12th & 13th Louisiana Regiments

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12th &13th Consolidated Louisiana Regiment

The Florida Parishes had actually been part of Spanish Florida until 1810, when they declared independence and for a few weeks proclaimed themselves the "Republic of West Florida".

1810 Governor Claiborne had marched his troops into the Florida Republic to claim it for Louisiana, but the people there were deeply divided as to whether they wanted to join Louisiana, the Mississippi territory, or remain independent. Claiborne resolved the question by military fiat. So when he tried to call up the troops four years later, one could imagine that not everyone trusted him.

In 1813 Governor Claiborne, anticipating an attack by the British, issued an order to summon militia. The men of the 10th,11th,12th, & 13th regiments of the 3rd Brigade (from what we now call the Florida Parishes, i.e. those above Lake Ponchartrain and east of Baton Rouge) were to report at Baton Rouge not later than Jan 20, 1814. (A year before the Battle of New Orleans). This order was issued Dec 25, 1813.

Resolutions were adopted by the non-coms and privates

refusing to obey. Thy assured the government that they would respond if the state was invaded. They did not take invasion seriously until late in 1814.

In 1814 work had begun on the Naval Yards in Madisonville

A War Dept letter of July 4, 1814 called for 1 Regiment of 1000 men from LA. The general mobilization was not made until after Dec 16, 1814.

The 12th Louisiana Regiment under Col Abner Womack was from St Helena and the 13th under Col Thomas Warner was from the Florida Parishes east of the Tangipahoa River. Both were part of the 3rd Brigade, commanded by General Robert McCausland. The 3rd Brigade was part of Major General Philemon Thomas' 2nd Division.

Line Dupre was reinforced on Jan 1 by portions of the 2nd Div brought from B.R. Line Dupre, the second line of defence, was on the Dupre Plantation 1.75 miles above Line Jackson (the Rodrigues Canal at Chalmette).

Later some elements of the 3rd brigade were moved to the west bank to reinforce General David B. Morgan's troops. Soon afterward on January 12th 1815 General McCausland's entire brigade was moved to Chef Menteur.

The 12th and 13th were consolidated January 31, 1815. (After the Battle of New Orleans).

After the British had withdrawn and the danger had passed the entire Louisiana Brigade was mustered out and discharged March 7th 1815 (at Madisonville Naval Yards)

Louisiana in the War of 1812 by Powell Casey.

From "Louisiana in the War of 1812", by Powell A. Casey. 2nd Division, 12th & 13th Regiments Consolidated of Louisiana Militia (Florida Parishes, Section East of Amite River, 1814 - 1815)

Alexander, Robert W.
Albritton, Richard W.
Alford, Edwin
Allan, John S.
Allen, Nathaniel
Abbott, Benjamin
Adams, Aaron
Adams, Holden
Adams, John
Adams, Shared
Adderson, Britton, Lt.
Adderson, John, Lt. (?)
Adderson, Thomas
Addison, John
Adkinson, Jesse
Anderson, Abraham
Anderson, Isaac
Anderson, Samuel W., Sgt.
Ard, William

Baddo, Auguste
Baggott, Jesse
Baker, Isaac
Bankston, Henry
Bankston, Howell
Bankston, John
Bankston, Levi
Barrett, Michael
Barlow, Thomas d. 2/23/1815
Barrow, Zodock
Bartte, Jacob
Bates, John
Bates, Joseph
Beason, Uriah
Bedwall, William, Sgt.
Balew, William
Bell, John
Bell, William
Beleu, William
Bickham, Benjamin
Bickham, Francis
Bickham, James
Bickham, Thomas, Captain
Bickham, William
Bickham, William, Captain
Black, Benjamin
Blackwell, Natham
Boughan, Hector
Bradley, James
Bradock, Johnn
Bratton, Robert, 1st Sgt.
Breden, Paul
Breed, Avery
Breinack, Simon
Brennack, Simon
Brent, William
Breshears, James
Brinkley, John
Brinok, Simon
Bromfield, Charles
Bromfield, Davis
Brooks, Joseph
Brown, Gregory
Bruden, Paul
Brumfield, Charles
Brumfield, Davis
Brumfield, Flemming
Brumfield, Ridley, Cpl.
Brumfield, William, Sgt.
Brumfield, Willis, Cpl.
Bullock, James d. 2/23/1815
Burck, Richard
Butler, Noble

