55th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

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The goal of this project is to build a roster of the 55th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, the auxiliary regiment to the famous 54th Massachusetts.



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    • 8 January 2019: 54th transfers
    • 8 January 2019: 1890 Veterans Schedules for Detroit, Michigan
    • 8 January 2019: Initial free space project
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    • Adding the names of soldiers from the 55th


Initially, I'm using the following sources to confirm regiment.

Statistics of Enlisted Men

  • Number who had been slaves - 247
  • Number of pure blacks - 550
  • Number of mixed blood - 430
  • Number who could read - 477
  • Number who could read and write - 319
  • Number who were church members - 52
  • Number who were married - 219
  • Average age - 23 1/5 years
  • Average height - 5' 7" tall

Causes of Death

  • Typhoid fever - 33
  • Chronic diarrhea - 8
  • Pneumonia - 8
  • Consumption - 6
  • General debility - 6
  • Dysentery - 2
  • Small-pox - 1
  • Measles - 1
  • Congestive chills - 1
  • Unknown (mostly died away from regiment) - 46
  • Sentence from general court-martial - 4
  • Accident - 4
  • Murdered - 1
  • In action or from wounds received - 54


  • Ohio - 222
  • Pennsylvania - 139
  • Virginia - 106
  • Indiana - 97
  • Kentucky - 68
  • Missouri - 66
  • Illinois - 56
  • North Carolina - 30
  • Tennessee - 24
  • New York - 23
  • Massachusetts - 22
  • Maryland - 19
  • Delaware - 13
  • District of Columbia - 10
  • Iowa - 9
  • Mississippi - 9
  • Michigan - 8
  • New Jersey - 8
  • Wisconsin - 7
  • Georgia - 6
  • South Carolina - 6
  • Alabama - 5
  • Connecticut - 4
  • Canada - 3
  • Rhode Island - 3
  • Africa - 1
  • Louisiana - 1
  • Arkansas - 1
  • Maine - 1
  • Nova Scotia - 1
  • Vermont - 1
  • Unknown - 11

Trades and Occupations

  • Farmers - 596
  • Laborers - 76
  • Waiters - 50
  • Barbers - 34
  • Cooks - 27
  • Teamsters - 27
  • Blacksmiths - 21
  • Sailors - 20
  • Masons and Plasterers - 16
  • Hostlers - 9
  • Shoemakers - 9
  • Butchers - 8
  • Painters - 7
  • Grooms - 7
  • Boatmen - 6
  • Teachers - 6
  • Carpenters - 6
  • Coopers - 5
  • Clerks - 5
  • Porters - 5
  • Coachmen - 3
  • Brickmakers - 3
  • Printers - 3
  • Engineers - 3
  • Iron-workers - 2
  • Whitewashers - 2
  • Stonecutters - 2
  • Wagon-makers - 2
  • Millers - 2
  • Firemen - 2
  • Coppersmith - 1
  • Machinist - 1
  • Rope-maker - 1
  • Fisherman - 1
  • Tinker - 1
  • Harness-maker - 1
  • Caulker - 1
  • Glass-grinder - 1
  • Musician - 1
  • Moulder - 1
  • Confectioner - 1
  • Tobaco-workers - 1
  • Clergyman - 1
  • Broom-maker - 1
  • Baker - 1
  • Student - 1


  1. James Sidney Hinton

Non-Commissioned Staff

Name Age Rank Residence Occupation Remarks
Samuel J. RobinsonSer. Maj.
Abram W. ShaddQ.M. Ser.Teacher
Martin F. Becker29Com. Ser.Fitchburg MAPrinter
Richard Hecker39Hos. Stew.New York CityChemistDischarged by general Court-Martial
James Monroe TrotterSer. Maj.Cincinnati OHTeacherWounded 30 Nov 1864
Richard W. WhiteCom. Ser.Farmer
John H. MoorePrin. Mus.
Alfred C. PelettePrin. Mus.
Eli LettPrin. Mus.Buffalo NYBarber
John SutfenHos. Stew.


Company to be determined

  1. Benjamin R. Griffin of Salem, Massachusetts

Company A

pg. 114-117

Name Age Rank Residence Occupation Remarks
Adams, Peter18PrivateLouisville, KYWaiter
Allen, Richard R.20PrivatePike Co, MOLaborer
Baker, Thomas18PrivateXenia, OHLaborerorig. a drummer
Ball, Cornelius25PrivateWashington, DCFarmerdisch 16 Jul 1865 disability
Bates, Nathaniel C.19PrivateWilkesbarre, PABlacksmithBand
Bias, Hiram18PrivateColumbus, OHBarber
Blocker, Primus44PrivateSpringfield, ILFarmerdisch 28 May 1864 disability
Brown, Henry22PrivateReading, PALaborerd. 29 Feb 1865 Folly Isl SC disease
Brown, Milton20PrivateQuincy, ILFarmer
Browning, Nelson19PrivateStLouis, MOFarmer
Butler, Hiram T.29SergeantCambridgeport, MSWaiter
Campbell, Samuel24PrivateIndianapolis, INLaborer
Clayborne, Archie27PrivateHarrisburg, OHFarmerd. 7 Dec 1864 Beaufort SC wounds
Claiborne, Henry24PrivateHarrisburg, OHFarmer
Crawford, John W.22PrivateRichmond, INFarmer
Curry Hamilton44PrivateIndianapolis, INLaborer
Dallas, William H.19PrivateAdams Co, ILFarmerwounded 2 Jul 1864
Davis, James22PrivateIndianapolis, INLaborerkilled 2 Jul 1864
Davis, John28PrivateBuffalo, NYCooktrans from 54th; d. 5 Jun 1864 Folly Isl SC consumption
Davis, Lee20PrivateIndianapolis, INLaborer
Dawson, Joseph22PrivateHarrisburg, OHCoopercourt martialed
Douglas, John D.20PrivateRawles Co, MOFarmerdeserted Folly Island, SC 31 Dec 1863
Dunn, Stephen 30PrivateGarrett Co, KYFarmer
Ewing, Paul20PrivateSpringfield, OHWaiter
Evans, William H23.1st SGTWayne Co, INFarmerwounded 2 Jul 1864; disch 2 Jul 1865 wounds
Francis, John19PrivateHarrisburg, OHGroom
Gallatin, Albert39PrivateIndianapolis, INLaborerd. 18 Aug 1864 Folly Isl SC general debility
Goliah, Sampson23PrivateWashington Co, KYFarmercourt martialed mutiny
Gooch, Young25PrivateBloomington, ILFarmercourt martialed mutiny
Gowens, James19PrivateJenans Co, INMechanicwounded 30 Nov 1864
Green, Jordan18PrivateStLouis, MOFarmer
Griffy, Henry33PrivateSpringfield, OHLaborer
Gross, Thomas17PrivateRawles Co, MOLaborer
Harmon, Alexander18PrivateXenia, OHFarmer
Herrod, James18PrivateJefferson Co, INFarmerdisch Folly Isl SC 1 Nov 1864 disability
Hightower, John20PrivateQuincy, ILFarmer
Hines, John35PrivateBrannanburg, KYWagoner
Hord, William21PrivateNoblesville, INBarberBand
Hurley, Austin18PrivateSpringfield, OHPainter
Jefferson, Mordecai27PrivateWayne Co, MOLaborer
Jefferson, Thomas18PrivateClark Co, MOLaborer
Johnson, John25PrivateNicholsville, KYFarmerwounded 30 Nov 1864
Key [Kay], Madison21PrivateWayne, MOLaborer
Lewis, George18PrivateIndianapolis, INFarmer
Lewis, James W. 20PrivatePike Co, MOFarmer
Lewis, John22PrivateIndianapolis, INWaiterCourt Martialed mutiny
Little, William18PrivateSpringfield, OHFarmer
Maddox, Stephen H. 20 CPLChelsea, MALaborerd. 31 Jan 1864 Folly Isl SC pneumonia
Manly, James19PrivateIndianapolis, INCookwounded 30 Nov 1864; d. 8 Dec 1864 Beaufort SC wounds
Manuel, Charles W. 26PrivateUnionville, CTCoppersmithBand
Martin, John H. 32PrivateIndianapolis, INLaborer
Maxwell, Thomas23PrivateCincinnati, OHWaiter
Miles, Patrick26PrivateBoston, MACook
Miller, Richard20PrivatePike Co, MOLaborer
Mitchell, Harrison31PrivateRawles Co, MOFarmerd. 14 Oct 1863 Folly Isl SC typhoid fever
Monroe, Jackson25PrivateLivingston Co, MIFarmerdisch 4 Sep 1864 disability
Morgan, Alexander20PrivateBainbridge, OHFarmer
Morgan, Hiram18PrivateSpringfield, OHWaiterkilled 30 Nov 1864
Moss, Nathan M.24CorporalIndianapolis, INBarberwounded 30 Nov 1864
Osborne, William H.29CorporalBoston, MABarberreported "deserted" prob disch from hospital
Owens, Charles19PrivateWayne Co, MOFarmerd. 25 Dec 1864 Folly Isl SC general debility
Patterson, John H.18CorporalHamilton, OHLaborerwounded 30 Nov 1864
Perry, Alfred20SergeantIndianapolis, INBarberBand
Peterson, Charles H.19CPLBrooklyn, NYRope-maker1st SGT Jul 1865
Phillips, Samuel22PrivatePalmyra, MOTeamster
Pointer, Mason23PrivateBloomington, ILFarmer
Porter, Charles C.43PrivateGuilford, CTFarmertrans 54th
Porter, Ephraim19PrivatePike Co, MOLaborerdeserted 2 Jul 1865
Punell, William18PrivateMontgomery Co, PAIron-workerkilled 30 Nov 1864
Ralstone, James21PrivateIndianapolis, INPainter
Reid, Jacob W.20CPLSpringfield, OHFarmer
Rhodes, James16PrivateIndianapolis, INLaborerDrummer
Roach, John17PrivateQuincy, ILLaborer
Richardson, Elijah22PrivateRawles Co, MOLaborer
Rogers, Charles25PrivateBattle Creek, MIFarmer
Saunders, William H.26SergeantIndianapolis, INBarberwounded 30 Nov 1864; disch1 Apr 1865 wounds
Shinal, David21PrivateMadison Co, KYFarmer
Shinal, William21PrivateSpringfield, ILFarmer
Smith, James H.21PrivateChicago, ILWaiter
Smith, John M.21PrivateOld Town, MEShoemakerdeserted 20 Jul 1863; returned 3 Oct 1863; hung for rape 18 Feb 1864
Smith, William L.25PrivateQuincy, ILSailor
Spears, David19CPLShelby Co, OHFarmerwounded 30 Nov 1864
Spencer, Peter30PrivateQuincy, ILLaborerwounded 30 Nov 1864
Stearns, Jared18PrivateQuincy, ILLaborerd 28 Aug 1863 Folly Isl SC dysentery
Steth, John W.24PrivateWayne Co, INBlacksmithdisch 15 Sep 1864 Folly Isl SC disability
Thomas, Samuel P.18SergeantMadison Co, OHLaborerd. 17 Nov 1864 Folly Isl SC disease
Tilman, John23PrivateMtJefferson, OHBricklayerHospital Nurse
Thompson, William20PrivateCharlestown, MAButcherdisch 1 Nov 1864 disability
Vestar, John23 PrivateIndianapolis, INBarberdisch Jul 1865 disability
Ward, Moses31 PrivateHarrisburg, OHFarmerHospital Nurse
Welcome, Reuben17 PrivateRawles Co, MOFarmer
White, Daniel19 PrivatePhiladelphia, PAFarmer
White, Samuel26 PrivateIndianapolis, INLaborer
Wilkins, David31 PrivatePittsburg, PABarber
Williams, Clayborne18 PrivateChillicothe, OHPainter
Williams, Thomas24 PrivateNewport, INBlacksmithd. 30 July1864 Folly Isl SC consumption

