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1841 piece 516-06

Privacy Level: Open (White)
Date: [unknown] [unknown]
Location: Eccleston, Lancashire, England, United Kingdommap
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1841 census of Eccleston, Lancashire, piece 516-06

Part of 1841 census of St Helens.

Listed below are links to the profile of each head of household and each person not in the immediate nuclear family of the head of household; also notes about each person for whom a profile hasn't been made.

folio 4 page 1

Thos Bate
Margt Bate
Thos Bate
Elizabeth Bate
Samuel Bate
Margt Bate
James Bate
John Owen
Margt Owen
Mary Owen
Margt Owen
Rachel Owen
John Taylor
Ester Taylor
Thos Taylor
Henry Taylor
Thomas Peters
Elizabeth Peters
Mary Peters
Cathern Peters
James Swift
Mary Swift
Margt Swift
Mary Swift
Elizabeth Swift

folio 5 page 2

Rodger Eccleston
Ann Eccleston
William Eccleston
Thomas Eccleston
Elizabeth Eccleston
Isice Eccleston
Henry Eccleston
Samuel Eccleston
Sarah Houghton 25 Ind Y
See comment on Anne Houghton for a possible match for this family.
See also Brook House info and John Houghton death notice
Ann do 30 Ind Y /
Elizabeth Isherwood
Nicklus Markey
Elizabeth Markey
Hellen Markey
Alice Markey
Joseph Markey
Maria Markey
Elizabeth Markey
James Markey
Richard Davies
Alice Davies
George Davies
Richard Davies
Alice Davies
Jane Davies

folio 5 page 3

Robert Davies
Ann Davies
Peter Lion
Ester Lion
Debbery Right
Jane Right
John Right
Margret Right
Mary Right
Samuel Jakues
Jane Jakues
William Jakues
Mary Jakues
Samuel Jakues
Prcilla Jakues
Hellen Jakues
Peter Lion
Ann Lion
James Cross
Elizabeth Cross 50 Y
  Not profiled, maiden name not known, couldn't find a plausible marriage, family Catholic
Hellen Cross
Margret Cross
Mary Cross
Ester Cross
William Chrichley

folio 6 page 4

Hellen Chrichley 45 Y
  Not profiled; no marriage found, maiden name unknown.
Peoby Chrichley
Margret Chrichley
Elizabeth Chrichley
William Chrichley
Thomas Chrichley
James Chrichley
Harry Robinson
Mary Bennet
John Bennet
William Bennet
Joseph Moss
Elizabeth Moss
Ester Moss
Joseph Moss
James Fairclough
Mary Fairclough 50 Y
  Not profiled - maiden name uncertain
Margret Fairclough
John Barrow
Allis Barrow
Elizabeth Dixon
Allice Wearing
John Lucas
Hellen Lucas
Thomas Lucas

folio 6 page 5

Hellen Lucas
Elizabeth Lucas
Allice Lucas
Hannah Hisherwood 15 FS Y
  Two possible matches in baptisms on FS:
  Agnes Ann 9 Jul 1826 (Thomas, Mary, engineer, Eccleston)
  Ann 7 Oct 1827 (Josiah, Margaret, bold, wheelwright)
  not found 1851, not profiled
Mary Talbit 65 Publickan Y
  Not profiled - maiden name unknown but likely Arrowsmith - see Elizabeth's profile for notes.
Elizabeth Talbit
Thomas Green 20 Ag Lab S
  Possible match 1881
  However couldn't see a match in 1851-61, so possibly Jane's a stepdaughter and it's a late marriage and he's another Thomas.
Hugh Hunter
Alexander Hutchson 25 File M S
  Not profiled, not matched in other records
James Brown 2 Y
  Not profiled - may be easier to identify later;
  the only one I could spot in 1851 who was missing in 1841 was the son of this family,
  who were in Manchester in 1841 but it's possible he's on the next page and with them.
  Alternatively he could have died young.
Hellen Long
Allice Long
Oliver Long
James Long
Thomas Long
Hellen Long
Peter Lucas
Henry Howarth 70 Stone Getter Y
  Not profiled - no match found in other records
  No death regs in Prescot 1841-51; not found 1851 (FS); no burial on LanOPC;
  no marriage or children's baptisms in Prescot listed on LanOPC.
William Woods
Elizabeth Woods
James Woods
Ann Woods
John Woods
Richard Rimmer
Ann Rimmer