Camp, Caleb
Camp, Charles
Camp, Dempsey
Campbell, Beasley
Campbell, James
Canty, Thomas
Carruth, William C., Cpl.
Carter, John, Sgt.
Cavannah, Charles
Chain, William
Chance, Samuel
Chapman, John
Chapman, Wiley
Chavis, Gideon
Chavis, Joseph
Clayton, Thomas
Coatney, Alexander
Cober, Ebenezer
Cole, Solomon d. 2/15/1815
Coleman, Daniel
Con, John M., Sgt.
Connally, Price, 3rd Lt.
Cooper, Carlton
Cooper, Harrison, Cpl.
Cooper, William
Corker, James
Cotton, James
Courtney, Alexander
Craker, Isaac
Craker, Cornelius
Crane, Dennis
Crawford, George
Critington, Jeremiah
Crittenton, Bartlett
Criterton, Jeremiah
Crofford, James d. 3/3/1815
Crumpton, Isiah
Cryer, Daniel
Cryer, Honer
Cryer, Thomas
Cutrer, Henry

Daughterty, James, 1st Lt.
Davidson, Richardson
Davis, Raphel
Davis, William, Cpl.
Daws, Isaac
Day, Asa
Day, Henry
Day, Jesse
Day, John
Day, Oriton
Day, Samuel, Sgt.
Day, Thomas
Day, William
Deas, Jesse
Deece, Jesse
Dicks, John
Doss, Joel, QM. Sgt.
Dougherty, James, 1st Lt. DuBeson, Juder
Ducream, Leander
Dunford, John
Durben, James
Durbin, Jeremiah
Dychex, Isaac, Cpl.
Dykes, Dennis

Eady, John
East, Isaac
Estep, Joseph
Eddy, John
Edwards, John
Edwards, Robert
Elwell, Uriah
Estep, Joseph
Evans, Jesse
Evans, Jesse J., QM Sgt.

Ferguson, James
Finch, Francis
Fletcher, Samuel
Fletcher, Thomas
Fluallen, Thomas
Fluker, Robert
Fouser, Joseph
Franklin, Ralph
Franklin, William
Freeland, John
Freeland, Ralph
Friland, John
Fulcer, William
Fuller, Robert
Fuller, Simeon
Furgerson, James
Fussell, William
Fussell, Edwin, 2nd Lt.

Gallaway, Charles
Gallaway, John
Gallaway, Peter
Gallaway, William
Garret, Jonathan
Gossell, Joel
Ganell, Batties
Gennage, John W.
George, John
George, Joseph
George, Nicholas
George, William, Capt.
Glascock, John
Glover, David
Glover, William
Goeans, Ernes
Goins, Amos
Gordon, William
Graham, James
Gray, James, Sgt.
Grinage, John W.
Grisley, John
Gwin, James, Cpl.

Haden, Allen
Haden, Elisha
Hall, James
Hambleton, Arthur
Hamilton, Henry
Harrel, Elisha, 1st Lt.
Harrel, Moses
Harris, James, Capt.
Harroll, Moses
Harvey, James
Haydon, Clisha
Hays, John
Headen, Allen
Henry, ----
Herrin, Smyth
Herron, Smith
Hickman, William
Higginbothan, Joseph
Higginbothan, Jacob
Higginbothan, Willis
Hillen, Robert
Hoge, Alexander
Holden, John
Holden, John M.
Holden, Joseph
Holding, Joseph
Holding, Simeon
Holloway, Robert
Hooper, Amos, Cpl.
Hornsby, Elisha
Horsfield, William
Hosfield, William
Hossel, Alexander
House, David
House, Isaac
House, Joseph
Howell, William
Hughes, William
Hunt, Edmond D.
Hutchison, William