Company B

pg. 118-120

Name Age Rank Residence Occupation Remarks
Adams, Albert20CPLWaynesville OHFarmer30 Nov 1864 wounded
Adams, Andrew23PVTRichmond LAFarmer
Adams, Joseph39PVTWashington DCSailor
Akers, George W. 19PVTCarthagena OHPlasterer
Baldman, Lewis S. 39PVTBrownsville PASailor
Bardin, William22PVTMemphis TNSailor11 Nov 1864 shot by Provo-Guard Folly Isl SC
Bazel, George18SergeantPickaway OHFarmer30 Nov 1864 wounded; d. Beaufort SC 13 Dec 1864 wounds
Bell, Beverly20PVT Quincy IL Sailor23 Jul 1864 drowned Folly River SC
Berry, Daniel20PVT Wilmington DE Farmer
Boyer, Isaiah20PVT Wilmington DE Farmer30 Nov 1864 killed
Bowdry, William24 PVT Milwaukee WI Barber30 Nov 1864 wounded; discharged Jun 1865 wounds
Bragg, John21 PVTSt Louis MO Mechanic
Broughton, Charles19SergeantPittsburg PATeamster29 Sep 1863 reduced at own request
Brown, Charles30 PVT Elkton MD Farmer30 Nov 1864 killed
Brown, Thomas37PVT Coldwater OHFarmer
Buckner, George20 PVTPickaway OH Farmer
Butler, Samuel35 PVT Sabine IL Farmer
Bush, George W. 22 CPLCarthagena OH Farmer7 Aug 1864 reduced by own request
Caldwell, William38 PVT Milwaukee WI Farmer28 Jul 1864 Folly Isl SC disability
Chatman, James21 PVT Harrisburg OH Farmer2 Jul 1864 wounded; also 30 Nov 1864; discharged Mar 1865 wounds
Chism, Jacob45 PVT St Louis MO Teamster
Christy, William18 PVT Mercersburg PA Farmer30 Nov 1864 wounded
Coleman, John24 PVT Jamestown IL Farmer
Cork, John W. 23 PVT Wilmington DE Laborer18 Feb 1864 hung Camp Finnigan FL for rape
Cole, Charles19 PVT Providence RI Hostlerdrummer; d. 20 Dec 1863 Folly Isl SC typhoid fever
Cox, Simon A. 27PVTIndianapolis INFarmer30 Nov 1864 wounded
Craig, Fortunatus19PVTCarthagena OHFarmer
Curtis, Franklin25PVTJamestown ILFarmer30 Jun 1865 d. Beaufort SC chronic diarrhea
Curtis, Napoleon23PVTJamestown ILFarmer
Curtis, Richard H. 27PVTJamestown ILFarmer
Dobbs, William H.23PVTWilmington DEFarmer30 Nov 1864 wounded
Docken, Henry 20PVTSt Louis MOFarmer30 Nov 1864 wounded
Dyer, Joshua19PVTPhoenixville PAFarmer
Dyson, Aaron A. 29PVTBothnesville OHFarmer
Fox, James 18CPLPickaway OHHostler23 Dec 1863 d. Folly Isl typhoid fever
Fox, William A. 20PVTPickaway OHFarmer30 Nov 1864 wounded
Gillespie, James19PVTPickaway OHFarmer
Green, John21PVTHaynesville MOSailor
Golden, Augustus H. 41CPLMilwaukee WISailor7 Aug 1864 returned to CPL at own request
Hafeman, Elijah24PVTKeokuk IACook30 Nov 1864 wounded
Hall, Eli21PVTCarthagena OHFarmer
Haren, Joseph22 PVTJamestown IL Farmer30 Nov 1864 killed
Harris, George22 PVTNewburn NC Farmerd. Dec 1864 Beaufort SC disease
Herbert, William W. 19 PVTYarmouth NS Tinkerd 21 Dec 1863 Folly Isl typhoid fever
Howard, William21 PVTXenia OH Farmerwounded 30 Nov 1864; discharged Jun 1865
Iverson, Gabriel P. 31SGTBoston MAClerkdeserted from furlough
Jackson, Henry18PVTBrownsville PA Farmerdischarged Jun 1865 disability
Jackson, James H.191SGAdrian MIBlacksmithtrans 54th Mass
Jackson, Phillip20PVTWinchester VA Farmer
Jackson, William H. 19 PVTCharlestown VA Farmer d. Yellow Bluff FL 15 Mar 1864 small-pox
Johnson, William19 PVTHilton Head SC
Jones, William27 PVTUniontown PA Hostlerkilled 30 Nov 1864
Kees, John22 PVTUrbana OH Farmerwounded 30 Nov 1864; d Beaufort SC 28 Dec 1864 wounds
King, John24 PVTBellefontaine OH Farmerd Beaufort SC 3 Mar 1865 chronic diarrhea
Lewis, Edward31 PVTShippensburg PA Farmerkilled 30 Nov 1864
Lloyd, Spencer21 PVTWilmington DE Porterhung Camp Finnigan FL 18 Feb 1864 for rape
Lovett, Joseph19 PVTOld Pt Comfort VA Driver
Low, Robert H. 30CPLNew Bedford MA Barberdischarged 20 Nov 1863 disability
Mackerfield, Charles20PVTCarthagena OH Farmerd Folly Isl 22 Sep 1864 congestive chills
Mayhew, Edward27 PVTLowell MA Farmer
Mayhew, Daniel24 PVTBreeze Station IL Farmer
Mayhew, James28 PVTBreeze Station IL Farmer
McGruder, Michael50 PVTSt Louis MO Sailor
Moore, Samuel24 PVTAlton IL Cooperwounded 30 Nov 1864
Moore, Weston H. 30 PVTCarthagena OH Farmer
Morgan, John27 PVTJamestown IL Farmer
Morris, Emery21 PVTWilmington DE Laborer
Moss, James H.G. 18 PVTCarthagena OH Farmerdischarged 16 Jun 1865 disability
Myers, Frank28 PVTMonroe Station MO Farmerdrummer
Newsome, Robert19 PVTBellefontaine OH Farmer
Norrel, Forrest32 PVTWashington MS Farmerwounded 30 Nov 1864
Oglesby, John D. 23 PVT
Jamestown IL Farmerwounded 30 Nov 1864
Overton, Thomas R. 20 CPLCarthagena OH Farmerkilled 2 Jul 1864
Peck, Lewis20 PVTShelbyville MO Farmerkilled 30 Nov 1864
Pendergrass, Tecumseh25 PVTBreeze Station IL Farmer
Piner, Philip22PVTLawrence MASeamanmustered in 25 Nov 1864
trans from 54th
Pulpress, Henry18 SGTPittsburg PA Fish dealer
Richie, Richard28 PVTGreenville MS Farmerd. Readville MA 12 Jul 1863 pneumonia
Roberts, William H. 19 PVTWilmington DE Farmer
Lee, John28 PVTSpringfield IL Farmer
Shadd, Abram W. 19 PVTWestchester PA Teacher
Shuman, John19 PVTUniontown PA Farmerwounded 30 Nov 1864
Smith, Andrew Jackson20 PVTClinton IL Boatmanwounded 30 Nov 1864
Medal of Honor Recipient (2001)
Smith, John19 PVTRichmond VA Farmerdischarged Jun 1865 disability
Smothers, John26 PVTBrownsville PA Farmer
Smothers, Perry40 PVTBrownsville PA Farmer
Story, Alfred C. 28 CPLKeokuk IA Barber
Sutfen, John23 PVTMilwaukee WI FarmerWard-master; Hospital Steward, 1865
Sweet, William N.25 CPLBellefontaine OHFarmer
Thomas, Elijah 18 PVTSpringfield IL Farmerwounded 30 Nov 1864; died
Ventris, Thomas23 PVTFt Donelson TN Teamster wounded 30 Nov 1864
Walker, Joseph H. 34SGTLewiston PACook
Washington, George34PVTQuincey IL Farmer
Whetzell, Francis W. 231SGCleveland OHBarberwounded 30 Nov 1864; d. Beaufort SC 9 Jan 1865 wounds
Wicker, Robert19PVTPickaway OH Farmer
Williams, Bryant 18 PVTQuincey IL Farmer
Williams, James20 PVTCincinnati OH Farmerd. Charleston SC 6 Mar 1865 pneumonia
Wilson, Sherbrow35 PVTBelfast PABarberd. Jacksonville FL 30 Apr 1864 disease

