Walter Kraher Correspondence 31 Mar 2021

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Return to Walter Kraher Correspondence [1] 31 Mar 2021 Gmail Amanda Torrey <amanda.torrey@gmail.com> Maria Kraher Walter Kraher <w.f.kraher@drei.at> Wed, Mar 31, 2021 at 5:46 AM To: Amanda Torrey <amanda.torrey@gmail.com>

Hello Amanda !

Thank you for your invitation on Wiki Tree. We will make up for this membership later.

For the time being I leave it to you, to place all information correctly and I wish you every success with your Project about emigrants from Salzburg.

I study the history of our ancestors from time to time, but I interrupt again and again, frustrated by the illegibility of the old lettering. This mixture of Latin, German, abbreviations, without a uniform system is tedious ........

My three children asked me to work out a family tree, but in the meantime I have immersed myself with enthusiasm, far beyond the goal.

Most interesting and touching think for me, are the protestants leaving Salzburg, in which the Kraher womens play a particularly important role.

Originally, our ladies wanted to follow an invitation from the Prussian king, but got a better offer from King George of England in Memmingen transmitted, which they followed via Augsburg. Rotterdam.......

Our ancestors were all settled in the area between Saalfelden and Zell am See.

A special place!

With the most complete alpine panorama and the View of the highest mountains in Austria.

We owe a lot of knowledge about our ancestral line (Kraher) in Austria to Mr. Alois Aglassinger from Saalfelden, who went to great lengths to research the old church archives and who entered his knowledge on GENI.COM.

With various additions about the life of some ancestors. Mr. Aglassinger died in 2005.

Start on Google with "Peter Kraher 1678" and Gen.com comes straight away.

Open the tree and you will see the line back to 1590.

I will also tell you the ways, in which you can find all historical papers online.

We are lucky that the church baptism, marriage and death records have been available online since 2017. These records begin around 1616.

In the meantime, however, this information has been restricted again for data protection reasons.

Baptism books 100 years back, marriage and death books up to 1938.

The link to it: data.Matricula-online.eu.

(Find location- (Ort) (Saalfelden or Gastein.....) select Book, press the camera symbol ......

The only consistent system is, that every book has a "register". With "A-B-C …" and years. But sometimes it's messed up and not complete either.

I assume you are in the archives of the Georgia historical society and of the Georgia Salzburger Society have already researched.

(not me)

My starting point is two pages of an arrival list from the Georgia Historical Society, about the first Salzburg emigrants who landed with the "Purysburg".

Photo 1 & 2.

I've spent the last few days looking for your ancestor Peter Gruber (Grueber).

That's why it took a while, before I wanted to answer you.

On the various genealogy pages his place of birth - Gastein - Taxenbach - (and also Berchtesgaden) is given. Berchtesgaden doesn't fit in there.

Taxenbach is located at the lower exit of the Gastein Valley.

So I selected all Gruber who were born between 1605 and 1713 in Taxenbach or Gastein.

There were 74 people and 18 different family constellations.

I only found one Peter Grueber. (Jr.) Born March 10, 1701 in Gastein. Taufbuch II Page 105

Photo 3.

(Gastein is also written on Georgia’s arrival list at number 34.Peter Grueber )

His parents are Peter and Maria Grueber and he has 4 siblings.

Margareta March 13, 1694 Maria Apr 21, 1697

Barbara Aug 29 1703 Catherine Nov 12, 1704

However, this data does not match the data I find on Wikitree or GeniCom.

But you surely know the problem too!

Peter Gruebers parents, Michael and Magdalena Grueber are on Wiki Tree.

Michael and Magdalena Grueber actually exist in Gastein at the same time,

but they only have one child. Elisabeth born June 19, 1703.

It gets amusing on Geni.Com, there are the names of the parents of these

2 different families placed on top of each other.

It will look like that:

Michael Peter Grueber and Maria Magdalena Grueber.

Hans Gruber No. 29, who is also registered as a passenger on the Purysburg and is said to have been born in 1689, I could not identify as a brother, as is sometimes stated.

On Jan 2nd In 1682 a Johann (Hans) Grueber was born in Gastein, but his parents were called Johann and Katharina.

In Taxenbach on Feb.19 a Johann Gruber was born in 1681. And one more, on September 19, 1694.

I find a confirmation of marriage to Maria from senior Peter Gruber on November 26th. 1693.

As far as I understand, his father is run there with Johannes Gruber.

Mother Maria ...... further is illegible - until now.

Photo 4.

I find a birth confirmed for Peter Gruber on February 7th, 1665. (Maybe Peter jr. Father)

However, his father's name is Gregory, (not Johannes) and his mother's name is Walpurga.

Photo 5.

I have to stop this search for now ......... i need a break !!!!

I had a similar experience with our Maria Kraher / Rohrmoser / Mooshammer / Gruber ...........

But since yesterday, everything is transparent and provable. (After more then 10 Years)

It has number Nr.: 12 on our list

No .: 11 John Mooshammer age 34 born in Lainthal in the district of Zell. (Zell am See)

It is definitely called the "Lahntal" and is now part of the Maishofen community.

Nr .: 12 Mary his Wife "age 23." is sometimes described as "born Kraher".

(despite the different spellings of our name, the family line is always understandable because of the place name in the baptismal register.)

(Kroier, Kroiher, Graer, Gräer, Craer, Kraer, Kräher, Kreher ..........)

At that time the Kraher family lived in "Pfaffenhofen" for several generations.

This is only a few kilometers away from the Lahntal and on Sunday you walked past Pfaffenhofen on the way to the church in Gerling. (5km)

The church archive is located in Saalfelden, but the spiritual life was certainly celebrated in the church of Gerling.