folio 7 page 6

Mary Rimmer
Ann Rimmer
Lydia Rimmer
Richard Platt
William Logan 12 Ag Lab Y
  Not profiled - no deaths Prescot 1841-51, no obvious match in censuses of 1851-61.
Thomas Latham
Henry Latham
Richard Latham
Mary Latham
Jane Latham
Robert Crosby
Samuel Melling 15 Ag Lab Y
  Not profiled - no clear match in other records
  Two possible matches in baptisms (LanOPC) and censuses (1861 freeCEN) - one born 1823 Aspull,
  the other born 1824 Hindley/Wigan; haven't checked 1841 for both; both colliers by 1861.
Ann Grundy
William Hume
Thomas Hume 25 Tool M Y
  Not profiled - possible matches if not son of William, see notes on Wm's profile
Mary Hume 46 [40?] Y
  wife of William? Not profiled - not matched in other records
George Hume
Thomas Rimmer
Ann Rimmer
Ann Rimmer
Robert Love 25 Kyln Birner S
  family not profiled - not matched in other records
Martha do 20 S
Jinnat do 9m S (female) //
James Beesley
Elizabeth Beesley

folio 7 page 7

Mary Beesley 50 Y
  Not profiled, identity uncertain. James doesn't appear to have had a sister Mary.
  Possibly she was a sister-in-law, or a stepmother.
  If her age is miscopied, she could be James' five-year-old daughter Mary;
  no burial for the daughter is listed on LanOPC.
John Beesley
Henry Beesley
William Beesley
Samuel Jaques
Mary Jaques
Samuel Jaques
Mary Jaques
Margret Jaques
William Jaques
Ann Jaques
William Lever
Jane Lever
James Jaques
Thomas Meadowcroft
Elizabeth Meadowcroft
Elizabeth Meadowcroft
Mary Meadowcroft
Ralph Meadowcroft
Ann Meadowcroft
Hellen Meadowcroft
Richard Meadowcroft
John Spencer
Elizabeth Spencer
John Spencer

folio 8 page 8

Ann Spencer
Cathern Spencer
Thomas Spencer
Thomas Platt
Margret Platt
Mary Platt
John Platt
Peter Platt
Samuel Woods
Emin Woods
Emin Woods
Catherine Howard
Thomas Howard
John Howard
Mary Howard
Hellen Howard
Elizabeth Howard
John Maudsley
Hellen Maudsley 25 Y
  Not profiled - maiden name a little uncertain
Hellen Maudsley 5 Y
  Not profiled - maiden name uncertain since parents' marriage not found
Marthay Maudsley
Peter Mayor
Tomas Rowlinson
Margrey Rowlinson 45 Y
  Not profiled because death record not found so age uncertain - maiden name Stock
  Profiled her husband in spite of the same problem, to connect the children
Robert Rowlinson

folio 8 page 9

Alice Rowlinson
Thomas Rowlinson
Mary Webster 12 F.S. Y
  Not profiled; might be easier to identify later
Joseph Ellison
Mary Ellison
Margret Ellison
Mary Ellison
Hellen Ellison
Thomas Ellison 15 Ag Lab Y
  Not profiled; might be easier to identify later
  Might be a relative, but initial checks on him being a nephew didn't pan out
William Jaques 15 Ag Lab Y
  Not profiled; might be easier to identify later
Joseph Par
Agnes Par
Margret Par
William Par
James Par
Allice Par
William Burrows
Mary Burrows
John Burrows
William Burrows
Alice Rainford
James Hewit
Margret Hewit
William Hewit
Mary Hewit