Company C

Name Age Rank Residence Occupation Remarks
Adams, David19PVT New Antioch OH Wagonmaker wounded 30 Nov 1864
Archer, Samuel27 PVT Terre Haute, IN Groom Band
Bailey, John35 Pvt Pickaway OH Farmer
Ball, George31 Pvt Palmyra MO Farmer
Bowlin, James26 Pvt Farmland IN Farmerwounded 30 Nov 1864
Barber, William26 Pvt Wilmington OH Farmer
Banks, Solomon C.22 Pvt Pickereltown OH Farmer
Barrett, David21 Pvt Urbana OH Farmer
Barrett, George26CorporalUrbana OHCarpenterwounded 30 Nov 1864; died wounds 3 Dec 1864 Beaufort SC
Brown, Harry20PvtCincinnati OHStonecutter
Bobson, Jordan M.24SGTWilmington OHFarmer
Chapman, Charles17PvtBatavia OHCook
Coats, Isaac H.24PvtCumberland MDLaborer
Cromwell, George21SgtMound City OHFarmerwounded30 Nov 1864
Cooley, Bailey18PvtShelbyville MOFarmerdied 20 Oct 1863 typhoid fever Folly Isl SC
Crockett, John18PvtHarrisburg OHFarmerwounded 30 Nov 1864; discharged Jun 1865 wounds
Coleman, Wesley19PvtShelvina MOFarmer
Cannon, Thomas20PvtDublin INFarmerwounded 30 Nov 1864 discharged
Clement, Gabriel18PvtTerre Haute INFarmer
Cox, Elijah32PvtBusron PO INFarmerdischarge Folly Isl 15 Sep 1864 disability
Dorsey, John35PvtDetroit MIBarberband drummer trans to 39th US INF
Fairfax, Charles17PvtShelbyville MOFarmer
Ford, John R.21PvtLebanon OHFarmer
Felts, Albert T.20PvtNew Lexington OHFarmer
Felts, Cethe C.18PvtNew Lexington OHFarmer
Green, Levi26PvtWilmington OHFarmer
Green, Joseph21PvtXenia OHServantdeserted from sick furlough; supposed dead
Green, Simeon T.23PvtHarrisburg OHFarmer
Gibbs, Pleasant22PvtHarrisburg ARFarmerwounded 30 Nov 1864; discharge May 1865 wounds
Harper, Hiram21PvtTerre Haute INFarmer
Hill, Samuel19PvtMartinsville OHFarmerwounded 30 Nov 1864
Haggins, Andre21PvtQuincy ILFarmerkilled 30 Nov 1864
Hightower, James P.31PvtXenia OHFarmerwounded 30 Nov 1864
Hargrave, William22SgtWilmington OHFarmerwounded 30 Nov 1864
Hall, Davis A.19PvtOberlin OHFarmer
Harris, Henry19PvtXenia OHFarmerdischarged Jun 1865
Hall, Charles18PvtCottonville MOBarber
Howard, Josiah23CPLRussellplace OHFarmer
Hightower, Orlando S.22SgtWilmington OHMachinistRegimental armorer
Hubbs, Robert22PvtVincennes INBrickmaker
Harrison, David21PvtSt Louis MOCook
Jenkins, Thomas29CplPickerelltown OHFarmer
Jenkins, Alexander20PvtBloomingburg OHFarmerwounded 30 Nov 1864
Johnson, James40PvtHamilton MOFarmer
Jenkins, Charles18PvtNew Marion OHFarmer
Legget, Henry31PvtBloomfield INMariner
Lee, Moses19PvtPalmyra MOFarmerdied Folly Isl SC 13 Aug 1864 typhoid fever
Lee, Samuel20PvtPalmyra MOFarmerdied Readville MA 18 Jul 1863 typhoid fever
Lee, David21PvtXenia OHFarmer
Lee, John W.28PvtPalmyra MOFarmer
Lane, Francis25PvtNew York CityLaborerdisch Folly Isl 2 Jun 1864 disability
Larmont, Thornton32PvtVincennes INTeamster
Larmont, William20PvtVincennes INFarmeraccidentally wounded
Maze, Joseph16PvtNew Antioch OHFarmerFifer; Lance Corporal of Drum Corps
Mowbray, Martin27CplTerre Haute INFarmerdied Readville, MA 20 Jul 1863 typhoid fever
Miller, William23PvtCincinnati OHCook
Morgan, Charles H.26PvtSpringfield OHFarmer
Malone, Silas19PvtOHFarmer
Moore, Isaac18PvtBellefontaine OHFarmer
Newland, Henry A.18PvtZanesville OHFarmer
Nelson, Gabriel29PvtPalmyra MOFarmer
Newton, Charles21PvtVincennes INFarmerdisch Folly Isl SC 5 Oct 1864 disability; died in Regt Hosp 13 Oct 1864
Payne, John H.30CplBellefontaine OHTeacherSgt 12 Oct 1864
Pellett, Alfred E.28PvtPittsburg PASailordrummer Principal musician 6 Aug 1864; deserted Ft Marion Gen'l Court-Martial
Perkins, Henry D.19PvtShelbyville MOFarmer
Powell, Henry T.32CplCabletown OHFarmerkilled 2 Jul 1864
Parker, Lott H.25CplBellefontaine OHFarmer
Price, Israel27PvtTerre Haute INBarberBand; disch Folly Isl 10 Sep 1864 disability
Partridge, Embry22PvtTerre Haute INBarber
Ross, Benjamin22PvtPalmyra MOFarmer
Riley, Elias W.36PvtWhite Ford MIFarmer
Roberts, Lewis24CplBellefontaine OHBarber
Roberts, William C.23PvtBellefontaine OHLaborerwounded 30 Nov 1864
Roberts, John18PvtTerre Haute INFarmerdied St Louisburg, Edisto River, SC 4 Feb 1865 typhoid fever
Roberts, Joseph19PvtIndianapolis INFarmerwounded 30 Nov 1864
Russell, William H.19PvtTerre Haute INFarmerkilled 2 Jul 1864
Corporal Oscar SessorPvtBoston MA (org. Portsmouth, New Hampshire)Farmertransferred from 54th Massachusetts; deserted returned to duty, band; Cpl Jul 1865
Steward, Edward J.24PvtTerre Haute INPlastererwounded 30 Nov 1864; disch July 1865 wounds
Scott, Edward21PvtTerre Haute INFarmer
Scott, Benjamin17PvtWaynesville OHFarmerdisch Folly Isl SC 5 Oct 1864 disability
Scott, Benjamin B.20PvtXenia OHFarmerwounded 30 Nov 1864
Steward, Solomon18PvtTerre Haute INFarmerdied Newbern NC, 11 Aug 1863, disease
Stewart, Nathaniel38CplWilmington OHWhitewasher
Sheldon, William20PvtPickaway OHFarmer
Simonds, Samuel19PvtPhiladelphia MOFarmerdied Folly Isl23 Sep 1864 chronic diarrhea
Simonds, Charles18PvtPhiladelphia MOFarmer
Thomas, George W.22PvtCincinnati OHSailor
Thomas, Alexander42PvtWilmington OHTailor
Thompson, George W.20PvtMaumee City OHFarmerdied Folly Isl 3 Nov 1863 typhoid fever
Thompson, Isaiah H.23PvtMaumee City OHFarmerwounded 2 Jul 1864; died Folly Isl 3 Jul 1864 wounds
Talbot, Joseph18PvtRoanoke MOFarmer
Welch, Isaiah H.211SGBellfont PAFarmer