James, Tomas
Jemmison, John
Jenkins, Abner
Jennell, Baptiste
Joe, servant
John, servant
Johnson, Daniel
Johnston, James d. 2/25/1815
Joiner, John
Joiner, Nathan
Jones, Abram
Jones, Jeremiah, Sgt.
Jones, Jesse R.
Jones, Michael P.
Jones, Wiley
Jones, Woody
Judisse, Urban

Kemp, Kaleb
Kennedy, Thomas
Kennedy, Nathan, Surgeon
Kennedy, Thomas
Kenney, Allen
Kemp, Calep
Kinchen, William, Sgt. Maj.
Kinney, Allen
Kirkland, Archibald, 1st Lt.

Lacy, Austin
Lane, Anderson
Laughridge, Samuel, d. 2/20/??
Lawrence, James P.
Lea, Stephen
Lea, Jesse, Cpl.
Leach, William
Lewis, William
Lilley, James, 2nd Lt.
Lindsey, Isaac
Littlyjohn, John, Sgt. Maj.
Loide, Braxstone, Cpl.
Longine, William, Cpl.
Lawrence, Gabriel
Loughridge, Samuel B.
Loveless, Benjamin
Loyd, Braxston, Cpl.
Loyd, Mack

Magee, Banjamin
Magee, Evan
Magee, Hezakiah
Magee, Jonathan
Magee, William
Mageehee, Daniel
Mains, William
Maples, John
Marlow, John
Martin, Benjamin
Martin, Zedekiah
Maxfield, John
McCaleb, Ephrim, Lt.
McClausen, Daniel
McClendon, Alfred
McClendon, Jesse
McCoon, John
McCormick, William
McCoy, Thomas F. , Surgeon
McGee, Benjamin
McGee, Even
McGee, Gezkiah
McGee, Jonathan
McGee, William
McKean, Edward
McKeine, Edward
McKie, James
McLauren, Daniel
McUllen, Micajah
Melong, Joseph
Melton, William K.
Melvin, Colman
Mercer, Rainey
Methoin, Colman
Miller, Aaron
Miller, Abner
Miller, Frederick
Milton, William K.
Mitchel, Davis
Mitchel, Hezekiah
Mitchell, George, Sgt.
Mitchell, John
Monroe, John
Montau, Francis
Montgomery, John
Montgomery, Joseph
Monto, Francis
Moor, William
Moore, Lawrence H., Maj.
Moore, William
Morrow, John
Moss, William
Munroe, John
Murphy, Daniel

Nettles, John
Nettles, Josiah
Nettles, Zachariah
Newsom, Moses
Nicolls, William
Noblet, John
Noland, Percy

Odare, Uriah
Odom, Richard
Osborn, John B., Cpl.
Ott, Joel
Ott, Samuel

Page, Wilson
Painter, Alexander
Paris, William B., QM. Sgt.
Parker, Elisha
Parker, Isaac
Parker, Jesse
Parmer, Jerrad
Patterson, George, Cpl.
Pearson, Harvey
Pearson, Obadiah, music
Peate, Jacob
Pendleton, James
Pennington, Absalom
Perkins, Daniel
Phillips, William, d. 2/27/1815
Porter, David
Pratt, Jacob
Primus, servant
Pruet, Jesse
Pruett, Uriah

Quillen, Leven
Quillin, Nathan, Cpl.
Quilling, John
Quilling, Loving
Quilling, Nathan, Cpl.