folio 9 page 10

George Mason 25 Stonemason J S
  Not profiled - no obvious match in 1851-61 censuses, or BMD on LanOPC
  There is a George D Mason in 1861 in St Helens, but he's an engine fitter and has
  a 20-year-old daughter born in Bolton, so not a likely match.
William Woods
Betty Woods 55 Y
  Not profiled - maiden name uncertain
Charles Woods
Joseph Appleton
Betty Appleton
James Appleton
John Appleton
Margret Appleton
Ann Appleton
Richard Appleton
William Appleton
James Rigby 40 Ag Lab Y
  Not profiled; might be easier to identify later
Ann Bibby 15 FS Y
  Not profiled; might be easier to identify later
Josiah Rigby
Sarah Rigby
Hellen Jackson 15 Ind Y
  Not profiled; might be easier to identify later
Hellen Traverse 35 Ind Y
  Not profiled. Probably Ellen Traves buried 20 May 1842 St Helens Chapel, age 39, abode Eccleston.
Joseph Brooks 19 Ag Lab Y
  Not profiled; no clear match in other records
Betty Young 15 FS Y //
  Not profiled; no clear match in other records
Robert Taylor
Ann Taylor
James Taylor
Martha Taylor
Margret Taylor

folio 9 page 11

John Marsh 60 Coalminer? Y
  Not profiled; no match 1851, no age match in Prescot deaths 1841-51 (there's one a few
  years too old)
Ann Taylor
John Taylor
Robert Taylor
Edward Taylor
Edward Liptrot
John Liptrot
James Tinsley
Peter Duxberry 15 M.S. Y
  Not profiled; no good match 1851-61, no age match in Prescot deaths 1841-51
James Owen
Mikel Gloster 25 Ag Lab I
  Not profiled; not matched in other records
Ann Webster
John Webster 8 Y
  No age-suitable deaths in Prescot 1841-51
  possible match 1881 (born abt 1831)
Hellen Webster
Henry Webster 6 Y
  No age-suitable deaths in Prescot 1841-51
  possible match 1851
John Johnson
Thomas Johnson
Hannah Johnson 40 Y
  Not profiled - identity uncertain - see profiles of John & Thomas
  John appears not to have a daughter Hannah
  The only Johnson - Hannah marriage I could find that looked like it could fit this family was
  a marriage in 1824, but this Thomas seems to have married an Elizabeth in 1842, and there's
  no death for Hannah 1841-2.
Betty Johnson
Hellen Owen 13 FS Y
  Not profiled; might be easier to identify later
  The only baptism in Prescot on LanOPC is 14 Sep 1828 Rainford Chapel dtr of James Owen (farmer of Rainford) & Ann, but there are plenty others in Liverpool
Thomas Lucas
Ales Lucas
Joseph Lucas
Richard Lucas
Elisabet Lucas

folio 10 page 12

William Jaques
William Jaques
Richard Jaques
Mary Jaques
Jane Jaques
Mary Jaques 11 Y
  Not profiled; identity uncertain. Probably a granddaughter of William senior.
  There is a baptism match who is a granddaughter of William senior, daughter of Thomas, but she died age 6 so can't be this Mary.
George Jaques
James Rigby 14 Y
  Likely a relative of Mary Jaques,
  but most likely a nephew so tricky to work out the connection.
  Likeliest baptism matches on LanOPC:
  26 Mar 1826 (James lab Prescot, Mary)
  21 Jun 1826 (William watch maker Rainhill, Ann)
  6 Apr 1827 (James husb Sutton, Ellen)
  23 May 1827 (William collier Whiston, Mary)
  24 Aug 1828 (James lab Prescot, Mary)
Richard Sefton
Thomas Sefton
Richard Sefton
John Sefton
Ann Hume
Robert Tinsley
John Hume
John Lucas
Margret Lucas
Mary Lucas
Ann Lucas
Hellen Lucas
Margret Lucas
Mary Hesket
Thomas Hooton
Thomas Owen
Samuel Owen

folio 10 page 13

James Gregson
Elizabeth Gregson
James Gregson
Jane Owens
Isic Parr
Mary Parr
Mary Parr
Alice Parr
Hellen Parr
Margret Parr
Isic Parr
Elizabeth Parr
Jane Parr
Robert Owen
Jane Owen
Lyddia Owen
John Pilkington
Sarah Pilkington
Jossua Owen
Ann Owen
John Owen
John Owen
Ann Owen
Margret Owen
Sarah Owen