Woodley, Henry21PvtBellefontaine OHFarmer
Ward, Emanuel24PvtCentreville INFarmer
Waldron, David43PvtHannibal MOFarmer
Walker, John W.23PvtOberlin OHHarnessmaker
Name Age Rank Residence Occupation Remarks
Maddox, Isaac D.21PvtCambridge MABarber
Phillips, John21PvtNashville TNLaborer
Baldwin, William21PvtChesterfield MABarberwounded 30 Nov 1864
Duncan, Orin30PvtSpringfield MATeamsterprisoner 30 Nov 1864; exchanged
Herbert, Phillip41PvtGreenfield MAFarmer
Rutter, David19PvtGreenfield MAClerk
Peters, David P.39PvtWorcester MALaborer
Rome, George R.29PvtWorcester MAStonecutter
Slaughter, Simon24PvtChicopee MAFactory Hand
Toney, Henry32PvtWorcester MABarber
Whipple, George J.21PvtChesterfield MAFarmer
Vanderburg, Levi30PvtRutland VTTeamster
Willis, Montraville25PvtRutland VTDay Laborer
Wallace, George H.30PvtRutland VTDriver

Company D

Name Age Rank Residence Occupation Remarks
Adams, Nelson42PvtSpringfield ILFarmer
Allen, Emery40PvtIndianapolis INTinmankilled 30 Nov 1864
Brown, Frank24PvtEddyville KYFarmer
Brown, John18PvtShelby Co OHFarmer
Brown, Lync S.22CplDelaware Co OHMasonmortally wounded 30 Nov 1864; died at Beaufort SC
Burke, Robert22CplWestfield INFarmermortally wounded 30 Nov 1864; died in hosp
Butler, Gilbert16PvtButter Co OHFarmerdrummer
Byrd, James H.21PvtLogan Co OHFarmer
Cazy, William40PvtYpsilanti MIFarmerhosp nurse; disch Jul 1865 disability
Cephas, William18PvtPhiladelphia PALaborer
Crainshaw, William18PvtSpringfield ILTeamsterwounded 30 Nov 1864
Crockett, Richard39PvtCulwell Co KYFarmer
Crowder, Paul19PvtMiami Co OHFarmerwounded 30 Nov 1864
Creecy, James W.21PvtIndianapolis INFarmerwounded 3 Dec 1864
Crosby, John Q. A.21PvtCardington OHBarber
Curry, James W.
a.k.a. James W. Dorsey
- Pvt - - added via information from Deposition G of James W. Currey a.k.a. Dorsey in military pension files
Dennis, Alexander27PvtSpringfield ILFarmerdisch Folly Isl 2 Jun 1864 disablity
Dericks, Elijah38PvtPerrysburgh OHFarmerwounded 30 Nov 1864
Diggs, Edward22PvtRacine WITeamsterprisoner from St Nichols detach, Sandy Hook VA, 18 Dec 1863
Dixon, James H.17PvtIndianapolis INBarberband
Douglas, Simon20CplSidney OHPorter
Dixon, Charles20PvtNew BedfordWaiterwounded 30 Nov 1864
Edwards, Charles23PvtMonroe Co MOLaborer
Fitzgerald, Thomas H.24PvtSpringfield ILCookwounded 30 Nov 1864
Fountain, Pierson25CplJackson INFarmerwounded 30 Nov 1864
Fergerson, Enoch15PvtWilmington DEFarmerdrummer disch Folly Isl9 Jun 1864
Gaskins, Lewis19PvtNewbern NCTeamster
Glaspy, Wallace L.26PvtHardon OHFarmermortally wounded 30 Nov 1864; died at Beaufort
Graves, Samuel28PvtKnox Co INMiller
Griffin, William H.20PvtDetroit MIBlacksmithkilled 30 Nov 1864
Grosse, Charles H.18PvtDelaware Co OHCarpenter
Hall, Frederick21PvtNew YorkFarmerwounded 30 Nov 1864; deserted July 1865
Henry, Basil18PvtHannibal Co MOFarmerwounded 30 Nov 1864; disch Jun 1865 wounds
Highwarden, Edward A.20PvtDelaware Co OHMason
Highwarden, John W.18PvtDelaware Co OHFarmer
Hill, William21PvtWayne Co OHFarmer
Holland, Thomas22PvtLaporte INFarmer
Holmes, Charles H.32CplChampaign Co OHLaborerdied Folly Isl 7 Sep 1864 disease
Jobe, Samuel30PvtChampaign Co OHFarmer
Johnson, Charles21PvtPalmyra MOWaiter
Johnson, James19PvtYoungstown OHMason
Johnson, Matthew18PvtYoungstown OHFarmer
Johnson, Weston24PvtHannibal MOFarmer
Jones, Armstead M.24SgtShelby Co OHTeamsterColor Sgt to June 1864; 1SG 1 July 1865
Jones, John M.18CplHamilton OHFarmer
Jones, Joseph19PvtCrawfordsville INFarmer
Keith, George H.19PvtFranklin Co PAFarmerdisch 27 jan 1864 disability
Keeter, William20PvtWashington INFarmerdied Beaufort 27 Oct 1863 chronic diarrhea
Kenny, David M. P.23PvtMt Gilead OHFarmer
Lane, Nathan18PvtIndianapolis INButcher
Lett, Eli28SgtBuffalo NYBarberPrincipal musician 8 Nov 1864
Lewis, James18PvtLondon Co VAFarmer
Lewis, Austin R.24PvtBoston MAMasonkilled 30 Nov 1864
Lewis, George B.29PvtDelaware Co OHCarpenter
McCloud, William R.18PvtHyde Co NCFarmer
McCoglin, Francis30PvtShelby Co OHFarmer
McFarlin, Matthew20PvtBatto MDCaulkerwounded 30 Nov 1864; disch Jun 1865 wounds
McGerry, Ellis22PvtKalamazoo MIFarmer
Mills, Nelson21PvtHannibal MOFarmer
Minton, James24PvtDelaware Co OHFarmerdisch Folly Isl 18 Jun 1864
Morris, Theodore25SgtReddingsburg PABarber
Morse, William H.18PvtJackson INFarmerdied Folly Isl 11 Nov 1863 consumption
Parker, Thornton24PvtJackson INFarmer
Pediford, Stephen W.20PvtHenry Co INFarmer
Peel, William J.23PvtShelby Co OHFarmerkilled 30 Nov 1864
Posey, John22PvtVincennes INFarmerKilled 30 Nov 1864
Revels, Elijah18PvtYoungstown OHFarmer
Riley, James18PvtSpringfield ILFarmerwounded 30 Nov 1864
Robinson, George25PvtBrown Co INFarmer
Robinson, Samuel J.221SGRochester NYPrinter
Sanders, Jeremiah21PvtChicago ILWaiter
Shank, Jefferson45PvtMonmouth Co Cookdisch Folly Isl 3 jan 1864
Scott, Alexander19PvtBellefontaine OHFarmerBand
Scott, Andrew32PvtRaleigh NCFarmerdeserted Jul 1865
See, Benjamin34PvtSpringfield ILFarmerwounded 30 Nov 1864
Sharp, Samuel22PvtNewbern NCFarmerwounded 30 Nov 1864; disch wounds
Shorter, John F.21PvtDelaware Co OHCarpenterwounded 30 Nov 1864
Shorter, Simon P.19CplDelaware Co OHMason
Simpson, James H.18PvtThornton INFarmer
Sapington, Silas19PvtSpringfield ILCook
Smith, George P.20PvtCrawfordsville INBarberband