Rainor, Daniel
Ratliff, Robert C.
Reames, Benjamin
Reames, James
Redding, William
Reever, Griffin
Repshaw, John, Sgt.
Rester, Gideon
Rheams, Benjamin
Rheams, Jacob
Rheams, James
Richardson, Benjamin
Richardson, John
Richardson, Samuel
Richardson, Stephen, 2nd Lt.
Richardson, William
Rivier, Griffin
Robertson, Eli
Roberts, Elisha, 1st Lt.
Roberts, Thomas
Roberts, William
Robertson, Eli
Robertson, John, Sgt.
Robertson, Wiley
Robertson, William
Robinson, James
Rodey, James
Rodgers, Atwell L.
Rodgers, Job, Tr. Master
Rogers, Atwell L.
Rose, William P.
Ross, Francis
Rowe, Reubin
Rupsher, George

Salisberry, John R., Adj.
Sanders, Cullen
Self, Joseph
Self, William
Settoon, James
Settoon, Samuel
Shaboard, William
Sharp, Joseph
Sharpland, William
Short, Abraham
Short, Davis
Simes, William
Simmons, Joel
Simmons, John
Simmons, Robert M.
Simmons, William
Simms, John
Simms, Phillip
Simms, William
Singleton, Robert, 2nd Lt.
Stokum, William
Smelser, Michael, Ensign
Smith, Andrew
Smith, Bailey
Smith, Ephriam
Smith, John
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Thomas
Smith, William
Smith, William N., 1st Lt.
Smyth, Bailey
Sodon, John
Speers, Abraham
Spell, Aaron, Cpl.
Spell, John
Spell, Sanders, Sdj.
Spell, Thomas, Jr.
Spell, Thomas, Sr.
Spikes, Leoman
Spillers, John
Spillers, Micajah
Spinks, William
Spinks, Zachariah
Stafford, Stephen, Sgt.
Starnes, James
Starnes, Samuel
Stathan, Barksdale, 1st Sgt.
Stephenson, John
Stewart, Humphrey
Stewart, James
Stewart, Matthew
Sticker, Laurance, Cpl.
Stinson, Asher
Storch, John
Strother, Richard
Strother, William

Tally, John
Tate, John
Tate, Harvey
Tate, James
Taylor, Andrew
Taylor, Daniel
Taylor, David
Taylor, Thomas
Taylor, Grant (buried in Taylor Cemetery)
Teacle, George
Teacle, Nathaniel
Teacle, Richard
Terry, David
Thomas, servant
Thompson, Lemuel
Toney, Charles
Toney, William
Townsend, John
Tyler, Moses

Wails, William
Wainwright, Dixon
Waller, James
Wallis, William
Womack, Abner, Colonel
Womack, Andrew
Womack, John
Womack, Richard
Womack, Robert
Womack, Abraham
Warmick, Jacob
Warner, Thomas C., Colonel
Watson, William, Captain
Watson, William
Webb, Holland
Wells, Benjamin
Wells, James
Wells, Pearson
Wells, Rice, Sgt.
Wells, William
West, Berry
West, Ezekial
West, James
West, Levi
West, William
White, Bledsoe
White, John, Sgt.
White, Robert
Whitemore, Jesse
Wilkins, Thomas
Williams, Charles
Williams, John
Williams, John W.
Williams, Samuel
Williams, Simeon
Williams, Thomas
Williams, William
Williams, Young
Williamson, John, Sgt.
Williamson, John
Wilson, William
Woods, John
Woolverton, William
Wright, David, Sgt.
Wright, John, Major

Younge, Lemuel
Young, Samuel
Young, Wiley

Verdaman, Ammizeah
Verdaman, Elijah

We are grateful to Bickham Christian of Shreveport for the list reproduced below, which was copied from the original in the National Archives in Washington. It is the pay roll of a company of Louisiana Militia commanded by Captain William Watson of the 12th & 13th Consolidated Regiments, in the service of the United States from Dec. 28, 1814, to March 10, 1815.