The small settlement of Gerling, with its Gothic church, looks almost like it did 300 years ago when our ancestors had to leave their homeland.

(to be found under "Gerling bei Saalfelden")

At that time the head of the family was Peter Kraher, born on Nov. 14, 1678 - 1748.

Saalfelden Taufbuch III Page 167

Photo 6

He was married three times and has a total of (at least) 12 children,

all born between 1703 and 1726.

I found all of Peter Kraher's children and wives in the baptism and marriage books

of the parish of Saalfelden.

But I didn't find a Maria !!! - ( until yesterday ) Photo 7 (I send you already)

However, there are also other scriptures that indicate that Maria is Peter Kraher's daughter.

His third wife, Barbara Rohrmoser, December 5, 1696 - 1736 (in Ebenezer)

Saalfelden Taufbuch IV Page 97 (Computer Index 99)

Married Peter on October 29. in 1715.

They had 5 children together.

Katharina Kraher Oct 24 1716 emigration to Georgia Taufbuch IV Page 358 (Computer Index 364)

Gertrude Kraher Feb 25. 1719 emigration to Georgia Taufbuch IV Page 388 (Computer Index 394) Anna Kraher Nov 14 1721

Barbara Kraher April 30 1724

Rupert Kraher. Nov 19, 1726

Obviously the separation went through religion, right through the family!

On our list from Georgia, she has

Nr .: 24 Barbara Rohrmoser(in) Age 36. Next to it is written: wife of Peter Kraer.

No .: 25 Katharina age 17

No .: 26 Gertrude age 14. her children.

Her two girls later have the 2 leading theologians the Salzburg community Mr. Johann Martin Bolzius (Gertrude) and

Israel Christian Gronau (Katharina) married in Ebenezer.

As these pastors are constantly aware of the health of the Salzburger in Georgia reported, there are about 30 books with news from Ebenezer that were printed in Augsburg.

• You can find this online under "Samuel Urlsberger"

• Web links: Samuel Urlsperger in the Internet Archive

(18 continuations).

The postal service from Georgia to Augsburg and further home was free of charge.

So there are many letters (certainly theologically filtered) that have been printed.

I am sending you a letter from the third continuation, with pages 2046/2047 from 1738.

In it the sisters Gertrude and Katharina report, their siblings back home that they are doing very well and that the wish nothing more, than that the siblings would also come to Georgia.

They report that their mother Barbara died in 1735, that they, the daughters, were married during their mother's lifetime and lived with her in the house until the end. You greet our old father in Saalfelden, if he is still alive…...

And now comes the reference to Maria !

"Your sister Maria is also doing very well and she doesn't want anything more, than that you could come to America."

Photo 8.

Another letter from Peter Gruber and Maria (born Kraher), describes the same thing: ....... we are fine !! .......

Photo 9.

And a letter from Barbara Rohrmoser. In it she thanks her friend Peter Pfeffer in Augsburg for pointing out the possibility of emigrating to Georgia and confirms that she actually wanted to go to Prussia.

She asks Mr. Pfeffer, her beloved husband and the three children left behind in Saalfelden, 1000 times to say hello and she wished they would come to Georgia.

At the memorial stone at the cemetery in old Ebenezer she bears the name

"Barbara Kraher". 1696 - Nov 11, 1735

Photo 10

I wrote you that yesterday I also found Maria.

She is the 2nd child of Peter Kraher and Margarete Grundtner.

Born Aug.12 1704. in Saalfelden. Taufbuch IV Page 189 (Computer Index 191)

Photo 11

She has 3 siblings.

Her brother Martin May 21, 1708, is my ancestor.

Maria was not entered in the registers of the baptismal records, like all of her 12 other siblings.

Now I have searched the baptismal records one more time, day after day, page by page, and tried these illegible lettering the pastor to decipher. There I found her between the lines.

(I'll also send you a complete list of her siblings.)

Photo 12.

You have certainly researched carefully how things will continue with Maria in Georgia.

Her husband Hans Mooshammer dies on Sep 2, 1735.

(born June 2, 1699 in Zell am See (Lähnthall - today Lahntal) Baptismal Register II (Taufbuch) page 366

Wedding presumably while traveling through Germany in 1733.

Maria married Peter Gruber on February 23, 1736 in Ebenezer.

2 children:

Peter Gruber Jr. 1738, dies after a week. Johann gruber 1739 in Ebenezer, establishes the long line of Groovers,

as you say.

Peter Gruber dies on December 2, 1740 in Ebenezer.

Maria marries a third time, Charles Floerl.

Maria dies in Ebenezer in 1767.

Her sister Katharina had 4 children with the theologian Gronau.

After his death in 1745 she married his successor Hermann Lemke and had two more children.

Her daughter Frederica Gronau also married a theologian, Christoph Friedrich Triebner.

For this reason there is a lot of documentation and correspondence to the Protestant centers in Halle and Augsburg.

I hope I could help you shed some light on the lineages of your ancestors.

When I research new things, I will contact you, if you have any questions - you are always welcome.

In 2017, a 25-minute school film was made about Salzburg's exiles. Unfortunately i can't buy it, but I'll try to get it for you. He tells the story of the expulsion through the eyes of a little boy from Gastein.

best regards


Photos are coming soon.

Got a new computer and nothing works like it did before!

You can find all papers in the Net in a better Quality !

(maybe i will search again for Peter Gruber, like i dit with Maria.

I will look again directly in the records, and not in the register for the books) needs a while !

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Source: Ausführliche Nachricht Von den Saltzburgischen Emigranten by Samuel Urlsperger, which was published in 19 issues from 1735 to 1752
posted by Amanda (Moyer) Torrey