Company E

  1. Private Benjamin Lyons of 609 John Street, Toledo, Ohio 29 May 1863 - 29 August 1865 [1]
Name/Rank Age Residence/Where Credited Date of Muster (in) Termination and Cause
Gardner, James J. 1st SGT28Boston22 Jun 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Buckney, Isaiah, SGT27MA31 May 1863 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Hendrick, Richard, SGT22MA22 Jun 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Parker, George M., SGT24MA7 Jul 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Scott, William, SGT18MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Crowden, Armstrong, CPL18MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Delay, Isaac B., CPT20MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Hampton, Randolph, CPL22MA31 May 186316 Jun 1865 disability
Lewis, George W., CPL25MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Robinson, Silas, CPL23MA31 May 186316 Jul 1863 died Readville MA
Warwick, Richard T., CPL28MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Wilson, Nelson H., CPL21MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Wright, Jonathan C., CPL21MA23 Jun 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Young, Henry, CPL21MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Morse, Solomon, Mus., 15MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Alexander William, PVT19MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Armstrong, Henry, PVT21Otis18 Jan 1865deserted 10 Aug 1865
Beaman, William H., PVT22MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Bell, Charles H., PVT24MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Bizzell, Samuel L., PVT18MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Black, James H., PVT21MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Bomor, George, PVT31MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Brandey, William, PVT18MA31 May 186322 Jun 1863 disability
Brown, John W., PVT20MA31 May 1863died 25 Jun 1864 Folly Isl SC
Brown, John W., 2d, PVT20MA22 Jun 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Bruton, Thomas, PVT22MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Buckley, John W., PVT26MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Bulger, Mason, PVT37MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Burns, William, PVT30MA31 May 186328 Oct 1863 disability
Burt, Kane, PVT32MA22 Jun 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Butler, Charles, PVT20MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Canterbury, James, Pvt28MA31 May 186322 Aug 1864 disability
Charleston, William, Pvt23MA31 May 1863killed 30 Nov 1864 Honey Hill SC
Clark, Charles E., Pvt19MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Clark, Jasper V., Pvt28MA22 Jun 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Clark John W., Pvt30MA31 May 186323 Nov 1864 disability
Clark, Thomas, Pvt32MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Colbreath, Pickens, Pvt19MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Collins, Frank, Pvt20MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Collins, Joshua, Pvt23MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Collwell, George, Pvt25MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Cooper, Alexander, Pvt25Dudley17 Jan 186529 Aug 1865/expiration
Corst, Phineas T., Pvt19MA22 Jun 186316 Jun 1865/expiration
Curtis, john H., Pvt26MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Dean, Charles, Pvt21MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Evans, Thomas T., Pvt21 MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Fields, Samuel, Pvt19 MA31 May 1863died 27 Nov 1863 Folly Isl SC
Flood, Elisha G., Pvt27 MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Forrest, Harry M., Pvt25 Newburyport14 Feb 186510 Jul 1865 disability
Glasgow, Sandy, Pvt20 MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Gray, Isaac, Pvt30 MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Green, Jesse, Pvt28 MA31 May 186315 Nov 1865/expiration
Gross, Nathaniel, Pvt18 MA22 Jun 1863died 11 Jul 1863 Readville MA
Hall, Jerry, Pvt22 Framingham17 Jan 1865deserted 1 Aug 1865
Harrison, Francis L., Pvt37 MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Hendrick, Powell, Pvt20 MA22 Jun 1863died 19 Oct 1863 Folly Isl SC
Herb, Frederick, Pvt22 MA29 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Herrin, William, Pvt31 MA31 May 186319 Jun 1863 disability
Hicks, Joseph, Pvt16 MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Higginson, George, Pvt29 MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Irving, Oscar, Pvt39 MA22 Jun 1863deserted 1 Aug 1865
Johnson, Henry, Pvt24 MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Johnson, Hezekiah, Pvt27 MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Johnson, Joseph, Pvt26 MA31 May 186315 May 1864 disability
Johnson, William H., Pvt24 MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Jones, George, D., Pvt21 MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Kennedy, Martin, Pvt26 MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Landrum, Howard, Pvt30 MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Lewis, Adolphus, Pvt34 MA29 May 186319 Jun 1863 disability
Loony, Austin, Pvt22 MA31 May 186322 Jun 1863 disability
Lyons, Benjamin, Pvt27 MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Maggot, Abraham, Pvt34 MA22 Jun 1863died 23 Mar 1865 Charleston SC
Malone, James, Pvt19 MA31 May 186316 Jun 1865 disability
Martin, Henry, Pvt20 MA31 May 1863died 7 Apr 1864 on steamer Cosmopolitan
McKinsey, Archy, Pvt20 MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Merriman, Sylvester, Pvt21 MA31 May 186320 Aug 1865/expiration
Miledan, William H., Pvt22 MA31 May 186327 May 1865 disability
Nelson, James, S., Pvt19MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Owens, Osborne, Pvt21 MA31 May 186322 Jun 1863 disability
Paine, William, Pvt30MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Phoenix, Samuel, Pvt30MA22 Jun 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Reason, Jeremiah, Pvt40MA22 Jun 186316 Jun 1865 disability
Rector, Calvin, Pvt30MA31 May 1863died 20 Mar 1865 James Isl SC
Reed, Richmond, Pvt36MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Rhoades, Isaac, Pvt33MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Richardson, George W., Pvt19MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Richardson, James, Pvt20MA31 May 18639 Jul 1865 disability
Ritchie, Henry C., Pvt27MA31 May 1863deserted 5 Jul 1865
Roberts, Charles H., Pvt19MA22 Jun 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Samson, David W., Pvt19MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Schell, William H., Pvt24MA31 May 186320 Aug 1865/expiration
Scott, Joseph, Pvt26MA31 May 186328 Sep 1865/expiration
Scott, Alexander, Pvt24MA22 Jun 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Southwood, Archibald, Pvt18MA31 May 1863died 21 Apr 1864 Beaufort SC
Steen, Albert, Pvt27MA22 Jun 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Thompson, Martin, Pvt21MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Van Buren, Martin, Pvt20 MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Washington, George, Pvt32MA22 Jun 1863died 30 May 1865 Beaufort SC
Washington, James A., Pvt20 MA31 May 186326 Jun 1865/expiration
Wells, Thomas J., Pvt23 MA31 May 186316 Jun 1865 disability
White, George, Pvt32 MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Witsell, Edward P. F., Pvt29 MA31 May 186315 May 1864 disability
Williams, Henry, Pvt30 MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Williams, John E., Pvt25Boston3 May 186429 Aug 1865/expiration
Willins, Stephen, Pvt18MA22 Jun 186329 Aug 1865/expiration
Wyatt, Benjamin, Pvt20 MA31 May 186329 Aug 1865/expiration

