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1842 Census of Saint-Raymond

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Date: 1842 to 1842
Location: Saint-Raymond, Portneuf, Québec, Canadamap
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The 1842 Census of Saint-Raymond has massive amounts of information about the town and its inhabitants. Unfortunately, though, only the names of the heads of household are given. The table below is an index of every head of household listed on the census, as transcribed by Sarah Heiney. There is far more information than this given on the Census. You are encouraged to view the original images yourself; this page is meant to act as a reference point.

IMPORTANT: This page originally displayed an index for the 1842 Census of Cap-Santé, based on what Familysearch and Ancestry.com called "St-Raymond." Saint-Raymond's census can be found under part of "Cap Santé." (On the original census records, the actual Saint-Raymond census bears the historical name of the "Seigniory of Bourg Louis." And if you look at what they call "St-Raymond," you will find a completely different community, historically known as the "Baronie de Portneuf," that is closer to Cap-Santé and the town of Portneuf.)

Sarah has determined that of the original census images which are currently under the label of "Cap Santé," the census pages which are written out in English clearly seem to correspond with Saint-Raymond. Those have been indexed below. The rest of the pages (written in French) do seem to be for Cap-Santé; those have not been indexed.

Sortable table
Surname Given Names Number of Family Nativity Church Starting Page Number Line Number
WilliamsonSamuel10Ireland, Br. CanadaChurch of England11
CammelRobert5Ireland, Br. CanadaChurch of England12
JohnstonJohn3IrelandChurch of England13
DeanWilliam9Ireland, Br. CanadaChurch of England14
ReidAlexander4IrelandChurch of England15
CasickJames3Ireland, Br. CanadaChurch of England, Roman Catholic16
SissonsRobert4EnglandChurch of England17
PriceGeorge8England, IrelandChurch of England18
RichardsWilliam4Ireland, Br. CanadaBritish Methodist19
MaxwellWilliam7Ireland, Br. CanadaChurch of England110
GurmichelJohn8Ireland, Br. CanadaChurch of England111
DochertyJohn4Ireland, Br. CanadaChurch of England112
MooneyHenry6Ireland, Br. CanadaChurch of England113
GrénonPierre3Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic114
DubucLouis1Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic115
RousseauMari Ann9Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic116
LamotheJean10Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic117
DillonEdward3IrelandRoman Catholic118
HendersonJohn7Ireland, Br. CanadaChurch of England119
PagéIgnace4Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic120
GilkisonRobert7Ireland, Br. CanadaChurch of England121
LivingstonJohn3Ireland, Br. CanadaChurch of England122
LivingstonWilliam8Ireland, Br. CanadaChurch of England123
RogersRichard2England, IrelandChurch of England, Roman Catholic124
RusselJames6Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic125
RusselThomas4Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic126
RaisinWilliam3Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic127
WalshMichael7Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic128
CorcoranThomas8Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic129
GravesMary9Ireland, Fr. Canada, Br. Canada, USAChurch of England, Roman Catholic51
McDonellPatrick6IrelandRoman Catholic52
RotchfordJohn5Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic53
MylorThomas7IrelandRoman Catholic54
GormanPatrick5IrelandRoman Catholic55
BurnsPatrick6Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic56
LawleyJohn6Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic57
MullinsRoderick3IrelandRoman Catholic58
PowerRichard4IrelandRoman Catholic59
BigleyMichael1IrelandRoman Catholic510
LankinsJohn2England, IrelandRoman Catholic511
LoveOwen2IrelandRoman Catholic512
BegleyWilliam7Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic513
McCarthyOwen6Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic514
CameronRobert9Ireland, ScotlandRoman Catholic515
McGahanRoger2IrelandRoman Catholic516
PickfordJames6Ireland, Br. CanadaChurch of England, Roman Catholic517
McCarthyJohn6Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic518
McCarthyMichael5Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic519
ShanahanDenis10Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic520
SlatteryPatrick4IrelandRoman Catholic521
ClearyCharles6Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic522
SlatteryStephen8Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic523
GafneyMichael8Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic524
TurleyHugh10Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic525
ShanahanWilliam5Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic526
LawlarMartin5IrelandRoman Catholic527
ClearyJohn5Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic528
GrahamDavid3Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic529
EddlestonThomas4England, Fr. Canada, Br. CanadaChurch of England, Roman Catholic91
ChateauvertJoseph9Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic92
PichéJoseph6Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic93
GirvinAndrew7Ireland, Br. CanadaChurch of England95
GrayWilliam10Ireland, Br. CanadaChurch of England96
GrayJames7Ireland, Br. CanadaChurch of England97
GrayWilliam5Ireland, Br. CanadaChurch of England98
ProctorJames6IrelandBritish Methodist99
GrayWilliam3England, Ireland, Br. CanadaChurch of England910
HewtonRobert8Ireland, Br. CanadaChurch of Scotland911
ShanahanCornelius9Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic912
WalshRichard3IrelandRoman Catholic913
BurkTobias6Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic914
EdgleyGeorge5England, Br. CanadaChurch of England915
McCombThomas4IrelandChurch of England916
JonstonWilliam6Ireland, Br. CanadaChurch of England917
BlairWilliam1IrelandChurch of England918
CaherAlexander9England, Fr. CanadaChurch of England, Roman Catholic919
MullinBernard6Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic920
ValliersWilliam5Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic921
CaherMichel5Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic922
GingrasLoran8Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic923
RaisinHenry7Ireland, Br. CanadaChurch of England, Roman Catholic924
DavisonJames7Ireland, Br. CanadaChurch of England925
NorauJoseph3Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic926
GilchristJames8Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic927
