathryn

I find this page is very impressive!
posted by Ric Tobin
Thanks Ric. Basking in the appreciation here. ☺️