Company F

  1. Private Charles C. Cassell of Salem, Massachusetts
  2. Private John M. Cassell of Salem, Massachusetts
  3. Private James W. Fontaine of Salem, Massachusetts
  4. Private Edward Logan
  5. Private William ?Sherenan? of Salem, Massachusetts

The above originally enlisted in the 54th, but were transferred.

Name Rank Age Residence Muster In Muster Out/Remarks
Ruffin, James D.1SG26Boston15 Jun 186329 Aug 1865 exp
Bird, JohnSGT24MA15 Jun 1863d. 20 Jan 1864 Folly Isl
Dorsey, RobertSGT21Boston15 Jun 186329 Aug 1865 exp
Hobson, Robert L.SGT21Boston15 Jun 186328 Oct 1863 disability
Johnson, Henry W.SGT21Boston15 Jun 186329 Aug 1865 exp
Johnson, Robert JrSGT29Boston15 Jun 1863d. 12 Feb 1865 Florence SC
Mitchell, Charles L.SGT33Boston20 Jul 18652LT 20 Sep 1865
Wallace, ThomasSGT23Boston15 Jun 186329 Aug 1865 exp
Boone, Richard B.CPL21MA15 Jun 186329 Aug 1865 exp
Donegan, CyrusCPL21Springfield IL15 Jun 186329 Aug 1865 exp
Haddock, JasperCPL29MA15 Jun 186329 Aug 1865 exp
Harris, BeverlyCPL21Beverly15 Jun 186329 Aug 1865 exp
Jenkins, John H.CPL38Boston15 Jun 186329 Aug 1865 exp
Shipp, John H.CPL20MA15 Jun 186323 May 1864 disability
Robinson, William F.CPL18MA15 Jun 1863d. 17 Aug 1863 Folly Isl
Washington, ThomasCPL35MA15 Jun 186329 Aug 1865 exp
Wilson, Francis B.CPL20MA15 Jun 186329 Aug 1865 exp
Wilson, JosephCPL22MA15 Jun 186329 Aug 1865 exp
Abbott, JohnPVT22Bloomington IL15 Jun 1863(groom)29 Aug 1865 exp d. 1866 Charleston SC
Anderberry, John or AuderburyPVT21St Louis MO15 Jun 1863(farmer)29 Aug 1865 exp
Bacon, NelsonPVT25Springfield IL15 Jun 186329 Aug 1865 exp
Beach, Samuel F.PVT29West Brookfield9 Jan 186529 Aug 1865 exp
Blue, Daniel B.PVT23Millbury13 Feb 186529 Aug 1865 exp
Brown, DavidPVT39Cambridge20 Jan 186529 Aug 1865 exp
Burton, Jordan R. PVT19Lewistown PA15 Jun 1863d. 27 Jan 1864 Folly Isl
Capler or Caples, James K. PVT22 Middletown CT15 Jun 1863(Butcher)29 Aug 1865 exp
Carter, JohnPVT22 Belmont OH15 Jun 1863d. 6 Sep 1863 Folly Isl
Cassell, Charles C. PVT32 MA2 Sep 186429 Aug 1865 exp
Cassell, John M. PVT42 MA3 Sep 186429 Aug 1865 exp
Champ, NelsonPVT19 Mt Pleasant OH15 Jun 1863(farmer)29 Aug 1865 exp
Charles, HenryPVT18 MA15 Jun 186329 Aug 1865 exp
Chase, Jacob C. PVT22 MA1 Sep 186429 Aug 1865 exp
Chesborough, CharlesPVT25 Middletown CT15 Jun 1863(mariner)deserted 9 Jul 1863 d. 1864 disease
Clark, WarnerPVT21 Harrisburg15 Jun 1863d. 17 Sep 1863 Folly Isl
Coleman, George B. PVT28 MA3 Sep 186429 Aug 1865 exp
Cooper, William H. PVT19 Malden CAN15 Jun 186329 Aug 1865 exp
Cox, GarrettPVT40 Troy OH15 Jun 186329 Aug 1865 exp
Davis, Samuel PVT25 MA16 Aug 186429 Aug 1865 exp
Ditcher, Benjamin F. B. PVT18 Uniontown PA15 Jun 18633 Oct 1865 exp
Ditcher, Henry PVT21 Washington PA15 Jun 1863d. 12 Mar 1865 Charleston SC
Douglass, William PVT22 Java IN15 Jun 186329 Aug 1865 exp
Dunbar, Joshua PVT40 Troy OH15 Jun 186328 Oct 1863 disability
Edwards, Isaac PVT23 Barnesville OH15 Jun 1863d. 28 Oct 1863 Folly Isl
Fountain, James W. PVT44Salem1 Sep 186429 Aug 1865 exp.
Freeman, Anthony PVT23 Barnesville OH15 Jun 186329 Aug 1865 exp
Furguson, Carter PVT26 Bloomington IL22 Jun 1863deserted 25 Sep 1864
Galloway, Henry T. PVT15 Savannah GA15 Jun 186329 Aug 1865 exp drummer
Gray, JamesPVT20Uniontown PA
Gray, ElseyPVT18Uniontown PA
Grandison, JohnPVT20Nicholsville KYd. Folly Isl 3 Jul 1864 typhoid fever
Gillard, JamesPVT18Troy OHwounded 30 Nov 1864; d. Mar 1865 Beaufort SC wounds
Hobson, Robert L.SGT21Boston MAdisch 28 Oct Folly Isl disability
Haddox, JasperPVT29Summertown OHwounded 30 Nov 1864
Hurley, ThorntonPVT28Summertown OHfarmer
Hurley, Joseph H.PVT23Summertown OHfarmer
Hill, ThomasPVT25Yorksville OHfarmer
Hood, James W.PVT20Ypsilanti MIgroom
Harris, BeverlyPVT21Beverly MAFarmer
Harris, JohnPVT40Boston MALaborer
Hinson, Jonathan S.PVT41Boston MAglass grinder
Hall, William H. S.PVT20Springfield MAclerk
Jenkins, John H.PVT38Boston MAPorter; Lance-Sergeant of Pioneers
Johnson, Robert Jr.SGT29Boston MAClerk; Prisoner Botany-Bay Isl SC 12 Nov 1863; d. in prison Florence SC Mar 1865
Johnson, Henry W.SGT21Boston MAMariner
Johnson, AlbertPVT18Milledgeville GAFarmer; drummer d. Folly Isl 28 Nov 1863 pneumonia
Jones, PeterPVT23West Milton OHFarmer; wounded 2 July 1864; disch 8 Nov 1864 wounds
Keith, PeterSGT21Holidaysburg PAShoemaker
King, David U.PVT28Mt Pleasant OHFarmer d. Folly Isl 26 Sep 1863 typhoid fever; bro of Jonathan
