1rst Born (for how many Generation Back)

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~I do know that I am the first child of my father James.
~the first GRANDchild of my father's father Arthur
~the first GREAT Grandchild of grandpa's father James

BUT am I the first GREAT GREAT GRANDchild of James' father Jasper? That is the mystery.


Google Spread Sheet showing where each generation comes into play

Will be hopefully collecting the info on births from each generation and their off spring to see where we all stand. THIS IS WORK IN PROGRESS so if you are related Directly to James H or Jasper Sargent, find your name and see how we could be related.

Another Project ~ SARGENT Pedigree

FIRST born child of James Sargent and Pat Andree.

Born 1954

FIRST born grandchild of Arthur Sargent-176 and Winnie Justus-6.

dad's sister Jodi's first born, Butch was born 1955

FIRST born GrGrandchild of James Sargent-177 and Vercie Heacock-5.
~grandpa's older sister Emil never married or had children as far as I know.
~Daddy is James' first grandchild being born 1934 , which makes me the first GrGrandchild. Dad's cousins were born after him. And all didn't get married untill after I was born
~A Great Grand child was mentioned in the 50th Wedding Annivary News [clipping] the date was May 1955, I was born the year earlier.
~Dad's cousin Kara remembers our family visiting James and Vercie
~Grandpa's -Arthur- generation are the grandchildren of Jasper
~Dad's -James R- generation are the Grands of James H / Gr grands of Jasper
~My generation are the Gr Grands of James H / GR GR grandchildren of Jasper
~My generation's kids are the GR GR Grands of James H. / GR GR GR grandchildren of Jasper.

NOW ON TO Jasper....am I the FIRST born GR GR GrandChild? QUESTION ANSWERED ABOVE am now going thur all the full birthdates to fine that person, NOTE~to all distant cousins listed, Last names and Birthdates ARE NOT listed for Privacy. BUT will be placing link to profile (at a later time) for each on this list.


  • check the google spread sheet above link to find this out.

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James R. Sargent w/ granddad & cousins
James R. Sargent w/ granddad & cousins

James Hillory Sargent
James Hillory Sargent


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