CAPTAIN William Watson
  1. Robert C. Ratliff 1st Lieut. Deceased 2 March 1815
  2. Robert Singleton 2nd Lieut
  1. Robert Bratton
  2. John Repshaw
  3. Samuel Day
  4. John Carter Absent, Sick since 4th February, 1815
  1. Phillip Simms
  2. William Hickman Sick in Camp
  3. Amos Hooper
  4. Nathan Quilling
  1. Henry Day Absent, Sick since 15 Feby. 1815
  2. David Terry Absent, Sick since 24th Feby. 1815
  3. Jeremiah Critington
  4. Alexander Painter
  5. John Storch
  6. Moses Newson
  7. Colman Melvin
  8. Leoman Spikes
  9. Benjamin Rheams Deceased 23 February 1815
  10. James Waller
  11. Reubin Rowe
  12. John Joiner Absent, Sick since 4th Feby 1815
  13. Ramey Mercer
  14. James Rheams
  15. Henry Arnold
  16. James Satoon
  17. Samuel Satoon
  18. Joel Simmons
  19. James Starnes
  20. William Phillips Deceased 24th February, 1815
  21. William Howell
  22. Micajah Spillars
  23. Thomas Wilkins Sick since 4th February, 1815
  24. William Hutchinson
  25. Zachariah Spinks
  26. Frances Finch
  27. James Crofford Deceased 8th March 1815
  28. Samuel Richardson
  29. Anderson Lane Deceased 14th February 1815
  30. Uriah Elwell
  31. Samuel Loughbridge Deceased 20 February 1815
  32. Ezekiel West Deceased 2 March 1815
  33. Dennis Dykes
  34. William Sharboard
  35. Samuel Starnes
  36. Moses Taylor Furloughed 19 Feby. 1815, unable for duty
  37. Absalom Peningron
  38. Alexander Courtney
  39. James Johnston Deceased (illegible) Feby. 1815
  40. Simon Darnly ? (illegible)
  41. Humphrey Stewart
  42. Joseph Montgomery
  43. Wm. Watson, Junr. Furloughed 15 Feby. 1815, sick, unable for duty
  44. Wm. Moore
  45. Wiley Young
  46. Michael Barnett
  47. Zachariah Nettles
  48. John W. Grinage
  49. John Wamach
  50. Daniel Taylor
  51. Joseph Holding
  52. Atwell L. Rodgers
  53. Richard Teacle Absent, sick on 20 Feby. 1815
  54. Nathaniel Teacle Absent, Sick on 20 Feby. 1815
  55. George Teacle Furloughed on 20 Feby. 1815 to assit his brothers
  56. Richard Albritton
  57. Isaac Daws
  58. Alexander Hessel
  59. John Noblett
  60. John Nettles
  61. Robert Wamach
  62. David Mitchell
  63. Andrew Wamach
  64. Josiah Nettles
  65. Richard Wamach ? (Illegible)
  66. Uriah Odear Sick, unable for duty since 4 Feby. 1815
  67. James West
  68. John Montgomery
  69. William Simms
  70. Loving Quillings
  71. John McCoon
  72. John Williamson
  73. Jerrad Parmer (sic)
  74. Perry Noland
  75. John Simms
  76. Thomas Clayton
  77. Amos Goins
  78. John Bell
  79. Thomas Kennedy
  80. George Repshaw
  81. Thomas Fletcher
  82. Benjamin Wells
  83. James Wells
  84. William Slokum
  85. William Redding
  86. Benjamin Abbett
  87. Calep (sic) Kemp
  88. Wm. Belue
  89. Samuel Fletcher
  90. Robert Alexander
  91. William Wells
  92. John White
  93. Nicholas George
  94. Uriah Pruett
  95. Jesse Lee
  96. William Bedwell
  97. Henry Hamilton
  98. William C. Carruth
  99. William Spinks
  100. Abram Jones
  101. John Freeland
  102. John Spillars
  103. William Watson, Jr.



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