King, JonathanPVT26Mt Pleasant OHFarmer d. Folly Isl 26 Sep 1863 typhoid fever; bro of David
Kirk, JamesPVT18Laporte INFarmer
Lethwick, James R.PVT18Fairmount VA
Lewis, Edward B.PVT29Lowell MAMariner disch Folly Isl 21 Aug 1864 disability
Little, JohnPVT29Boston MACook; band
Logan, Edward S.PVT22Pittsburg PAPrisoner Botany-Bay Isl 12 Nov 1863; exchanged; disch Jun 1865
Lee, ThomasPVT21Boston MA
Lee, EdwardPVT22Boston MAwounded 30 Nov 1864; disch Jul 1865 wounds
Myers, John M.PVT34Princetown VAbricklayer
Major, EdwardPVT20Brooklyn NYPainter; killed 30 Nov 1864
Mabra, WilliamPVT35Barnesville OHEngineer
Mitchell, CharlesPVT33Boston MAwounded 30 Nov 1864
Moore, John H.PVT25Philadelphia PAPrincipal Musician 6 Jun 1864; Leader of Band
Northup, Alvers PVT 19 Springfield ILfarmer killed 30 Nov 1864
Peterson, David S.PVT23Barnesville OHfarmer
Peterson, Marcus PVT29Barnesville OHfarmer
Peterson, Joseph H.PVT24Barnesville OHfarmerwounded 2 Jul 1864
Peterson, FerdinandPVT22Barnesville OHfarmer
Paine, Daniel A.PVT25Belmont OHfarmer; wounded 30 Nov 1864 d. Beaufort Dec 1864
Ruffin, James D.1SG26Boston MAbarber
Robinson, William F. CPL18Barnesville OHFarmer d. folly isl 17 Aug 1863 disease
Rutherford, SamuelCPL24Boston MALaborer
Riley, FrankPVT24New London MOFarmer
Rolen, JohnPVT24Springfield ILFarmer
Read, James M.PVT24Mercer PABarber
Read, George W.PVT22Mercer PABarber
Robbins, Albert O.PVT22Peterboro NYdisch Folly Isl 15 Sep 1864 disability
Robbins, LabanPVT25Peterboro NYlaborer
Selden, ThomasPVT25Chelsea MAwaiter
Shipp, John H.CPL20Barnesville OHFarmer disch 28 May 1864 disability
Shipp, JamesPVT26Barnesville OHfarmer wounded 30 Nov 1864 d. Beaufort SC Dec 1864 wounds
Smith, SamuelPVT20Alleghany City PAfarmer
Steele, OliverPVT22Brookville PAbarber
Sampson, CaswellPVT22Barnesville OHfarmer disch Folly Isl 15 Sep 1864 disability
Stuart, WilliamPVT20Cincinnati OHfarmer (stayed in the US Army)
Stewart, AbrahamPVT20Mt Pleasant OHfarmer
Sawyer, WilliamPVT19Oxford OHdisch Folly Isl 10 Sep 1864 disability
Scott, DavidPVT26Pittsburg PAcook
Shedd, SamuelPVT24Shirley MAlaborer disch Folly Isl 18 Jun 1864 disability
Seymore, AshburyPVT23White Plains NYhackman d. Folly Isl 4 Sep 1863 disease
Thomas, WilliamPVT18Flushing OHdeserted 7 Jul 1865
Trotter, WilliamPVT25West Jefferson OH
Thompson, CharlesPVT43Boston MAdisch Folly Isl 5 Oct 1864 disability
Thompson, WilliamPVT19Baltimore MD
Wallace, ThomasCPL23Boston MAmariner
Wicker, WilliamPVT28Troy OHfarmer wounded 30 No v1864
Washington, ThomasPVT35Georgetown MOfarmer
Webster, SamuelPVT20Uniontown PAgroom wounded 30 Nov 1864
Willson, Francis B.CPL20New Yorkfarmer
Wilson, JosephPVT22Barnesville OHfarmer
Wood, John D.PVT28Flushing OHfarmer
Williams, ThomasPVT27Washington DCblacksmith
Watts, JeremiahPVT25Bolton MDfarmer d. Beaufort SC 12 Dec 1863 pneumonia
Welcome, Israel J.PVT21Carlisle PAfarmer Carlisle PA
Company F Recruits
Name Age Rank Residence Remarks
Davis, Samuel25PVTWest Springfield Recruit 12 Oct 1864
Garner, Milton M.37PVTWest SpringfieldRecruit 12 Oct 1864
Matthews, John E.27PVTMarylandRecruit 12 Oct 1864
Miner, Thomas22PVTConcord MARecruit 12 Oct 1864
Williams, Patton19PVTBuffalo NYRecruit 12 Oct 1864; drummer
Revalion, A. H.31PVTBoston MARecruit 12 Oct 1864; one year
Viner, Henry24PVTEast MarylandRecruit 12 Oct 1864; killed 30 Nov 1864
Wilson, Joseph25PVTCanadaRecruit 23 Oct 1864
Chase, Jacob C.22PVTSalem MARecruit 23 Oct 1864; one year; band
Cassell, Charles C.32PVTSalem MARecruit 23 Oct 1864
Cassell, James M.42PVTSalem MARecruit 23 Oct 1864
Coleman, George B.28PVTSalem MARecruit 23 Oct 1864
Gibbes, William18PVTSalem MARecruit 23 Oct 1864; killed 30 Nov 1864
Fountain, J. W.44PVTSalem MARecruit 23 Oct 1864
Shearman, William23PVTSalem MARecruit 23 Oct 1864
Smith, William A.18PVTSalem MARecruit 23 Oct 1864
Stewart, L.39PVTCambridge MARecruit 23 Oct 1864
Williams, George30PVTSalem MARecruit 23 Oct 1864
Brown, David39PVTBoston MARecruit 20 Mar 1865
Beach, Samuel F.29PVTBoston MARecruit 20 Mar 1865
Green, Henry22PVTBoston MARecruit 20 Mar 1865
Lew, Zimri36PVTBoston MARecruit 20 Mar 1865
Sampson, David H.19PVTBoston MARecruit 20 Mar 1865
Miller, Jason J.23PVTNew HampshireRecruit 12 Mar 1865
Samuels, Henry25PVTWest IndiesRecruit 12 Mar 1865
Henry, Thomas21PVTBoston MARecruit 12 Mar 1865
Hallam, Charles M.23PVTPetersburg VARecruit 12 Mar 1865
Blue, Daniel23PVTBoston MARecruit 7 May 1865