WoodArchibald7Ireland, Br. CanadaChurch of England930
DeryJoseph8Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic131
ParryOliver4Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic132
DevarrenJoseph8Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic133
TrudellThomas6Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic134
GeruLouis2Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic135
GenestJacques4Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic136
AlanEdward4Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic137
DeryMichel8Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic138
GoslinFelix4Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic139
RochetteLeon6Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1310
PacquetMichel3Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1311
BelanLouis6Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1312
MorossMartin8Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1313
TrudellPrisque2Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1314
BelanJean4Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1315
VisinouJoseph2Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1316
BlondeauAntoine3Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1317
BoprèFrancois3Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1318
BlondeauPierre3Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1319
CammelDavid2Fr. Canada, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic1321
BenoitAntoine7Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1322
PoulinGerome4Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1323
VisinouLouis4Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1324
ThartAugustin5Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1325
DovaroIsidore8Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1326
PlamondonJean1Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1328
GingrasGregoire6Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1329
JobinJean Batiste4Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1330
GauvinPierre4Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic171
DeryIgnace3Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic172
BeaupréCome2Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic173
PlamondonJoseph3Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic174
PlamondonAndré7Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic175
BelandFrancois8Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic176
GauvinCharles7Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic177
DuplainPierre7Br. Canada, Europe (Jersey)Church of England178
PlamondonJoseph3Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic179
DupuisGermain11Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1710
HuotThomas1Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1711
McCallumAndré9Fr. Canada, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic1712
AllainPierre2Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1713
VoyerLouis2Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1714
PlamondonPierre2Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1715
PlamondonPierre9Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1716
CantinPierre2Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1717
DionneJoseph3Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1718
GingrasLouis4Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1719
LongvinJoseph4Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1720
BeaupréNicolas10Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1721
GodinGabriel3Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1722
GodinEdward7Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1723
Petit ClercLouis5Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1724
DroletPierre3Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1725
GingrasDumas2Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1726
DroletteMichel5Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1727
MartelPierre4Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1728
RochetteOlivier6Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1729
MoisonJean4Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic1730
DugginDenis5IrelandRoman Catholic211
McWilliamsWilliam12Ireland, Scotland, Br. CanadaChurch of England, Roman Catholic212
BurnsJohn7Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic213
CoughlinPatrick4Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic214
WellsAlexander3IrelandChurch of England215
DriscolRichard7Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic216
CorcoranJames4Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic217
BurnsGarett5Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic218
GafneyWilliam6Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic219
SeywardRichard2IrelandRoman Catholic2110
McClintockArthur8Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic2111
MoodyJames6Ireland, Scotland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic2112
KenedyRobert8Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic2113
LovePatrick10Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic2114
ThellandFrancis5Fr. Canada, Europe (Jersey)Church of Scotland, Roman Catholic291
PacquetJean9Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic292
GeruxJean Babtiste5Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic293
DillonWilliam5Ireland, Br. CanadaRoman Catholic294
SénéchalCharles3Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic295
MoranLouis3Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic296
HamelEtienne3Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic297
RobitailleLouis4Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic298
BruseauLouis8Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic299
MorinJoseph9Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic2910
PhilionOlivier3Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic2911
LangloisEtienne10Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic2912
BoivinOlivier4Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic2913
SavardLouis6Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic2914
DionneJoseph2Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic2915
PetiteFrancois5Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic2916
EgirTheodore6Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic2917
PetiteJoseph8Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic2918
TrepanierJoseph2Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic2919
TrepanierEdward7Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic2920
GrénonGodfroy4Fr. CanadaRoman Catholic2921

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