folio 11 page 14

John Owen
William Owen
Danniel Owen
Elizabeth Owen
Ann Owen
Peter Aspinall
Mary Aspinall
Mary Aspinall
Elizabeth Aspinall
Cathern Aspinall
John Aspinall
Jane Aspinall
Margret Aspinall
William Garrard 27 Ag Lab Y
  Not profiled; no match in other records. Surname confirmed from 2 transcriptions but
  perhaps wrong.
  1841 census for William & Ann
  Not William Gerrard & Ann Dakin or Deakin - they were in Widnes in the 1841 census.
Ann do 30 Y
  Not profiled; see William above
Ann Pye
Jane Pye
Thomas Sumner
Mary Sumner
Thomas Sumner
Mary Sumner
Elizabeth Sumner
Thomas Owen 15 Ag Lab Y
  Not profiled; might be easier to identify later
William Parr
Alis Parr

folio 11 page 15

Ann Parr 15 FS Y
  Best unmarried match in 1851 wasn't with her family in 1841
  so could be her, but there's another Ann Parr of similar age in 1841 who that is more likely to be given that Ann and Edward are likely siblings.
  There are two 1846 marriages that might be her, both listed on LanOPC, but neither girl's residence is Eccleston. No other suitable Prescot marriages.
Edward Parr
Thomas Howard
Hellen Howard
Elizabeth Howard
George Howard
Thomas Howard
Richard Case 20 Ag Lab Y
  Not profiled. There are 3 around this age in 1841, and only 2 in 1851 and 1861.
  The other 2 in 1841 look most likely to line up with the 1851 ones.
  No deaths Prescot 1841-51 for the third (this one).
  Both the other two were ag labs going by 1851.
John Laver
Susannah Howard
Richard Burrows
Margaret Burrows
John Leech
Alice Leech
Thomas Leech
Edward Leech
Margret Leech
Joseph Rigby
Margret Rigby
Hellen Turton
Thomas Turton
Mary Jaques
Margret Jaques
Martha Jaques
Thomas Howard

folio 12 page 16

Mary Howard
Allis Howard
Mary Howard
Jane Howard
Thomas Jaques
Mary Jaques
George Jaques
Jane Jaques
James Jaques
George Jaques
Mary Jaques
Isaac Jaques
George Jaques
James Jaques
William Morcroft 25 Blacksmith Y
Mary do 18 Y
Hugh do 6 mo /
  Morcroft family not profiled; couldn't reliably match in other records.
  No deaths in Prescot for Hugh, 1841-51
  No marriages for William & Mary in Lancashire till Dec 1841
  No birth reg for Hugh unless it's Hugh Mores (mother Davies) Mar q 1841
  but there is a Hugh Mooers baptism that quarter on LanOPC
  No good match for William & Mary in censuses on FS
  There are some census matches for a Hugh Moorcroft of that age born Latham or Skelmersdale
  but the marriage record corresponding to the later ones gives his father as James shoemaker
  (marriage 1859, wife Jane Roscoe).

William Arnold 15 Ap Blacksm Y //

  Not profiled, no obvious match found in other records
George Fillingham
Ester Fillingham
George Lunt
John Parr 15 Ap Y
  Not profiled yet.
  Probably not the son of Peter and Margaret, who had a younger brother Henry
  and married Barbara Gillies McKethney in 1849 - they appear to have been in Ravenhead in 1841.
  Possibly died in 1846 aged 21, but there is another match for this.
William Arnold
Ann Arnold
Elizabeth Arnold

folio 12 page 17

Hellen Arnold
Mary Arnold
William Arnold
John Arnold
Cathern Arnold
Margret Arnold
William Allse
Lydia Allse
John Allse
William Allse
Margret Allse
Samuel Allse
Robert Allse
William Dennet
Margret Dennet
William Dennet
Thomas Dennet
James Dennet
Elizabeth Dennet
Ellen Dennet
Susannah Dennet
Joseph Dennet
Margret Dennet
Lucy Dennet
Frances Dennet

folio 13 page 18

George Rimmer
Susannah Rimmer
Thomas Rimmer
George Rimmer
William Rimmer
Ann Rimmer
Isebella Rimmer
Isebella Rimmer 70 Y
  Not profiled - maiden name uncertain
John Anders
Mary Anders
Margret Anders
John Anders
James Anders
Mary Anders
Ann Anders
Ester Anders
William Anders
Henry Anders
John Anders
Joseph Atherton
Elizabet Atherton
William Atherton
Hellen Atherton
Elizabeth Atherton
George Sixsmith