Company G

Name Age Rank Residence Remarks
Anderson, Joseph18PVTTroy OHstone-cutter
Anderson, Wesley21PVTTroy OHfarmer
Berry, John25PVTIndianapolis INfarmer; wounded 10 Feb 1865
Burns, William21PVTBloomingsburg OHfarmer
Brooks, Nimrod19PVTColumbus OHfarmer
Brandon, Josiah21PVTXenia OHcook
Brown, Daniel19PVTClarksville MSlaborer
Bowlin, Edward20PVTFarmland INfarmer
Brooks, William H.30PVTBeverly MSfarmer
Burton, Joseph19PVTLewiston PAfarmer
Curtis, Pleasant22PVTCarlisle ILlaborer
Curtis, Joseph30PVTCarlisle ILcooper
Curtis, John23PVTCarlisle ILengineer; accidentally wounded 10 Jun 1864; d. Beaufort 19 Jul 1864
Cabel, Samuel21PVTKeokuk IAwaiter
Cotton Wiley, W.19PVTFarmland INfarmer; hospital nurse
Casson, James18PVTMercersburg PAfarmer
Casson, W. Theodore19PVTBoston MAclerk; drummer; d. of disease
Cox, William25CPLTroy OHfarmer
Davis, William20PVTAlton ILfarmer; Ft Clinch FL; sentence of Court martial
Dinwiddle, Henry19PVTChillicothe OHporter
Davis, Henry28PVTChillicothe OHfarmer;
Dix, Rufus M.21CPLXenia OHwaiter
Evans, Sterling23PVTTroy OHfarmer
Elliott, John22PVTAltoona PAlaborer
Ford, Lewis18PVTColumbia MSfarmer
Fox, Lorenzo18PVTTroy OHblacksmith; d. David's Isl NY 8 Mar 1865 disease
Fields, Oliver18PVTBrooklyn NYteamster; drummer
Francis, William18CPLChicago ILfarmer; deserted 4 July 1865
Gibson, James T.37PVTTroy OHclergyman; d. Folly Isl 30 Sep 1864 disease
George Gustus27PVTAlton ILblacksmith
Gillard, Harrison18PVTTroy OHfarmer
Grain, James22PVTJamestown OHfarmer
Grimes, Burke25PVTVincennes INcook
Gibbon, William19PVTLewiston PAlaborer
Henry, William54PVTColumbus OHwaiter
Hill, Henshaw21PVTVincennes INlaborer; 21 Aug 1865
Hill, Andy24PVTVincennes INcook
Hill, John 18PVTEconomy INFarmer
Harris, Robert20PVTColumbia OHfarmer; disch Folly Isl 25 Nov 1864 disability
Harris, William19PVTLewistown PAlaborer
Harris, Joshua23PVTBedford PAfarmer; d. Folly Isl 8 Sep 1863 typhoid fever
Humes, Alick20PVTTroy OHfarmer
Humes, John18PVTTroy OHfarmer
Hunt, William24PVTTroy OHfarmer
Jackson, Alexander20PVTChillicothe OHfarmer
Jackson, Dexter M.30PVTWashingtonFarmer
Jackson, Manuel P.23PVTChillicothe OHFarmer
James, Henry18PVTfarmer
Johnson, Franklin24PVTChillicothe OHfarmer; killed 1 Mar 1865 in skirmish near St Stephens SC
Jones, John W.21PVTTroy OHlaborer
Kingston, John H.232LTLexington KYprior svc 21st KY Vols
Ladd, Nathaniel E.232LTGrovelandmuster out Prevet Major US Vols
Lidle, Solomon21PVTChillicothe OHfarmer, d. 1 Feb 1865 of disease Folly Isl SC
Lockman, William38PVTMilroy PAfarmer
Lofton, Eli21PVTTerre Haute INcook
Love, William H.18PVTTroy OHfarmer
Macafee, Francis25PVTNew Market OHfarmer
Malone, Charles35PVTBostonBlacksmith, wounded 10 Feb 1865 explosion of powder at Long Island SC
Malone, Franklin18PVTChillicothe OHFarmer
Mathers, William19PVTNew Madrid MOfarmer
Mays, James21PVTCincinnati OHlaborer
McGee, Presley23PVTLondon OHfarmer
Means, Andrew J.19 PVTNewcastle INfarmer, died of disease 4 October 1863
Messer, Benjamin32 PVTChicago ILcook
Morris, William21 PVTFremont NYfarmer
Morrison, Cyrus37 PVTMifflintown PAlaborer
Murphy, James19 PVTQueensville INfarmer
Murray, Richard E.19 PVTBloomington ILfarmer
Mutell, Charles W.22 PVTSpringfield clerk
Newberry, Lewis19 PVTKeokuk IAfarmer
Oglesby, Charles22 PVTTroy OHfarmer
Outland, Alfred18 PVTFarmland INfarmer
Outland, King S.23PVTFarmland INfarmer
Owens, James25PVTFrankfort OHfarmer, disch 10 Jul 1865 disability
Paine, William38PVTLouisianalaborer, trans from 54th, disch 16 Jun 1865 disability at Beaufort SC
Phenix, Hampton21PVTWilkes Barre PAfarmer, muster out as SGT
Porter, John25PVTPrinceton INfarmer
Riley, William23PVTFarmland INfarmer, d. 3 Oct 1863 of disease Folly Isl
Robbins, Simeon23PVTFarmland INfarmer
Roberts, Charles21PVTFarmland INfarmer
Roberts, John F.23PVTPortland INfarmer
Sansberry, Nicholas21PVTCincinnati OHbarber
Scott, Darlas19PVTEvansville INwaiter, killed 4 Jul 1864 James Isl SC
Scroggins, George40PVTBostonwaiter
Shanklin, John19PVTNashville TNwaiter
Sinclair, Andrew19PVTPhiladelphia PAwaiter
Smith, Peter24PVTBostonsailor; trans from 54th
Smothers, George W.18PVT Farmland IN farmer
Smothers, Thomas19PVT Farmland IN farmer
Terry, William38PVT Thorntown IN farmer, d. 28 Mar 1865 disease at Charleston SC
Till, John22PVT Milroy PA waiter, d. 8 Jul 1865 disease at Beaufort SC
Tyler, Samuel22PVT Lexington KY farmer
Viney, William M.22PVTBostonbroom maker
Walker, Daniel19PVT Rockport farmer
Wallace, Solomon 21PVTBoston blacksmith
Weaver, Harvey23PVT Seymour INfarmer
Webster, Henry20PVT Boston farmer
Wesley, Charles H.20PVT Wilkes Barre PAfarmer
White, Henry23PVT Carlyle IL cooper
White, Israel21PVT Troy OHfarmer, d. Aug 1863 disease at Newbern NC
White, Silas19PVTMilton OHfarmer, disch 19 Aug 1864 disability Folly Isl
White, Spencer19PVT Troy OHfarmer, d 15 Oct 1863 disease Folly Isl
Williams, Benjamin19PVT Washington DC farmer trans from 54th
Williams, George W.21PVT Farmland INfarmer
Worthington, George W.22PVT Defiance OHfarmer

Company H

  1. Private Henry Evans of Chillicothe, Ohio
  2. Private John Henderson of Columbus, Ohio
    • 1890 Veterans Schedule image uploaded to 55th project page
  3. Private John Thomas of Pennsylvania
    • Grave identified
  4. Private William Richardson of Buckskin Township, Ross County, Ohio

Company I

  1. Clark, Theodore transferred from unassigned company, 54th Massachusetts
    • Source: Carvalho, Joseph. Black Families in Hampden County, Massachusetts, 1650-1865. Boston, Massachusetts: New England Genealogical Society, 2011.
  2. Private Nahum Gardner Hazzard of Shirley, Massachusetts
    • Parents and siblings identified
    • Spouse and children identified
    • Image identified
    • Grave identified
  3. Wickliffe, Rowan of Kentucky
    • Spouse and children identified

Company J

  1. Private William A. Smith of Salem, Massachusetts

Company K

  1. Private John L. Hicks
  2. Private John F. Shorter
    • Military pension index identified
  3. Private Thomas C. Wilson of Salem, Massachusetts
    • Widow Rhoda R. Wilson

Commissioned Officers


  1. Colonel Norwood Penrose Hallowell of Massachusetts and Pennsylvania transferred from 54th Massachusetts


  1. Captain William Nutt of Natick, Massachusetts transferred from 54th Massachusetts
  2. Captain Joseph Tilden of Massachusetts transferred from 54th Massachusetts


  1. Lieutenant William H. Dupree of Virginia and Boston, Massachusetts


  1. 1890 United States Veterans Schedules for Toledo, Ohio

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1890 US Veterans Schedules for Boston - I was looking for 54th MA soldiers, but wanted to note the 55th MA ones I saw so we have an 1890 location for them, too; these soldiers are more likely to be buried somewhere in the Boston vicinity.
p. 7 S.D. 67 E.D. 794 Private Charles W. Manuel, Company A, 13 May 1863 - 29 August 1865
p. 2 S.D. 67 E.D. 795 widow Charlotte G. of Private Albert Repallion, Company F
p. 3 S.D. 67 E.D. 795 Private William H. J. Hall, Company F
p. 5 S.D. 67 E.D. 795 Private William S. Valentine, Company A
p. 2 S.D. 67 E.D. 796 Corporal Hiram T. Butler, Company A, 6 June 1863 - 18 August 1865
p. 1 or 7 S.D. 67 E.D. 797 Private James A. Dixon, Company D, 23 May 1863 - 29 August 1865
p. 1 or 7 S.D. 67 E.D. 797 Private Louis H. Ballard, Company A, 8 December 1863 - 29 August 1865
p. 6 S.D. 67 E.D. 797 Private James O. Dean, 1863-1865
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I'm on the look out for a Jim Jackson who served with the 55th Massachusetts. There is a man who may have served with the 55th who erroneously claimed and received pension for Sergeant James H. Jackson who served in Co. D of the 54th and Co. B of the 55th. His identification is under investigation through the profile Jim Jackson.
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BTW, it turns out he was 43rd USCT, Co. D. Big mess up on the part of the Bureau of Pensions, but at least the USCT soldier got a pension!
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