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1776 Stickers and Templates Team


1776 Stickers and Templates (S&T) Team members use the 1776 sticker and categories to identify the profiles of American Revolutionary War ancestors and connect their profiles to the main WikiTree tree.


  • 1776 sticker maintenance is required to update stickers from old (deprecated) sticker formats to the current format. (Note: This conversion was completed in 2023; however, we occasionally find the old format used in error.)
  • S&T Team members are proactive in assisting others who need help formatting the 1776 sticker.
  • S&T Team members seek opportunities to honor eligible patriots who do not yet have a 1776 sticker or categories.



  • 1776 stickers, DAR templates, and SAR templates are placed below the == Biography == header (in the biography).
  • No more than five stickers are allowed on a profile. We prefer to keep that number to three or four. (Note: Sticker preference should be referred to the profile manager.)

1776 Stickers

1776 Project
Private ... ... ... served with Virginia Militia during the American Revolution.
  • Here is the format and a sample showing a sticker for a Private in the Virginia Militia:
{{1776 Sticker
  • Image is cooper-1.jpg, which will appear by default if the parameter is left blank.
  • Rank should be the rank the patriot held when performing the service described in the sticker. Do not abbreviate. If the patriot later attained a higher rank, this should be described in the biography.
  • Unit is the only required parameter of the sticker. It must be a regiment in which the patriot performed military service: only one regiment, not a company, not an officer's name. It should conform to one of the regiments found in our categories. All other details pertaining to the service should be described in the biography, not in the sticker.
  • If the patriot performed more than one service, create a Category (above the == Biography == header) for each additional service. There should be only one 1776 Sticker. Which service should be in the sticker? Use the one that gives the most honor to the patriot; in many cases this will be the last service with the highest rank.
  • The 1776 sticker is not a substitute for describing the patriot's military service experience. The details belong in the biography.
  • Do not erase a 1776 sticker if you can't find the information to complete it. Leave it as {{1776 Sticker}}. The sticker will generate an error, and another volunteer will find it.
    • Hint: If you have not formatted the 1776 sticker correctly, the message "1776 Project Needs Sticker Category Review" will appear at the bottom of the saved profile.

Special Service Stickers

  • Stickers for Civil Service, Patriotic Service, Loyalists, United Empire Loyalists, and Founding Fathers are available. Formatting information can be found here.
  • Please include the state, if possible, in Civil Service and Patriotic Service stickers; i.e. {{1776 Sticker | unit=Civil Service, Virginia, American Revolution}}
  • Lexington Alarm is a common listed "special" service please use [[Category:Lexington Alarm - April 1775, Connecticut Militia, American Revolution]] when adding a category. There is a reference in the category for participants by town listed as well.

1776 Project Box

  • The 1776 project box has the format {{1776 Project}} or {{1776 Project|category=xxx}} and is placed above the == Biography == header in the profile. It should only be added by Project Leadership; i.e. one of the profile managers must be the 1776 Project.
  • Do not remove a 1776 project box without permission. Do not move a 1776 project box from its location above the == Biography == header to below the == Biography == header.

DAR and SAR Templates

  • Both DAR and SAR templates are allowed. Be aware that DAR and SAR ancestor numbers are different, so take care to not mix the numbers. S&T Team members watch for templates with invalid ancestor numbers and correct them or alert the profile manager of the problem.
  • Format for the society template used for DAR is:
{{Society Ancestor|society=DAR|ancestor=Axxxxxx}}
  • To use the DAR as a source, use the following:
{{DAR-grs| Axxxxxx | Patriot's Name |Date the record was accessed}}
  • Format for the NSSAR template is:
{{NSSAR Patriot Ancestor|sar-number=xxxxxx|rank=xxxxxxx}}
  • To search for a patriot ancestor on DAR, go to
DAR Ancestor Search
  • To search for a patriot ancestor on SAR, go to
SAR Ancestor Search
  • Ensure that all links to a patriot's DAR information are working and display the patriot's Ancestor information. If a link does not work, replace it with
{{DAR-grs| Axxxxxx | Patriot's Name |Date the record was accessed}}

Task List

Profiles needing sticker maintenance can be found at:

Category: 1776 Project Needs Template: 1776 Review
Category: 1776 Project Needs Sticker Category Review
Category: 1776 Project Needs Category
  • Changeover of old 1776 sticker to new format. Here is a checklist:
  1. Ensure 1776 sticker and DAR or SAR templates are below the == Biography == header.
  2. Change any sticker parameters that do not conform to the format rules.
  3. Preserve in the text of the biography any description that should not be in the sticker.
  4. Add Categories for multiple regiments in which the patriot provided service.
  5. Add a Category if the profile needs a biography or biography development. [[:Category: 1776 Project Needs ...]]
  6. Check the links for SAR and DAR templates and sources to make sure they display the correct patriot.
Hint: If the 1776 sticker is not formatted correctly, the message "1776 Project Needs Sticker Category Review" will appear at the bottom of the saved profile.
  • Adding military stickers to new or existing profiles:
Possible candidates may be found at:
Rosters of military units
Subcategories of the Category: American Revolution
Patriots recognized by DAR
Your family tree!
  1. For new profiles, check first for duplicates.
  2. Make sure the profile is connected by family members.
  3. Make sure there are at least two good sources for the military service. (A DAR Ancestor number can be one of these.)
  4. A minimal biography is acceptable, but be sure to include [[Category: 1776 Project Needs Biography]] so other team members can develop it.

Finding the Regiment

One of the most challenging aspects of 1776 stickers is defining the patriot's regiment. The correct format of that regiment is needed to complete the sticker. The regiment, sometimes referred to as battalion, will usually fall into "continental line" or "militia." It will be the unit of the commanding officer, usually a Colonel or Lieutenant Colonel.

The name of the regiment is often found on one of the source documents; for example, "6th Virginia." The format for that regiment can usually be found by searching for it as you would any category, above the == Biography == header. In this case, the category format would be "6th Virginia Regiment (1776), Continental Army, American Revolution," which is what is needed to define the unit in the sticker. The sticker would then look like {{1776 Sticker | rank= | unit= 6th Virginia Regiment (1776), Continental Army, American Revolution}}.

If the name of the regiment is not known, the name of the commanding officer usually provides the best clue for that information, but some research is needed. If the regiment still can't be defined, go up to the next highest category, which, in the example shown above, would be unit= Virginia Line, American Revolution.

Most of the regiments of the men who fought in the Revolution are defined by continental line or militia. A full list is found at American Revolution Categories.

States with Regiment Tree Charts

The Category Team is currently working on creating charts that have the Commander of the Regiments listed with their proper unit so that we can add them to the category easier.
If your profile has just the commander listed but not the regiment please reference the charts so that you can add the correct category.
Below are a list of states that have the chart created already
Massachusetts : 1776 Regiments Table, Massachusetts
New Hampshire :1776 Regiments Table, New Hampshire
Rhode Island : 1776 Regiments Table, Rhode Island
North Carolina : North Carolina Line Not a chart but has the commanders listed per regiment.
New York: New York in the American Revolution
Maryland: Maryland Militia in the Revolutionary War

Minutemen Units

Right now there is a small listing of Minutemen units. This will hopefully be expanded when the category team gets the categories set up. For now if your patriot is listed as a minutemen you can add them into the following category: [[Category:Minutemen, Militia, American Revolution]] . From there please follow the guidelines for adding the most narrow category.


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New Hampshire can be added to the list of charts
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