folio 13 page 19

Elizabeth Sixsmith 60 Y
  Not profiled; maiden name not known.
  Previous marriage of a Pilkington to an Elizabeth not found - there was a
  1796 marriage of an Elizabeth Grimshaw of Eccleston to a Pilkington,
  but the marriage license states her as 21 or older so too old.
Rachel Sixsmith
Lucy Burrows
Elizabeth Burrows
Mary Burrows
Margret Burrows
Peter Burrows
Richard Cropper
Hellen Cropper
John Cropper
Feby Cropper
Hellen Cropper
Richard Cropper
William Cropper
Margret Cropper
Joseph Cropper
Iseballa Cropper
John Houghton
Hellen Houghton
John Houghton
Elizabeth Houghton
Mary Houghton
James Caton
William Arnold
Thomas Gee 15 Ag Lab Y
  Not profiled - no clear match in other records.
  Not the Thomas Halliwell or Gee born in Billinge in 1823 - he's with his parents in Wigan in 1841.
  Not the eldest son of John and Mary Gee, christened 9 Dec 1827 at St Helens Chapel
  (father a glass maker of Sutton) - he's also with his parents in 1841.
  There is a Thomas Gee born about 1825 in St Helens who was visiting in Bolton in 1851 who might be him,
  but he was a warehouseman not an ag lab, and might be the son of John and Mary if his age is off a bit.
  There was a Thomas Gee marriage in Bolton in 1848 to Ann Lawson, Thomas a dyer of Harwood & the son of Daniel Gee (dyer) so that might be the warehouseman again.

folio 14 page 20

Elizabeth Jaques
Elizabeth Jaques
Mary Smith 10 FS Y
  Not profiled - might be easier later
Peter Houghton
Susan Houghton
Mary Houghton
George Charnock 15 MS Y
  Not profiled - might be easier later
  No matches in 1851; two in 1861, but neither particularly promising
Joseph Battersby
Elizabeth Battersby
Jane Battersby
Jane Rowbottom 20 FS Y
  Not profiled - might be easier later
Ellen Eccleston
Thos Platt

folio 20 page 1

Thomas Bassnett
Ann Bassnett
Thomas Bassnett
Ann Bassnett
Mary Bassnett
James Bassnett
Margret Bassnett
William Bassnett
John Denton
Elizabeth Denton
Henry Denton
William Denton
Joseph Denton
Ann Denton
James Smith
Mary Smith
Henry Leyland
Mary Leyland
Elizabeth Leyland
Allis Leyland
John Leyland
Ellen Leyland
Ellen Hughes 15 FS Y
  Not profiled - might be easier later
Peter Forber
Martha Forber

folio 21 page 2

Ellen Forber
William Forber
William Brown
Elizabeth Brown
William Brown
Ellen Brown
Thomas Septon
William Prescot
Ann Prescot
John Prescot
Richard Robinson
Elizabeth Robinson
Ann Robinson
Daniel Robinson
Joseph Hewitt
Mary Hewitt
Ellen Hewitt
Ellen Eaton
William Prescot
Catherine Prescot
Elizabeth Prescot
William Prescot
Sarah Prescot
John Prescot
Thomas Prescot

folio 21 page 3

James Lloyd
Mary Lloyd
Thomas Lloyd
Alice Lloyd
John Lloyd
William Lloyd
Joseph Lloyd
Jane Lloyd
Elizabeth Lloyd
Mary Sanders
Jane Sanders
Mary Sanders
William Sanders
John Lyon 15 Watch Maker Ap Y
  Not profiled, not matched with confidence in other records
  Not the Jonathan Lyon (toolmaker/watch tool maker) living in Warrington Road, Rainhill in 1841 and 1851.
  Possibly the John Lyon (watch finisher) living in Liverpool in 1851, but his birth year is about 1828 based on 1851 and 1861, so a bit off
Lawrence Wainwright
Tabatha Wainwright
Henry Wainwright
Samuel Jones 40 Bricklayer J N
  Not profiled - age & birthplace a bit uncertain, but wife profiled
  No match found for him in 1851 or 61 as a bricklayer, or living in St Helens, but there was a Samuel Jones
  buried at St Helens Cemetery in a probably unpurchased grave in 1867 aged 64 who might be him
Margret Jones
John Traverse
Margaret Traverse
Mary Traverse
Fanney Traverse
Thomas Hall
Robert Gore

folio 22 page 4

Fanney Gore
James Finney
Elizabeth Finney
Thomas Howard
Ann Howard
Thomas Howard
Ann Howard
John Howard
Henry Winstanley
Margret Winstanley
Ann Winstanley
Mary Winstanley
John Kenelly
Ann Kenelly
Simon Kenelly
Richard Norris
Esther Norris
Margret Norris
Thomas Norris
Jane Johnson
Jane Johnson
Ann Finney
Mary Ashcroft 20 Y //
  Not profiled - might be easier later
Betty Spencer 70 Ind Y
  Not profiled. Two possible matches in death registrations -
  Mar q 1846 aged 75 (Elizabeth) or Sep q 1848 aged 80 (Betty).
  The latter buried 28 Aug 1848 Prescot St Mary's (no MI), abode Eccleston, so more likely but
  far from certain. No match in 1841 for the second death registration - there is a 50-year-old
  Elizabeth Spencer with probable children in Gillar's Green
  ( https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:MQ2G-5J4 ).
  In the next household is Thomas Spencer, earthenware manufacturer, who might be related.
  His step-grandmother was named Elizabeth, but would have been 86 in 1841 if still alive.
  His mother appears to have been named Mary but no baptisms of siblings found, so perhaps
  a stepmother or aunt?
Elizabeth Harrison 20 FS Y
  Not profiled - might be easier later

folio 22 page 5

Thomas Spencer
Martha Spencer
Mary Spencer
Ann Spencer
Martha Spencer
Margret Welsby 30 FS Y
  Not profiled - might be easier later, but there is a strong candidate, who married Thomas
  Renshaw (or Renshall) on 5 Nov 1848 (lanOPC) and had a 2-year-old illegitimate daughter
  Martha not long before the marriage ( https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:SGYX-DRD )
Sarrah Chesworth 20 FS Y
  Not profiled - might be easier later
Charles Brerton 30 CC N //
  Not profiled. The best two matches in 1851 are a clergyman - who was married by 1841 so
  not possible - and the brother of a doctor, born in Sandbach Cheshire.
  Not with his sister Lucy in 1841, but
  could possibly be this Charles in Wybunbury
Robert Naylor
Mary Naylor
Charlotte Naylor
Edward Naylor
Dorothy Naylor
James Naylor
Richard Naylor
Elias Naylor
William Cobin 25 Watch M J Y
  Not profiled - no clear match in other records. Possible burial 22 Sep 1849 Prescot St Mary's William Cubbin aged 34 abode Whiston (LanOPC). No marriage found, no obvious children.
Mary do 20 I
  Not profiled
Elizabeth Allen
James Critchley
Ann Critchley
Jane Critchley
George Critchley
William Critchley
Ann Critchley

folio 23 page 6

James Critchley
Ann Upton 65 FS Y
  Not profiled, maiden name uncertain
  no good matches in baptisms (should be born abt 1775, closest is chr 16 June 1771 in Childwall)
  d reg last qtr 1843 Prescot aged 68
  bur 7 Dec 1843 Prescot St Mary's, abode Eccleston (LanOPC)
William Roscow
Elizabeth Roscow
William Roscow
Henry Roscow
George Roscow
Elizabeth Byron 13 Y //
  Not profiled
James Thompson
Elizabeth Thompson
George Thompson
Alexander Thompson
Thomas Windle
Sarah Windle
Catherine Windle
Thos Windle
Ellen Windle
Edward Windle
Elizabeth Lyon
William Lyon
Margaret Lyon
George Jones
Mary Jones
Sarah Jones
Hanah Jones

folio 23 page 7

Samuel Jones
Mary Jones
John Price
Hannah Price 70 Pauper N
  Not profiled; maiden name not known.
Henry Hesketh
Margret Hesketh
Alice Hesketh
James Hesketh
Ellen Hesketh
James Lea
Ann Lea
William Lea
Ann Lea
Elizabeth Lea
Isaace Case
Ellen Case
Jane Case
Isaac Case
Mary Case
John Bassnett
Mary Bassnett
Jane Bassnett
Thos Bassnet
John Bullock
Elizabeth Bullock

folio 24 page 8

William Bullock
James Daniels
Catherine Daniels
James Daniels
Joseph Eaton
Mary Eaton
William Eaton
Ann Eaton
Mary Eaton
George Eaton
James Norman
Elizabeth Norman
Thomas Norman
James Norman
Mary Norman
Thomas Finney
Jonathan Woods
Ann Woods
James Woods
Allis Woods
Mary Woods
Ellen Woods
Cathrine Woods
Ann Byron
Ellen Byron

folio 24 page 9

Isaac Ball
Mary Ball
Mary Ball
Joseph Ball
Elizabeth Ball
James Finney
Margret Finney
Mary Finney
Thomas Finney
Martha Finney
George Finney
Margret Finney
James Strettle
Mary Strettle 30 Y /
  Not profiled, identity uncertain - see James Strettle's bio
Ellen Wainwright 65 Porper Y //
  Not profiled, maiden name & age uncertain - not found 1851-61, probably
  buried 3 Jan 1847 Prescot St Mary's aged 67, abode Eccleston - this is the only age-appropriate
  death registration in Prescot district with phonetic-similar surname searching.
John Orford
Sarah Orford
John Orford
Thomas Orford
Sarah Orford
John Lyon
Annah Lyon
William Lyon
Isaac Lyon
Thomas Bacon

folio 25 page 10

Elizabeth Bacon
Robert Bacon
John Bacon
Elizabeth Bacon
Thomas Bacon
George Rockley 15 MS Y
  Not profiled, couldn't match in other records
James Smith 15 MS Y
  Not profiled, couldn't match in other records
Richard Scarisbrick
Elizabeth Scarisbrick
Mary Scarisbrick
Ellen Scarisbrick
Margret Scarisbrick
Richard Scarisbrick
Richard Evans
Margret Evans
William Evans
Thomas Evans
John Evans
Thomas Dutton
Hannah Dutton 45 N
  Not profiled - maiden name uncertain. FS tree entry
Thomas Dutton
Allis Dutton
Ann Dutton
Sarah Dutton
John Dutton

folio 25 page 11

Nathan Appelton
Sebbel Appelton 70 Y
  Not profiled - maiden name unknown.
Robert Appelton
Thomas Hignett
Kitty Hignett
James Garner
Mary Garner
Sarah Garner
Hester Hignett
Elizabeth Rimmer
Thomas Rimmer
Elizabeth Rimmer
Elizabeth Rimmer
Edward Rimmer
John Platt
Allice Platt
Allice Platt
Elizabeth Platt
John Platt
William Platt
Catherine Platt
James Platt
Elizabeth Bradshaw
John Bradshaw
George Bradshaw

folio 26 page 12

Elizabeth Bradshaw
James Bradshaw
William Bradshaw
Peter Bradshaw
John Houghton
James Collier
Margret Collier
John Watkin
Ellen Watkin
Richard Watkin
William Watkin
John Watkin
Emma Watkin
Frederick Watkin
Joseph Watkin
Elizabeth Ashcroft
Edward Ashcroft
Richard Ashcroft
Thomas Ashcroft
John Beesley
Sarah Beesley
Thomas Beesley
Margret Beesley
John Beesley
Elizabeth Beesley

folio 26 page 13

James Beesley
Margret Lloyd 60 Y
  Not profiled - no clear match in other records
Edward Pendleton
Elizabeth Bradshaw
William Spencer
Catherine Spencer
William Spencer
Thomas Spencer
Richard Spencer
Elizabeth Spencer
Edward Benson
Elizabeth Benson
Ann Benson
Thomas Bradshaw
Mary Bradshaw
James Bradshaw
Elizabeth Bradshaw
John Pye
Sarah Pye
John Pye
Margery Pye
John Orford
Jane Orford
Margret Appelton 60 Ind Y
  Not profiled yet, identity uncertain
  burial 4 Feb 1842 Prescot St Mary's, age 61, abode Eccleston
John Mason

folio 27 page 14

Elizabeth Mason
William Mason
Thomas Critchley
Mary Critchley
John Critchley
Robert Critchley
Mary Critchley
Alice Critchley
Margret Critchley
James Birchall
Sarah Birchall
Mary Birchall
Sarah Birchall
Jane Birchall
William Birchall
Elizabeth Birchall
Andrew Barton
Joanna Barton
Elizabeth Hewit
Thomas Hewit
Ellen Hewit
Sarah Hewit
Richard Lunt
Martha Lunt
Mary Lunt

folio 27 page 15

Margret Lunt
William Denton
Sarah Denton
Ann Denton
John Denton
Mary Denton
Benjiman Denton
John Lloyd 30 Labourer N
  Not profiled, not matched convincingly in other records
Mary Lloyd 25 No
  Not profiled, not matched convincingly in other records
William Welsby
Ellen Welsby
Margret Welsby
Catherine Welsby
Ellen Welsby
Ann Welsby
Charles Massey
Ester Massey
Mary Massey
Henry Massey
Joseph Massey
Charles Massey
Henry King
Mary King
John King

folio 28 page 16

Henry King
Richard King
Allice Pendleton
Thomas Pendleton
Edward Halsall
Rachel Halsall
Thomas Halsall
Joseph Halsall
Henry Halsall
Ellen Halsall
Edward Halsall
William Halsall
Mary Halsall
John Halsall
Thomas Lucas
Ann Lucas
Margret Lucas
John Jackson
Sharlot Jackson
James Jackson
Betty Jackson
George Jackson
Ellen Jackson
Mary Jackson

folio 28 page 17

Margret Jackson
Mikel Roby
Alice Roby
Elizabeth Roby
Paul Roby
George Roby
Steven Kenyon
Ellen Kenyon
Ann Kenyon
Elizabeth Kenyon
Henry Fillingham
Margret Fillingham
George Fillingham
Samuel Harnold
Alice Harnold
Mary Harnold
John Byron
Ellen Byron
Margret Byron
Thomas Byron
Ann Byron
James Standley
Elizabeth Standley
Edward Standley
Elizabeth Standley

folio 29 page 18

Joseph Standley
Elizabeth Standley
Hannow Standley
Thomas Standley 3 Y
  Not profiled - not matched in other records.
  Not to be confused with Thomas Stanley (abt.1839-1911) the son of Henry and Mary, who was with his parents in 1841 aged 2.
  No suitable birth registrations or baptisms in Prescot district. No deaths 1841-51 in Prescot district. Not found in 1851 census in Prescot.
William Porter
Ellen Porter
John Hardman
Margret Hardman
Ann Hardman
John Hardman
Joseph Hardman
Sarah Hardman
Francis Hollihead 45 Labour Y
  Not profiled because age reported very erratically, so birth year quite uncertain.
  45 in 1851[1], 60 in 1861,[2] 72 at burial on 1 Aug 1865 (LanOPC).
Mary Sixsmith
Orates Oliver
Hannah Oliver 50 N
  Not profiled - not enough information to match in other records
  Not found in Prescot district in 1851 or 1861
  there was a Hannah Oliver death in Prescot in 1849, but she was 71
  No burial record found for the 1849 Hannah to compare age
James Platt
Elizabeth Platt
Margry Platt
John Platt
Nancy Platt
Thomas Clitherow 80 Porper Y
  Not profiled - not matched in other records, there isn't even a death in Prescot for him
William Davis
Pheby Davis
William Davis

folio 29 page 19

Mary Davis
Alice Davis
Thomas Davis
Alice Taylor 80 Ind Y
  Not profiled, maiden name uncertain.
  Died Mar q 1842 aged 81, buried 20 Jan 1842 Prescot St Mary's abode Eccleston.
  No gravestone photo on FG
  Marriage most likely James Taylor (watchmaker) & Alice Whitehead Prescot St Mary's
  only one child on LanOPC, Samuel chr 29 Feb 1784 Prescot St Mary's
Marthy Jones
John Braithwate
Mary Braithwate 40 N
  Not profiled - maiden name probably Hughes, but uncertain
Thomas Braithwate
Ann Braithwate
John Braithwate
Mary Braithwate
James Braithwate
Thomas Clark
Elizabeth Clark
Thomas Clark
Henry Clark
William Clark
Ann Clark
Ellen Clark
Elizabeth Clark
James Clark
John Clark
Rachel Clark
Isaac Yong
Mary Yong

folio 30 page 20

William Yong
Thomas Pendleton
Ellen Pendleton

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